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He makes some very valid points! will.i.am was lucky enough to have worked with Michael Jackson before the pop icon's tragic passing last year, and r… Read more…

31 comments to “Will.i.am Speaks Out Against New Michael Jackson Album!”

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    I agree with Will I Am. Alot of people will be making alot of money off of this project and alot of these people were people, well should I say a company that Michael didn't agree with nor trust. They are taking full advantage. Like I mentioned before 2 or 3 songs on this album are fakes. I'm glad money is going to his estate with the sell of this album but I just wish others weren't profiting as well. I'm going to buy the album because eventhough some of these songs aren't legit, this album will still be apart of his legacy. Also I do want this album for songs like "Hold my Hand" that eventhough were made a good 3 years ago, it honestly sounds like something Michael would have really wanted, especially after Akon finished it. This album with no doubt will be another success. I admire Will I Am for not putting out the music that he and Michael worked on for profit because he is honoring Michael's perfectionist style.

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    What Michael would have done or wouldn't do, doesn't matter to these people. It's all about the money, nothing more, nothing less.

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    If Tupac had as much material as he did for so many of his albums to be released posthumously, I know a star of Mike's caliber has loads of quality material that Sony could release. Michael was a profectionist, to release anything that doesn't fall in line with his work ethic is a dishonor to his legacy!

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    Michael would agree with the hands on part

  5. 5

    Will is only mad cuz he's not on the album. the only people besides SONY profitting off this are his kids

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    I agree the album sucks" BIG TIME" very annoying!!!!

  7. 7

    We Michael fans know he was a perfectionist. It is one of the things that made him the greatest entertainer that ever lived, but I just wonder if Will just has sour grapes because he wasn't asked to be a part of this project.Maybe he is just mad because Teddy Riley was asked instead of him.Besides, there are tons of unfinished, unreleased MJ songs all over the internet that fans are already currently enjoying and have been for years, so what difference does it make if they release this album? They may not be Michaels most perfect finished work, but at the end of the day, it's Michael, so it's brilliant regardless.Lets face it, Michael at his worst is better than most at their best. So I am looking forward to hearing these new songs. This album will not tarnish or diminish Michael's legacy in any way, shape or form. Michael is and always will be the King of Pop.

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    While Michael was a hands on artist the money that is going to his financially troubled estate will benefit his CHILDREN you fools!

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    I agree.. all these people including his family are fucking gross.. that's money he earned no one should have it and no should be making money off of him in anyway.. I hope they all get whats coming to them…

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    Any die hard Michael Jackson fan will tell you that Michael would be rolling over in his grave over this. Michael wanted to have his music perfect. Not just good, but spot on exactly like he imagined. If it wasn't perfect, it wasn't finished yet.
    Any die hard Michael Jackson fan would also say that they disagree with this album. But they'll still buy it.

  11. 11

    Re: MJ fan59 – I agree totally with you! Will.i.am is right!

  12. 12

    WOW…i have just gained respect for Will I Am. I have been a MJ fan since the first time his music met my eardrums in the eighties…I have seen footage of Michael working in various studios, he was extremely hands on and close to OCD about the production of his music. I am so happy that Will I Am spoke up because after hearing this album I pondered how anyone could put the MJ stamp of approval on it. Its time for someone with a powerful voice to stand up for our legend. Cudios to you Will I Am. I'll toast to you tonight. Thank You.

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    oh will i am is so right on this… unless Michael stated in his will that he wanted these songs released then they should never be released, regardless of who owns them and who would benefit from them.
    I understand when people say the estate will benefit and in return his children will benefit too but they dont need to benefit from these songs… Michael had more than taken care of all 3 of his childrens financial future, so these songs not being released wouldnt mean the children are going to miss out.

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    Re: MJ ROCKS!!!;) I agree

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    Totally agree. Disrespectful to Michael entirely.

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    They will never stop.. They are so greedy

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    PEDOPHILE!!!! Listen sheep

  20. 20

    Pedophiles never rest in peace ! LOL :)

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    Re: BTExpress – asshole, MICHAEL was all about the money.

  23. 23

    Re: S>A>S> – CORRECT! That child abusing bastard is getting hot rods shoved up his ass in hell. ha h ah hahaha

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    All you little NAMBLA fucks think MJ was such an artist, and only worried about his craft, money wasn't a thought of his. The FUCKER was all about the money. That is ALL he cared about, except for little boy bunghole. Look how he shopped at Ceasars palace. Like an asshole with NO class. 'i want that and that and that' what a fucking douche. Look at the home he had, why? To make little boys happy. Oh, fucking bullshit, He wanted the biggest and the most expensive regardless if he looked like a classless asshole. GLAD THIS BIG OLD PEDOPHILE IS FUCKING DEAD, MOST FAMOUS PEDOPHILE TO HAVE EVER WALKED THIS EARTH! THANKS FOR THE MUSIC, ASSHOLE ha ha

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    The album won't sell shit in the States. Maybe in India or some other dirt bag country where they will buy ANYTHING. MJ was so past his prime, over. Just a 119 lb junkie trying to make some money off of stupid fucking fans ha ha ha and what is really funny, he cared NOTHING about his fans, really. He held you in contempt and you don't even realize it. ha haha He knew stupid fans would swallow his bullshit and buy his crap ha ha ha ha good job nambla boys.

  26. 26

    Really, do you think he cared about your middle aged fat british ass. HELL NO. Unless you had a 9 to 13 year old son he could 'bond with' and come to his house and 'play'……because, you know,,,,,,,,he didn't have a childhood. ha ha ha ha ha

  27. 27

    typical jealous,believe me,what is ur business with dat i listened to the song and it was good,r u MJ attorney is the song not touching and better than so many songs out there?,besides who doesnt rip people off in one way or the other,even ur way of approaching things right now is to rip off fellow artist glory and hardwork,bcuz it all about u now pls keep quite and shut the front door.

  28. 28

    I'm glad someone is on the same page with me, because listening to his new single just gave me a bad vibe. It's not the same when he's not here to enjoy the release of his new album. Why should we? I'm still enjoying the songs that he was physically here to create based on his own talent, not the producing of someone else who enjoys profit off of his music. It's disgusting.

  29. 29

    Even though I really want to hear anything new from Michael, I do agree completely with Will.i.am. Michael was the ultimate perfectionist.

  30. 30

    Will.i.am, baby, it is Joe and Katherine who are making money off of Michael from what I hear.

  31. 31

    yeah well he's right in the sense that Mj was a perfectionist and maybe the music shouldn't be out there. but he's against it because any of his music with MJ wasnt on the album. he's like everyone else. he wants a piece of the pie. since he is not getting any …he's bashing it. also breaking news is not MJ. any REAL fan knows it. Hold my hand is not that bad actually is good…i like it. and all u fucking ppl are overreacting over this. tupac put out shit after he died so did elvis, frank sinatra and many more. i understand that he was this and that and now he's whatever and whatever but damn ppl calm down…he WOULD be mad….main word WOULD…he's not here anymore and actually i think he is better in heaven cause ppl here treated him like shit, like if he was nothing. he didnt diserve the way he was treated. end of story. and for those fans dont give me bullshit about being against it because u r happy that at least u still have something to hang on from MJ and that's the truth.