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Hero Pilot Sully Opposes More Airport Security!

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Inneresting perspective!

Check out this interview (above) with Pilot Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger - who famously landed the US Airways jet on the Hudson River last year - in which he takes a stand against the proposed use of full-body pat-downs and imaging scanners for airline personnel!

We definitely agree that he makes some extremely valid points, but we'd rather that they be safe than sorry!

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16 comments to “Hero Pilot Sully Opposes More Airport Security!”

  1. 1

    Sure, Perez, and get cancer from those X-rays.
    You are such an uneducated prick.

  2. 2

    This isn't a "proposed," Perez. It's for real. Maybe YOU wouldn't mind a stranger feelin' up on your junk, but the rest of America wouldn't. Yes, the threat of increased risk of cancer due to these body scanners is REAL, and this heightened TSA security doesn't make us any more safe. How does patting down 3 year olds and nuns make us SAFE??

  3. 3

    I have no problem with extra safety. What I do have a problem with is a BLATANT disregard for the constitution and the TSA (government) claiming more power then their actually allowed.

  4. 4

    Being a flight attendant I totally agree with him. I fly at least 4 days out of the week and am subjected to so much radiation as it is I can honestly say that I will never volunteer to go through those things. A pilot just yesterday told me that those body scanners are equivalent to the amount of radiation you get from a catscan every time you go through it. And I also totally agree with him about crew members not having to go through so much invasive screening. Its all for show to make the public feel better. TSA doesn't even know what they are looking for half the time. They are the most inconsistent organization I have ever seen in my life and most of them don't even know what the hell they are doing. OPT OUT DAY is the 24th…day before thanksgiving…

  5. 5

    the problem is that it's a false sense of security. Like the guy said on Colbert last night, if the terrorists have gotten all the way to the airport… that's the problem.

  6. 6

    I would like to point everyone to airport security at the Tel Aviv airport in Israel. There is possibly no more threatened area of the world and they have the best and tightest security and a record to prove it. Where are the full body scanners there? There are NONE. Where are the sexually assaulting searches? There are NONE. There is professionalism, there is some of the best training in the world and an understanding of the seriousness of their positions. They are thorough in who they let in the country and who they let out, if you have had been there you would know this. The 4th amendment rights of US Citizens is being threatened. The US is turning into a fear based society where ppl are willingly giving up their freedoms for a threat that could be easily contained with the right training and proper guidelines in place that has nothing to do with body scanners or feeling up my 13 year old nieces vagina…

  7. 7

    When fear starts to affect Americans, then I think the terrorists have won… why not adopt Israel's policy of profiling people instead of all these scanners and aggressive pat downs. Obama doesn't allow his wife and kids through these procedures so why should the American public be subjected to it. They are even considering exempting Muslim women from this security procedure for religious reasons. All these political correctness needs to stop. Napolitano needs ro be fired b/c she is so useless overseeing homeland security.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    We have naked body scanners at our airports but yet America's borders are WIDE OPEN! BTW a terrorist attack could happen anywhere.

  10. 10

    ROFL, It'll be funny when so many complain about that full body scanner crap (in which you can't even see anything) then the government will decide to drastically decrease our security. Then I'll literally laugh when one of the people who was so against it family member hops on a plane and it gets bombed/they crash and die. Then they'll be like "damn I shoulda kept my mouth shut about that"

    People don't like waiting in long ass lines, this full body scanner stuff will make things go by faster.

  11. 11

    X-rays taken on specific parts of our body is dangerous let alone our entire body. i think its ludicrous to be lawfully in one of those death machines and ludicrous to be legally felt up by some perv at the airport. I also think they lie about not keeping the photos of our naked bodies because later if someone does have something on them, they will go back and check it out.

  12. 12

    Re: NookiesWA – they could see a zit on your @ss hole,its an x ray. do you honestly think Janet Napolitano is gonna admit to that? or that its the equivalent of a chest xray. watch some documentaries on false flag terrorism or Nazi Germany please.

  13. 13

    Re: NookiesWA – Trying to decide how stupid you really are….once again Tel Aviv —->ISRAEL - the biggest vortex of terrorism possibilities in the entire world. Full Body Scanners = NONE. People trained to do their jobs = ALL. But then again ALL Israel citizens of age must enter the military so they have more of a background to deal with such threats. I would be happier seeing ex-vets getting paid extremely well inside the airports working security with their sharp eyes knowing what they need to be looking for alongside some bomb sniffing k-9 units instead of an overpaid mall cop who might actually have previous convictions for sexual assault and child porn charges touching the genitals of small children and even my own. Screw that! You must be in your late teens or early 20's (if that) and not understand how close US citizens are to living in a police state. Freedom to not want to be treated in such a manner is one of the reasons why the Revolutionary War was fought. Check the Constituion and the Bill of Rights…read Amendment 4 which is clearly being raped up her ass right now. I realize that Perez is probably the heaviest "reading" you do in between episodes of the jersey shore. Someone should teach you that sometimes being quiet is better because then the rest of us don't really know what little brain compacity you actually have.

  14. 14

    Listen to Mr. Sullenberger!
    The pilots have the greatest weapon in the sky - the plane - it doesn't make snese to put them through multiple security measures over & over.

  15. 15

    Re: Lily218 – Insulting my intelligence within the first sentence immediately lost you your argument. Bringing up my age when it really isn't relevant unless I was 6 also made you look dumb. Any who, Im just not an uptight prude. I could care less. I love people like you. The ones that are like *WHINE MY AMENDMENTS ARE BEING BROKEN I HAVE RIGHTS WHINE WHINE CRY CRY*…Let me guess, You're the kind that sees something on the news like "White man walks up to group of black guys, Calls them the N word and gets beat up" and then you go "FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!". Am I right? This country is garbage. Politicians are corrupt/greedy. They are controlled by large corporations. I honestly would not even waste your breath/time/life on anything political. It will never change unless a bomb is dropping on the middle of DC.

    You must be a girl. Or maybe just in the 98% of the population thats semi retarded. Can't think rationally or logically. Cannot take something and explore it from multiple angles before talking,etc. Typical.

  16. 16

    Re: Lily218 – Yeah, So naive. As much as this comes as a surprise to you..People FUCK up. A full blooded heterosexual male could see a hot ass girl, Have money problems, going through a divorce, or basically just have a stuff going on in his personal life..All that could be distracting. I'd much rather have a machine do it. Then rely on "trained" people. All infantry is trained to look for suspicious stuff..How many men have died over there by IED's/Snipers? Most in which were probably goofing off and being distracted. Right. ROFL, Yeah..Sorry but you're the dumb one not me. I honestly do not think a TSA agent can have a criminal record and work there. Again, Are you fucking insane? I seriously HONESTLY HIGHLY DOUBT they will allow a person convicted of sexual assault, or any pedophilia type charges pat people down at an airport. Can you smell LAWSUIT?

    Yeah, You're probably just one of those overweight, low self-esteemed self conscious people that doesn't want to go through with the humiliation part of it not realizing that you will never see that person again. Which is probably what most people complaining about this crap is.