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N.E.R.D. Shows Love For Chris Brown On New Album

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nerd dedicates song to chris brown

As much as we were hesitant to say it, we liked Chris Brown's new song Yeah 3X, and we're curious to see where he goes from here musically.

Looks like we're not the only ones giving him some reluctant love out there.

N.E.R.D. has dedicated their new song God Bless Us All to Chris.

Here's what N.E.R.D frontman Pharrell Williams had to say about it:

"'God Bless Us All' is about Chris. When you hear me say, 'Hold your head up lil' bruh,' I'm talking about Chris. When I say, ‘You're a Brown in this world that's black and white,' I wasn't talking about the fact that there are issues and you're either black or white. I was saying the world is just very clear. It's black and white."

Looks like the song was made in an attempt to keep Chris optimistic, and not focus on the negative.

We're still not at a point or anywhere near it where we would dedicate a song to Chris Brown, but we certainly agree with the message of focusing on the positives in life.

What do U think of N.E.R.D.'s song being dedicated to Chris Brown?

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31 comments to “N.E.R.D. Shows Love For Chris Brown On New Album”

  1. 1

    Sure dedicate the album to a man who beats women!! WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM!?!?!? What is did was inexcusible!!!! He is a piece of shit and I hope he rots in hell for what he did to Rihanna!! He will prob beat the next girl he dates too! He needs to pay for what he did and be locked up!!!! DOWN WITH CHRIS BROWN!!!!!

  2. 2

    Chris is a pos woman beater. Are these guys retarded or do they just support domestic violence against women?!

  3. 3

    Oh good lord. So this man is supposed to be condemned for the rest of his life? What happened to second chances? He's paid his debt to society and has went through counseling for what he did. His career shouldn't be over forever over what occurred. Yes, it was very serious and wrong, but shouldn't be paying for it forever. More power to N.E.R.D. to supporting him.

  4. 4

    wow. people need to quit riding on chris brown. the guy made one mistake and everyone's still hating on him for it. many guys beat girls, and its definitely not okay, but its never made into a big deal like this. he made a mistake, he knows and hes STILL trying to fix himself. give him a damn break. more people need to be like n.e.r.d. i support chris cause everybody makes mistakes. keep it up n.e.r.d.

  5. 5

    umm half of the people who said they hate the woman beater, also degrade woman by calling them whores, sluts, bitch. Yeah.. it's black and white. you either respect a woman or you don't.

  6. 6

    makes sense..they all seem close..hell Chris just performed at one of the members wedding.
    im just happy to see that people are giving the kid a chance. its time the world moved on

  7. 7

    I find it very ironic that Rihanna the person involved in that horrific incident with Chris Brown has forgiven him and wishes him the best and @starlettxx who does NOT know Chris Brown, has NEVER talked to Chris Brown and was NOT there when this incident went down is posting the most myopic and vitriolic post I've ever read. Its truly sad when HATE consumes a person's very being. I totally agree with Pharrell…."Keep your head up lil' brother."

  8. 8

    Re: Chinwe Okorie Ŧ – EXACTLY THANK U!

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Seems a little, late.

  11. 11

    wow.. instead of carry about women who get beat.. he feels sorry for the one that beats them.. fabulous.. then i wonder how that ass treats women? How would he feel if that was his sister or some shit? and to dedicate a song to him? Kind of gay..

  12. 12

    I wonder if what happened to Rihanna's face would have been any of NERD's mother, sister, or daughter would they be writing a song for that guy who abused them and sending positive messages to him. I think not.

    Do I think Chris Brown should be condemned for life and never given an opportunity to regain his musical career, No. But this kind of display of support as if he were the victim is ridiculous. Why were there no songs written for Rihanna? Chris Brown is very young and will never fully understand the level of abuse he committed if people continue to portray him as the victim. He doesn't need songs praising him. He needs to come with music that people will like and little by little he will gain the public trust. It won't be easy and fast and it shouldn't be. That's a part of life and learning. If we mess up there are consequences. He may have already handled the legal aspect of the case but gaining the public's trust is separate from that.

  13. 13

    Good on N.E.R.D. Will I support Chris?…NOPE. Just because I got better shiz to do. I am not a hater, I am just not a supporter. Plain black and white.

  14. 14

    hah actually…n.e.r.d was an opening band for a concert i went to awhile ago and they played that song and said it was dedicated to all the kids being bullied out there. so basically you really shouldn't take that seriously

  15. 15

    Judge Patricia Schnegg praised Chris Brown for his efforts as he is successfully completing his probation requirements. He has been attending his DV classes, and volunteering at charity events. That horrific incident occurred 21 months ago, and some people are actually MAD that this young man is doing everything he can to keep this situation from occurring again. You can actually tell from these posts that people HATE that he is maturing and moving on with his life. Chris Brown has been blackballed, villified in the media, and castigated by people who have NEVER met him, yet we send Eminem's DV song about his years of abuse to his wife to NUMBER 1 and we never once hear anything about Kim and the abuse she suffered. And Eminem is adored!!! Now, that's the REAL black and white.

  16. 16

    this is what annoys me.. yes what chirs did was wrong.. but he is not the first and WONT be the last.. it doesnt change the fact he is blessed with so much talent, people need to stop being so one sided, and think about it.. just because he is famous it is made out alot worse than any every day woman to be beaten. rihanna has forgiven him, and put it behind her so maybe you lot should to. it wasnt right what he did but its in the past and he is STILL just as talented so leave him be he has faced his punishment so leave him simple.

  17. 17

    Re: Taurusbabyx – completely agree!

  18. 18

    Chris Brown is the most talented man in the music industry!..Yall can keep on hating while he lives his precious life which is guided by God!..Rihanna forgave him long tym ago!,so pliz backoff!..Thank u NERD!… And yes Perez #Yeah3x is a nice tune!… Stay pressed haters!

  19. 19

    Wow, it's crazy how many haters there are out here. One person makes ONE mistake and is doing everything he is supposed to do so that it never happens again, and people are still on his d*ck about it… seriously, move on and focus on more important sh*t that's going on around the world.
    All the power to Chris for doing is own thing… F*ck the haters!

  20. 20

    Re: Shaunie – you said it & I couldn't agree more!!

  21. 21

    I am a survivor of a domestically violent relationship, and I am not at all offended by their decision to dedicate this song to Chris Brown. I am actually a big fan of N*E*R*D*, and ironically I found (and still find) much of their music helpful and encouraging when I was trying to pick up the pieces. The fact is, it is necessary for someone to reach out to and encourage troubled individuals like Chris to help him learn from his mistakes and hopefully become a better man for it. IMO this growth cannot happen unless there is a positive support system behind it.

  22. 22

    Supporting redemption and rehabilitation is NOT supporting domestic violence. It's supporting 2nd chances. Remember this is Chris Brown's first and only offense. Almost two years have passed and he has not done anything that bad or similar.

    We don't live in a perfect world where we can throw away young men for impulse actions. He got into a fight with his girlfriend who has privately and publicly forgiven him and wished him well.

    Chris Brown has been judged by the law and the Lord. So commenters who are you to judge and condemn and say who doesn't deserve a song of hope?

    You're going to make mistakes to in the heat of the moment. No one is above that.

    Rihanna is still beautiful and successful. He didn't ruin her life. He messed up. It happened and life goes on.

    If you really care about the CRIME and not the celebrity victim then donate to shelters housing wives who can't live with their abusers. Go to vigils for the children beat to death by their parents everyday. Don't sit on perezhilton.com making "woman beater" comments. Your verbal abuse isn't much better. It just makes you not so much of the saint you'd have to be to trash Chris Brown.

  23. 23

    Re: Wallflower22
    What if Chris Brown was your son or brother. NERD are FRIENDS with Chris Brown. Friendship is about loyalty through good AND bad times. He just performed at one of the guys weddings. Rihanna's scars have healed and she is okay. 600 days has past, how much time does this backwards public society you speak of need?

  24. 24

    I'm so relieved that I"m not the only one who still doesn't forgive Chris. I just can't. It's almost like he did this to me, that's how strongly I feel about it. I just can't forgive him for what he did, I can still see the pics of Rihanna in my head and it's heartbreaking. Plus, he's never been sorry for what he did - that's the worst part of it all. Maybe that's why I can't forgive him. Either way, I just wish he'd go away. I didn't hear his new song, our radio stations don't want anything to do with him. I'm proud of that.

  25. 25

    Re: starlettxx

    Show me the list of women Chris Brown has beat? The court doesn't have it, but I heard you do. I guess Rihanna really is Jesus Christ Superstar! LMFAO

  26. 26

    Re: adamzlover

    LMFAO If Rihanna had a choice to either save you or Chris from a fire, her ass would save Chris, while leaving you to wrok on your tan.

  27. 27

    Re: sunflower27828

    I find that beyond funny, I really do. It's crazy. I guess they believe Rihanna is better than your average human being.

  28. 28

    Re: Wallflower22

    What if Chris "I never had a record" Brown was your son?

  29. 29

    Re: adamzlover

    If Rihanna had to make choice to either save you or CB from a fire, she would save Brown, while leaving you to work on your tan. lmao

  30. 30

    Re: Bonkers777

    fixed: a choice.

  31. 31

    @ adamzlover

    uhh just to let you know, chris brown DID apologize and as a matter of fact.. it was a public apology. if you cant forgive someone for a mistake they've made then that just shows what kind of a person you are… not that greatt.