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The Beatles KILL IT On The iTunes Chart Only 24 Hours After Their Debut!

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Wow! We guess people are really liking The Beatles on iTunes!

The iconic band have only just been added to the digital marketplace's catalog, and already, eleven of the their records have made it into the site's top 25 albums!

Holy shiz! ELEVEN?!

Additionally, they've taken over the iTunes top 200, and are responsible for 60 of the songs currently charted!

We knew that they'd do well, but this is seriously impressive!

Wonderful! We hope that long-time fans aren't only purchasing the music, but also members of younger generations, who may not have yet realized what a groundbreaking and truly talented group The Beatles were!


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14 comments to “The Beatles KILL IT On The iTunes Chart Only 24 Hours After Their Debut!”

  1. 1

    Their music is way to old for me !

  2. 2

    As if you listen to the Beatles.

    I can't believe how dramatic Apple was about this crap. "A day you will never forget." Right.

  3. 3

    Of course younger generations like the Beatles. Every generation does. They're great.

  4. 4

    I have to say, I'm really happy about this. As a teenager, I did not grow up with their music. Now that I realize I really like their music, it's great that I can buy their music online.

  5. 5

    I don't get it. If someone's such a Beatles fan, wouldn't they already have the disks and have them transfered onto their computer (into iTunes)? Why wait for iTunes to charge you $1.29/song when you can get the cds for essentially less per song? I just don't see what all the buzz was about nor why they're selling so well. Yes, they're the Beatles, but come on. It's not like the music didn't exist before iTunes put it up for sell.

  6. 6

    Finally. A lot of people have their biggest hits but I think being on I-tunes will expose their lesser known tracks (which are all still brillant) to new generations.

  7. 7

    They may not be God. But they are as close to being divine as they can get and still be human!!!! BEATLES FOREVER!!!!!!!

  8. 8

    Not surprised, at all. Although, I mean, I'm surprised people didn't already have the songs (from other sources, like CD's) already. I did, so this really wasn't that big of a deal..

  9. 9

    Chances are that long-time fans already have all their albums and imported them into their iTunes a long time ago. I did, at least. I think this will be more of a chance to expose the younger generation to them than anything else.

  10. 10

    Whoever said they don't listen to The Beatles music because it is too "old", doen't know a thing about music. Their music is TIMELESS.

  11. 11

    If all these people are such Beatles fans wouldn't they already have their albums. I mean its great and all that they are FINALLY on iTunes but you would think fans would already have their fav songs by now. Such as myself. I have already copied the discography to my computer and put it on my iPhone. Also YOU ARE NEVER TO YOUNG TO LOVE THE BEATLES.

  12. 12

    I grew up with a lot of Beatles music and I really love it. My parents have everything ever recorded by them including a few odd releases. I burned everything they have. Old fans are old fans, but there is generation after generation who keep discovering their music. You can't go anywhere with music playing that you don't hear a Beatles song, whether you realize it or not. University level music courses include Beatles music. I think it is because they got their roots in true rock and roll and what was called R&B music at that time, which is still working today. Listen to HEY BULLDOG. A great little song.

  13. 13


  14. 14

    I remember when I played their music for my daughter who was eight years old and told her that during my teen-age years they were as popular as Michael Jackson, Madonna and New Kids on the Block, combined. She didn’t believe me. The Beatles were trendsetters and when everyone was copying them, they changed their style again. They were so popular that they could stop touring, produce a new album, and still outsell everyone else. Name one band or musician that can do that now.
    They did rock and roll, country, heavy metal (Helter Skelter), incorporated Indian instruments and even copied the Beach Boys. Unfortunately, they were also so popular that other British bands came to the US and seriously hurt R&B sales, at that time.