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55 comments to “Bad Girl Kristen Claims She Was Drugged During Fight With Lea”

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    kristen's stupid - she has no idea what a "bad girl" is. she's a trashy valley girl and I was always surprised that lea ran with her.
    lea was acting like she was some gansta on the reunion (tho i love how she told you off mario) which was annoying but for the most part, lea ran that house cuz she was the baddest………

  2. 2

    dont believe her, she would have had no memory yet she came back with an apology knowing what she did, i dont care for kristen she talked about everybody behind there back and yelled done too much, its like all she knew how to say, but i just dont believe it, i think it would have been mentioned in letter or by one of the girls if she said it i dont think they could edit it all out, or atleast a mention of hospital but nothing. follow me @tarynlove lol TeamLea TeamChristina TeamKayleigh

  3. 3

    I missed it last night!! Gotta catch the re-run, forgot to set the DVR!!!

  4. 4

    Re: tarynlove – christina's face alone makes me wanna vomit - i can't believe you actually like that girl…………..

  5. 5

    Kristen got her ass whop just get over it. Love Lea!!

  6. 6

    Geesh why is she even aplogizing???!! Leah totally deserved it and I cant believe that someone hasnt knocked her out sooner. Kristen and Leah were 2 of the most annoying girls EVER!! Out of all the seasons they were the most dumbest girls.. Am I the only one that thinks Leah is a Poser/wannabe ??Everyone on the show was so afraid of Leah and kissed her butt all the time!! Yet she was was the biggest crap talker of them all and thinks that her stuff dont stink !! We used to laugh so hard when she would walk around punching her hand and talking in her fake/tough accent….I HOPE That Perez puts her in her place at the reunion show. I hate that she has gotten away with being like that to everyone. Sucha 2 faced bully !!

  7. 7

    It could be true, that guy she was talking to at the bar that night did look pretty creepy! But then again IDK?!?!

  8. 8

    shes lying. if it was pcp she'd be tripping out and seeing things.

  9. 9

    Lea acted so fake and stupid on the reunion last night that it was embarassing to watch her!!!!!!!!

  10. 10

    Drugged or not this is the dumbest show EVER! I was glad Kristen hit Lea, it was about damn time. She talks too DANG much, I wanted Perez to smack the crap out of her! Lea is fraud as hell and she is like the wanna be bully from junior high. Kayleigh is straight punk, she admits to getting punked on national tv and tries to attack someone, laughable where they do that at! She was weak on the show and even weaker on the reunion. Ashley is a disgrace to the state of Texas and can't fight her punch coordination was weak. She played the game, hello, what game and what prize did she get at the end? Erica, not much to say about her, she should just be the cool chick with a bigg butt and call it a day. Who jumps people anymore? That was the worse scene of the season, Ashley I think was scared deep down to fight by herself, she knew Christina 's feelings about her prior to the limo incident and did nothing. Brandi, is cool but lay off Natalie, cause she is parlaying her 15 minutes of fame and has Vernon Davis now so her success you can't knock. Sorry that Cat is in jail now. Morgan is still pretty.

  11. 11

    I actually believe this. She looked really out of it on the show and as fake as she could be sometimes, you could tell she was and is still being sincere when she's talking about the situation. Bad girls club or not, I think something was definitely up that night

  12. 12

    I believe she was drugged…She looked beyond out of it in that episode. & just because she wasn't hallucinating or wasn't mentioned hallucinating due to editing doesn't mean she couldn't have been drugged. I was drugged once by a shady couple & if it weren't for my friends that couple would have their way with me…& F Y I the drug took less than 10 minutes to effect me. I'm in no way a "light weight' as I have experimented with plenty of substances but on that night what ever they slipped me was hardcore!

  13. 13

    As annoying as Kristin was throughout the show, she was always herself. Lea on the other hand started to do everything like Kristen. Like those stupid masks, and their little slumber parties on top of the jeep. Lea went from the little punk rock girl to a fake as glamour barbie. She tries to be a badass so hard, and she just looks ridiculous! And what's up with the stupid smirk she always has on her face? She was acting like she's a gansta bitch from Compton or something. I would love to punch her right in the face!

  14. 14

    I believe it, I've had it done to me and wasn't seeing colors, each experience is different. If you see her face in that episode, it's almost gray… she looked like death. That guy kept touching her and waiting for her to pass out. It scared me for her even before the fight happened. If they were alone he would have raped her passed out in her own vomit even.

    Lea didn't beat her up, Kristen hit her so hard you could hear it. Lea just got more swings in, but she hits like an idiot. When she attacked Christina, she was punching her in the back like she was trying to stop her from choking.

    All these girls are jealous Kristen is prettier. Leah tried to get glam and she took a curve into pin-up hooker chic. Also taking jabs at Kristen's family at the reunion? When you are a fat slob wannabe cheerleader, a married knob gobbler and a junkie - you got family problems too!

  15. 15

    Time to thin the herd.

  16. 16

    I could care less what happened that night with Kristen but I enjoyed the punch she gave Lea. I was so fed up with that whore talking smack to everyone like she's special. Lea is just a fucking whore that spreads her infected std self around with married men. Did you guys notice how the girl has no class whatsoever and tries to act all gangsta? Grow the fuck up Lea and stop sleeping with married men, fucking homewrecker. You get no respect even if you talk too much. She's like a damn chihuahua.

  17. 17

    I believe it. Im not her biggest fan, but did you see the way she freaked out when the people were trying to take her away? That guy that she was with the whole night was a total CREEP! That kind of stuff happens all the time.

  18. 18

    All those girls are nasty, no education women. Awful. If you watch that show-you loose brain cells. Lea and this other nightmare were bullies together. They both are losers, either way.

  19. 19

    Honestly this season was full of fake little bitches. they all try so hard to act tough, its really pathetic. let's hope next season is full of REAL bad girls, cuz if u have to say ur the baddest bitch in the house 30 zillion times ur definetly NOT one. it's really embarassing though, what type of lady would act like them, they all looked like whores, who had zero respect for themselves.

  20. 20

    Re: IluvMissPiggy – lol im with u on that 1, to me lea was the fakest out of all of them, she tried too hard to be a bad girl. if ur a real bad girl u don't have to try and be one. she def changed with the ppl she got closest with, i feel she's the most pathetic and i too will glady knock her out lol :)

  21. 21

    Don't worry Lea, everyone could tell you were on something. Kristen had your back the ENTIRE show and you turned on her and believed the lies. You allowed yourself to be manipulated by those loser girls twice because you aren't capable of being a loyal friend. You turned on the dark haired girl too, immediately believing anything anyone said. You and two other girls attacked her and she won. She was the toughest, most good natured of you all. The lesbian girl who came late was the baddest bad girl.

  22. 22

    On the other hand, maybe you learned something. When Kristen was drunk she hit you and you did not forgive her. When Kristen apologized and cried and was really being humble and honest with you on the show, you dropped a fan on her. You make me puke.

  23. 23

    I have to channel surf past this: but they are, without doubt

  24. 24

    I love Lea and how she got on Perez's case last night. She without QUESTION ran that house and the reunion.

  25. 25

    Oh sure Kristen. We believe you. (Sarcastic) Anybody will need an excuse if they got their ass kicked and didn't do anything but take a hit.

  26. 26

    I just watched the Bad GIrls reunion on DVR and it was awesome. Perez, you need to unleashe the mean girl inside you on Lea and any other bitch that acts up! Own those whores when they act up.

  27. 27


  28. 28

    i do think kristen was drugged or something…she clearly wasnt herself…u could see it in her face….she couldnt even stand up right. plus she kept repeating "what did i say?" which made no sense but then again she does talk a lot of shit….anyways i loved kristen a leah together they were the best.but i think leah was totally over reacting in the show even after kristen apologized for being dumb and especially in the reunion. what did she have to prove? that she was an idiot? please!! she kept running her mouth in the reunion for no reason at all….she would yell if u looked at her wrong and then talking spanish??! wtf?? shes not even a real latina!!! she looked stupid -_- and then that idiot super fake blonde hayleigh or whatevr the replace's name is…all of a sudden she grew balls???? where were they on the show?? ;)

  29. glow2 says – reply to this


    TEAM BLONDIE! leah is so fuckin fake.. like seriously grow the fuck up! I love kristen she stayed true to herself the whole time and never changed.

  30. 30

    Oh team Blondie lea sucks

  31. 31

    people are saying "she wouldn't remember it" — thats GHB dumbfuck, not PCP. & how do you any of you how one person reacts to a drug? not everyone is the same. none of you are experts. you eat all this shit up anyone, who cares? we don't know them. its entertainment. we don't know them personally, so saying shit about them makes you look dumb. i was glad they hit eachother though.

  32. 32

    People, please. Really, he put drugs in her drink in front of a whole film crew? How gullible are you? And they found PCP in her system but they can't show it on the show because he might sue for slander? It isn't slander if he's guilty. Why not press charges if that's what he did? Why would anyone believe a word out of that sloppy ass drunk's mouth. Clearly she was drunk off her ass. He was some dude that she chose to chat up so she could use him to buy her drinks then shooed him away when she was done with him. As for being out of her mind out of control.. Yeah, she was shitfaced and is a raging bitch and probably couldn't handle the fact that she was being kicked out of the show and instead of taking any sort of responsibility for having some serious drinking issues, she goes and blames her behavior on someone else. What a loser. Made for some good trashy tv though.

  33. 33

    Kristen was cracking me up throughout the show, and Lea was doing way too much. LIke, Lea truly needs to sit the fuck down and stop being an uncouth piece of garbage trying to curse everyone out and fight everyone.

  34. 34

    wasnt kristen the only girl that actually hit lea? …. hmm…?

  35. 35

    I do believe that Kristen was drugged. She was completely drunk and that guy would not leave her alone. It's pretty clear what his intentions was with her. For those of you who are saying that you don't care either way. SHOULD CARE! She could have been raped and guess what? He could have done this before and succeeded. The show tapes an entire week and condenses it into 1 single hour with commercials. So, do you see everything that goes on? No. Can the show be sued for slander? It's a possibility.

  36. 36

    Re: perez4evs – First, of all. The crew doesn't follow all of the members the whole entire time! There are moments when they leave them alone. && He could have went away from her, drugged the drinks. Came back and gave one to her.

  37. 37

    I cannot stand Lea.!!!. She was fake since day one.! I would love to beat her like if there was no tomorrow.!!!. As for Kristen she was the baddest girl in the house.!!. At one point Lea would do as Kristen said.!!. The girls are jealous of her because regardless of her family issues she was the only one that had money to eat and do as she pleased.!!!.

  38. 38

    Re: AZGirrl – Oh my gosh you are so RIGHT!!! I couldn't stand LEA she was so FAKE!! she picked on everyone bc she knew they wouldn't do anything back to her bc they would be kicked off! I found it funny how at the end she started punching Christina only after the other 2 men started to hit her 1st, Lea had her chance to prove her 'toughness' but at the end she only does it when she knows that no is going to actually do anything back to her bc of the shoe rules, the bodyguards at the reunion. That's why she was all quiet when Morgan was there and she didn't participate with the other girls when they confronted Morgan, bc Morgan would have put Lea in her place!

  39. 39

    Re: luvvmoment – You're so right about Ashley she was scared of everyone she kissed ass to whoever she could hide behind. She did not belong on the show she was waaaaay over her head. And the whole game talk was just a front to hide how pathetic she is.

  40. 40

    Kristen is the ONLY real one!!! Lea is a fake bitch! I bet if I run into her in SO FL she will bitch up like she did when Morgan was there! All of you Lea followers are dumb! Did u see the same show?! The only reason Kristen even gave that skank the time of day is because Cat left! All those bitches especially kayleigh was mad cause Kristin ran they dumb asses! And she is not lying! She hasn't lied on the show! She been herself prissy, caniving, bitchy the whole time. Oh and she has fought before when she had cats back at beach but I guess everyone forgot that, Lea is not worth Kristens spit!

  41. 41

    I do believe she was drugged. Something wasn't right about her that night and that guy was a creeper. When the crew was trying to take her away, she was screaming "911" and "they're trying to kidnap me."

    Lea is such a POS sometimes. Her behavior during the reunion last night was uncalled for and mad extra.

  42. 42

    Lea is a follower from day one. in the first few episodes, she is always noncombative, is quiet, and never gets into anything. kristen did, from day one. she never had anyone on her side, she just got into everyone's faces. lea is a poser.. trying to act hard just because she punched someone who was obviously obliterated! that makes you hard, lea? you're a fool and an ass and we think quite possibly that car crash made you not all there upstairs. NO ONE THINKS YOU'RE HARD, EXCEPT YOUR HEART WHICH YOU OBVIOUSLY PUT YOURSELF ON BLAST FOR BEING A DISGUSTING EXCUSE OF A HOMEWRECKING WHORE OF A HUMAN BEING. LOSER!

  43. 43

    I believe kristen's story, although she wasn't my favorite on the show she definitely was consistent in her personality. Leah dramatically changed throughout the shoe… a lil once morgan left and alot more when kat left, because once the dominant girls were gone she went off on her ego trip. I'm glad kristen punched her cause damn leah is annoying. I find it hilarious how she gets mad when someone calls her out for being a homewrecking whore when she's the one who went around telling everyone how she was fucking a married man. If she would have kept her damn hole shut no one would know.

  44. 44


  45. 45

    WOW….who can't shut up now. There are half truths in every lie so maybe she ready does THINK she was drugged. It's called a blackout sweetie doesn't mean you were drugged….nor would you remember anything HELLO. Do you think the public is stupid. Either way that does not justify ALL of her actions in the BG house. They all acted out…they are BG duh…but TO ME Kristens behavior was beyong childish and then to act like you did nothing and like everyone else is out of control when they call you on it. WTF Get REAL. TEAMERICA! OH and it's LIAR jeez

  46. 46

    Re: perez4evs – AMEN

  47. 47

    Erica was the only one I really liked.. hahaha. Shes dope and has a great ass! TEAM ERICA

  48. 48

    Kristen can be obnoxious but i'd pick her over "Le-Le's" fake ass any day. Lea has so many issues! Not only is she a nasty hoe bag home wrecker, she thinks shes hard, and she loves to brag about it, shes just like Natalee Nunn(Leas hero). Lady i could beat the "Miami" out of your stupid Brazilian ass. Id rather hand out with Kristen, at-least shes not a whore.

  49. 49

    woww Kristen is such a dumb ass. she deserved to get hit like that. it was her fault for leaving all her roomates. Lea is legit…She really did run the bad girls house

  50. 50

    I've done PCPs hundreds of times & you don't necessarily hallucinate. In hindsight, her behavior could well be from being under the influence. She was confrontational with her own friend, and it seemed like she was pretty out of it at the bar, and it took everything she had to get out of there alone.

  51. L3NA says – reply to this


    Lea needs to chill. Kristen said sorry like 345 times and like Lea keeps cussin at her in spanish. kristen actually acts like a lady. GO BLONDIE!
    oh yeah erica has such a fat ass and danielles was TOTALLY the whore of the house.

  52. 52

    yes blondie was beyond drunk but lea had u in the fido position …. lo…l lmao

  53. 53

    Kristen: Puuuuro FAKE! She sat there on the reunion acting like shed finally grown up! Girl, please! You acted that way so noone would beat your ass! :) ha.
    Lea: Yea! That girl ran the house. and at the reunion stood up to kristen MANY times, and yet Kristen sat her white trashy self down. ha! girl you were the funniest one there on the show. even kayleigh got you!! ha! plus her hair looked real. :) unlike yours. ha.

  54. 54

    i was reading the post about lea and kristen kristen is fake a liar and she is fake from head to toe and lea if you see this u should not regret socking that fake girl is she is a girl

  55. 55