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Child Gets Kicked By Metallica Guitarist

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Check out the video (above) to see why Metallica is hazardous to the youth of the world!

This is really more of a cautionary tale than a video, actually. It teaches our children to quite literally stay away from Metallica.

After watching this footage, would U ever let your kids go to a Metallica concert?

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75 comments to “Child Gets Kicked By Metallica Guitarist”

  1. 1

    i dont see any child getting hit… you always post stories with videos, but there is nothing in these videos that prove your story… do you invent that shit??

  2. 2

    Oh My Gawd Mario. Where's the honesty? The child didn't get kicked by the guitarist. The guitarist kicked a ball…did ya notice that's all he was doing leading up to it? And the kid was behind it…not able to be seen by him. Jesus Christ Mario. Seems like your little appearance on Ellen did nothing.

  3. 3

    comment one yes thier is a child getting hit…. and hell no i would never tke a child in to see that kind of god awfull music!

  4. 4

    yes…children should stay away from Metallica! But for the simple reason that NO kid should be at their concert. Not because of the music, or anything that Metallica did wrong, but because a child who looks about 2 or 3 in a snow white outfit and standing on stage! has no reason being at the show. they are too young and should be at Elmo not a rock concert! so is it Metallica's guitar player who is at fault for kicking a ball and accidentally kicking a child? NO it is the parent who brought their young child to the concert. that is who is at fault!

  5. 5

    Apparently not on purpose. Who the fuck takes a kid that age to a metal concert anyway??

    Stop spreading rumors perez. It was obviously and accident.

  6. 6

    why was the boy on stage anyway?? Twas an accident.. accidents are allowed. lol

  7. 7

    you talk such shit perez. he didnt KICK the child. he kicked one of the MANY giant balls and that unfortunately hit the child. Its not like he took his boot and stomped the kid. you are the reason that such bullshit exists in this world.


  8. 8

    Kids don't have to be on concerts at all - and there is no one kicked in this video - stop the hating for nothing.

  9. 9

    First of all, it was an accident.
    But i don't think kids should be taken to a Metallica concert because of the swearing from both the band and the crowd.
    People are allowed to do what they like, but i don't think it's a great environment for a kid to be in.

  10. 10

    Making things up again. I wouldn't take my kid to see GaGa either.

  11. 11

    It amazes me how you process information mario.shouldnt the question be who would be stupid enough to bring a young child to a very loud and very adult metallica concert?it explains alot actually.

  12. 12

    Perez, are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?

  13. 13

    OLD NEWS, blabbermouth had this posted about a week ago.

  14. 14

    Oh and it wasn't just some random fans kid. The kid belonged to someone who was part of the Metallica crew for that show.

  15. 15

    Oh please, he kicked the ball which was infront of the child who he could clearly could not see because she seems to be around the toddler age..who brings a toddler in a snow white costume to a metallica concert? it's not would I ever let my children go to a metallica concert , it's who in their right mind would bring a child THAT small and put them on stage at a metallica concert..mabye you should watch the videos yourself before making the titles perez

  16. 16

    he didnt kick the child, he kicked the balloon that punched the child… and WTF is a child doing at a Metallica concert??? blame the parents…

  17. 17

    I didn't see anything, anyway metallica is the best band ever! when I'll have children I would totally take them to metallica concerts, I wouldn't like my childs to become fans of stupid ¨artists¨ like kesha or katy perry ugh!

  18. 18

    how about don't bring your fucking kids to metal shows?

  19. 19

    Re: Emop___x – the worst thing your worried about at a metallica conert is swearing? you've got to be kidding…………talk about sheltering……….

  20. 20

    That was a total accident. Get real.

  21. 21

    Perez, knock it off with the sensationalism - there was no child getting hit. I saw someone carrying a child across the stage but with the footage being so far away, no one could tell what was going on. And i saw a lot of inflatable balls on the stage, so maybe a kid got hit with one - they're filled with AIR, for god sake.

    That being said, anyone who would take a child to a Metallica concert so they could lose their hearing at a young age doesn't deserve to have kids.

  22. 22

    Re: Dawn Moody – Absolutely, he's still the same ass.

  23. 23

    It's on the right of the screen, you clearly see a child fall off the stage. Obviously unintentional, and I think it was just the balloon that pushed him back.

  24. Mtl23 says – reply to this


    Wtf you make it out like it was done on purpose when it was clearly and accident, and a small child should not have been there to begin with let alone climbing on the stage.

  25. 25

    Obviously it was an accident, but wtf was a kid that age doing there in the first place? Uhm–maybe parents should've thought about protecting the poor childs ears, and sense of good music too.

  26. koe says – reply to this


    For those saying a child didn't get hit, a child did get hit-its about 21 seconds in. And as you can tell it was an accident, the guitarist didn't see him.

  27. 27

    This article is so gay

  28. 28

    Who brings their young child to a concert like that?!?! Come on now… that's just bad parenting…

  29. ILU says – reply to this


    Am I the only one that laughed? lol…

  30. 30

    LOL! i don't know why i find this funny???? but obviously it was an accident, even the guitar player was looking at the kid after it happen to see if he was ok, it's not like he can just stop in the middle of the show. its called being professional. but seriously i cannot stop laughing lol

  31. 31

    if lady gaga did this u would be praising her saying what a artists and garbage like that metallica is a good band your an idiot

  32. 32

    he didnt kick the kick you fuck face.

  33. 33

    Re: koe – uuhm, thanks for the info, but we all saw that, what we (or at least I) meant was: the child didnt get kicked by the guitarrist, but a balloon accidently hit the child

  34. 34

    Bad parenting and I didnt see any harming kick. I think one of the staff just took the child away to avoid any accidents since he was getting too close in the stage.

  35. 35

    metallica is my all-time favorite band.
    could you please get your facts straight b4 posting inaccurate statements.
    who ever is posting in your absence, Consuela or whoever the f*ck, ask them to do a better job. tx. :-(

  36. 36

    I wouldnt let my son go before i saw this let alone after!!

  37. 37

    How about the parents who allow their kids to stand so close? The first thing that would come to mind if I was there would be "hey, stay here with mommy, these balloons can hurt you" it's not like he all of a sudden started kicking balloons. He was going around kicking them, from each sides. The kid wanted a balloon and the parent(s) said Go Ahead! Kurt isn't at fault and you can see that he was concerned. Perez, you need to lighten up sometimes.

  38. Kgrez says – reply to this


    Any video involving a child should be off limits. Because you are such a money hungry shit, you not only post the video, (of nothing really) but there are the ever present ads along the bottom. I cant wait for the day when Gaga starts supporting you financially, so you can just go away.

  39. 39

    LOL at angry metallica fans!

  40. 40

    obviously an accident. The stage logistics look a nightmare. That said, I was bloody and battered by the time i made it home from the master of puppets & justice tours, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Again, this stage was just begging for a kicking accident with all the beach balls. Promoter / designer is most responsible

  41. 41

    Nothing to do with Metalica. As a parent you don't bring your little kid inside a mob.

  42. kbro7 says – reply to this


    I, personally, can't wait to take my daughter to her first Metallica show. I've met these guys and seen them countless times and they are nothing but a class act. Obviously that was an accident, Kirk has got to be one of the most gentle souls around.

  43. 43

    Metallica ROCKS!!! Didn't see the KICK, but who would let a small child ride the rail at a Metallica concert? Couldn't find a babysitter . . .

  44. 44

    Kirk Hammett is seen kicking a large black balloon that accidentally smacks into a small child standing onstage and sends the child flying several feet into the audience. Despite early reports that the toddler was the son of frontman James Hetfield, it was apparently the daughter of either METALLICA's production or tour manager. (Note: The child was reportedly not injured during the incident.)

    There is another clip that just shows the little girl falling back and the daddy? picks her right up. He was right next to her the whole time. They were not in the audience.

  45. 45

    Also a guy had his hand on the balloon so it wouldn't hit the little girl then he is seen taking his hand off it like to tell the guitar guy to go ahead and kick it. It was all a accident.

  46. 46

    I went to a Metallica concert in May with my bro and my mom, it's not that bad

  47. 47

    the noise level alone can harm the kid, especially so close to the stage.

  48. 48

    Re: ILU
    No i did too. But more at the fact that there are so many stupid people out there allowed to breed! why take a kid to a concert??!! IDIOTS!

  49. 49

    Hey Perez!!

    Firstly…funny video…who the hell brings their kid to a METALLICA concert? And then on top of that leaves them in the front row unattended. Parents are dumb ppl. Anyways…don't you be bashing on Kirk Hammett or Metallica! These guys have been around for a real long time and payed there dues! They are real musician which cant be said about most of the people you promote on your site! I'm on your site everyday but if you bash metallica or espicially Kirk again, Ill start a MOVEMENT TO STOP ALL THE PEOPLE IN MY OFFICE FROM CHECKING YOUR SITE! dont F*CK with Metallica!!!!! lol …but seriously..im as serious as a mofo! lav ya..

  50. 50

    Re: kbro7
    i hope you enjoy ruining your kids hearing.
    give them some beer while you're at it too! make a night out of it!!!

  51. 51

    First of Metallica kicks ASS!! Comment #1, you're and idiot!
    Parents are dumb and it's not like the guitarist purposely kicked the kid, his little ass shouldn't of been climbing on stage!

  52. 52

    First off, it looks like an accident. Second of all, why would you take a small child to a metallica concert, let alone put him on the stage! Stop hating on Metallica just because you don't like them. If it's not the kind of music you like, then it all sucks.

  53. 53

    Who is dumb enough to take their child to a metallica concert? seriously that's some bad parenting.

  54. 54

    what an idiot. who lets their kid up on the stage like that. they're asking for it

  55. 55

    Re: sid_vicious – Nowhere in his post did Perez say that the guitarist kicked the kid on purpose. He clearly said that the kid got kicked and that Metallica concerts shouldn't be attended by kids.

  56. 56

    Kirk Hammett would never kick a kid ! He's got kids of his own the he loves more than life itself. This was clearly an accident. If you've ever met Kirk then you'd know he's like one of the sweetest people on the planet !! Making it sound like it was intentional is beyond cruel. Even for you Mario.

  57. 57

    More to the point… think about the kudos he will get from his playground mates when he says he kicked at the concert by the band member!!! LOLZ!! I'd have loved to have had that to tell my mates!!!

  58. 58

    well those parents are fucking morons for bringing a dumb kid to a METAL concert. HELLO do you really think the fans who were waiting who knows how long to see the show are gonna give a fuck about some baby in their way? i know i wouldnt

  59. 59

    He obviously couldn't see the kid behind the huge ball. Clearly it was an accident. Why was the kid practically on the stage in the first place? Dumb.

  60. 60

    Wow, don't jump to conclusions this fast! He kicked a ball, and as it happens, a child was on the other side, he most probably didn't see him, cause from what I know, the members of the band are really respectful.

    Stop posting shit like this

  61. kbro7 says – reply to this


    UPDATE FROM METALLICA: In the whacky world of rock'n'roll, sometimes stuff happens which looks even weirder than it really is! And with context being vital in these situations, we just wanted to address something which happened on the tour the other night regarding a large beachball, a band member's foot and a little girl. Some of you will have seen on youtube (or read in some reports) that Kirk knocked a small child offstage by kicking a beachball at her. That little lady is the daughter of the stage manager and dressing coordinator, who are fortunate to travel as a family on this tour. She was thoroughly enjoying watching the beachballs drop from the rafters, Kirk was thoroughly enjoying kicking the beachballs off the stage and back into the crowd as has been done every night on the tour, and neither of them saw the other. The poor wee one happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She wasn't hurt. She didn't go "flying several feet into the audience." And Kirk and she remain good buddies. It's very cool that everyone showed concern and support though, so we just wanted to say "it's all good" and thanks for asking.

  62. kbro7 says – reply to this


    all of you who are saying it's bad parenting to take a kid to a Metallica concert are idiots. The decibel level at a Justin Bieber or Jonas Brothers concert is way higher than at a Metallica show, why? because of the 70,000 + screaming girls in the audience. Do you let your kids go to concerts like that? If so, bad parenting.

  63. 63

    The little girl is the stage manager's daughter. The families of the band and crew are near/on stage for the beach ball section of the show. No other children are generally allowed on stage. All this info was in the 2nd comment posted relaying a press release from the band, so none of this should be a surprise to anyone.

  64. 64

    You dumbass. Boy, you can twist up a story.

  65. 65

    You have a baby….at a bar…..i mean concert. What is wrong with people. Leave the kids at home, get a sitter! Hope the kid was ok.

  66. 66

    Took my son for his 10th birthday to Metallica last Dec. and took my 8 and 10 year olds to see Primus in August. If your going to do it, do it smart. I took my 3 brothers, my husband and a few friends. We built a human wall around the kids, made sure we had two exit strategies in case things got crazy and made sure they were protected at every moment. We warned the kids ahead of time what they might see or hear and I will do it again every chance I get. They rocked their butts off, had a good time, we had a good time and everyone at the concerts actually really respected the kids and made sure they were cognizant of them.

  67. 67

    I went to the Death Magnetic tour in SoCal like 2 years ago, and that kid is prolly one of the band memebers daughter that's why she's on stage. When I went I saw all their kids running around the pit before the concert started.

  68. 68

    Stupid Parent Alert!

  69. 69

    whoever let they're kid up there like that oughtta get a bakers dozen of those balloons straight up the bung

  70. 70

    he didnt get kicked by him, the ball hit him and he fell over, it was an accident. besides, what was a child even doing in a concert? they dnt belong there

  71. 71

    Oh my god a kid got hit by a ball, what a catastrophe. Not. Who cares, its not like he saw that kid in the crowd, and planned to hit that ball at the exact same time right into the kid, shit happens, get over it. Its not a big deal, its more funny then anything, how often would someone get hit by Kirk Hammet with a beach ball. You people hating on Metallica or questioning why they have a kid at a metal show, don't even bother, at least they're taking their kids to see real musicians, at least they're not taking him to see that Justin Bieber bullshit, at least Metallica write their own songs and can play their own instruments? Jesus haha.

  72. 72

    Re: kbro7 – you know where its at buddy haha, totally agree.

  73. 73

    He didn't do on purpose you moron. Kirk kicked the ball and the kid was behind it.

  74. 74

    1. He kicked a big ball.
    2. The kid was right behind it.
    3. The ball was of opaque colour.
    4. Concerts are hazardous for kids, not Metallica.
    5. The parents can kiss the kid's auditive capacities Good Bye.

  75. 75

    shut the fuck up mario he didn't even see the kid behind that ball