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126 comments to “GaGa's New Album Is "Almost Perfect"”

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  1. 1

    stop using the letter U…. Type…out….the…..word……YOU! good grief

  2. 2

    Music is dead.

  3. 3

    Re: We_Live_In_A_Shallow_World – I agree….with people like this we are doomed…

  4. MUNON says – reply to this


    Perfect garbage!

  5. 5

    it WILL be beyond perfection. loves xxxx)

  6. 6

    HATERS: you are just jealous. dont comment if you dont have any positive feedback. youre the reason so many people are devoting themselves to non hate psa's. you obviously have a problem with yourselves that you have to run you mouth with hateful words. go fuck yourselves. dicks. p.s. PEREZ I LUVIE LOVE YOU. MUAH. XXX0

  7. 7

    It will probably just be shitty over-synthed pop music, just like everything else she's made. People are going to love it.

  8. 8

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – Are you REALLY trying to make a mature point and ending it with "go fuck yourself dicks?"


  9. 9

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – Its not that people who hate her necessarily have problems with themselves…thats a cop out. Perhaps the real reason is because if so many people are bowing down to this spoiled rich brat..Its more just the fact of how devestating it is that Lady Gaga is a music idol…it goes to show you that the music industry is really struggling…

  10. 10

    Re: HeavenOBliss – actually, gaga is more than just a pop diva. do your research. she is more than just a britney or christina she stands up for what is right and has been an inspiration to many. if you dont like her thats youre prerogative. but nobody likes people who have mean things to say about anybody. RESPECT.

  11. 11

    This is Lady GaGa we are talking about, with mindless melodies, hooks [and] poetry sledge-hammering her skull. If she says she is the best and her album is perfect who are we to judge? Remember none of us were born this way.

  12. 12

    Re: douseekamy – actually i am trying to make a point. honestly, do you think saying mean things about someone is going to help your case? yeah, thats what i thought. especially when you know nothing about that person besides the fact they are famous. ive learned to love the people whom are trying to make a change. she truly is an inspiration and people should learn not to hate but to love everybody equally whether you like her music or not.

  13. 13

    k .. i think some people are way over excited..

  14. 14

    Re: douseekamy – my thoughts exactly..

  15. 15

    I'd lol if it flopped.

  16. 16

    Well…I admire Gaga, though I'm not some hysterical fan. But yes…she's got me intrigued..definitely!

  17. 17

    Re: evileep – nobody should judge anyone.. exactly my point. x)

  18. 18

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – HAAAA … did you just say "don't say hateful words" and then "RESPECT" … but then you tell others to "Fuck themselves" … !!! hahahaha … idiot … practice what you preach and JUST SHUT IT … GAGA/PEREZ groupie dope …

  19. 19

    She shouldn't hype her album so much she should just let it speak for itself if ppl don't think its actually as good as she says it is, they are going to come down hard on her. I agree music is pretty much dead just a bunch of repeats from the 80s.

  20. 20

    Re: Mikera Balsinger
    Well, you contradict yourself by telling them to "Fuck yourselves". Also, people who do have negative things to say may have mental health problems and you're telling them to "Fuck yourselves". Yet.. you dislike people who say horrible things to others. .well, that wasn't very nice, was it?
    Also, due to democracy, we have every right to express our feelings and speak out for what we believe in.
    I understand you're expressing your true feelings, but you have to think about what you're saying before you end it by telling them all to fuck themselves.
    I personally am not a fan of Lady GaGa and I honestly believe she's ruined the music industry.

  21. 21

    When an artists says "perfect" they mean in their own standards. She means it's almost exactly how she wants it.

  22. 22

    lmao I like her and all but God she's pretentious. I mean I can't think of anyone worse than her this early at tht career you could say Madonna but she wasn't quiet this silly. I guess thats why so many ppl like this lady though. she's funny as hell and makes tolerable music. She sure is eating this up wow.

  23. 23

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – So lady gaga isn't judging ppl when she mocks ppl from her high school puts others down while crying about how she was bullied? U should hear the things she says at her concerts man. No offense to her she can do what she wants but shes no saint. She needs to learn to practice what she preaches. :)

  24. 24

    Re: JaneMancini – of course im going to hate on haters. i would never say one bad thing about someone who has a true cause to dislike somebody but to dislike a person who has devoted a huge part of their life to helping young gay youth and the cause against gay bullying. she is truly an inspiration to all. and to judge her purely on the fact that you dont like her music is repulsive. seriously, why visit this site to say nasty mean things?

  25. 25


  26. 26


  27. 27

    Re: allykisskiss – so i contradict myself? you may want to read back what you just wrote and see who is contradictory.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – loves. xxx

  30. 30

    when u build up TOO much, people are b bound to be disappointed. Release it and let people decide for themselves

  31. 31

    If you have to hype your album so much then its probably not great. Her songs will just be a mashup of everyone else she copies and not stand out as original.

  32. 32

    Re: MyNameIsDita – like said… if there is a solid reason (such as bullying) i can understand not liking certain people (kkk, nazis..ect..) but hatred for somebody that has done so much good is just sickening. understandable if you dont like her music. but to post hateful things on a blog site about sombody you dont even know is just wrong. people can say im a hypocrite but at least i have a reason. i would never say anything hurtful about anybody unless they give me a reason to.

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Re: Mikera Balsinger
    Her doing crap for gay youth doesn't take away from the fact that her music sucks. If that's what I personally believe then it doesn't make me a hater, it makes me a free thinking American with my own opinion.

  35. 35

    [re=5453680]Re: Mikera Balsinger[/ yeah youre cool and full of hate. i pitty you.

  36. 36

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – I don't need to do research…Im sure Hitler was an inspiration to people..that doesn't mean people didn't hate him. I can commend her humanitarian efforts (although seems like she's using it as a self serving platform) The point is, her "music" is STILL terrible and one has nothing to do with the other. If she could rely just on her music she wouldn't still be in the spotlight. Instead she has to do these used up and lame getups..much like Marilyn Manson and Grace Jones..She is the epitome of what is wrong with the music industry.

  37. 37

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – We are all entitled to our opinion you fucken idiot! And if I want to say nasty shit about Gentleman Gaga, then good luck getting me to stop. Thumbs up if you think Caca has a cock and completely ruined the music industry.

  38. 38

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – All they did was make a comment about how they didn't agree with where the music industry was headed…nothing to suggest that they were "running their mouths with hateful words." You, on the other hand, said "go fuck yourselves, dicks." Does that make any sense to you?
    Also, a person can make a comment about not liking someone without being jealous of the person. It's called having an opinion and liking certain music or artists more than others. According to that logic, any time someone doesn't like an artist, they must be "jealous" of them. Please! If you like Lady Gaga then good for you, but other people may not like her and it doesn't really matter. They weren't even saying anything obnoxious or inappropriate…but you were.

  39. 39

    Re: popvomit – i said having an opinion on her music is absolutely your choice. but to hate on somebody is you dont know is disgusting. this is proof of all the hate in the world and this needs to end. why visit this site if all you are going to say are hateful words?

  40. 40

    Re: popvomit – i already said if you dont like her music… thats fine.. but im trying to put it out there that people shouldn't judge people based on what they do. she is a good person who has amazing powerful causes she stands behind & i think she should be admired for. people can be so hateful. its truly sad….

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Re: critique_fame – absolutely, i agree everyone has their opinion. i just dont dig the negativity. i think its rude to go on to perez' site and disrespect him like this and dis gaga as well. you dont know them and and its a slap in the face to all in whom have respect for people who are obviously are entertaining you because you are on this site. seriously, respect is something apparently some of you lack. dont come on here talking shit. you came to perez for your your enjoyment… dont be an ass.

  43. 43

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – You did contradict yourself..and this is a gossip site built by the person who used to say the worst shit about people .. so yes this is the right place to say how you really feel about someone if you can't tell them personally.. i think you shouldn't visit here if you can't stand the "hate so much.. because regardless how you feel everyone is going to have an opinion..and this is the wrong place to come if you can't handle hateful ones.. preaching wont change anyone's mind here.. and hating will only equal more hate..so i don't understand your logic..

  44. 44

    Re: Victor Co – much love my dear.

  45. 45

    When I was young I worked in the studio for a year with Ken Scott who engineered the Beatles and produced Supertramp, David Bowie, Missing Persons and many more. He told me no album is perfect and even the Beatles thought if they could do it again they could do it better. I think it is funny that GaGa thinks her work is perfect. I bet even Michelangelo never thought his work was perfect, but I do.

  46. 46

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – I think you'll find that douseekamy wasn't actually bagging Gaga at all. They just pointed out for someone that was preaching to 'haters' you didn't exactly come off well when you ended with 'go fuck yourselves'.
    I think you'll find that people don't just hate Lady Gaga, they hate what she represents. Lady Gaga has to make a mockery of herself to get anywhere in the business. When she was just Stefani, sitting there with her talent and her guitar she couldn't get anywhere. It is a shame that she has to resort to this to even get noticed.
    At the end of the day, Lady Gaga has had to turn herself into a sideshow freak to get anywhere. You cannot possibly say that this is the real her. She contradicts herself constantly. It's sad that she has had to do this to herself.

  47. 47

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – This is what perez has built his fame on.. what the hell are you talking about? Do you really know who he is and how he really feels about most people.. that is what got him noticed in the first place.. he has made this site full of hate.. he just recently changed because of the gay bullying.. but that doesn't mean how he really feels is still there.. your really in the wrong place for GaGa praise just because Perez does.. that's what fan sites our for.. this is an opinion site.. even hateful over the top opinions like perez used to do all the time to everyone.. not everyone's opinions are a ray of sun shine… and no one said anything hateful until you made a hateful comment yourself..

  48. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Mikera Balsinger – just like you stick up for what you think is right, we do the same. Gaga is full of crap, and thats based on "research" :) had I NOT researched her, I prob wouldnt mind her. Now I know how fake she is, constantly lies & contradicts herself. Kind of like you in your posts. you should take your own advice & "research" Christina who's been "standing up for what is right" through lyrics, activism, fashion, charity etc & an "inspiration to many" since gaga was a CHILD. Gaga lies about almost every stupid claim she makes. Its not just about not liking her music. Theres a difference between truly helping a cause & exploiting it for your own benefit. if everything you say is true about why you love her & shouldn't hate you'd LOVE Christina yet you just tried to put her down compared to gaga. TOO MANY of her fans act like Gaga invented being an outcast speaking for gays, music,breathing! That's why some speak against it, not cause they are "haters"

  49. 49

    I feel like Lady Gaga may have histrionic personality disorder…

  50. 50

    I love lady gaga but she should not be saying her album is perfect. because doesnt she know its taboo if she says that her album is perfect.then her album flops. usually when a artist says there album is perfect there album usually sucks.

  51. 51

    I remember lady gaga before she was famouse she had dark burnett hair and she actually look beatiful. now she looks like clown everyday putting on clothes know one will wear everyday except halloween I mean seriuosly lady gaga has talent but it just sucks that she needs dress like a freakshow just to be famouse. i still respect lady gaga because of her talent and being the voice for gay community. but I just hate that she keeps dressing like its halloween everyday just to be on the spotlight.

  52. 52

    Re: Cheapmetaphor – really? shes an icon now. she really fucked up? what the fuck has she done to initiate so much negativity. hmm. what do you do? yeah, thats what i thought. if you had the chance would you not become a superfabstar? dont hate.. we have enough hate in the world already.. acceptance is key against the war on hate…

  53. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Mikera Balsinger – you keep contradicting yourself. & please, this site exists because of hateful opinions & thats why some people came here in the first place, to STICK UP for untruths too many people start believing. If you like Gaga fine, but you tried to imply she was better than Britney & Christina by saying she stood up for what she believed in & inspired many, I dont know what Britney has done but Christina has done this for over a decade now, put gay &crossdressing in "beautiful" in 02 she did MAC aids campaign with boy george in 04- things gaga did AFTER Christina, just b/c an artist doesn't EXPLOIT TO THE DEATH a cause doesnt mean they dont care or did nothing. Xtina has been very vocal & active in causes she believes & donates, she has a campaign to end world hunger & went to haiti paid for a new womens shelter to be built in pittsburgh yet you put her down favoring gaga based on your lack of "research". because she's not EXPLOITING her causes like gaga. you got alot of nerve trying to make this about "hate"!

  54. 54

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – Yes your right she really is caring!!!! She really cared for the animal she wore as a dress at the vmas didnt she… She was real concerned about the animal that need to be slaughtered just so she can look rediculous and be SHOCKING!!!

  55. 55

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – How are you going to tell people "but nobody likes people who have mean things to say about anybody. RESPECT." when you called everyone who doesn't like Gaga "haters" and "dicks" and that they should "go fuck yourselves."? A little hypocritical if you asked me.

  56. IVIV says – reply to this


    oh and P.S…..she said in JUNE she was done recording this album. then she said "I've been working on it for months now, and I feel very strongly that it's finished right now. It came so quickly. Some artists take years; I don't. I write music every day" it was even reported on here. and it's not even a big deal if she wasn't done with the album in June, the annoying thing is that she shouldnt have said all that crap if it wasnt the case. no one would have cared. She just says what people want to hear and tries to make it sound unique, if I was such a huge fan of someone I wouldn't like being lied to constantly, she sounds like she makes things up on the spot and almost always says something that contradicts it later on. from her music to drugs to sex to her fashion to where she lives…and she's held in such high regard…and people try to discredit other artists in comparison…that's why people say this industry is dead, & thats why people care.

  57. 57

    i dont give a shit what all you have to say, but i see a lot of haters whom are very indestructibly disrespectful unto thus site and are very rude. you visited perez and he works very hard show some respect.

  58. 58

    when she said she was done with the album, she meant that she had all of the songs written and ready. she's now making it and editting/recording the songs. you don't even need half a brain to realize that. sorry for any confusions and/or hurt feelings she may have caused you.

  59. 59

    I am 56 and I think it is sad that the two biggest stars in music are Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift . When you are my age it is easy to see that GaGa copies so many artist from the past, not so much her music but her look. Brian Eno, David Bowie, Grace Jones, even on america's next top model they wore meat. If I had to choose I think as a person I would go with Taylor because she never talks about good she is and she is some what real. But if you like dance music GaGa is fine but I do think she is pretentious and to me it is a turn off.

  60. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Abdiel Sanchez Gaud – Then she wasn't "done with the album" then, was she? She wouldn't even have been done writing. You never leave the studio with songs sounding exactly how they were invisioned on the way in, musically and lyrically. It appears you even understand that. You don't say you're "done" with an album before you've even recorded it, and then say "I don't know why other singers take so long I do this, I do that, I I I…" I'm not confused, her fans are the ones that try to dissect her words to make them sound like she's not talking out of her ass when she gets called out. That's probably confusing for you after a while.

  61. 61

    as much as i like her, and i really do, i think she should take a break. i think people might start to get sick of her and all the hype…i know i am. maybe thats my fault for coming on this website and only seeing postings of her….who knows. but i guess as none of her songs are as aweful as "alejandro" ill be satisfied

  62. 62

    AS ALWAYS SHE WILL MILLIONS PEOPLE! YOU KNOW WHY? because she has millions of brainwashed people thinking she is some big savoir or something. She would not be sellin shit if she was regular. Real artists and not talkin about country bumpkin ass Taylor swift or fake ass beyonce. Real artists like Mjb, Keyshia Cole, Jazmine sullivian, Sade and Other real singers will demolish this bitch when it comes to talent. but she has a marketing scheme and everybody fell for it. will somebody give this bitch some sense, talent and a makeover?? pleaseee……oh I know I pissed the MONSTERS OFF WITH THISSSS HHAHhhahahahhahahahaahhahahahahha

  63. 63

    is she serious,her tracks are average very computered up,her voice is average/below i mean have you seen her at a concert.jesus
    sorry gaga your record will be as perfect as britney spear's crap (whom i feel for)but she just cant sing.music is dead

  64. 64

    She tries so hard to be David Bowie and fails so bad. Put her album against Ziggy Stardust, or any of his Berlin Trilogy and tell me how amazing her music is

  65. 65

    It really baffles me how this charade of outrageous costumes and dance-tunes with meaningless lyrics has so many excited….

    A woman that says if she had lived in the sixties she would have been Andy Warhol's muse and now comes out with a very bold claim that her next album will be perfection. Her sheer arrogance when it comes to the influence she has on people I find sickening and undeserving.

    Music is indeed dead.

  66. 66

    is it just me or is gaga kind of arrogant now? How about being yourself and being humble?

  67. 67

    Music has been dead –

    And Lady GaGa's fifteen minutes are about over.

  68. 68

    And by the way my brother was gay and died of aids 18 years ago. I remember in the 60's I thought that Nick St. Nicholas from Steppenwolf was gay. Then people thought David Bowie and Mick Jagger might be by and no one was sure about Marc Bolan from T Rex and no one cared . I think music is the one place people do not care. I have gay friends and some of them think that GaGa is playilng the gay card. I am sure that all the people that post above none like gay bullying or any bullying. I think people are suspicious of her because she steals from the past with no credit and the gay card is just a marketing gimmick. I find it hard to like someone that is so full of them self.

  69. 69

    firework is finished go home she was illusion like firework

  70. china says – reply to this


    what poetry, caca? you wouldn`t know poetry if it bites you in your ugly ass.
    so altogether it`s the perfect crap?

  71. china says – reply to this


    Re: Mikera Balsinger – the only powerful cause caca stands behind is filling her purse with money from little darlings like you.

  72. 72

    lmfao! give us the fucking album already & stop flapping your gums!

  73. 73

    With the mindless devotion some people spout, you'd think she was the new millenium messiah. She is just so average and her over the top persona is a product of glossy advertising and hype. She's as real as a Hollywood set. Looks real from the front, but there's nothing behind it. She is a prop. The masses have been hypnotized by the media to adore her. She exploits her sheep…er..monsters and makes them think it's all about them when it's really all about her greed for fame. Nothing mind blowing or original about her. Wake up and smell the rotten meat dress. You're all up in the koolaid and you don't even know what flavor it is.

  74. 74

    I shall NOT pay a cent for this overrated, overexposed bitch's new album. Perez, you should take credit for spurring the backlash.

  75. 75

    She's amazing, nomatter what!
    Best damn Lady Gaga Forums:


  76. 76

    I'm not a huge fan of her music but I do admire the Lady Gaga phenomenon…An impressive sense of business.

  77. 77

    Mikera Balsinger: shut up already,seriously u play all angel like and talk about discrimination then u say fuck yourself. you're probably just a kid.
    people have the right to say whatever they want & if u cant handle it then you will not be able to handle the world. gaga is trying to change the world? hahaha she preaches about bullying yet she does it herself, not too long ago she bitched about britney on stage. y? she needs to eliminate her opponents. then she bitched about paris hilton and all the people in her school calling them "flat tits". if anything she stands FOR bullying. and no she wasnt bullied in school. she was normal.

  78. 78

    perez and gaga are buddies, they do favours for each other. people were comparing her to xtina when she came out (just dance) so what did she do? ask perez to ruin xtina by constantly bashing her on his site because a lot of people read his site. elimination of competitor again. iIT IS ALL AN ACT! all her standing for the gays etc is ALL an act. she doesnt really care. trust me. she does it & wear crazy things to stand out.why? because her record company tells her she needs to do something to stand out because her face wont sell. she needs an act all the time.whereever she goes.she's not a saviour as u seem to think.she's just selling. she wont last long because she doesnt know how to be humble and mysterious.people do not feel the need to know more about her. trust me i think i would know more. And mikera- kid stop contradicting yourself, you will only look stupid.

  79. 79

    Re: IVIV
    For someone with an all-consuming hatred for her, you sure know more about Lady Gaga than anyone else on here. Even her diehard fans couldn't come up with some of the quotes that you seem to know so well. Just admit it: you're obsessed with her, and you just don't want to admit it. You're just not that clever to fool anyone on here.

  80. 80

    Re: IVIV
    PS. It's kind of sad that you're spending so much time "researching" things on an artist you don't like just to prove she's a fake or unoriginal (and just for the record, if you want to use someone as a focal point on originality, try someone else other than Christina Aguilera–the girl hasn't been original yet).

  81. 81

    Re: IVIV
    "You don't say you're "done" with an album before you've even recorded it, and then say "I don't know why other singers take so long I do this, I do that, I I I…"
    Well, instead of pretending to know so much about the music industry, try to learn some of the lingo that artists speak. When someone says they're done with the album, they don't always mean they're literally done with it. It could mean they're finished writing it, finished with selecting the songs that are going to go on the album, etc. And yes artists do have moments of inspiration that often change the game plan. She could have said she was finished, yet decided to make some last minute additions. Sorry, that doesn't make her a liar.
    "I'm not confused, her fans are the ones that try to dissect her words to make them sound like she's not talking out of her ass when she gets called out."
    You ARE confused, and the only person I see dissecting her words is you.

  82. 82

    Stop blaming GaGa for the death of music. Music died when music fans started believing they were entitled to free music and thought they shouldn't have to pay for it anymore.

  83. 83

    gaga tries too hard. the world is tired of her. who cares. her songs arent huge hits. are simply commercial songs. her songs arent like thriller from MJ or vogue or like a prayer from madonna
    gaga is pure bullshit

  84. 84

    Can't understand those who insist on trying to knock someone down when they reach the top. Gaga is talented and a good role model for being open and accepting of all people. I love her music and personality and I'm a senior, who finds myself dancing and singing to her music every single day!

  85. 85

    Stop kissing her ass, seriously Perez. NOTHING is perfect in this world, and i'm sure not everyone will love her new album.

  86. 86

    Just an idiotic pop singer who really can not sing without help from the studio. She also needs to get rid of the stupid outfits. I have no respect for her and find her a very bad role model for young people.

  87. 87

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – Are you like 12 years old?

  88. 88

  89. 89

    hehe Isn't perfect at all !!! hahahaha

  90. 90

    My rubber Ducky sings better than HER

  91. 91

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – Mario probably doesn't even write this site anymore. This used to be a great site, but it lost its edge a long time ago. You were probably still crapping your diapers when this site hit its peak a few years ago. Unfortunately, it has since jumped the shark. As for Lady GaGa, she is 100% schtick and 0% talent. True talent doesn't need schtick - let alone an overdose of it.

  92. 92

    Re: Mikera Balsinger
    LOL do you even know the meaning of contradict?!
    I was meerly pointing out that you were giving abuse and ACKNOWLEDGED I know the meaning of free speach, but your free speach was very, very rude and condtradicted everything you said. You're young and ignorant, obviously.

  93. 93

    Re: We_Live_In_A_Shallow_World – So is your brain

  94. 94

    Whoa.. You people really hate her eh? Stay mad because she is here to stay… Regardless of how much hate you let loose from your fingers, the fact remains that she is better than you, and she is one of the best artists to hit the scene since the 90's.. (Oh yeah, did I mention she has being playing the piana since she was 4? That she is a real musician, and that she can actually SING?) You haters have really let her consume your lives. That's exactly what she wanted.. :-)

  95. 95

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – why is it this entire post is now about hatred towards you?

  96. 96

    Re: china

  97. 97

    JigSaw: it has become an anti gaga, anti perez and the latest addition…. anti Mikera Balsinger

  98. 98

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – actually she is not in the same league as britney and christina. they have been around for over a decade. I hope her new album flops big time.

  99. 99

    can you say OVERHYPED?

  100. 100

    Re: Mikera Balsinger – Shut up! Dear God I beg of you!!! I have been to a butt load of blogs and I have never seen anyone's need to constantly have to respond to every single post that dares to speak back to you in any way. Your compulsion to have the last word is pitiful. I will stop back later to see your response to me as I know that need will crush you if you deny it. I will allow you to have the last word because I fear that if you don't you will never log off and shut the hell up.

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