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This is a pretty exciting choice! We doubt that they'll disappoint! The Black Eyed Peas have reportedly been selected to headline the halftime show … Read more…

26 comments to “The Black Eyed Peas Are Confirmed For The Super Bowl Halftime Show!”

  1. 1

    Good choice! I hope they start with Let's get it started! That should get everyone on their feet.

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    The Black Eyed Peas put out some great hits, but they are some of the worst live performers. Fergie can't sing and Will.I.Am can't rap. They do their best and they certainly go nuts on stage, but I'd prefer to hear someone who can put on a good show but can also sound good doing it.

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    It's like watching 2 BIG ego's and two little ego's on one stage. I think there are going to be a lot of pissed off football fans. This is not a band. They are a glorified kareoke act. Hey Will.. Go suck a dick.

  6. 6

    That's cool!

  7. 7

    THank goodness! For the past few years, or ever since the whole Janet and Justin situation happened, the Half-time show has been sooooooooo boring. So finally there will be some energy and something to actually look forward to.

  8. 8

    Always got something nice to say about them cuz he doesn't want his ass beat again. "VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER!" ONly said that once someone actually socked him for being a bully. You would think he would learn the first time. Unfortunately, it took the death of like a million gay people for him to change.

  9. 9

    A crappy act but at least they are American. I was afraid they were going to have Susan Boyle and Cheryl Cole for the halftime show.

  10. Tribe says – reply to this


    Seriously, this production is going to be AMAZING! and this is coming from the Production Design Company! Not to be missed!

  11. 11

    There is no such place as "Dallas Stadium"… It is called TEXAS STADIUM… fact checker anyone?

  12. 12

    I am ambivalent to this news. They are an alright group, nothing to write home about. There have been worse halftime performers anyway. Could have been Sliiimy! LOL

  13. 13

    ughhh!!! noo! I thought they would stick too good bands after the janet incident

  14. 14

    Ugh. I hate their crap "music".

  15. 15

    Ugh I hope they don't sing that song either. I freakin' hate it!

  16. 16

    Blah, I don't think they're very good live at all. Was so disappointed watching their The End tour on Netflix, glad I didn't go to their Tacoma concert for my our anniversary (husband and I). Would of been really sad to spend that much on something that probably wasn't so great.

    Fergie really can't sing well at all live, Will.I.Am was WAY behind in his vocals… it was just a mess. Can't preform and it's boring.

  17. 17

    will the chick piss her pants on tv

  18. 18

    Yet another year of the NFL not having any fucking clue who their fan base is.

  19. 19

    What not Justin Beiber?

  20. blEaU says – reply to this


    Re: elizabethv2010 – Texas Stadium was demolished. It was in Irving. Now it's Cowboy Stadium. And PEREZ, it's NOT IN DALLAS, it's in ARLINGTON. Big difference b/c actually I would like it to be in Dallas, since they are the "Dallas" Cowboys.

  21. 21

    Boo! Idiot producers don't get it…super bowl audiences don't like bubble gum crap. The black eyed peas are not talented…just computerized noise. I was hoping for Def Leppard, but I guess it's about time for an American act again. The Eagles are way overdue to perform…or Metallica!!

  22. 22

    This group reminds me of Kids Incorporated from the 1980s. Do they do dance choreography for McDonalds commercials? What the HELL is this group? What have these nepotism scions who have been grandfathered into the CEO spots of the music industry, DONE WITH MUSIC?

  23. 23

    Ugh. Seriously? They are terrible–they opened the NFL season in '09 and I'm sure they'll be singing the same auto-tuned BS "music" that they've been peddling for years. While recent half-time shows may have been filled with fogeys (The Who were especially terrible), how hard is it to get some quality newer performers at this show? Still, I'm honestly surprised that the NFL went with a pop band–the Superbowl is in Dallas and ran the risk of playing some country tripe like Toby Keith…

  24. Beccx says – reply to this


    Boo. I'm sick of these posers fucking up decent 80s songs.

  25. 25

    And another crappy band to ensure everyone changes the channel during halftime. I guess it's a good time for beer runs.

  26. 26

    oh….bummer…..get a real band dammit !