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Sorry T.I., But You're SUPPOSED To Not Like Prison

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ti is sick and tired of prison

We know it's tough, T.I., but at least you're not in solitary confinement like Lil Wayne!

T.I.'s peeps have posted the following message on the rapper's website on his behalf:

"I don' t know what effect this will have on my life moving forward but I'm certainly sick and mother f*cking tired of going to jail, juve, prison, the pen, correctional facilities or whatever else you want to call it.

This experience is truly a pain I have never felt before and that's saying a lot for a nigga who's been down locked up as many times as I have. I see this as a real ass whoopin'. The kind you don't just go back outside to play afterwards. You take ya ass to bed and don't come out of your room until it's time to go to school.

I don' t know what effect this will have on my life moving forward but I'm certainly sick and mother f*cking tired of going to jail, juve, prison, the pen, correctional facilities or whatever else you want to call it. I'd have been better off doing a 5-10 year bid one time than going in time and time again for days, weeks and months for the last 15 years of my life.

Even though it's been a long road, I'm still standing, barely but nevertheless still standing. At one time I thought my motivation for continuing was for my fans, my partna Philant, my pops, my grandmama, even for the haters or the people I let down. But nah… I got to do this shit for me!!! I'll be God damned if I've come all this way and made it through so much hell to let it go down like this! F*ck that! If an hour in the dark is worth a second in the sun then pass me my mother f*ckin' shades cause I'm ready to cash my darkest hours in…ASAP!!!

A lot of folks had fathers or father figures in the house to raise them into manhood. I'm not trying to make any excuses for my situation but my father was a hustler that lived in New York. My uncle was a local big time dope boy turned 10 year federal inmate.

My mother and grandparents did the best they could but I found my manhood in the trap and in prison systems. But I found it. And nan one of mine will ever have to feel the cold tight grip of a handcuff or grace the presence of a jail cell if I can help it.

Over my dead body!

So if you can't respect that you ain't rocking with my movement then F*ck you dog! I know a bunch of mother f*ckers who are…..

- Love KING"

We hope what you're saying is true and this is your last time in jail, T.I. Looks like you've still got the majority of your 11 month sentence to think about it.

Weezy made it through his prison sentence…we think you can do it as well!

What do U think about T.I.'s statement from prison? Will this be his last jail sentence?

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26 comments to “Sorry T.I., But You're SUPPOSED To Not Like Prison”

  1. 1

    Keep your dumb@$$ out then- much as you hate it makes one believe you wouldn't keep doing dumb $hit to get put back in there.

  2. 2

    It's very easy, T.I., don't drive a car with drugs in the car and get stopped. If you're going to do drugs, do them in the privacy of your own home. I don't condone drug use at all, but, bringing them out in public is not very smart.

    I hope that you will learn to be smart, at least. Please. For yourself.

  3. 3

    Good lord, when will these people learn how to speak English!

  4. 4

    You don't like jail?? Than STOP COMMITTING CRIMES! dumbass

  5. 5

    Jim Carrey's character in the movie Liar Liar…STOP BREAKING THE LAW ASSHOLE!!!

  6. 6

    If you break the law and get caught, you GO TO JAIL!! What a f***ing idiot! Maybe next time you're on probation and want to do drugs, you should have your dealer deliver them to your house, rather than driving around with them. He is such a moron.

  7. 7

    Talk is cheap. Time will tell.

  8. 8

    The obey the law, dumbass! Maybe look at taking a course in English while you're locked-up too.

  9. 9

    Not sure why these idiots can't just stay in their (million dollar) homes …
    What is wrong with staying home? I know if I wanted to do something illegal,
    I would rather do it at home vs. driving in my car … The fact that people like him are rich is just sickening ..

  10. 10

    I'd have to say only TI has the power to keep his ASS out of jail. Its not like the sheriff randomly picks people to join the prison system. STOP VIOLATING YOUR PAROLE AND LAWS and watch you too, can magically stay OUT OF JAIL. Just like the rest of us law abiding citizens.

  11. 11

    What a dumb shit he is!

  12. 12

    Once he admits that he has a problem with drugs, then maybe he'll understand how to keep this from happening again. This statement is an embarrassment, and I don't understand how his publicist or lawyer allowed for it to be released. Pretty much career suicide.

  13. 13

    I like this guy. No idea as to why. He probably wont serve the whole time. Good guy with an addiction. It's a good thing he get's caught. In a way it's a blessing forcing him to deal with it. Maybe he won't end up dead like others.

  14. 14

    We have all had it tough my man, but ill say this, practice what you preach, dont make excuses and you will be A ok!

  15. 15

    If you hate being in jail, then stop fuckiing up!! I had hoped he learned after all his weapons charges in ATL, but I guess not… He's gonna keep going and end up like Philant…and then what?? It'll be too late. He's a grown-ass man and should have enough sense not to get caught up in all that–and he's a father, at that!!

  16. 16

    He and Paris Hilton would make a great couple. She doesn't ramble as much because her vocabulary is limited to 30 words. He could be both her spokesman and boyfriend.

  17. 17

    I bet someone is enjoying seeing that pretty red ass in the showers though!!!

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    He wasn't whining. It was an honest, candid and moving statement that laid out his vulnerability. Change doesn't come until you hit bottom, but he's right when he ponders that the absence of a father likely didn't give him all of the tools he needed growing up to know how to handle living in a clean and more effortless way. All he needs is a balanced, wise friend for him to talk to at length and day to day when he gets out. It won't take him very long to 'get it', because he's very, very bright.

  19. 19

    I like T.I.,but really he should be ashamed.Come on,stop doing stupid shit.Nelson Mandela was locked up during the worst times in South Africa,but he came out a very humble and iconic figure-and he didn't do anything criminally!!I'm not trying to compare iconic status between T.I. and Mandela,but a crybaby and a grown man.Really it's a "woes is me" type of crap!!

  20. APS says – reply to this


    grew up without daddy and lived around drug addicts and dealers! BUT you got a chance like so many others DONT to have a successful career, make money and lots of it, legal! You've been to jail over and over. You will keep going down the same road over and over until you learn your lesson. Apparently you haven't learned your lesson. Regardless if your were raised rich, poor, in the hood or the burbs we all have free will! The prison time you get is FAR less for your crimes than a nonfamous person would have received! Machine guns for a habitual offender! Get your act together, Use your talent and don't let your kids follow your foot steps. You are repeating the pattern!!!

  21. 21

    I love how he can't even mention doing it for his children. Never mind the kids, never mind his family… he's only looking out for himself!

    Disgusting. Clearly he has no (educated) PR people because this letter is a fucking joke! So much for appearing to be a decent man.

  22. 22

    All u people can fuck off ~!!! he just got out of jail,he did 2 years..an now he has to do another year for a misdemeanor..dont u ppl kno how preecious freedom is ?? he deserved another chance or more probation directives not a fuckin year in prison for drug addiction…we lock up more ppl then any other country..

    life is short an to put someone in a cage for a year u shud have at least hurt someone,not urself !!

  23. JCPR says – reply to this


    hahaha he's an idiot! if you don't like jail then why are you still acting stoopid? i bet he will be back in jail again and again!

  24. 24


  25. 25

    Bringing back the slash tags eh? 8-|

  26. 26

    'I see this as a real ass whoopin' great prison pun right there.