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Jessica Simpson Cancels Early Show Performance At The Last Minute

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This certainly doesn't help to stop the baby rumors!

Jessica Simpson canceled her performance on CBS' The Early Show after complaining that she got the flu bug and didn't feel like singing. Instead, she just answered a few questions in a quick interview with anchor Harry Smith, telling him, "I won't let you smell my breath right now."

Hmm, could that be a symptom of morning sickness??

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18 comments to “Jessica Simpson Cancels Early Show Performance At The Last Minute”

  1. 1

    what would she sing, and who would want to hear it. aren't we done with this marginally talented reality celegrity yet. why does anyone care. she's like a kardshian that can sing a little. icky

  2. 2

    maybe she finally realized she can't sing

  3. 3

    Maybe she had acid reflux!

  4. 4

    Here's my guess…Papa Joe has to marry her off because he is trying to sell her to PBS (a Holiday special that no one will watch). She can't be taken seriously as a Holiday host with all of the hoeing she has been engaged in lately…Her Christmas album is coming out (no one will buy it) she has a duet with a sailor (a sickening attempt to maintain relevance by USING our heroes as a prop - her dad reportedly kicked true hero soldiers off of her special because they weren't dressed appropriately). She is marrying to upgade her used goods image - it won't work - because not too far down the road will probably her acrimonious divorce with all of the nasy details and fury, while Nick and Vanessa live peacefully, and calmly with their lovely growing family.
    The Simpsons are the grosest of humans.

  5. 5

    I saw the interview and she looked, well, fat. And Her makeup wasn't as done as usual & with an all-black outfit with a really high neckline - that is not Jessica. We know she doesn't sing well, so maybe she got nervous. But based on how she looked during the interview, she could be expecting.

  6. 6

    She's going to regret the things she saying in the interview once they split up. I don't see their relationship lasting unfortunately. I cringed when she "he's the best man in my life". OH Jessica….

  7. 7

    With her luck, she probably just got dumped. Again. But I'm going to vote shes pregnant. Look at her face, you can tell at a few points she was trying desperately not to vomit…trying to maintain. I've been there. I predict a pregnancy announcement soon.

  8. 8

    Wow… she's not even married yet and she's already unreliable.

  9. 9

    I like Jessica. Fat, skinny, say what you like but you have to admit that she doesn't seem snakey and her stories are not made up and barftastic like the non stop lohan nausea of late.

  10. 10

    Re: operac – couldn't have said it better myself

  11. sl79 says – reply to this


    I love how she said "Yeah I had the traditional last time and I wanted something that was different and it was all eric's idea" about the ring, but then she says It was a total surprise and caught her off guard…

  12. 12

    This bitch is pregnant!

  13. 13

    She was surprised by the ring, but she says, "I wanted something different this time." ???? Papa Joe must be so proud, as much as they preach about Religion and faithh, and now he would have both daughters pregnant before marriage.
    Jess says the same things about each man she is with. Didn't we hear the same exact stuff about Tony Romo and John Mayer? All the diseases that woman must be carrying are disgusting. And, yeah, I do believe she is preggers.

  14. 14

    good who the hell would want to hear her sing…

  15. 15

    she so full of shit by the way.. can't believe that filthy dumbass announced that right after Nick.. i hope she gets it bad..

  16. 16

    Good now peoples ears will not bleed
    She will not let him smell her breath because she never brushes her teeth
    She stinks in so many ways

  17. 17

    This thing is totally digusting. To say "I won't let you smell my breath right now" on national tv is so low life. She is more stupid than I thought she was. What ever happened to "the show must go on" Did they cut her fee for being on the show cuz she didn't sing? I hope that guy takes her for every cent she has and more. He is a user. He doesn't love or even like her. He just likes the travel and the money and the glam. He is a con man.

  18. 18

    Jessica's not pregnant, she's just fat. She has looked fat for quite some time now. I'm glad she canceled, her christmas album sucks. They have played a couple of songs at macys, and it sucks. She has never been able to sing. I prefer the old fashion christmas carols.