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Americans Becoming Cynical About Marriage

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We're not surprised!

According to a survey from Pew Research Center and Time Magazine, only half of Americans are getting married, which is down from 72 percent in 1960.

And 40 percent of US adults think marriage is obsolete!

"Marriage has always been obsolete," said Tammy Infusino, an NYC musician. "People have been cheating forever. It's more about what you have with who you are with, not what you call it."

Marriage has decreased for the most part around 20-somethings. Two years ago, 26 percent of adults under 30 were marriage compared with 68 percent in 1960.

"Kids today are afraid of commitment because most of their parents' marriages have failed or have been unhappy," said retired teacher Theresa Piccola.

Cohabitation has doubled since 1990, while 44 percent of those surveyed said they've lived with their significant other at some point.

Marriage may be on the outs but love still exists. 93 percent of people said love was the primary reason to wed.

They're right. And hopefully one day, everyone can have that privilege!

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26 comments to “Americans Becoming Cynical About Marriage”

  1. 1

    If people took marriage as what it is (a religious institution) we wouldn't have this problem to begin with. All people do now is bone whoever the heck they want. Of course people are going to have "commitment issues." I got married this past June (I was 21) and I've dated this guy since high school. I know he's my best friend and he wouldn't cheat on me. Maybe if people spent a bit more time with the person they're marrying and kept their junk in their pants this problem could be solved.

  2. 2

    Allie June - Marriage is not a "religious institution" maybe in your mind it is, but in reality it isn't. You get a marriage license from the STATE not the church. And every taxpaying citizen should have that right - Gay people included!

  3. 3

    We needed a survey to state the obvious? Times, they are a changin'…as they should!

  4. Bboss says – reply to this


    "Two years ago, 26 percent of adults under 30 were marriage compared with 68 percent in 1960." What? I know you're a dipshit, but do you really speak as bad as you write? Try using the word 'Married' in place of 'marriage' here Dummy McDumpster.

  5. Bboss says – reply to this


    Re: Laroccakiddd – Way to spin her comment around. She wasn't talking about Gays or who has the right to marry. She's talking about having respect for the person you're with, giving marriage a chance, work at it and don't cheat the second you get bored! She's saying that if you take a 'Higher' approach to marriage, that people will have more respect for it. When people get married, most get married in a CHURCH and have some sort of religious figure presiding over the marriage so YES, it is a religious institution. Think before you speak my dear. Oh, and relax a bit…

  6. 6

    Oh, Perez, you're so predictable …

    The reason marriage is failing is because people are so selfish today. The biggest part of marriage is a merger and union of two people into one life. To me, this means that you give up certain parts of freedom and individuality in exchange for all the wonderful things that come with it.

    If you want to turn it into a metaphor, think of it this way: You want to lose weight, so you can either crash diet to get what you want in the short-term, or you can adopt a healthy lifestyle and cut out the things that are bad for you in order to get a good result.

    Also, the lack of marriage and increase in single parents and divorced households is retarding American children. Maybe if more people decided to go with tradition the world would be a better place.

  7. 7

    What happens to all of your money, cars, house, everything in the house when you split up? You're on your own without being legally married. I can't see why you wouldn't do it to at least protect yourself!

  8. 8

    Bboss, I wasn't twisting her comment, just merely commenting on the fact that she referred to marriage as a "religious institution" I'm completely relaxed can you say the same for yourself? Marriage is and never will be a religious institution as long as it is recognized by the government. We have separation of church and state in this country and marriage licenses are given out by the state as well as tax breaks. Religion is a dwindling aspect in society anyways. Give it another 50 years and most churches/religions will be abandoned. :)

  9. 9

    The trouble with marriage is that love can turn to hate very quickly. All of a sudden what you once tolerated and perhaps even found endearing in the other person becomes an annoying habit that drives you crazy. If you're not married, you can just break up and move on. If you're married, then it's a big hassle, paying lawyers, etc. etc. Best not to get into something so legally binding in the first place……sidebar - who's the idiot writing for this site?

  10. 10

    Re: Bboss – - As someone who is getting married in June, through speaking with many vendors I've found out that so many people are not opting for religious ceremonies.

    That's another problem; I think when the reaction to a religious wedding ceremony is "Oh, you're getting married in a church?!" we've gone off course.

  11. 11

    Re: Bboss – Thank you. =)

  12. 12

    and people worry about the gays ruining everything! ahahahaha

  13. 13

    People made laugh when I heard that marriage is only the perfect between a man & a woman… it's a failure … I got many friends who been marry twice and they claim that it was the second biggest mistake !

  14. 14

    People don't know what love is anymore. People are so full of selfishness now. Marriage is about finding your best friend to take on life's journey's with you, for richer or poorer, sickness or in health. In order to have a healthy marriage, people need to learn to love themselves. People in today's society obviously don't love themselves. With the problems we have with self-image, obesity, idolizing Hollywood, it doesn't surprise me that people can't find love anymore. They focus too much on finding that person that will fix everything, instead of fixing themselves and finding that person who will make you want to be a better person.

  15. 15

    Proof that society is going down the toilet.

  16. 16

    my question is… Why marry? Only thing I find useful in getting married is being legally protected in case you decide to have children. Rest is all junk and religion. You can be with a person without being married and still have your freedom to end things if the other person cheats on you or turns out you dont love that person anymore. You can have a commitment with your lover without a paper or any other silly religious bond. I dont see why marriage has to be a necessity.

  17. 17

    Re: Bboss
    "I know you're a dipshit, but do you really speak as bad as you write?

    While we're at it…do YOU speak as badLY as you write? :)

    Having said that, I actually agree with your point.

    Frankly, I think from a legal aspect, ALL "marriages", whether M/F, M/M, or M/F, should be civil unions licensed by the state. The marriage aspect would then come from a church, synagogue, etc. and would have religious significance only.

  18. 18

    Re: Allie June – it is not a religious institution, thats like saying wine is exclusive to christians cuz we adopted it at some point for communion… marriage was and still is a civil institution, however when the lines between religion and state blurred oh so many years ago and the catholic church equalled government then they took it as their "privilege" to dictate over marriage, and after the separation of church and state the church had some ill constructed belief it was its right to keep the marriage business unto itself…

  19. 19

    I don't see how marriage is a religious institution at all. I got married at 19, I am now 25 and going strong. Religion has nothing to do with it, I know very few people who got married in a church. They all did that just because of tradition; you won't see them in church the next week, that's for sure!

    Many generations ago women had to get married young for financial survival. Nowadays a woman can bring home the bacon and provide for herself…no need for a man. If marriage is really about love you don't need a piece of paper to say you love each other. You know why? Because marriage is a government institution…a legal contract gauranteeing you tax rights and equal property. If you want a divorce, you gotta get a lawyer! Marriage = government institution. All athesits, agnostics, Christians, Muslims, Native Americans, and Buddists get the same piece of paper = A GOVERNMENT ISSUED MARRIAGE LISCENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20

    its beacuse this country is going to collpase so hard, people dont want to get marry want to atc like 25 year olds look at kim paris lindsey all they want to do is drugs party have sex with 600000 men women whatever, they look into the mirror their 40 and want to settle down, but who would want that bitches, i know i wouldnt and its the same way for men

  21. 21

    This is just sad to me. Whatever. I still believe in love. I'd rather die a hopeless romantic than someone who has no faith in anything other than themselves. People are so selfish nowadays… I would not be the person I am today if my parents had divorced.

  22. 22

    is it not a good thing people are taking a lifetime commitment seriously? if you want to marry someone you have to be highly compatible and it takes a long time to work out if you want to take that huge leap so whilst people may not be getting married as young, they are in stable relationships and thats the important part anyway, not a bit of paper

  23. 23

    I would love to get married if I am sure - but I never was and am 40 now - my parents did not have a divorce but should have never been married - both coming from dysfunctional families - I am on permanent counseling and medication to survive somehow and was always sure I will never reproduce which I never did and can't since 7 yrs anymore.

    We will see what future brings.

    I always say: If you are not married, you can go with your belongings whenever you like or someone treats you bad.

  24. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: SheridanWade – It's not a necessity. It's a choice.

  25. 25

    Re: Seriously1988 – ha please. stop acting like marriage is so special. marriage has proven itself to be nothing but a trap and a failure.

  26. 26

    Originally marriage had really nothing to do with any type of religiousity
    during the ages when men would pass down their inheritance to their children they would have to have monogamous relationship with a woman so they would know who the father of the child was there. Marriage has always been in place for what will benefit for the two individuals not for love, the idea of love for marriage is just a recent westernized idea that has come since the early 1900s. Love can't be the sole basis of a marriage, marriage is learning to take the good and bad of another person and learning to compromise with it. People continue to have the idea that a marriage is the wedding aspect but reality is you have to learn to pick a person who has the best qualities that can be compatible with you not just because you love them.