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Teen Mom Amber Portwood's Ex Gets License Suspended

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amber portwoods ex fiancee gary shirley loses his license teen mom mtv

And he didn't even know!

Gary Shirley, best known as Teen Mom star Amber Portwood's punching bag ex-fiancee, was pulled over by police recently near his home in Indiana. When officers checked his record, they learned that his license was suspended due to a seatbelt violation.

Oh, not wearing your seatbelt, Gary?! Another parent being a fine example for his child!

Supposedly, Gary was unaware of his suspension and when he appeared in court last Thursday to face the charge, he pled not guilty.

Wow! So let's see - both of these people are facing hefty legal battles, both of these people have a disregard for safety and they share a 1 year-old daughter.

Unbelievable! Where's CPS when you need them?

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30 comments to “Teen Mom Amber Portwood's Ex Gets License Suspended”

  1. 1

    CPS over a parent not wearing their seat belt???? yeah, seriously - his young daughter that loves him to death (I'm guessing) should be taken away because he's being a horrible parent and not wearing a seat belt…………….stfu mario………..you should've been taken away from your mother simply because she was dumb enough to bore you.

  2. 2

    ummmmmmmm. pretty sure a seatbelt violation does not warrant a call to CPS. idiot.

  3. 3

    He never wears his seatbelt on the show - f'ing idiot! WHY would you not wear a seatbelt. I know he's fat, but I'm sure the seatbelt fits over his fat ass.
    Re: April 20th – Haha!

  4. 4

    lol its IN!! CPS is NEVER there to help kids! Possibly the worst state when it comes to that!

  5. 5

    Why would you want a child taken away from their father because he doesn't wear a seatbelt? That's a little harsh.

  6. 6

    Over a fucking seatbelt? Get real, Perez. You're so damn dramatic you'd think the guy was a drug dealer or something. Grow up.

  7. 7

    Ok… So other than being horrible parents and popping out babies while still babies themselves why are these people relevant again?

  8. 8

    who cares about this white trash? all these people should be sterilzed.

  9. 9

    He is not her ex-fiancee. He is a man, so call him her ex-fiance.
    C'mon, people. High school French can come in handy when you work as an editor on a web site.

  10. 10

    Big deal he wasn't wearing a damn seat belt,they have nothing on your Bad Ho's Club buddies.

  11. 11

    SO PEREZ, you are comparing DOMESTIC VIOLENCE TO NOT WEARING A SEATBELT? If the tables were turned and it was her who wasn't wearing a belt, and he was the one that beat her, YOUR FAT ASS WOULD BE CRYING FOUL! "LEAVE HER ALONE!" Mario, YOU A WASTE OF HUMAN SPACE. PIECE OF SHIT YOU ARE FAMOUS FOR BEING A SNAKE-TONGUE HYPOCRITE

  12. 12

    Awww, Perez, everyone makes mistakes! Just because he drove without a seatbelt does not mean his child needs to be taken away. Everyone makes mistakes! At least he didn't hurt Baby Leah like that bitch Amber did!

  13. 13

    sounds like they should hang out with the palin kids. Fit right in!

  14. 14

    A seat belt violation?!? Lol a bit dramatic Perez. If it was a DUI then I understand, but a seat belt violation. Come on….! lol

  15. 15

    LMAO! Yes Mario, let's clog up CPS's already backlogged system even more all on account of a child's parent not wearing his own seatbelt.

  16. 16

    So you are back to being the judge and jury now?

  17. 17

    Stupid, over the top over reaction, Mario. You dumb twat you're just stirring up shit. This guy has enough REAL problems without YOU bullying him. Remember when you said he wasn't worth LIVING? You evil asshole. So he forgot to buckle up — woop-de-fucking-do!

  18. 18

    Oh STFU Perez. Really? Lose his child over a seatbelt violation? You really think that sounds logical? God, you're such a douche. I guess you've NEVER broke any safety violations. You've NEVER sped before? Or didn't stop all the way at a stop sign OR accidentally run a red light? C'mon. Hypocrite.

  19. 19

    really Perez? You think that baby would be better in the hands of CPS then her father because of a seatbelt violation? That was ridiculous thing to say.

  20. 20

    That is 2 Ugly people!!! It's a shame they've bred. And when she was hitting him… I would have head-butted her head down through her ass!

    Little, fat, ugly, punk, breeding bitch!

  21. 21

    How the heck do you get your license suspended over a seatbelt violation?

  22. 22

    Her skin tone is seriously wrong. Maybe it's too much tanning salon, or liver problems with jaundice. I've heard too much beta carotene can also cause skin tone changes. It makes her look even worse.

  23. 23

    well indiana sucks.. so i'll believe it.. but cps over a seatblet violation.. stfu perez.. that's bogus.. comb your beard and chill out ..it's not like the baby was belted.. get a grip..

  24. 24

    thanks for the laughs people !!!

  25. 25

    Re: Natasha10005 – by not ever paying the ticket.

  26. 26

    really? cpc? cuz he didnt wear a seatbelt? what if they took u from ur daddy cuz he didnt wear a seatbelt?

  27. 27

    Perez, leave the job of CPS to trained professionals. You just keep on doing what you know- blogging.

  28. 28

    Yeah, it was stupid for him not to wear a seatbelt but he doesn't deserve to have his child taken away. If his child was the one not buckled in to the seat, I would agree.

    Besides, the lack of a seat belt doesn't even compare to his wife's domestic abuse. She should loose custody of her daughter.


  29. Hun says – reply to this



  30. 30

    Re: flaming parachute – hahahahaha