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Kate Gosselin To Remain On Your TVs!

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Perhaps you all thought that Sister Wives had taken over her territory or that Sarah Palin had threatened her status with a shotgun menacing wink, but it turns out TLC is still not done with Kate Gosselin.

Over the weekend, rumors surfaced that Kate's solo reality show, Twist of Kate, had been canned. Today, a rep for the network is calling the claim "100 percent not true," but offered no information about when we might actually see this show.

You'll recall that this next chapter in Kate's reign of reality tv was to follow her has she visited other families to help them overcome obstacles. (Kind of like Supernanny, but not as legit.)

So someday soon, you will get to see Kate's wisdom in action, but how soon, no one will say. Somethings a bit fishy about that, wouldn't U say?

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8 comments to “Kate Gosselin To Remain On Your TVs!”

  1. 1

    Kate, go home already. We're bored with you.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Kate is going to help others families?? LMAO She should start helping and focusing on her family first than to try to help the others, unless the show is about kate helping them by teaching the moms to repack their children lunches and boss around their husbands.

  4. 4

    My God, she can't take care of her own children (ie, the 2 EXPELLED ones), how is she going to help others. Is she going to teach them to dance, grow organic fruits, hire a body guard, get a mani-pedi, get costly extensions? Anything but our children - puhleezze.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Noess!!! D=

  7. 7

    Kate Gosselin would run naked through the farm land where she lives if it would keep a show on tv. after all, she has to feed and clothe EIGHT children and pay the mortgage AND UPKEEP on that house she bought. AND….Jon Gosselin STILL isn't working. It will be interesting to see what tricks she plays in the next few years. That will be entertaining enough!!

  8. 8

    The Lying Channel is not lying in this case. How do you cancel something that doesn't exist.

    I've got $100 that says this show never sees the light of day. Maybe TLC needs to be asked when production is starting?