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Surprise, Surprise! Kim Zolciak Wants Her Own Reality Show!

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Look who's coming after your franchise, Bethenny Frankel!

In the wake of hearing that Kim Zolciak’s boyfriend Kroy Biermann has sperminated her, new reports have surfaced suggesting that the pair are after their own reality show.

The focus of the show would be on the pairs supposed upcoming wedding and the birth of their baby.

Can't you see the title already? We bet Bethenny can!

Need some convincing? Well, allow us to turn you to want one source explained about the news:

“Kim knows that having this baby represents a great opportunity and she is already in talks about her own reality show spin-off starring Kroy. Obviously, this would represent a real problem for Real Housewives of Atlanta because they wanted her baby and any wedding for their show, so, at the end of the day; it will all come down to money. But one solution would be if the spin-off was by the same producers, then everyone would be happy, but Kim knows this is a real commercial opportunity for her and Kroy."

So, as we said, look for Kim Gets Married on Bravo this spring!

Ha! It's like they've all gotten bored screwing with the housewives of their own city so now they are setting their sights on the other shows!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Surprise, Surprise! Kim Zolciak Wants Her Own Reality Show!”

  1. 1

    Well its not like we didnt know Kim was a fame whore! I wonder what Big Poppa thinks about all of this. Well, at least her wig is looking better.

    Follow me @rcjconsults !

  2. 2

    IF there is a show on Bravo about this disgusting POS, I won't ever tune into Bravo again. Kim is as pathetic and desperate as Danielle Staub. Stop giving these no talent, poor excuses as mothers, gold digging ho's attention.

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  4. 4

    It's sad that she sees her pregnancy as a career opportunity when she should just feel lucky she's pregnant at all. Far too many people that should have kids can't have them willy-nilly like these wasters.

  5. 5

    Do these ppl have real jobs? Why they feel the need to torture the rest of the world with accounts of their petty lifes?

  6. 6

    Unlike Bethenney, who I will admit is likable, Kim is NOT. To carry a show on your own you have to be LIKEBLE and people want to root for you. I hate to break it to you Kim, but you're CLASSIC supporting-role material. I LOVE the ATL 'Wives (Kim included) but I would NEVER watch a show that revolves around her (Nene, yes) just like I do not watch Bethenney's show. How she got a nice-looking, young athlete like Kroy is BEYOND me. I have to assume he is in it for the money and fame himself because he is NOT a big-money making player (his Falcon salary is around 400K a year, small by NFL players-standards). Her new lips are AWFUL, her 'singing' was ATROCIOUS, she has ZERO star-quality (hey! She and Danielle have that in common!!), and she had a nasty attitude on Andy Cohen's show the other night (I assume because she was SOBER for a change). She looks rode hard and put away wet. I imagine when Kroy kisses her he must like te taste of Chardonnay and Newports. Oh, and hopefully she doesn't get a swelled-head because all those aging, steroid-queens were dancing to her song at the White Party (they still have those? HOW 90's!!!), Crystal-meth Queens will dance to ANYTHING but Kim is prolly too stupid to know that!!!

  7. 7

    So getting pregnant is now a reason for a reality show. These people are old enough to know what they're doing and it makes me sick.

  8. 8

    NO - Please!!!

  9. 9

    Won't watch it. I wouldn't watch a spin off of anyone of the Atlanta women.

  10. 10

    Sorry Kim! I won't watch Kim's own reality show. Kim has a nasty attitude.
    To tell the truth, watching Kandy and her friends' faces in the studio when Kim sang the song which totally "Off key"…….was priceless. Kim acted like she was Madonna, Britney Spears or Lady Gaga. My 3 YO grandkid sings better than that.