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Kanye West Vs. Taylor Swift…Again!

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kanye west and taylor swift feud reignites

Looks like drama between Kanye and T-Swizzle ISN'T over!

During a surprise performance by Kanye West at NYC's Bowery Ballroom last night, West lashed out against Swift again.

Here's what he had to rant say about her:

"Taylor never came to my defense at any interview, and rode the waves and rode it and rode it."

Really, Kanye? We thought you two had cleared everything up!

Guess we can expect more drama from the both of you but probs mostly Kanye.

Whose side are U on this time? Team Kanye or Team Swizzle?

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189 comments to “Kanye West Vs. Taylor Swift…Again!”

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  1. ayuu says – reply to this


    Stupid Kanye. How in the world is she suppose to defend you?? "Uhh, it's totally alright that Kanye humiliated me in front of the world, and yeah it's understandable that Beyonce is better."

  2. 2

    He was a douche!
    He didn't deserve for her to come to his defense
    and the day after it happened she did admit that he called and apologized. So I don't know what he is on

  3. 3

    Why would she come to your defense, douche bag?!??! YOU are the one who fucked up HER big moment and dragged her into this media circus!

  4. 4

    Why the fuck is HE playing the victim? He fucked up HUGE, she forgave him. He doesn't get to bitch. And i'm sorry, wasn't her song in his defense? How old is he? Shut the fuck up Kanye.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    F()#($* KANYE! His attention whoring is getting really old! The only thing taylor owes him is a kick in the nutz!

  7. 7

    um,why SHOULD SHE have come to his defence? huh? douchebag,you steal the girls moment,then want her to rescue you from the negative backlash? get real…….

  8. 8

    Team Kanye.
    isn't taylor the one with a WHOLE song about him.
    As far as *i* can tell, Taylor is the one that as made more drama about it.

  9. 9

    She "rode the wave"? He is an idiot. Is he taking credit for her media attention? She was doing just fine without him. And I'm sorry what? She never came to his defense? Not her job. She doesn't owe that idiot a damn thing.

  10. 10

    neither - they're both idiots.

  11. 11

    I could see how he'd be upset. People are still making their feud a big deal, and if it's supposed to be water under the bridge, she should have made a statement to reiterate that she has accepted his apology and moved on. The press should too.

  12. 12

    team taylorrrrrr

  13. 13

    team swizzlee all the wayy

  14. 14

    Why the fuck would she come to his defence? If he'd have done what he did to her to me then i'd have whacked him round the head with my award!

  15. 15

    I'm on Team No One Cares.

  16. 16

    You know what? I have defended and defended and defended Kanye for a minute now, but at this point he is slowly but surely starting to lose my respect. Is he kidding me with this? Taylor wrote a sweet, heartfelt song about him that she sang at the MTV awards. He needs to hear it again and really listen to the words she wrote about him. Taylor has been nothing but forgiving and hasn't commented on it much because she didn't want to fan the flames. WTF does he want from her? Look, Taylor just sold 1 million records in a week. She ain't thinking about your ass, Kanye! She's moved on. The shit was two years ago! Kanye needs to get over it already and leave Taylor a damn lone. I've said it before and I'll said it again: Dude got issues and he needs to handle that. He can start by keeping his fat trap shut for once! #TEAMTAYLOR!

  17. 17

    Clearing it up has nothing to do with what he's saying. He's right. The truth is that Taylor acted like Flora Cameron bout to get raped by Gus in Birth of a Nation for an entire year. She's been playing some kind of a victim ever since then with the Joe Jonas song and every other song about a guy who tired of her. The only reason half the world knows who she is is because of Kanye. Shawty should be thanking him everyday of her life for all the success she has achieved. She did ride with it and won everything out of sympathy. If you think she has talent and you are over the age of 14 you are insane. Before the "incident" only Perez and young girls liked her.

  18. 18

    team swizzle. Why should she come to his defense? What he did was undeniably rude.

  19. LxMxO says – reply to this


    Team Taylor. She didn’t have to come to his defense, he humiliated her. She wrote him a damn song, and gave him publicity. She could have said, “No Comment.” each time and ignored everything. He’s lucky he got what he got from her.

  20. 20

    why should we in Kanye team when he has delusions of grandeur?

  21. 21

    Wow kanye i knew u havnt change. Team Swift

  22. 22

    You can't keep an asshat down forever. You can hold it back for a while, but it always resurfaces bigger and better than ever. Kanye is playing the blame game when he has no right to. He did what he did, so why should she defend him even once? He's still riding it obviously, so he has no room to talk. That incident, which HE won't let die, is his biggest claim to fame.

  23. 23

    Why should Taylor Swift have come to Kanye's defense?????
    This guy just becomes a bigger asshole everyday!!

  24. 24

    Why should Taylor Swift defend him for making an arse of himself?

  25. 25

    Can someone give him a bottle or pacifier? Such a f..ucking cry baby….

  26. 26

    team kanyee!!!

  27. 27

    he has a point… she definitely definitely took a selfish advantage of the attention. she clearly doesn't understand how drunken d-baggery works, and her song about him is creepy.
    "The spectacle of an insanely wealthy 20-year-old singer using the phrase 'who you are is not what you did' to describe not a reformed criminal or a family member who grievously erred and must be forgiven," NPR's Linda Holmes wrote. "[B]ut to describe someone she doesn't really know whose only misdeed is rudeness at an awards show is just jaw-droppingly self-involved, and adding 'you're still an innocent,' with its implications of purity, borders on the creepy. Moreover, this entire attempt to psychoanalyze someone who's essentially a stranger, trying to find the internal pain that leads to every incident of acting out in public, suggests she doesn't yet know how being drunk works."

  28. 28

    Is it just me? But is Perez slowly trying to talk shit and start shit again? Believe me, I am no Kanye fan but yesterday he was trying to start something between Kanye and Quincy Jones, today Taylor swift. Even the amount of comments have increased from two or three to 18. It's obvious that Perez is having a hard time with his resolve. It will only be a matter of time til he's back to his old bullying ways.

  29. Nikk says – reply to this


    OMG, this guy has a personality disorder and an ego the size of Jupiter. He just makes me want to shove a tomato down his throat!

  30. 30

    Haha he has an excuse for everything! God, when is he going to just disappear? Maybe Taylor doesn't want to be associated with him? He ever think of that? He's annoying, ignorant, and disrespectful… who would want to stand up for him?

  31. 31

    Re: April 20th – Actually… I agree lol.

  32. 32

    taylor really doesn't owe him anything.

  33. 33

    Kanye is an attention whore. He is jealous of all the positive attention Taylor got from his idiocy. She's not worried about him.

  34. 34

    Why should SHE have to come to HIS defense? He is the one who caused this whole thing. Quit playing the victim and grow up.

  35. 35

    What, the song wasn't enough?
    Kanye is self serving and very immature.

    Grow up, fucktard and shut the fuck up before you wreck yourself.

  36. 36

    I'm on Team Grow-The-F-Up-Already-and-Stop-Blaming-The-Whole-World-For-Your-Problems

  37. 37


  38. 38

    What an entitled narcissist he is; sounds like he's *this* close to playing the race card again. More proof his 'apology' was based only on his hope that the public would forgive him so HE could feel better, not to make amends with the kid he wronged publically.
    Shame on him. I can hardly wait until his 15 seconds of fame are over.
    Get over yourself.

  39. 39

    Well, since i'm a grownup and not a middle school girl, i'm not on "Team" anyone. But i'm so sick of Taylor Swift, a grown woman singing about being a 15 year old, grow the fuck up already. Plus, she has an alien head for god sakes. She needs to go away, and Kayne is right, she rode that horse all the way to the bank. The homo's just can't get enough of her.

  40. 40

    Who Cares? I'm over this drama

  41. 41

    I can't stand this jerk!

  42. tasha says – reply to this


    Is he for real? Kanye must be a drunk or on drugs to act like such an immature asshole is all I can think. She didn't need to come to his defense. She said she accepted his apology and wrote a beautiful song about him. As far as "riding the wave". Rode what wave? Is he so out of touch that he dosen't realize she had already sold millions and millions of albums before the whole VMA incident and already had a huge career. She didn't need what he did to her to help her. She was doing fine all by herself. Kanye is so talented but I can't stand him anymore and refuse to support him until he gets the help he so obviously needs.

  43. 43

    He's a douche and his music still sucks.

  44. 44

    I'm on Team Whogivesashit.

  45. 45

    Ummm, Kayne, when YOU are in the wrong, it is not up to the victim to come to your aid! Ride your own wave! The wave you created. . all on your own!

  46. 46

    Kanye has a point. Taylor could have said that she accepted his apology and is moving on. That would have laid it to rest. Kanye is not a bad guy and Taylor should have shown some class in this as well.

  47. 47

    Um, and why would she come to your defense, you asshole?

  48. 48

    He must honestly be on drugs. He seemed to be doing so much better and then he says something else ridiculous and stupid.

  49. 49

    Kanye, you're still an innocent.

  50. 50

    Re: Bö!!!SEMICOLON!!!rte Petrarchia – I agree…and wasn't he saying this based on something she said recently about defending him or some such? I cannot remember off the top of my head, but I seem to recall it.
    I don't care for her 'innocent' act or her music.

  51. 51

    She doesn't need to apologize but she did ride that story to the end. He's an idiot and she can't sing.

  52. 52

    Kanye is right. lets face it, the girls career boomed after everything happened. she was all of a sudden everywhere…shes still riding those waves. she got the sympathy vote.
    saying she should have come to his defence….maybe wasnt the wording to use..but if she moved on like she claimed..she could have easily said to interviewers that she didnt wanna talk about it, thats its done and to move on.

  53. 53

    This "feud" is childish. Someone needs to tell West to grow up and STFU!

  54. 54

    Re: CaviarDreamer – so because he was "drunk" thats his get-out-of-being-a-douche-free card? here's a thought…dont get drunk if you cant handle your liquer,Kanye…and dont bitch that the person you TRIED to steal the thunder from,just struck your dumb ass with a lightning bolt of a stinging song…nuff said.

  55. 55

    In the immortal words of Vito Corleone…."You can Act Like A Man"

  56. 56

    Biggest idiot in the business…..and for sure the most insecure

  57. 57

    Who would Taylor be now without that?? It's about time girl start taking some cloth off to get successful

  58. 58

    Luckiest girl in the world. Won fame and fans out of pity.

  59. 59

    She's a douche, it was the best thing that could have ever happened to her. Now if she could drop the good girl act cos she's evidently a bit of a trollop.

  60. 60

    why in the hell would she come to his defense?? I guess he's not really sorry for it at all. Sad. He will never change.

  61. 61

    Kanyeeeee I love youuu:)

  62. 62

    Team Kanye….he apologized over and over for ruining her moment. She not only took advantage of it by granting TONS of interviews and feigning anger over the mention of the incident, but dedicated that 'innocent' song to him at the VMA's without ever addressing him.

  63. 63

    What a f*cking crybaby. He effed up BIG time, she had all the rights to ride it until SHE felt she was done with it. He clearly doesn't understand how forgiveness works, just because he's sorry and wants to be over with it, doesn't mean whoever he hurt should put a rush on their hurt. His mother did not do a very good job on him, sadly.
    The worst thing is, MTV let him back just one year after, he didn't even had to sit one out and STILL he's whining?? I don't care if he's a musical genious, the man has earned the crown of King of Douches, he's a douche and a spoiled crybaby.
    I'm not a Taylor Swift fan what so ever, but you don't take someone's moment to shine like he did. He's not sorry for thinking he's the ruler of all that is good and he still thinks the right thing would've been to give Beyonce the award.. the only thing he's sorry for is that he didn't restrain himself enough so that he didn't have to go through the "Imma let you finish, but.." heat. Douche!

  64. 64

    Kanye West needs to seriously grow the eff up. I lost all respect for him when he interrupted Taylor at the awards last year. He's just being a bully. And he's jealous that a beautiful young girl is selling more records than his washed-up dumb ass is. It's pretty sad when you can't listen to someone's music because of their actions. Like I seriously don't listen to him at all anymore. As soon as I hear one of his songs it immediately gets turned off. Taylor is a sweetheart and what he has done to her is completely out of line. I wouldn't defend him even if my life depended on it. A**hole!

  65. 65

    stfu kanye.
    why would she come to your defense
    your lucky she made no comments about it and refused to tell people
    your lucky she wrote a song to forgive you.
    taylor swift has a lot more star power than you,
    your digging yourself a deeper hole everytime you speak.

    why would she defend you? why?

    she was the fucking victim.
    she did nothing to you,
    hes doing this for publicity.

    and "rode the wave"
    are you retarded
    YOU PUT HER ON THAT FUCKING WAVE! none of this woulda happened if you kept your ass parked in your chair.
    she didnt ask for that. she didnt put you in a bad position. she didnt ask for all the media attention. realize how she talked about it one time on the view and then never heard of it again?
    she did nothing wrong.

    taylor swift was HUGE before kanye west.
    before he interrupted her speech,
    her albums were selling out and so were all her tours, getting a shit load of airplay
    so stfu,
    taylor swift was big before kayne west

  66. 66

    O please..Taylor talked about it up until the VMAs a whole year later she did ride it vshe used it to boost herself she didnt say anything heartfelt she played the victim what he did was wrong but lets be real here she wasnt 15 or 12 at the time she was 19 old enough to take the mic back and stand up for herself not stand there like bambi was just shot. Im so tired of people acting like that was a big deal yes it was wrong ..but she can cry about it for a year and kanye cant simply state the truth she didnt come to his defense and she rode it period..she wrote the song to boost herself more not because she meant it if she meant it she wouldnt have had to replay the whole damn thing over as a reminder and to pretty much broadcast HAY IVE WRITTEN THIS SONG FOR THAT BAD GUY KANYE

  67. 67

    Also, everyone has coddled this girl for an entire year. In reality, she's making bank off Kanye. He's like the Bedroom Intruder to Taylor's Antoine Dodson, no?

  68. 68

    Re: Mergers – she did show class, she is a classy girl.

    she showed class by not bashing him and not commenting on it.

    she forgave him in her song,

  69. 69

    taylor swift has more important things to do than worry about his ass

  70. 70

    Re: litnight – where have u been for the past 6 years..its a little past 15 seconds of fame lol

  71. 71

    sounds like somebody's jealous of a little white girl! lmfao
    no seriously though it sounds like HE just wants to ride HER wave. sounds a little too coincidental that he is making this freeze dried bullshit comment after HER huge success. why do ppl call you a douchey little bitch kanye? BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE!

  72. 72

    Kanye is a child. He's always bitching about something and I am literally bored to death with him. I knew he would do this. THE ONLY reason he ever acted like he was sorry to begin with was because he had his ass handed to him and he needed to save his image. Going after her again shows that every thing he's ever said to make amends was a lie. Why the fuck should she have to do ANYTHING to help him. She owes him nothing. That peace of shit always wants something he doesn't deserve. Loser.

  73. 73

    kanye, i was really on your team. I only though that you were right and Taylor was just a whiny little talentless bitch. So, you are still right, but now we have 2 whiny little bitches on our heads. thank you, really

  74. 74

    Is there anyway to email KANYE directly???

    I really want to curse the shit out of this ignorant bag of fecal matter.

    I honestly wouldn't even blink If I heard Kanye was tied to a truck and dragged across the united states. He's such a waste of a human being.

  75. 75

    Team Swizzle! Obviously. I came to Kanye's defense because he got punked by Matt Lauer, who I think is a total scumbag. But in regards to the mic-stealing incident, Kanye was totally in the wrong. He picked on a young women, during her special moment. I'm humiliated for him. He is a wuss, and a crybaby. He should pick on someone his own size… like Matt Lauer.

  76. Low says – reply to this


    Why the fuck whould she defend you?????? I hate Kanye… he would be a huge star "like madonna or something" if he wasn't such a dick.

  77. 77

    The words to her song were completely forgiving. And it was one song. She didn't "ride the wave." She's pretty much been coasting on her own talent, not her big mouth like Kanye. He's really off the charts if he thinks she should publically defend him in a statement. The only person I hear who keeps bringing this up is Kanye. But that's OK, tomorrow he'll have a different opinion, go on 30 talk shows and apologize for his behavior.

  78. 78

    TEAM KANYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. 79

    Re: lucyricardo7 – OMG!!!!!!!!!!! That is hilarious!!!!!! I actually LOL'd when I read your post! Good one!!!!

  80. 80

    Re: conflictedmeangirl – Taylor Swift only bacame famous after Kanye embarrased her. Without him she would have been a nobody.

  81. 81

    Seriously? Wow, the fact that he either just released or is getting ready to release a new album has nothing to do with him saying something so ignorant to get back in the headlines right? Beside's why would Taylor come to his defense? Kanye you were 100% wrong, grow up and go get some help, you have some SERIOUS issues! You live a charmed, privledged life yet you are always acting like some kind of VICTIM?!?! Sing your music and then shut your mouth!!!

  82. 82

    Re: CaviarDreamer – Uh, I think that's a little harsh and possibly a little over-anylitical. As a poet and song-writer myself, often writers use their pens as their diaries, per se. I seriously, seriously doubt she was trying to analyize him or diagnose him. Maybe, just maybe, this very young girl just wrote a song from HER perspective; a place where she's trying to forgive. I'm sure she feels the right to forgive, and I'm also pretty sure she's had a year's worth of celebritities, friends, family members, etc., telling her she was slighted and had the right to try and forgive if she so chose.

  83. 83


  84. 84

    Poor little Kanye, Humiliated Taylor on stage in front of millions and now he wants the person who he humiliated to defend him?

    This guys ego is way to damn high. I'm surprised Taylor did not humiliated or bash him out. He should be thankful, what a loser!

  85. 85

    You don't think that Kanye's been riding the wave?? First of all, who was it that causes all of this? Oh yeah. Kanye! I'm pretty sure that Taylor didn't ask him to steal her moment in front of a huge audience. So it's all his own doing. Putting that aside though, he doesn't seem to realize how much he's gotten out of this. Although, yes, Taylor was catapulted even farther into stardom thanks to his stupidity, he's gotten TONS of press off of it - and anyone who didn't like Taylor would have jumped on his bandwagon and started listening to him. As they say, any publicity is good publicity. Even though he was made out to be the bad guy (rightfully so) he got something out of it. And instead of declining to comment on the incident anymore, he's kept on going with it, making himself seem like the victim - and look where that's getting him now. Many people on this board are saying that he is right (which he's not).

    Taylor may owe SOME of her fame to him, but she was still a star beforehand - otherwise, why would she have won the award? And she certainly doesn't owe him anything in the form of defense. She's accepted his apology, written a nice song for him, etc. That's more than enough.

  86. 86

    even tho i dont care for both i cannot stand Kanye so Team Taylor, hes so stupid he just always wants attention, he needs to be punched maybe itll knock him down a peg or 2 off his high horse

  87. 87

    So, she gets to bitch and moan about it any chance she ges for over a year, and he brings up THAT FACT (she did ride the waves) and he's the attention whore?

    Team Kanye.

  88. 88

    Kanye needs 2 STFU Taylor looks smexi now :)

  89. 89

    TEAM SWIZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. 90

    She does not need to "come to his defense" he was in the wrong and wronged her. He needs to keep apologizing to her for what he did. This guy is so racist and he needs to STFU! WINE WINE WINE WINE! BOOHOOBOOHOO is all he does!

  91. 91

    it's funny how he accuses her of "riding the waves" when HE is the only person who's still talking about it. last time i checked, she took the high rode, forgave him, and left it at that.

    once again, kanye west is showing the world that he's less mature than a 17 year old girl.

    i thought he said he was gonna stop this shit.

  92. 92

    why would she defend you kanye?! seriously, you're a douche. you interupt the sweetest girl in hollywood, and you want her to defend you in interviews? even for someone as nice as taylor, i don't see how she would want to or even think about that. and i'm pretty sure she doesn't need that publicity to do well in her career…..

  93. 93

    i agree with this:

    Team Kanye.
    isn't taylor the one with a WHOLE song about him.
    As far as *i* can tell, Taylor is the one that as made more drama about it

  94. 94

    To a point, he's right. Taylor loves playing the perfect, innocent, America's Sweetheart role. Kanye's outburst only fed into that and she reveled in it. However, it's hard to feel sorry for a man-child who is so self-absorbed and entitled acting. I'm not on either team.

  95. 95

    Team taylor. I think Taylor handled it very well because if the shoe was on the other foot, and if Taylor crashed the stage on Kanye, you know he would have been very pissed and would've thrown a HUGE hissy fit.
    Kanye is never satisfied, and wants the world to kiss the world he walks on, but he's nothing!
    Taylor handled it in the best way she does and wrote a song about it, and in the song she didn't even bad mouth. If I was here, I wouldve sang some Kelis and sang "I Hate you so much right now!"

  96. 96

    If it was me, I would've***

  97. 97

    Kanye sure doesn't have a realistic grip on reality. She doesn't owe him anything and she sure as shit didn't have to defend his actions. He needs to let this die - he's just embarrassing himself further. Obviously trying to get some publicity. And if he thinks he's to blame for her success, he's more delusional than any of us thought. SMH. Team Taylor. STFU Kanye West. Please. Just stop talking.

  98. 98

    perez, you don't use the line-cross right, and you use them ALL THE TIME in your writing. They are never clever and it just doens't work. Look at how The Superficial uses them - that's how you do it!

  99. 99

    It's funny how people are saying if it wasn't for Kanye, no one would have known who TS was. Her FEARLESS album debuted at #1 on Billboard's album chart in Nov '08 with 500K sold the first week, nearly a full year before the Kanye incident, and it continued to sell well throughout the entire year of '09, making it the best selling album in the US for '09, and one of the top selling albums worldwide that year, even beating out Lady GaGa. The MTV award for which she won–the one that beat out Beyonce and everyone else, the one that Kanye protested–was decided upon by fan votes. How the world can you say no one knew who she was? I don't even like her music and I know this.

  100. 100

    I don't like Kanye.. but he has a point.

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