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British Church Suspends Bishop For Calling Royal Family "Philanderers"

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The royal family is not messing around!

The Church of England has suspended one of it's own after a bishop made "deeply offensive" comments in regards to the upcoming marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Rt Rev Pete Broadbent reportedly posted on his Facebook that he thought their marriage would only seven years at best and then called the the Royal Family "philanderers" in general.

BIG mistake!

No sooner did he press "send" did the church become aware of his slander and quickly swooped in to deal with the situation. The Bishop of London told the press that Bishop Broadbent was promptly asked to withdraw from public ministry until further notice. He has complied.

He then released a statement apologizing for his remarks, conveying his "sincere regrets" to the Prince of Wales and to Prince William and Miss Middleton for the "distress" caused by comments.

Wow! Watch yourself other haters! This could happen to you!

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17 comments to “British Church Suspends Bishop For Calling Royal Family "Philanderers"”

  1. 1

    they probably took his alter boy away from him to teach him a lesson. He'll be back to molesting in no time.

  2. 2

    Ummmm . . . his comments might be out of line, but they aren't slander. The royal family is a bunch of documented philanderers.

    That being said, his comments were in pretty bad taste.

  3. 3

    Um, Perez (or whomever writes this): "..one of it's own" is incorrect. It should be "..one of its own…."

    Kids — let's learn proper grammar and punctuation. If you want any sort of well-paying job, you do need to know that.

  4. 4

    Re: InvalidUserName – Love it, as Perez is famous for making spelling and grammatical errors.

    Anyway, I am happy for the prince, I just don't need to see the story on the news all day, every day when the pair aren't even Americans. We've got enough crap going on here!

  5. 5

    Written words are not slander; spoken words are.

    Funny how the CofE is cowed and doesn't even have the ability to invoke their own rules. Here is an unwed couple living together and presumably having a sexual relationship, and a bishop is disciplined for daring to point out that other royals have had extra-marital affairs.
    Thank goodness for our American system of separation of church and state.

  6. 6

    actually the church initially wasnt going to take action against him, syaing that he was entitled to his personal beliefs. it wasnt until the press got hold of it and a lot of local church goers complained saying that the bishop was being unsupportive of the church (of which the queen is head) and of marriage that they were pushed into suspending him.

  7. 7

    Prince William's father, mother, grandfather, uncles, and aunts all had affairs. That pretty much defines being philanderers. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Benjamin Franklin was a well known philanderer and he did a lot of good in his life.

  8. 8

    Bongo, just be thankful that you are anonymous here as what you have put is libellous. You don't know the guy, you can't make judgements on the man. By all means, judge the statements he made. But as to the rest…

  9. 9

    And yet they can criticize gays no problem…..hmmmm

  10. 6one9 says – reply to this


    thought their marriage would only seven years at best and then called the the Royal Family "philanderers" in general.“`PROOF`READER “PEREZ!!!!
    thought their marriage would(LAST) only seven years at best and then called the the Royal Family "philanderers" in general.
    Yeah Yeah “““ He's already “` shagging another “bitch “` on the side“` just like his daddy was!! Like father “ like son!! ha`ha

  11. 11

    Re: Philip Taylor – Don't be such a sissy Phillip. It was just a joke. In poor taste and a bit funny, but a joke all the same.

  12. 12

    Re: caroaber – are you kidding? an atheist cant run for president in america, the us supposedly has separation but in practice does it fuck. even if paper the uk has a state religious at least we keep politics and distance as far away from each other as possible in practice.
    i honestly think you are one of the worst posters on this site, every story i go on you seem to be spouting rubbish

  13. 13

    Well the first thing I said when I heard they were getting married was "well I hope he is not like his father and starts sleeping around on her" I guess you can't blame us for thinking that way!

  14. 14

    I think most people are missing the point. The Queen is the head of the Church of England and one of her employees has publicly critisized her and her family. If anyone publicly defamed the CEO of their organisation, they'd be asked to step down too. It's not a case of the Royals unfairly wielding their power; it's about a bishop who made the poor choice to comment negatively on a situation that has nothing to do with him.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    He should know better than to spit morsels of truth. Off with his head. Take him to the tower.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Oh, and free speech isn't always free.

  17. @v@ says – reply to this


    That said, William and Katie were the unwitting recipients of his comment. They could last like Queen Elizabeth II and Phillip have. I see no evidence so far that they are similar in deed to some of the others.