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The Hangover Boys Are Back! First Official Peek At Hangover 2!

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first image released from the hangover 2

Check out the first official image (above) of the cast of The Hangover 2!

Good to see that all the boys are back.

We're def looking forward to seeing the first image of Mel Gibson Liam Neeson in his cameo, which we're sure will be HIGHlarious!

Are U excited for Hangover-mania to kick into full gear?

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19 comments to “The Hangover Boys Are Back! First Official Peek At Hangover 2!”

  1. 1

    Mel Gibson > Zach Who?

  2. 2

    cant wait!!

  3. 3

    it's gonna be as shit as the first one. I can tell already.

  4. 4

    I am beyond excited to get to see Bradley Copper's SEXY ass as Phil again.
    This movie is sure to be hilarious. Although I do wish Heather Graham was in it instead of Jamie Chung.

  5. 5

    Hope it's as good as the first! God The Hangover was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6

    Someone needs to feed Galifinakis his beard like that guy in Kentucky. Mel Gibson should be in this film! Can't believe they would leave him out because some fat twat who has made one respectable movie was offended. But hey, I guess if Mel had raped her things would be fine, like it was for Iron Mike.

  7. 7

    Re: scottyk_9 – Maybe if they were casting 10 years from now, but all this shit with Mel is too new. He's freaking racist scum anyway, so who cares about the alcoholic.

  8. 8

    The first one was pants!

  9. 9

    Bradley Cooper > Life

  10. 10

    omg yes!!! I cannot wait!!

  11. 11

    They're actually bringing back the tool who was on the roof from the first movie(which was an incredibly stupid ending)?
    Due Date is much better.
    Also, it's not Zach's fault Mel left his wife of 20 plus years for a bimbo who made him go batsh*t crazy.

  12. 12

    I heard the dude who plays the wedding singer in all those movies isn't doing Hangover 2!!! He's the BEST!!!!
    Why isn't he doing it???
    I heard him on an interview at the AMA's saying they hadn't asked him yet. WTF?
    Todd Phillips better get on top of that! That dude made his scenes EPIC!

  13. 13

    No Mel. Won't watch this.

  14. 14

    people actually can "commit" to watching an hour of this garbage? how is it possible?

  15. 15

    i dont get if its a cameo of mel how can someone else play mel?
    poor mel they all a bunch of jerks turning on him self rigteous im sure they did worse than him … liam neesons movie with cristina ricca was the most scary stuff i seen in my life "afterlife???" forgot the name but mega scary

  16. 16

    Re: scottyk_9 – What a stupid comment!

  17. 17

    This first one wasn't even funny, so no…I am not excited about the 2nd one coming out…nor will I be seeing it. what a waste of $$$

  18. 18

    Just got back from Krabi Thailand yesterday after partying non-stop with the cooper and galifinakis at the Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort. Let's just say that we all had a very good time! Highly recommend Krabi and the Lucky Massage Parlor in Aou Nong!

  19. 19

    the hangover was rele funny but i feel like FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL was twice as funny especially the dialogue….it deserved a golden globe too damnit! lol