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Comcast Vs. Netflix

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netflix vs comcast

Don't mess with our Netflix Instant Streaming, Comcast! We've got four perfectly good seasons of 30 Rock waiting for us on there!

A central partner of Netflix, Level 3 Communications, has accused Comcast of charging a new fee that adversely affects Internet video companies.

Here's what Level 3 chief legal officer Thomas C. Stortz had to say about it:

“With this action, Comcast demonstrates the risk of a ‘closed’ Internet, where a retail broadband Internet access provider decides whether and how their subscribers interact with content."

Dramz between the two companies started on Nov 19 when Level 3 claims that "Comcast demanded a recurring fee to transmit Internet online movies and other content to Comcast’s customers who request such content.”

Here's what Stortz had to say about Comcast's demands:

“Level 3 agreed to the terms, under protest, in order to ensure customers did not experience any disruptions."

According to a recent study, Netflix accounts for 20% of Internet download traffic in the U.S. Due to that fact, it makes Netflix a threat to Comcast and other cable companies who seek to protect subscription TV and video-on-demand services.

Senior VP at Comcast, Joe Waz, argues that Level 3 and Netflix are sharply increasing Internet traffic with their efforts to ween customers away from DVDs-by-mail and towards online streaming.

According to Stortz, Level 3 will be asking government regulators this week to do the following:

"to take quick action to ensure that a fair, open and innovative Internet does not become a closed network controlled by a few institutions with dominant market power that have the means, motive and opportunity to economically discriminate between favored and disfavored content.”

This could def get ugly! All we know is we would hate to lose our Netflix Instant service, and given the fact that Netflix just went up in price, we're thinking subscribers would NOT be happy if prices went up again so soon!

Work this out, you two! Seriously.

Team Comcast? Team Netflix? Team "I Don't Care I Just Want To Continue Streaming Movies Online?"

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6 comments to “Comcast Vs. Netflix”

  1. 1

    It's funny that Comcast is charging for streaming or trying to charge because we were told by Comcast in Portland, OR that we were the test market for bandwidth usage and we cannot exceed 250GB of bandwidth with streaming internet and general internet usage [including xbox] my household has almost exceeded this twice, we were told we'd get a warning the first time we exceeded it and the next time we'd get disconnected and banned for a year. As soon as we have another option we're switching.

  2. 2

    Well, the day that happens is the day we cancel our Comcast services (cable and internet) and go with one of the hundreds of other companies that provide the same service for a lower price and with better customer service.

    It amazes me how they continue to disrespect their subscribers and still keep business. The level of incompetence throughout their ranks is nearly unbelievable. If you are ever unlucky enough to have a problem with them (as we have, several times), good luck resolving the issue over the phone with one of their poorly trained customer service reps. Just to drive the point home, a good example is the time we were scheduled to have a rep come to our house to troubleshoot a problem we were having with our cable box. The rep simply never showed up, even though we waited all day. Upon calling Comcast to find out what happened, we discovered that even though the rep hadn't shown, they still took the liberty of charging us a $90.00 service call fee. A fee which took weeks and countless hours on the phone going up the ladder of people to finally get reversed. Unbelievable.

  3. 3

    If Comcast thinks they are going to win by doing this, they should think again. Every single time I've had to visit my local Comcast store, there have been between (no kidding) fifty to one hundred people lined up out the door, the majority of them to cancel their subscriptions and return their cable boxes due to their ever-increasing fees and horrible customer service. Keep treating their customers like crap and they will end up putting themselves out of business, and I'm sure there will be a lot of former subscribers laughing when it does. I will be one of them.

  4. 4

    30 Rock Sucks! Tina Fey is ugly and can't act worth $hit!

  5. 5

    Comcast sucks! Always has - always will!
    Go DirecTV!

  6. 6

    Comcast sux. I kicked them to the curb years ago.