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Chris Colfer Has Ninja Skills!!

| Filed under: Conan O'BrienChris Colfer

Chris Colfer has some pretty deadly skills!

He showed off his ninja moves on Conan by twirling a pair of "sai" swords like a real expert! Except for the part where he almost pokes Andy Richter's eye out!

Ha Ha, we're still really impressed!

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18 comments to “Chris Colfer Has Ninja Skills!!”

  1. 1

    Oh em gee I loveeee him!! I don't want Kert to "graduate" from the show ):

  2. 2

    I would've expected him to have not so much ninja skills as pirate skills…..

  3. 3

    What a nerd.

  4. 4

    You got damn nasty ass rangler!!
    You dont deserve anything good in your life!!
    Shame on you for spreading this nasty ass sniffing virus they call homosexuality!!
    For this you will burn in hell!!
    One day everybody will laugh of you again, just as everybody has done your whole life, you fucking retard!!

  5. 5

    He looks like a boy! I wish he wouldn't be so extravagant in the show -_-

  6. 6

    Re: truthabove – Wow you must be bored as hell and looking for a reaction, uh? Well anyway, Chris is my favorite character on Glee and he has such a great personality….

  7. 7

    lil ninja skills..LOL I'd break his little ass over my knee..5'10-5'11 my ass. He's tiny.

  8. 8

    He's so cute! He should soooo be Pinocchio.

  9. 9

    Re: Jazzyjae – Somebody has to tell those ghastly cocksuckers some truth….please prove to me that homosexuality is genetic!!
    Impossible, its a mental sickness!!

  10. open says – reply to this


    Re: truthabove – You are sick. Another over the top sanctimonious religious zealot spewing shat. shut it up!

    on a lighter more loving other human beings note.. chris is just too cute. I hope he's wrong and finds the love of his life.. I am sure HE too will be just as adorable. :D

  11. 11

    Re: open – How the fuck can you say genetics is religion, you idiot!! Its science….and science say :
    Homosexuality is in your mind…..a disgusting mental sickness!!
    Only a true moron does not understand this!!!

  12. 12

    Re: Jazzyjae – Being gay is a genetic disorder. It's not normal and not meant to be. Religiously or scientifically. Being gay is a mental disorder. Bad wiring and a chemical imbalance that causes people to be attracted to the same sex. Scientifically speaking a straight person is -superior- over a gay person. Simply because that person was born with bad corrupt genetics. Being gay is not normal. Society should not have to accept abnormal with wide open arms. Things that piss me off most about the gays is all this DADT and Marriage BS. We have people dying over there. Gay or straight and all these guys care about is being able to openly serve? Theres a million and one bigger problems in the world than that whole DADT/Marriage thing. DEAL with it. You're a minority. Why is it so important for DADT to be lifted? For attention and special treatment. That is it. You don't see heteros running around proclaiming their love for the opposite sex. So why do gays have to proclaim their love for the same sex..PSH

  13. 13

    Re: truthabove – i don't think anyone was saying genetics is a religion… maybe you should read what people are writing before replying… just a thought.

    whether or not you agree with the fact that being gay is not a choice, not sick or wrong, and not worthy of burning in hell, you should at least learn to be a decent human being. take a look at yourself and seriously consider if being hateful rather than being a compassionate and empathetic person is what you want people to remember about you. it's your choice, and you'll be the only one who has to live with it.

    p.s. why did you watch this clip if you hate him so much? doesn't make much sense… oh, and @NookieWA… straight people are not superior to gay people just because they are straight. how are equal rights special rights? think before you type, please.

  14. 14

    Chris just described the pilot episode from Drop Dead Diva…LMAO like seriously thats how the main character died she was crushed by oranges haha some fan made up the rumor…love it!

  15. 15

    Re: pineappleperson – Uhh no. Scientifically speaking, Someone that is born with a genetic defect is inferior to someone that does not. Rather it be mental retardation, bone diseases, heart defects, etc, etc. Since being gay is bad genes then yes a straight person is. But due to society and that whole argument I just did is for the most part overlooked/ignored. But it is indeed true. Kinda like when someone has an allergy. Its basically psychical retardation. Someone that is not allergic would be considered the stronger/superior specimen.

  16. 16

    Re: NookiesWA – You are probably gay yourself. please stfu or shoot yourself in the head with a shot gun you homophobic no life measly worthless person. p.s come out of the closet already, everyone knows that the people who hate on gays are gay themselves :)

  17. 17

    Re: NookiesWA
    If you are saying that people with allergies are inferior to others then you're basically you're saying there is NO superior "specimen". Everybody has allergies.
    Also you stated on a more recent comment that being gay is a genetic disorder. And society should not have to deal with that. All disorders are in most forms, genetic. It has been scientifically proven that everyone has a form (whether it's chronic or not) of a mental disorder. When you reread your comment, you are basically saying that society should not deal with that but other problems like, for example:
    Homelessness: The majority of homeless people are highschool drop-outs who dropped-out because of some sort of depression, which, of course is a mental ilness.
    Oh, and, BTW: With your education, you should know that it is superior TO not over.

  18. open says – reply to this


    Re: truthabove – You need serious mental health help.. STAT!. serioulsy, something is just not right with you at all. And lets say it's a mental issue then. then it's not a choice, is it?!?!? if it were any other mental issue.. like maybe the one you have.. would you be so harsh on that person?! would you want to punish and harm THEM?? really.. get help. you do need it. I feel sorry for you.