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A Message To Gay Youth Of The World (On World AIDS Day)

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From Perez.

Please watch (above)!

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30 comments to “A Message To Gay Youth Of The World (On World AIDS Day)”

  1. 1

    good god, stop screaming in your videos

  2. 2

    Thumbs up, Perez! :)

  3. 3

    Everyone needs to play safe straight and gay.

  4. 4

    and here I thought gays were discriminated against - y'all have your own damn day!!!!!!
    (kidding, i'm just kidding - don't get your panties all bundled…….)

  5. 5

    What is with the "i inhale" hoodie? Unless there is another meaning I don't know about that phrase is for stoners. You are always slamming those who "inhale". Once a hypocrite, always a hypocrite.

  6. 6

    Hopefully you will get AIDS soon. BTW why associate being gay with getting AIDS anyhow? Oh and looks like you are getting obese again. Did you kick the meth again?

  7. 7

    Good message, Perez.

  8. 8

    I still don't understand why you pretend to support gay rights! You publicly and shamelessly "out" people call people "gayface" and used a very derogatory gay slur when you were yelling at Wil.I.Am. I swear you are not a spokesmodel for gay youth, you are what they should try to not become!

  9. 9

    Does "I inhale" mean "I swallow"?

  10. 10

    I thought AIDS stopped being a "gay" disease sometime in the 90s. Apparently not to old shitheels. Slipped up yet again. Way to promote a stereotype, a redneck one at that. I'm sure the i inhale hoodie is about his love for brazilian fart porn knowing our Mario. I mean he HATES smokers, so what else could it be?

  11. 11

    Re: tenyearsgone – On an old gay dating/hook up site, Mario says he likes using drugs occasionally. It says a lot of other nasty, vile stuff, too. Saw it on another site, he always refuses to post when I write the site's name here. He is clearly pro drugs.

  12. 12

    Re: sid_vicious – you must think of a tricky way to post the website - like spell it all out or something………

  13. 13

    Should say "i inhale cocks." - phaggot!

  14. 14

    Re: April 20th – try "secret life of" ..search


  15. 15

    Bravo Perez!
    I like the new you!
    I have criticized your behaviour & words in the past - but this I like.
    I am also happy that you traffic hasn't suffered because of the "decent" you.

  16. 16


    ps–perez, i wish you didnt inhale

  17. 17

    why are you talking like you are on meth? what's with the clenched teeth?

  18. 18

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – You are an asshole, get a life

  19. 19

    You bore me to tears.

  20. 20

    Good for you Perez! Everyone mean comment i've ever read towards you is stupid, doesn't make sense or is irrelevant!

  21. 21


    I am strongly in favor of gay rights! However, I am extremely disappointed that you direct this video especially to gay people! That is just wrong! Not only gays are affected by this crap!!

    Why do people have to differentiate straight people and homosexuals, to begin with? I don't say to myself "Hey dude, you like girls", every morning… Gays should have the same rights as heterosexuals because there is no effing difference between gays and heterosexuals!

    We want integration not mere tolerance so stop labeling! Especially when it comes to issues that bring both gay and straight people together!

    Besides, how do you expect gay integration if you assimilate homosexuality with aids???

  22. 22

    It would end if people would quit fucking. Preach abstinence you dumbass.

  23. 23

    Re: sid_vicious – Ha! Good find, too bad it can't be exposed to more of the world. Perez is a phony, tacky, disgusting, drug-addled mess. If he thinks he's fooling anyone he is sadly mistaken.

  24. 24

    Re: sid_vicious – Agreed - good find but not at all surprising. The picture is hilarious what with the herpes/meth pox infestation around his mouth. Can you imagine pig vomit with a tape measure stretching it out to get that extra 1/2 inch?

  25. 25


  26. 26

    perez, i love your hoodie!!!!! love it, love it

  27. 27

    Re: tenyearsgone – ….it's about Clinton, it's a mo chary (however it's spelled, excuse my KY grammar) but he's poking at him saying…he didn't inhale…learn ur shit b/4 u say something…and he slams the coke heads they don't inhale they snort…SORRY YOU LOSE

  28. 28

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – HOW Dare you say something like that. who the fuck do you think you are. so you wish death on people? then judge at the same time…wow don't worry your Wicker chair is reserved…what comes around goes around, I.E you when your married, your future or now kids (who would be a shame to have a sorry bitch ass mother like you) i sure hope you never get raped by a meth head and develop aids, pathetic life bitch

  29. 29

    I just have to say how sorry I am for those nasty comments perez, if these comments hurt me, I’m sure they effect you. this woman wished aids on you? who does that? if they don’t like/agree with you, then stay the fuck off your site right? I just want you to know, people do love you, and don’t ever let the haters get to you, somebody loves you.
    p.s one day it will be gods judgments not theirs, live your life for that moment, no one else.

  30. 30

    Flare them nostrils Perez! LOL