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Bristol Palin Vs. Keith Olbermann

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bristol palin vs keith olbermann

Looks like Bristol Palin did NOT appreciate it when Keith Olbermann referred to her as the "worst person in the world."

On his MSNBC show, Keith called out Bristol for being a hypocrite because she appeared in a PSA promoting safe sex and abstinence, despite the fact that she had a child as an unmarried teen.

As he continued to lash out against Palin, he compared her being an abstinence spokeswoman to saying that George W. Bush "kept us safe, 'cept for that 9-11 thing, which doesn't count."

In response, Bristol took to the pages of Facebook, where she called Keith an "old canard" and said that "what Olbermann lacks in originality he makes up for with 'insincere incredulity."

She also apologized to Keith for not being "absolutely faultless like he undoubtedly must be."

We WOULD say that it looks like this could get ugly, but that bridge has already been crossed.

Guess we'll see if Keith lashes back again, although we can't imagine what he could possibly say that would be more brutal than what he's already said!

Team Bristol or Team Keith?

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150 comments to “Bristol Palin Vs. Keith Olbermann”

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  1. 101

    Team Kieth all the way!!!!!!!

  2. 102

    She made a mistake, and she's trying to prevent other girls from doing the same thing. No matter who made her statement, it's still an older man, who should be mature and wise, picking on a teenager, and saying horrible things to her.

  3. 103

    Here go the hypocrite kings, the Democrats, at it again! The self-righteous shithead Olberman beats up on a teenager and Perez has the audacity to say "Team Bristol or Olberman"???? That is despicable. If a FOX newscaster said the same thing about Shitney Spears little sister, Perez would be up and arms calling for their resignation. Bristol is using her own life experience to try to help other young people not make the same mistakes, a completely commendable act. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with that, and Keith needs to shut is asshole instead of mocking a child like a school yard bully. He is absolutely tasteless and shameless. He needs to get punched right in the mouth. And you need to get kicked in the teeth right along with him Perez. Oh … and while we're at it, Keith needs to get his facts in order, 9/11 can be laid square at the feet of Clinton. Bush just had to clean up the mess he started.

  4. 104

    she must be using a dictionary or something because she obviously is not smart enough to come up with statements that are so literate and competent. i mean she could not manage to keep her legs closed, use birth control, or take plan b. sarah palin and her kids are annoying and they feel this sense of entitlement that is not deserved at all. i wished they would all just move some some island far far away where they would not be able to bother anyone. did she even finish highschool i do not believe for one second that those are her statemets at all. Team Anyone except the Palins for sure. and it is very hypocritical of her to push for people to abstain from sex when she could not even do it. you are supposed to lead by example and her example should not be followed at all.

  5. 105

    I guess it makes him feel like a bigger man to pick on a teen mom. How about applaud her courage for speaking out about what a tough situation she put herself in by getting pregnant as a teen. He's a jerk.

  6. 106

    You have a fat dumb hillbilly ho and a fat (double chin too)media whore jew squaring it off wow.You have a real world crisis here get over it people.read a book. Go get a hobby. The truth really hurts ouch.

  7. 107

    Seriously. Her response?????????? I hate these famewhoring Palins! Such idiots!

  8. 108

    Team Keith.Bristol's an idiot like her mother and I call bs on her making that statement.

  9. 109

    Re: Harv – LOL

  10. 110

    Re: stateofcircle – SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE, EXPERT!

  11. 111

    should say your comments may take a few hours on this site

  12. 112

    KEITH O. CAN DO NO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 113

    I am forced to be for Bristol on this one. She messed up, but has taken responsibility for her teen pregnancy. She is in a unique position to let other teens know how its affected her life. Obermann, however, is a continuing hypocrit. He still claims to be a journalist despite his political donations and recent suspension from MSNBC for them.

  14. 114

    team bristol - she made a mistake, owned up to it, learned from it, and is sharing her story trying to prevent other young girls from making the same mistakes she has… tell me how that possibly makes her a bad person???

  15. 115

    Re: WVtoolman

  16. 116

    Team Keith all the way. Bristol Palin need to close her fat mouth and her fat legs.

  17. 117

    Can't go any further with the comments … you people are a joke.. so F-ing biased!!! yeah… support him??… shows how stupid you all are!!

  18. 118

    I think it makes sense for someone who had a kid young to tell you the consequences of her actions and recommend against it. Its not being hypocritical at all. I mean, former drunks will speak at meetings with people trying to recover from alcoholism, high-schoolers are spoken to by former drug addicts, former gang members, convicted murderers, people with HIV, etc. Different people who have turned their lives around after suffering severe consequences. We don't say they are hypocritical for recommending we don't follow their path. They learned and want to teach us what they learned. Bristol is doing just that ("Don't be a pregnant unwed teenager like me, be abstinent") Why is that so hard to understand for people?

  19. 119

    He should go pi$$ on himself…It's rumored he loses control of himself on the show quite often. Mop job needed under Keith Oberman, Again!!!!

  20. 120

    She's a teenage girl, leave her alone!! what teenager doesn't do and say stupid shit?? It's her mother to blame, dragging her whole family into the spotlight based on (Sarah) not being able to put two words together and being part of a failed presidential campaign. It's a shame that the Palin children have to sacrifice a normal life for their mother's insatiable hunger for fame. Sarah Palin = Unfit Mother.

  21. 121

    hmmm, wonder where she got such an expansive vocabulary?

  22. 122

    Team both of them should shut the fuck up

  23. 123

    I think Bristol Palin is a waste of space. Why she had a role on DWTS is beyond me. She's not a star. I'm not sure what Keith's politics are, but I like that fact that he calls her out for being the lame pig that she is.

  24. 124

    He's looking for attention. What a jerk.

  25. 125

    all u libs = lack of class….

  26. 126

    This is stupid, but I'm gonna play along. Team Keith all the way :)

  27. 127

    All the interest is generated because the libs go crazy thinking Sarah Palin may derail the welfare state.

  28. 128

    since you "quit" bullying, every other post on your site is pitting your audience against eachother
    team this or team that?
    how about "team tired of team this or team that"?

  29. 129

    By the time she's 30 she will resemble Roseanne.

  30. 130


  31. 131

    TEAM KEITH!!!!!
    Who cares what some fat untalented slut from Alaska has to say????
    No one would even know who she is if her Mom had not gotten famous.
    The Palin family will both do and say anything to get paid big bucks and for saying things they can not even spell or understand!
    Go back to Alaska and stay there and keep your big fat mouth shut Bristol and take care of your little bastard!
    You can not say they are picking on a poor kid you are 20 years old now!

  32. 132

    Michael Vick makes the rounds talking about why it's wrong to dog fighting. Drug addicts do the same about the perils of drug abuse. Who better should know than those that have been there. She makes the perfect advocate for abstinence since she has a story to tell. If this were Lindsay speaking about her issues with drugs, all you stupid libs would be applauding her. Once again, the liberal double standard rears its head. Bunch of hypocrites.

  33. 133

    Now we clearly see that Bristol has somehow earned enough money to hire a publicist. No way is she able to formulate a response like that on her own.
    Go Keith.. he's naturally smart and funny .. 2 things Bristol will never be.

  34. 134

    Re: TheMrsBradPitt – She didn't decide to put herself in the public eye. Her mother decided to run for office thereby putting her in the public eye through no choice of her own. Anything she did and will do after that is now open to public scrutiny because of the notariaty of her mother. Now that she is in the public eye, she does PSA's and goes on a family-centric reality show. So given those circumstances, what woud you do? It seems to me she made relatively decent choices.

  35. 135

    stateofcircle. you obviously can justify anything I suppose. Bristol made a choice (well her Mom made it for her) to be in the public eye and go on that DWTS show as well as speak out for abstinence. Just like her choice to have unprotected sex the choice to be in the public eye by her Mom is a bad one.
    It just shows that the Palins will do anything for attention even without concern for their children. Sarah parades the child with downs syndrome around like a billboard sign. Is that in the best interest of the child ? Sarah Palin will lose her bid for President in 2012 and disappear to Alaska for good we just have to wait until then. She like her heifer daughters should be on a diet. Jenny Craig Palin

  36. 136

    Team Bristol,He who looks for hypocrisy will find hypocrisy in any humanbieng,especially if you have a agenda with her momy, ya big bully go pick on sombody your own age!

  37. 137

    hey content moderator what the fuck ? You did not put my previous post in . What is your problem ? Free speech you ahole . I 'll never go on your site again

  38. 138

    Calling her the worst person in the world is a bit too much… She's annoying and 'famous' for all the wrong reasons, but in the end no one really cares about Bristol Palin. Why would you? I lol'd when reading all the comments on 'her' statement haha, I was thinking the exact same thing! No way in hell!

  39. 139

    Team Keith absolutely! I hate to see another dumbass Palin getting attention for something so hypocritical! Don't go all pro-abstinence on young America when you couldn't keep it in your pants, or at least safely, Bristol!

  40. @v@ says – reply to this


    As if Bristol penned that. Lol.

  41. 141

    It's not being a hypocrite to advocate for abstinence while being a teen parent. I think teen moms are the PERFECT people to do it. I myself was a teen mother and I am constantly promoting abstinence and safe sex. Being a teen parent is the hardest thing in the world, Bristol knows it and she's trying to save other girls from the same fate.

  42. 142

    It's sad that the only way this 51 year old "welfare stater" can get attention is to pee on himself on air, or bash a teen mother. He's trying to generate interest in his show by riding the Palin coattails.

  43. 143

    Lol. She clearly did not write that.

  44. 144

    I'm on Team Bristol. She made a mistake, but she's not the first teen who got pregnant out of wedlock. I think she has risen above it and is trying to do right. Olbermann is a hypocrite IMO.

  45. 145

    Team Keith. This girl is just as clueless as her mother. That family should appreciate their 15 mins of fame because come 2012, they won't be relevant, except when TLC plays reruns of Sarah Palin's Alaska.

  46. ka.06 says – reply to this


    Team Bristol. The reason why she is speaking out about safe sex and abstinence is because she wants young girls to not make the same mistake she did. What's so hypocritical about that? Would you rather someone who speaks about being a teenage mom who hasn't experienced it or someone that has? That should be a no brainer. And for Keith, maybe he should try attacking someone his own age. It is extremely lame to start sh*t with someone that is 31 years younger. Typical though, wouldn't expect more from him.

  47. 147

    Well, I'd say she IS a person who would know NOT to have a baby while she's a teenager! Keith gives me the creeps……….

  48. 148

    Did he ever think that maybe she wants to become a advocate after she's went and had a teenage pregnacy? Isn't that better than not saying anything to try and stop girls from doing it.

  49. 149

    Re: J_Baby – you put it perfectly

  50. 150

    Whatever team will make the Palin's go back to living in the shadows is the team I want to be on.

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