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Gosselin Children Ruining Christmas For Their Classmates!

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They've got to be pretty jaded by now!

The Gosselin kiddies don't believe in Santa Claus and they are telling everyone in school that he is not real, which has resulted in some angry calls from parents. And Jon is bearing the brunt of their anger!

A source claims:

"The kids don't believe in Santa Claus, and they're telling other kids at school that there is no Santa Claus. He has received many phone calls from parents because the kids actually told others that 'your parents are lying to you' causing them to get upset."

Considering Alexis and Collin are being home schooled due to "anger issues," this is not a good sign.

The insider added:

"The kids are too smart at this point, but they are sweet about it and go along with it… and the Easter Bunny too

The kids are really coming into their own and they want to be treated as individuals. They enjoy different things so while one wants a scooter, the other wants a bike. They also want trucks and dolls and games."

Better hope they don't get a lump of coal in their stockings!

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30 comments to “Gosselin Children Ruining Christmas For Their Classmates!”

  1. 1

    and why is this media worthy? Didn't we all deal with kids in school that didn't believe in Santa?…my 9 year old does and my response to her is: That's true…Santa doesn't exist for those who don't believe in them..he doesn't visit their house because that would be trespassing… As a parent you have to expect other kids to try influencing your kids..it's up to you to be the BIGGEST influence in your kid's lives….

  2. 2

    Dear Santa,
    please bring me a new set of parents

  3. 3

    This biotch needs to home school those little brats, especially that vile one, Mady. Her & Kate are the main reason I stopped watching the show. Who the hell watches it now anyway? Mady (sitting - in orange) is hell on wheels! Could you imagine her in a year or two when she gets her period? OMG! That little biotch will bust up all those kids….and the momma

  4. 4

    So tired of hearing about the Gosselins.

    I thought that was how most children learned that there was no Santa Claus? I found out through my peers, my oldest son found out through his peers, and I expect my youngest to find out the same way.

    While it is ideal to have children believe as long as they can, I wouldn't call their friend or school-mate's parents over it.

  5. 5

    This kids look so miserable. They've had such a crappy childhood (or have they even had a childhood?) I think they all are growing up to be really messed up. Probably one or two will kill themselves, all 8 of them will hate BOTH parents and one of the twins is going to realize she's a lesbian.

  6. 6

    Big deal. Kids always tell other kids there's no Santa Claus. These kids are almost 7 years old, not little four year olds. Their parents sound like a bunch of anal pricks, although to their credit the whole story does reek of BS. I highly doubt they would have access to Jon Gosselin's phone number so they can just call him up and berate him. Next.

  7. 7

    when is is ok to tell your kids God doesn't exist?

  8. 8

    It's never too early to learn this valuable lesson: there is no greater offense than to tell people the truth. People can't handle it (adults are no different from children in this respect). Unless these kids are socially ostracized and severely punished, they may grow up thinking it's okay to tell the truth about god…and the devil…and angels…and demons…

  9. 9

    I feel sorry for the little ones.

  10. 10

    those other parents need to quit the bitching, your kid was gunna find out eventually. what are the 7-8, my parents told me that santa didn't exist when i was five because that year we couldn't afford presents and they didn't ant me to think i was bad. so stop your privileged bitching

  11. 11

    Ok so we lie to kids telling them there is a Santa so they behave from October to December 25. Kids figure it out and tell the truth to other kids, and the kids who tell the truth get in shit. And you wonder why they don't believe anything you say after that and go find it out for themselves. Then you have your kids drug addicted and pregnant on a daytime talk show with a lie detector and wonder where it all started….

  12. 12

    I'm so sick of hearing about these brats. Their mother thinks she is better than everyone, therefore the kids are going to be the same way. Why is this such a surprise and why is it news worthy?

  13. 13

    yup even if the Gosselin kids were talking about no Santa there are plenty of other kids that ruin it for little kids. When my children were in Kindergarten the older kids would make the little kids all cry and say there was no Santa…but as parents we didn't point our fingers at one family…disgusting. Finger pointers… they would have to select all the kids at the school not just the ones that make the headlines.

  14. 14

    my friend Carlos got white sheets for Christmas I think thats when he realized there was no Santa.

  15. 15

    It sucks that the kids are doing that, but that's typical. My son has been told about Santa by other kids since kindergarten. He still chooses to believe and I choose to perpetuate it for the sake of my daughter who just started kindergarten. I know if I tell him then he won't have any rest in his rear end until he tells her. That's just the way kids are.

  16. 16

    Anyone who is still thinking that there is a Santa Claus after more than 8 years old is some kind of weirdo. Usually that kid is so far behind in either development or so far up their parents butt that they will never get out from there. If the kid hasn't started questioning things by that age they have a problem anyway, or they are smart and are using this to their advantage to score more presents this year and they knew all along.

  17. 17

    Kids do that all the time. Thats nothing new

  18. 18

    I don't think saying all kids find out from their peers justifies what they are doing to be honest…..anyone who has seen the show can see how bratty they are and how they have the same air of superiority like their Mother has……the difference is they aren't telling them innocently, they are purposely telling the other kids and it's hurting them….lots of kids don't believe in Santa but they don't go to the extent to say "Your parents are lying to you"….where do you think they heard that??

  19. 19

    Take note Gosselins:
    With the fame that you both wanted, and the fame you keep seeking. Your children WILL be constantly reported on, true or not.
    Guarenteed these kids will have even more issues as they grow up.

  20. 20

    Finding out Santa Claus is not real is a painful transition from childhood to the beginning of adulthood. It's unnecessary disappointment and parents should lie to their children that Santa Claus exists to begin with. So, good for the Gosselin children for popping that soap bubble as early as possible for as many children as possible. I congratulate them.

  21. 21

    In this point I am with the kids - what's wrong knowing there is no Santa Claus - we never had stories like these and always knew the gifts were from our parents.

    These parents who get angry should first think about their own parenting.

  22. 22

    Have you noticed most of the kids look kinda like a bunch of Mongoloids? They don't "look right".

  23. 23

    Uhhhh…yeah, big news flash parents…..THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS SANTA!!!! Hell, ppl don't wanna believe in God, so why can't there NOT be a Santa? I told my child the truth at age 5, because I didn't want him growing up thinking I would LIE to him. And he understood. Mind you, he kept it to himself…but these parents need to get over it and realize the lies they tell their children are only gonna bite them in the ass later. Get sane and get over the whole Satan/Santa lie….bitches

  24. 24

    ummmm…I'm sorry, but I can definitely tell that you have no children mario, nor any real contact with children on a meaningful level.

    My son is seven, and he and all of his classmates are begining to shed the existance of Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. It is exactly at this age where the innocence of early childhood begins to butt heads with the development of logic and rational thought, and more often than not, belief in these figureheads of childhood is maintained more out of a sense of tradition and a desire to "protect" their parents than any true faith in a fat man in a red suit and a bunny that poops chocolate eggs.

    To wish an unhappy holidays to eight children who have experienced more psychological trauma in their short little lives than anyone should ever have to, for doing nothing that isn't entirely normal given their age, is not only in poor taste it is absolutely immature. Grow up. And have a very merry Christmas.

  25. 25

    Kindergarten IS a little young to be breaking the news that there is no Santa. If I were the parent of their classmates, I'd be pissed, too. Kate has always been the type to take credit for anything good in their lives (including their Christmas presents) and blame everybody else (Jon) for anything bad in their lives. It figures that she would not want them to believe in Santa, when he only would steal her thunder Christmas morning ("See hard hard Mommy works and then took the time to buy you all these gifts"). Ughh. She needs therapy.

  26. 26

    not only are they ugly little shits, but sound like real brats too. Way to go with the parenting Kate!

  27. 27

    I think you should STOP posting stuff about this Family..because at the end of the day your just hurting those kids..leave them out of this..its really sad actually. your not even picking on the parents anymore this story is straight up about the kids..NO BUENO!

  28. 28

    big deal kids have o find out santa's not real eventually

  29. 29

    My son is 6 and a half. I think he questions it but wants to keep believing in the magic, or at least getting presents from Santa ;) Here is the thing..I would be royally pissed if another ADULT or a teenager told my kid there was no Santa, as I wouldn't tell anyone else's kid there is no Santa, and no God.

    That being said if another kid their age tells them, I can't get mad at them or their parents. Here is why..once a kid finds out something like this is not true, no matter how much you tell them to please not spoil it for the other kids, if an older kid is going to call them a baby or tease them for believing, it's only natural that they are going to stand up and say heck no, there is no Santa, i'm not a baby. No one wants to get picked on, so I agree with the others that you just either tell your child the truth at that point or tell them that Santa is real if you believe in him, kind of like God I suppose. Some kids get really upset when they find out, others deal with it pretty well. I know that I still had two younger siblings so when I found out I didn't really care either way, since my siblings still believed I still got Santa presents ;)

  30. @v@ says – reply to this


    The kids all do this in spoiler stuff in kindergarten. It's not new. These kids would be pretty worldly, comparatively.