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Jermaine Jackson Owes Nearly 100K In Child Support!

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jermaine jackson owes tons of child support

Things are NOT looking good for Jermaine Jackson.

Back in September, Jermaine asked a judge to cut down his child support payments because he couldn't afford them.

Apparently, he didn't file paperwork to support his low monthly income claims, and as a result the L.A. County Child Support Services Dept isn't looking kindly on him.

Jackson now owes $91,921.55 in back child support, and his driver's license has been confiscated until he pays up…in full.

Given the fact that Alejandra is no longer welcome in Michael's Katherine's compound, AND she's not getting child support, we're think she can't be very happy right now.

What do U think will happen to Jermaine Jackson? Will he figure out a way to pay up?

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19 comments to “Jermaine Jackson Owes Nearly 100K In Child Support!”

  1. 1

    why are people focused on him….mj is the legend here



  2. 2

    He dresses very gay! Loves the jacket.

  3. 3

    It's not very common for those people to owe lots of money on child support

  4. 4

    sorry but he is hideous…and honestly, WHO CARES about what he owes, does, says or otherwise…please just go away!

  5. 5

    Alejandra has children by both Randy AND Jermaine Jackson. She's a disgusting gold digger… and her kids are both half-siblings to each other and cousins i guess? Im glad Katherine kicked her out… shes nothin but a trick who had babies by 2 Jacksons in order to insure she could mooch of them for the rest of her life and not work. Im kind of glad Jermaine hasnt paid her shit.

  6. 6

    I don't get them. $100K is NOTHING to Mrs. Jackson or Janet. Come one…help your family out.

  7. 7

    yes, but isn't she in one of michael's condos? Unfortunately, that ought to be considered against the debt, the support his mother gave to her all these years. Unfortunately, because he is a skunk and weasel. Does or did his brother Randy ever bother to pay support to her to? Like I said, that family has lawyers coming out of their asses, Mama Jackson should get it lowered based on what she paid over the years to her.

  8. 8

    you know what would be a GREAT REALITY SHOW? JERMAINE, MICHAEL LOHAN and any other big name HOLLYWOOD DEADBEAT, living together, working at weird jobs, etc. The money earned would be split, half going to child support owed. The title? The Real Deadbeat Dads of Hollywood

  9. 9

    Either Mama jackson will pay for it or he will come up with something regarding michael.

  10. 10

    Here comes another "Michael Jackson Memorial" benefit

  11. 11

    Just another black deadbeat dad.

  12. 12

    How about getting a job Jermaine; just a thought…

  13. 13

    Obviously this is not ur average child support case however for us regular people…I find it counter productive to take a mans drivers license. How the hell is he supposed to get to work to pay the child support he owes?? I realize most larger cities have public transportation but more places don't then do. I'm a single mom that gets no support from my childrens Father so I would love to see some sort of repercussions for him. I just think the DL revocation is dumb and pointless. Not only can he not get to work but now he owes fee's ta get his license back???? SOOOOOOOOO STUPID!!!!

  14. 14

    ALL the jacksons are broke because they can't handle money jacko included…but the difference was that jacko always made enough money to be able to not handle money right…too bad for all the others toooo bad but i don't care they killed michael.

  15. 15

    Lock him up for being a dead beat dad just like they do others, he makes himself and his family look bad by not paying chilkd support and having his mother and deceased brothers estate help pay for his chikdrens necessities. Notice it doesnt say that Randy owes any chilkd support, how is it that he can provide for his children yet older brother Jermaine cant?? very interesting..LOCK HIM UP!!!

  16. 16

    Re: Thats whats up – You're gonna criticize a method of collecting child support…giving the deadbeats repercussions…yet you have not been able to get your deadbeat to pay. You're obviously not an expert on the subject. The point of taking the license away is to make him pay…if he knows he might lose his license, he will probably pay so you he doesn't lose it. Get it??

  17. 17

    Re: Dixie77 – exactly, its called a punishment. You knoiw just like if someone has a speeding ticket, they pay the fine so they learn there is a negative consequence to their action….and lket me tell you when your ex doesnt pay his chilkd support he is hurting your kids, he is stealing from them advantages in life. Wouldnt the child support allow your children to participate in activities, go to the museum, purchase books they would like to read, or perhaps play a sport. I wouldnt let ANYONE steal from my kids, and you seem to ALLOW it, the child support is ABOUT THE KIDS AND FOR THE KIDS, has nothing to do with your relationship or his having a relationship with them….SO WAKE UP!!!

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    So he owes the money but can't drive anywhere to earn some to pay it back.
    Catch 22. Jermaine still has a stunning voice; his tune at MJ's funeral showed as much. Janet could help him get good songs and a well worked CD release along with a few appearances that could easily earn him that smaller sum for a start. He's a Jackson. Bookings wouldn't be hard. Besides, she's so accomplished and industry wise now that she could probably manage a person or two similar to Usher or JZ and increase her net worth.

  19. 19

    What a surprise? A deadbeat Dad. The Jacksons have NO respect for children. Brothers having babies with the same bitch. There is inncest in their family. Joe screwed Rebbi. They all bring their children to leech at Katherine's. Oh, MJ what a good father you were to kill yourself (you fucking drug addict, you) and leave your children with these people. They would have been better with your Chimp Trainer with visitation to visit the 'family'. Yeah, and I think the kids know they are FUCKING WHITE. Piece of shit father, that is YOUR legacy MJ, that and being the MOST FAMOUS PEDOPHILE ON EARTH, THANKS FOR THE MUSIC, ASSHOLE HAHA HA HAHAHA