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Mariah Carey Is Happy Her Baby Is Being Born In Diverse Times!

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Such a lovely sentiment! And she's very much correct!

Mariah Carey recently opened up about her pregnancy, and revealed that she's pleased that we live in a time now where people are accepted, even though their parents may be from mixed heritage!

She explains:

"Having Obama in office and bringing a child into the world at this point is totally different than me feeling like an outcast when I was growing up and not feeling like it was okay to be ethnically diverse, and I can't believe that we have arrived at this point within society. I think it's a little bit easier now because the world has changed just in terms of identifying yourself. That always felt like a strange thing to me as a child, not looking the same as your own mother of father was a very different thing back then."

Very well-spoken!

But we think it's important to keep in mind that although we've grown leaps and bounds in that respect, there is still quite a bit of prejudice and hate in the world, and we must continue to fight for EVERYONE'S equality!

We're getting there! But we need to stay vigilant, and fight for what's right!


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91 comments to “Mariah Carey Is Happy Her Baby Is Being Born In Diverse Times!”

  1. 1

    I completely agree with her! Whether you think Obama sucks or not… him getting elected as president was a HUGE step forward for america culturally! Obama will be in history books forever as the first african american president and the first mixed race president. Now all the newer generation babys might not be as racist because to them it will seem normal.

  2. 2

    Obama has nothing to do with that equation, acceptance of races started in the 60s. It may not have been widely accepted until recent times, but Obama didn't start anything.

  3. 3

    Obama, historically, is going to be recognized as the first black president. That is definitely a step toward a diverse country. In the 1940's no one would have ever thought this would happen.

    Also, Mariah, I realize you are half and half, but you look white, I mean really white. I saw your childhood pictures and you looked white, Im sure little girls who were black resent you for always talking about how hard it was for you, when unfortunately you don't look like a minority race, whether or not it is in your genetics.

  4. 4

    Also, you look like Miley Cyrus should be your child.

  5. 5

    Re: Mushu Baby – Not if their parents are teaching them hatred and bigotry. Baby's aren't born racist. It starts in the home. This is why racist is passed down from generation to generation. I totally agree with Perez.

  6. 6

    Seem normal? See, even you are doing it. Obama has nothing to do with anything. He's more MUSLIM than anything, you idiots. He split the vote because so many jackholes think he was "change" — well how you like your change, you unemployed idiots? And BTW, it's America with a capitol A. Quit texting and live in the real world

  7. 7

    Obama is black? Hmmmm last time I checked, when u have white and black parents u were considered mixed. So I guess let's just ignore Obama's white side and call him African American, so the blacks can say that we have our first "black president".

  8. 8

    Lot's of work to be done in the race department. Part of my family are mixed too. My niece and nephew. I love them no different than any other loved one.
    You know what the world need now in this world is a little more jobs and LOVE!

    Like it or not Mariah is saying she had some problems as a child because she is mixed. When her hair is it's natural dark color I think she is beautiful. I watched her bio on the biography channel and her dad is the same color as Nick! Call me old fashion but I still think we are one race the human race.

    Congrats on the baby Mariah and Nick! It will be beautiful and loved.

  9. uyeah says – reply to this


    What a clueless loon. Oblivious to how obama is destroying america and trying his best to defy the will of the people and turn us into a communist state. He's a puppet for Soros. Obama's promoting race and class warfare. HE'S a racist. just because he's black doesn't mean we have to embrace him. He is NOT a worthy symbol of black people in America.

  10. 10

    Re: Mushu Baby – It's sad that you are in the history books just bc of your skin color. You should be in the history books because you did a good job, which he is not doing.

  11. 11

    HAHAHAHA! SILLY BITCH. Diversity? Do you think Obamas Harvard educated ass would be willing to hang w/the homies? I have no bone to pick with any race, but I am baffled when people like Halle Berry (MIXED RACE) revels in her "blackness" This woman had a black father that supposedly beat her white mother senseless. Who raised her, encouraged her and was there for what she needed? Yeah, the white mother. Go figure.

  12. 12

    Re: britney_totally_rocks – True story.

  13. 13

    How is Obama black? He's 50% white and his mother was jewish. he's only 6% black and 44% Arab. these celebatards need to just STFU.

  14. LCFB says – reply to this


    typical hatred and ignorance that found thsi websites, never surprises me when i read the comments. every black person in america is mixed, idiots.

  15. uyeah says – reply to this


    Re: LCFB – Why is it hate to mention that he's mixed? You loons have the monopoly on hate. It's a word you throw out when others disagree and don't bow down to the would-be dictator obama.

  16. 16

    if you legit think Mariah looks like a cacausian woman you're blind her skin may be very light but she does not have a cacausian bodily figure or facial features put her next to Pamela Anderson and you will see a huge difference…. anyways loveeee Mariah and i completely agree with her

  17. 17

    i peered into an ink blotter and splatted my eye
    eating chistmas trees

  18. 18

    Re: britney_totally_rocks
    Historically mixed race offspring of black and white parents have been treated as and/or defined as Black by society, including by Blacks themselves (the whole one drop rule a lot of people in the Black community love to use), regardless how they themselves felt they wanted to define themselves. Outsiders have been ignoring their "white side" for years. However, a lot of people of mixed race often choose to identify themselves as Black, but that's changing. I think you missed her point; she never identified herself or Obama as Black.

  19. 19

    Re: BottomAceNJ
    And you think she's just having this baby because she's trying to copy some "dated" bi-racial trend? smh

  20. 20

    nice mouth service, Perez.

  21. 21

    Is anyone terrified of Mariah's soon to arrive spawn?


  22. 22

    Yat ym b 46

  23. 23


  24. 24

    Everyone should have babies now since it's safe because Obama is president.

  25. 25

    Re: Mushu Baby – lets keep our fingers crossed!
    im happy he was elected too.

  26. 26

    Actually, I'm feeling more pessimistic about the future with Obama in office. And, race relations in this country? They're WORSE since he's been elected, especially since he and his supporters have chosen to refer to anyone who disagrees with him as a racist. In fact the only good I can say came out of electing him is that we can now say we have had a black president in this country. As of now, I'm HOPING for CHANGE in 2012.

  27. 27

    omfg you republicans are full of shit. First you bash obama now you mad hes physically black? smh get real he is black wether you like it or not, hes not a blue eyed ken barbie doll hes a brown eyed afro baring man. Btw 82% of biracials in america identify themselves as black due to blacks accept them, while white deny them. OBAMA=BLACK

  28. 28

    Re: KDIZZLL – Mr. Obama does not have Jewish ancestry. Where did you pull these statistics from–your orifice? Get a clue. His father's people were called Luo, and they are a Black Kenyan ethnicity, not Arab.

    America is in a recession in part because we the people refused to stand up and question Pres. Bush's rush into an unjust and unnecessary war in Iraq. We sat back and let it happen. At least the British populace has been vocal in its criticism of Mr. Blair, and they are holding inquiries and demanding answers. But we allowed Halliburton, Dick Cheney and his cronies to become war profiteers. Mr, Obama did not create this recession.

    Good luck to Mariah and Nick.

  29. 29

    Re: LawOfAttraction

    Yeah, because that comment was acceptable [sarcasm].

    He's going to be in the history books because he is a President of the US.

  30. 30

    Re: DaRockz – We're not mad he's black, we're mad because that's all that people talk about relating to him. Suddenly, we don't like the president because he's black and we're racist. Suddenly, no one's allowed to talk badly about him - in the media or not - because he's black and that would make us seem racist. WHO CARES that he's black? I don't. He's only half-black, anyway, if that. The problem is those dumb bitches out there like Mariah Carey who make his race matter and make it an issue and make him a savior because of it.
    Honey (aimed at Mariah, not you), there have been many more heroes in the black race before Obama who were better than him and had a way better impact on this country than he did. Acceptance of blacks has been occurring since the 60s, that's 50 years. Obama didn't start shit.

  31. 31

    Re: britney_totally_rocks – when your mixed with black your officially considered blck, and even the president knows that.

  32. 32

    Re: KDIZZLL – thats how it is in today's society if u are mixed with black.

  33. 33

    when halle won an oscar for her leading role, she was considered the first black woman to do so, and halle was proud of it. The same situation applies to obama he knows he is mixed but he also knows he is black.

  34. 34

    Re: LCFB – yea since adam and ever created us all.lol

  35. 35

    Re: nikkikiddle – once mixed people tend to stick to their black culture.

  36. 36

    Re: caroaber – Obama has a Muslim background, though, from his father's side. The majority of his Kenyan family is Muslim.

  37. 37

    I liked Mooriah better around 1990, when she was marketed as white. Remember 'Vision of Love' and 'Love Takes Time'? 'Make It Happen'? Then she started collaborating with Puff Daddy and Mase and went all black and shit and made veiled references to a mafioso white husband, so instead she gets involved in gangster rappers from the 'hood. Which I guess is a comfort zone for her, since she prefers her black heritage. P.S my cousin went to high school with her in Greenlawn and said she dated white Guido guys only and totally lived that life. So why she all actin' black and shit? Dayum..

  38. 38

    Re: jerseygirl415 – obama can't create a miracle, bush destroyed this country and leave it in state of disgrace. I know once obama was elected they would blame him for everything, we are so selfish. When bush was in office no one was questioning some of his tactics, but we expect obama to make life for all of us much easier.

  39. 39

    Re: caroaber – Are you kidding me??!!? What country did you live in for the past 8 years? All people did in this country was trash Bush, for every little thing he did! He didn't get away with shit, the media was constantly slanted way against him, making the people against him, too. People still hate him and blame him for every one of our problems. People did just the opposite of letting him do what he wanted without saying a word - they criticized every move he made, from political to personal.
    How about this? If people in this country didn't buy things they couldn't afford, didn't get themselves in over their heads, then our economy might not be in the toilet like it is today. If the terrorists didn't fly planes into our buildings and kill 3000 of our people, maybe we wouldn't have had to protect ourselves against possible weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and rescue Iraqis from a corrupt, murderous leader. But, oh yeah, I forgot, 9/11 was all Bush's fault, too right?

  40. 40

    Why should it matter what color our president is? Shouldn't we find the best person for that job, not the one whose color qualifies him to be "diverse". Obama is already proving himself to be the worst president in the history of this country. People were blinded by speeches which were prepared for him. When he was not scripted, he talked about how disgusted he was to be an American, and that we should change the national anthem. His recent trip to India cost recession hit taxpayers $100 million per day (yes every day). His wife spends taxpayer money at alarming levels and has almost 100 people on her personal staff. I wonder if Maria would be willing to pay that bill herself for the Obama's?

  41. 41

    Hmm..a lot of people are misreading what she's saying and making it more political than what she intended. She's not calling him a hero or saying he started anything. She didn't even say whether she thought he was doing a good job as Prez. She's making an observation of the times we live in where a person that's ethnically diverse (that's the words she used) can be accepted; apparently she grew up thinking she wasn't. She's talking about people self-identifying as mixed race. She's not talking about Blacks, not Whites. Personally, I think a lot of mixed people have it a lot better than most Blacks, but, hey, that's her opinion on the matter.

  42. 42

    Re: caroaber – Obama's mother is jewish, technically being jewish is a religion not a race, for example Geraldo Rivera is a jew. and yes Obama is 44% arab and only 6% black. main stream media wants to make you think Obama is 100% African American but he is not, Barrack Hussein Obama isn't even his real name, Its Barry Soetoro. do some independant research and break that television "Programming", you sound like a brainwashed idiot. =(…..

  43. 43

    Mariah is a complete narcissist. Of course she's going to compare Obama's acceptance as the first bi-racial President to her own experience growing up bi-racial. I think she makes a good point, however, I went to school with a lot of bi-racial kids and I don't remember them being treated any differently. They were some of the best looking and most popular kids at school.

  44. Kakia says – reply to this


    When you're mixed with black and white, having fair skin isn't neccessarily a free pass. If Mariah had any experiences like me, not only did she get flack from the whites for being mixed, but from the blacks for being "too pale", "too white". My father is black and my mother is white but my skin is as fair as Mariahs, although my hair is curlier and it was very difficult growing up in this in between space.

  45. 45

    1 thing Obama has accomplished, that you all keep pointing out. Having a black president in office. Other than that, the country keeps going to shit under his leadership. All in the name of diversity. Congrats liberals and democrats. You get what you vote for.

  46. 46

    Re: LawOfAttraction – T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U!! I'm at work, and I literally just stood up and clapped for your comment.

  47. 47

    Re: BottomAceNJ – What the fuck is a niglet? Re: jerseygirl415 – Keep telling yourself that. And I could careless if he was muslim as long as he is a good person and presidhent which he is. Its not like the christians don't have blood on there hands. If you ask me all religion is fuck up and there people are crazy. come on you believe in a walking dead guy aka santa jesus.

  48. 48

    God you people know nothing of American History nor what she is talking about.

  49. 49

    Getting Obama elected? HE WAS CHOSEN by establishment elites to cover for bankers printing cash illegally. The perfect cover. And as far thinking that he has done something culturally? How far we have come? Its all your closeted biggoted heads my little left wing rich hippies. I would also like to add that if anyone deserves the mantle of 'culturally changing society" in the US - I think Clinton would get it before Obama. And WHERE IN THE HELL is the cultural change gloabally? THE INTERNET invented by Al Gore? LOL.. I love when left wing revisionist historian get on a soap box…..PASS THE IONIZED SALT!!!

  50. 50

  51. 51

    does she live in a bubble? I know plenty of mixed race people who get made fun of and one of the main names they get called are mixed mutts like they are dogs. I am only 23 so was in HS not to long ago and a large group of kids loved to start trouble with biracial kids

  52. 52

    My son is biracial and I couldn't agree more!

  53. 53

    Re: nikkikiddle – Um…. I don't exactly get what you're trying to say but that seems pretty damn racist.

  54. 54

    OMG..some of these comments…"Blacks have been accepted since the 60s?" Like we now accept Mastercard or Visa? Passing civil right laws and general acceptance aren't the same thing. If there was true acceptance, we wouldn't still be having these conversations about race.
    Re: BottomAceNJ
    Susan Boyle is pretty much outselling everyone these days. I don't see what that has to do with anything here.

  55. 55


    Mariah, you are just not black enough for people on perezhilton.com.

    Really guys? Really? Get a hobby.

  56. 56

    Obama aside (shouldn't the comments stay on course?), I knew Mariah was black when she sang "Vision of Love" on the Arsenio Hall show eons ago. Why the hell is this girl still confused about who the hell she is?? Because she was brought up confused by an angry mother and an absentee father. I am a "Heinz 57" who is a little bit of a lot of things and I and my sisters never had issues with other blacks; with the exception of having very long hair. My children have a white father: One is blond blue eyed and fair; the other is brunette green-eyed and olive; and the eldest looks like he's Middle Eastern. The don't have issues because my husband and I never made it an issue. I pray that Mariah, when the time comes to answer questions her child may have LATER about his/her heritage, that she play fair and instead of accenting the why's and who's, just teaches her child tolerance and love and faith. Good luck Nick!

  57. 57

    Re: resais2po
    I am also what you would call a Heinz 57. Growing up with a vaguely ethnic look, all my life I've grown up being asked, "what are you?" I guess the only problem I had with that is going through the trouble of explaining my background ("well, my mom is this via this, and my dad's mom was this and his father was that, blah blah blah"), but I never really understood the plight of other multi-racial kids growing up. Of course everyone's experience is different. but self-esteem begins at home.
    I always hear people say, "well, I don't believe in mixed marriages, because the kids will have problems growing up." My response to that is, no, it's not the mixed kids (and what's mixed? It sounds like a scientific experiment) who have problems, it's the people they'll grow up with who have problems dealing with it, but that's their problem, not yours.
    I have little patience with all these "woe is me" kids who grew up with diverse backgrounds. Embrace it! Being a cookie cutter kid is SO boring.

  58. 58

    Okay this confirms it Mariah Carey is STUPID.
    Obama is a terrible president and has only hurt the ethnically diverse.
    250,000 leaked cables and now every country in the world hate Americans.
    Yeah, me too Mariah, I am so happy that my kids are probably going to witness first hand atrocities that we haven't ever seen….on our own soil most likely!
    Ha! She needs to shut up b

  59. 59

    Oh my gosh. I would never even think of bringing a child into this world now. That is like child abuse. American's are so dumb downed and stupid today. PPl are rude, inconsiderate, selfish, etc. It's all me, me, me. Most don't give 2 craps about their kids. There are 5 and 6 year olds singing and dancing and supporting their parents where the parents should be working and supporting them. Just not right. No more kids.

  60. GG78 says – reply to this


    Re: rim_me_MarioRe: BottomAceNJRe: BottomAceNJ – All three of you are ignorant, rotted kuntz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. 61

    I dont think racism is JUST "taught" by parents. There are many racists whose parents arent the least bit racist. Usually if someone is victimized by another race they start having negative feelings towards that whole race…and this isnt just whites. All races are equally racist and/or not racist.

  62. 62

    2 more points:
    1. I think Mariah exaggerates her "hellish" childhood. She was a beautiful child, beloved child performer and then teen trophy wife. But I'm sure homeless abused women shake their heads at how hard mariah had it.

    2. It's much harder growing up gay in America than growing up bi-racial. Gays cant even MARRY, serve in the military and a host of other things. Gays are targeted by politicians at the highest level and are #1 recipient of hate crimes in America. WAY more than blacks, Jews, bi-racials etc

  63. 63

    Does ANYONE care about Mariah Carey anymore? Total has been.

  64. 64


  65. 65

    Re: Mandeline28 – Agreed. Well said.

  66. 66

    Re: adnice – In the same sentence you say that Bush destroyed this country, then say that no one questioned his tactics. Shows how smart you are, because guess what, you just questioned his tactics! And people bashed Bush and everything he did from day 1 so you're even more of an idiot for not knowing that. They blamed him for 9/11 and trashed his response, trashed him for Katrina, the economy, the war, the list of what he was blamed for goes on.
    Hmm, as I recall, Congress was Democratic during his last 4 years… everything passed MUST go by Congress (including anything involving war), so all that you people blame Bush for was actually the job of the DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS. Good one, guys, very good. I am applauding your intelligence as I type this.

  67. 67

    yeah, you looked like a "strange thing" as a kid that's why you didn't fit in. talk about fugs! thank god for plastic surgery and screwing tommy mottola while he was married.

  68. @v@ says – reply to this


    When Mariah has had her baby, she'll truly understand that it doesn't matter if the child looks like her or not, as she describes her situation. Love has no color, and there's no love stronger than a mother's love. Best wishes to them all.

  69. 69

    Re: jerseygirl415
    "Good one, guys, very good. I am applauding your intelligence as I type this."
    Right! And I'm sure everyone on here is deeply impressed with your profound political commentary.

  70. 70

    Re: pumpkincat210 – No, 'the world' disliked Bush. Greatly.

  71. uyeah says – reply to this


    Re: PixiePeet – Yes, it's safe that he's destroying the country, you idiot. Keep drinking cooled. It wasn't safe before?

  72. uyeah says – reply to this


    Re: Moogle80 – The world loves Bush compared to Obama. The entire world knows what a complete weak failure Obama is. He's failed at EVERYTHING he touches!

  73. 73

    Re: Sean Knowlingers – I don't care who's impressed, because what I said was a fact. Congress does hold ultimate power and MUST sign off on anything the president does after deciding themselves. They can agree or veto. Nothing can go past them, including war related moves. And another fact is that during Bush's last four years, Congress's large majority was Democratic. Meaning that whatever stupid things Bush passed, as people like to call them, the Democratic Congress had to pass, too.
    Let's see you, or any other liberal, bring some facts to the table.

  74. 74

    Re: jerseygirl415
    You can state "facts" all you want, but you cannot simply reduce the last 8 years of Bush's presidency in this limited space that Perez allots you. It's just not as simple as saying, "And another fact is that during Bush's last four years, Congress's large majority was Democratic." That does not just explain away Bush's track record or make it the end all conclusion. It's a little more deeper than that, dear. The facts you're stating is what anyone who passed a beginning Political Science course with barely a C- can state. If you want to come on here and state facts, trying staying on course, and maybe brush up on your reading comprehension. Read the original statement: Mariah never said anything about Obama starting anything, in which you so knee-jerkingly implied in the second post. And your whole assessment that the acceptance of races began in the 60s is pure bullshit.
    It wouldn't be a wise move on your part to try instigate a political discussion with me; I'd crush you. Also, don't assume that anyone who disagrees with you is a liberal.

  75. 75

    I could not agree with her more. I grew up in Alabama so I don’t even need to go into how backwards race relations were when I was growing up (they still had segregated proms when I graduated – in fucking 1990 so that should tell you plenty). However, I fell in love with my husband, who coincidentally happens to be White, and I never once feared what anyone had to say about our union because, quite frankly, it’s no one’s business AND I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me! When we had our son, again, although I am very acutely aware of the ignorant racists who have (hidden) issues with my relationship, my love for my child completely outweighs anything anyone has to say or thinks about us or him. I think most people are also very aware that I will take off the heels and warm anyone’s wax if they try to harm or disrespect any of us over some racial BS but so far (and probably because my face says it all; that I WILL f*ck someone up when it comes to my kid), most people are accepting of us as a family. We are kind and we expect the same treatment back and we’ve been very lucky that most of the people we know are also intelligent, fair and treat others with kindness and respect no matter what. I am glad Mariah is discovering that attitudes about multiracial relationships have evolved from the pre-civil rights era and that she can enjoy her life and family the way we all deserve to! I wish she, Nick and their little one(s?) all the best in this life!

  76. 76

    She must live in a make believe world and cannot see that white folks don't want Obama as a president. That is the reason they have tried to stop him in everything he does. It was like eveybody was all emotional and happy that we had a black president then the next morning white folks woke up and said what in the blankety blank have we done, lets get him out of there as soon as we can. Obama does not have a chance being president even in these times. Prejudice and racism has not changed, it just has a new face and people are more careful to cover it up. I hope Obama decides not to run for president for the next term, who wants to have everyone against them with everything they try to do all because of the color of his skin, it is just not worth it. I guess everyone would be happier if G. Bush was president again so he could did us even deeper down in the hole that he caused. Sorry Mariah, you need to wake up and smell the bacon and eggs.

  77. 77

    Re: britney_totally_rocks – "last time I checked, when u have white and black parents u were considered mixed." - Uh, only if you're IGNORANT. It's "BIRACIAL" or "MULTIRACIAL". "Mixed" only refers to drinks, dumb ass! GAWD, is this entire country full of ignorant beings with brains the size of marbles???

  78. 78

    Re: BottomAceNJ – I'd love to meet you in person so I could kick the rest of your meth-mouth teeth down your miserable throat! You are yet another example of the complete and utter ignorance that plagues this nation. I'd guess your parents would be embarrassed at how stupid you are but I also am guessing an animal like you has no parents and was born to a pack of dogs!

  79. 79

    Re: Gushiness – You do realize more White people voted for him than Blacks, right? Do the math. Blacks make up only a very small percentage of citizens in the US so they can't take full responsibility for electing him. You need to look towards all the disenfranchised Republicans who were, rightfully so, afraid to put another Republican in the White House and that includes White ass McCain! Again, do your math before making false statements like that!

  80. 80

    Re: VelvetStaccato – The best thing to do when you live in Alabama is to get out.

  81. 81

    Re: Gushiness – If Obama was Republican all those teabaggers would be marching behind him, trust me.

  82. 82

    Re: VelvetStaccato – I did not say no white folks voted for Obama, I said they were all happy Obama won until they woke up the next morning and realized what they did and they have been fighting him every since. Please read my blog thoroughly before you respond. If I were Obama I would not run for president again, he tries so hard to help the less fortunate ones and all the rich folks can think about is themselves. White folks have been doing everything in their power to fight against Obama, stall him in his progression and try to make him appear as though he is ineffective. He is the best president America has ever had, but because white folks fight against him so bad in hopes that he won't be re-elected. The morning after acknowledging him as president, white folks were already asking, where are the changes, 3 months later they were all saying he lied to them because nothing has changed yet. If people would have been breathing down the other presidents necks the way they breath down Obama's, our country may not be in the state it is in now.

  83. 83

    Re: JackTheRipperRe: VelvetStaccato – I did not say no white folks voted for Obama, I said they were all happy Obama won until they woke up the next morning and realized what they did and they have been fighting him every since. Please read my blog thoroughly before you respond. If I were Obama I would not run for president again, he tries so hard to help the less fortunate ones and all the rich folks can think about is themselves. White folks have been doing everything in their power to fight against Obama, stall him in his progression and try to make him appear as though he is ineffective. He is the best president America has ever had, but because white folks fight against him so bad in hopes that he won't be re-elected. The morning after acknowledging him as president, white folks were already asking, where are the changes, 3 months later they were all saying he lied to them because nothing has changed yet. If people would have been breathing down the other presidents necks the way they breath down Obama's, our country may not be in the state it is in now.

  84. 84

    Re: JackTheRipper – You might be right about that. I do not believe America deserves to have Obama as their president.

  85. 85

    Re: uyeah – Uhmm no. Bush is still made fun of around 'the world'. 'The world is still pissed off because of Iraq and the fact that your banks screwed up not only your own but also 'the world's' economy doesn't help either. But you keep watching Fox News, ya hear! Jesus, if there is one American news station that's not in touch with the rest of the world it's them.

  86. 86

    Re: jerseygirl415 – RIGHT…being the first black president didnt start ANYTHING at all..pssh, youre nuts

  87. 87

    Re: Sean Knowlingers – It's not deeper. It really is as simple as that. Whatever was passed by Bush had to pass in Congress too, so he's not all to blame. That's all I'm saying. I'm not excusing anything, I'm merely stating that all the people who solely blame Bush are hypocrites if they're Democrats (which most are), because their own party had a large impact on what was passed.
    "Having Obama in office" were Mariah's exact words, so yes, she is referring to Obama helping to bring cultural diversity. Why don't YOU read honey.
    And read a history book as well while you're at it because the 60s is when segregation started to break apart and blacks and whites were beginning to become equal. Before that, especially in the south, they were not equal, and I clearly stated that no progress was truly and fully made until later so I don't understand why you can't comprehend my simples posts.

  88. 88

    Re: katiekat101 – Obama being president has caused more race problems in this country. I see it every day. Now, you say one thing against a black (like for example, Obama is a terrible president), you're called a racist. No matter what you say. Everyone has to walk on eggshells and watch what they say to avoid being called a racist. I don't call that improvement. If things were improved, that wouldn't be the case. Everyone screams racism now, and it was not like that before, not to the extreme it is now.
    And don't you even try to argue with me, I'm from northern NJ, I've seen it all from all groups, ethnicities, religions - we are the most diverse state based on our population and I see "racism" every day.

  89. 89

    Re: jerseygirl415
    Read a book? I'm probably more well read than you'll ever be. The only thing you got right in your statement is that they are simple.
    You think everything is all hunky-dory when it comes to race-relations because African-Americans were granted civil rights? Don't confuse forced integration with acceptance. People stopped with blatant discrimination because they HAD to, not because they wanted to, but it still goes on. You yourself have admitted that race relations are worse. And while Blacks have to no longer sit on the back of the bus, there's still social, economical, and political gaps between Whites and Blacks in this country. If Blacks were really accepted, then we wouldn't be having this conversation about who's the first Black President, or if he is really Black. It's like saying gays are accepted now because they're on TV.
    ""Having Obama in office" were Mariah's exact words, so yes, she is referring to Obama helping to bring cultural diversity."
    But that not what you were arguing. You stated he didn't start anything. I simply said Mariah never said he did. Now you're confused with your own words. But I don't see how you cannot see that that is a huge accomplishment, at least from her perspective. It's not like we've EVER had a Black President before him.

  90. 90

    Re: Sean Knowlingers – I never said that things were better I actually said they were worse and I know that integration doesn't equal acceptance, that's why I have said those things. So I don't know what you're talking about, as it seems we agree on that issue. I stated the fact that integration began in the 60s but that acceptance has been much slower. And is still not here, so I don't know what Mariah is yapping about.
    I'm not confusing anything. We just don't agree on Mariah's meaning of the words. All because its not what you think doesn't mean I'm confused. If we want to know what she really meant then we'd have to ask her, wouldn't we?
    Obama in office is an accomplishment, I never said it wasn't. I simply said I didn't think it has helped things.

  91. 91

    Re: jerseygirl415
    Well, at we can at least agree to disagree, because this discussion is going nowhere. I understand what Mariah is "yapping about," but I don't believe she was making this grandiose political statement that everyone seems to think she is. She used Obama as a reference point as to how people perceive people of race now in this country, but she was primarily talking about herself and bringing a child into this world that is vastly different than the one she grew up in (keep in mind, she was born in 1970). But if we continue to have these discussions about race, and if things, as you see it and I do as well, are getting worse, then it probably won't be that much different for them than it was for her.