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Another Villain Added To New Spider-Man movie!

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new villain announced for spider man movie

Lots of news about comic book movie villains these days!

First, The Joker and Harvey Dent/Two-Face are taken out of The Dark Knight Rises, and now Spider-Man's got yet another villain to contend with in the upcoming Spidey flick!

Slumdog Millionaire's Irrfan Khan has signed on to the film as a villain named Van Atter, and his wife will be played by Annie Parisse from AMC's Rubicon. It looks like Khan's character may be a brand new villain…or perhaps a cover-name for another pre-existing villain?

Along with "Van Atter," Spidey will also be taking on Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors/"The Lizard."

Certainly would be an inneresting and controversial decision to reboot the franchise with a villain who wasn't even in the comics! But we're thinking this character will have a link to a pre-existing character in one way or another.

What do U think about this villain choice for the new Spider-Man?

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Another Villain Added To New Spider-Man movie!”

  1. 1

    I don't think it matters whether they follow the books that closely as long as the story is interesting. Irrfan Khan is a great actor, so that can't hurt. He is on HBO's In Treatment this season. If he doesn't get a nomination for an Emmy for his performance on In Treatment, it would be an injustice.

  2. 2

    Ha, it's Sunil! Love this guy!

  3. 3

    So the dark knight rises was going to have Two-face in it at one point, even all he died in the dark knight? WHa????????? And did anyone actually think the joker would be re-cast/cgi, lol, I feel sorry for ya if ya do.

  4. 4

    If they made up a villain it'd just cause tons of crying over the internet like Rami tried to do with making a female Vulture or whatever. When looking up the actors character name it says he was in 1 issue of a spider man comic as Norman Osborn's lab assistant who became proto-goblin or something. I feel like they are going to make him something else and are using the name for now to keep it a secret.

  5. 5


    Don't kill your daughter-in-law.

    Paging Dr. Paul Weston…

  6. 6

    This movie is turning into a piece of crap. First they get rid of Tobey and now adding a character that wasn't even in the comics. I really hope this movie flops big time so this would teach sony not to mess with a good thing

  7. 7

    Nels Van Adder
    It was revealed that soon after Norman had Stromm arrested for embezzlement, he had found only a portion of the notes detailing his partner's serum. Norman tests the incomplete version of the serum on an Oscorp employee named Nels Van Adder, driving Van Adder slowly insane and beginning his transformation into a red, demon-like being known as the "Proto-Goblin". Killing several people and blaming Norman for what has happened to him, Adder proceeds to harass and later attempts to kill him before being knocked out a window in Oscorp by Arthur and George Stacy and fleeing into the wild. In order to escape conviction for what he had done to Van Adder, Norman convinces the police that Van Adder had been experimenting on himself, and that he had secretly been trying to help him. Van Adder's current fate remains unrevealed.[1]

    As well as endowing Adder with super strength and agility, the Goblin Serum also gave him large claws, talons, fangs, glowing green eyes, and near impenetrable skin (capable of withstanding several close range bullet shots).

  8. 8

    Irrfan Khan is the most amazing actor…this season's In Treatment on HBO is unbelievable because of him. He's definitely got an Emmy coming his way for his guest role as Sunil. Every week, he leaves me breathless.

  9. 9

    Spiderman can't fight the green goblin forever and batman can't fight the joker forever they had other villians. Catwomen should be in the batman movie and the blackcat should be in the spiderman movie she wasn't a villian to spiderman but he needs a sidekick now so does batman bring back robin.

  10. 10

    its not a new character dumbass