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Putting Beyonce To Shame!

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Wow! Did not expect that big voice to come out of him!

Check out this incredible performance from a young Filipino of Beyonce's hit Listen! (above)

All we have to say is sometimes you just have to sing shiz from the floor to feel it!

Watch yourself Charice! Here comes your competition!

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69 comments to “Putting Beyonce To Shame!”

  1. 1

    What the hell? That's a HIM?
    Yeah, I don't think Charice has anything to fear for. He won't break into the US that's for sure.

  2. 2

    Wow Perez, thank god you're not a real music critic… because you're unable to judge a good voice. Anything that has vibrato to you is considered good. This is terrible and squeaky… learn your shit Perez!

  3. 3

    amazing, but i think that's a girl

  4. 4

    I'm pretty sure this is a girl

  5. 5

    omg this makes me wanna punch the douchebags around him, especially the one with the grey shirt, so uncivilized; luckily he wasn't fazed by their hate, he just rocked the place.

  6. 6

    How can she be better than the voice she's emulating? You're such a racist pig Perez.

  7. 7

    wow!! she even laid down and took it to church like patti labelle! i'm waiting for David Foster to scoop her up next :)

  8. 8

    This bitch sucks. She has no fucking control over her voice. HORRIBLE!

  9. 9

    all i can say is wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10

    now that is what i called singing without auto tone

  11. 11

    Perez, u liking someone is the KISS OF DEATH! There is NO such thing as an Asian superstar singer. Filipinos are impersonators, NOTHING MORE!!

  12. 12

    Wow Perez!! She or he is NOT putting Beyonce and certainly NOT Charice to shame!
    He or She couldn't even hit those notes! Charice can hit them BETTER than Beyonce…

  13. 13

    that's a girl who hardly puts bey to shame……………nice try though……..

  14. p&p says – reply to this


    that's a HER. and she is good. before you make comments about people's performances, try singing live and see how well you do..

  15. 15

    Um. That's a girl. And she sucks.

  16. 16

    Um… no. There was no control.

  17. 17

    HIM??????? uhh i'm pretty sure that's he is a she!! and she hardly puts beyonce to shame!

  18. mgh says – reply to this



  19. 19

    Tonto PEREZ.

  20. 20

    that's a boy? seriously?

  21. 21

    that lil tranny better sang bitch!

  22. 22

    Dear Perez,
    I think that's a girl

    Much love from your reader

  23. 23


  24. 24

    That was good but not better then "B". Beyonce has got nothing to worry about.

  25. Jpp92 says – reply to this


    Good, but deff. not better than Beyoncé

  26. 26

    Umm I can understand how many get confused … HEck even the TV personality was unsure ..but iIT is a HE . IF a She, not impressive but a HE … well that's impressive.

  27. 27

    What a nice young lady.

    You think anything gay is amazing.

  28. 28

    i loved how he/she sang it on higher notes with ease, and performed it live on the street, wow.

  29. 29

    That's a Him? Whaaaaaat? Ya ok Peepeerez you are so fucking stupid.

  30. 30

    Re: Dave_Nunez – send me your number; let's talk. J.

  31. 31

    Why didn't you bother to find out the name if you were so impressed?

  32. 32

    fillipinos are weird and annoying

  33. 33

    He's a guy.. Gay to be exact..-___-
    His name is EJ Salamante.

  34. 34

    Re: Chasenip – wow!God bless you. if ever there are filipinos that are impersonators we are still proud of them because they have that talent.you are very confident on saying that but you do you have a talent like this guy?

  35. 35

    thankyou for all the people who compliment to this guy.and to all who judged him God Bless you all. as a Filipino, i am proud of him coz he has the talent. how bout you guys who judged him do you have that talent?

  36. SS18 says – reply to this


    Now THAT is the voice of an angel

  37. 37

    i wouldn't go as far as saying HE's better than beyonce or charice but SHE's good…for a man. (Yes. The host said she's a he.)

    Re: djnv2009 – YOU are weird and annoying!

  38. 38

    wtf? the only that really shocked me was you said "him" .. i totally thought that was a chick.. >.>

  39. 39

    to all who judged him F*ck you all. as a Filipino, i am proud of him coz he has the talent. how bout you? who judged him do you have that talent? you just know how to critisize other people. but you don't see your own dirts. because ovbiously all of you are just jealous that there are much talented people. but you.. you don't have any talents…

  40. 40

    So I read Perez on the daily cuz you know, I gotta keep with the pop culture references. What I thought was (racist) interesting was that when he featured a young Filipino man singing Beyonce’s “listen” he had to put him in direct competition with Charice, another Filipina singer. Does the fact that he is filipino have to by default make him comparable to another filipino. Why not just give the props and leave it at that? Or maybe more obviously, compare him to Beyonce. (I fuckin’ love Beyonce btw) It is after all her rendition that he is covering.


    Please reprimand your staff for making such a closed-minded comparison. It is like comparing two gay figures in the media just based on the fact they happen to be gay. Be a little bit more aware of the world community.The world does not need this kind of constant implicit small-mindedness. Check yourself.

  41. 41

    Filipinos are the only Asians that can sing…Why is that?

  42. 42

    ..EJ is a gay. and he's now performing everyweek at that noontime show 'EAT BULAGA'. together with Adrian Lopez (a real guy) also a good singing. u can see them in youtube

  43. 43

    bump willow and replace her with this one

  44. 44

    He's a boy..he's from the philippines

  45. 45

    Guyz, chill! this is a boy. And that show they're in is a noontime show here in the Philz, they are in a segment where they go to towns and give some money for hidden talent. and those guys in the background are comedians/hosts. its just cool and chill nothin to make fuzz about.

  46. 46

    ..wer's my comment?

  47. 47

    Re: kenet.ph – a goor singer. typo error. haha

  48. 48

    the one singing is definitely a guy… well a gay guy… a talented gay guy

  49. 49

    calling on oprah,, just check out on this guy,, he is a man or gay whatever but a talentful has a wonderful voice,, to all sarcastic people SUCKS TO ALL OF YOU…

  50. 50

    "Putting Beyonce to shame" Perez you must be high. Get your shit together.

  51. 51

    He's a gay to be exact. I'm a Filipino but this gay has definitely no match against Queen B. And that's a fact, whatever you say.

  52. 52

    charice is the best perez.. loser

  53. 53

    WTF was that?

  54. 54

    Re: Chasenip – WTF! Get a life.. You don't know how good Filipino Singers are.. Could you even sing like them.. Racist!!!!!!!!!

  55. 55

    Him? Excuse me?

  56. wznow says – reply to this


    watch youself charice? because there can only be one asian in this business. so what minorities are allowed but we have to keep them minorities right?

  57. 57

    I'm sorry I hought it's a girl. Anyway, did he reach his puberty? If not then his voice might change soon. I hope he will still going to have good voice. Come on Perez, he is not going to put Beyonce and Charice to shame, are you kidding me????

  58. 58

    WOW!!! AMAZING! this guy needs to be famous NOW! i mean, seriously - if he could keep it together so beautifully with all those meatheads trying to bug him?? AWESOME!

  59. 59

    Hahahaha he's like the filipino version of that Li Yu Chunn

  60. 60

    shes good.
    but nothing to beyonce.

  61. 61

    isn't that a girl? pretty good. basically impersonating beyonce's voice

  62. 62

    Yea that's definitely a girl…you'd think a gay guy would be able to tell the difference lol

  63. lolli says – reply to this



  64. 64

    not that great.there are more gay singer who's better than him.any way good luck.

  65. 65

    not that great.

  66. 66

    Let's pray to all those people who can't see pass through the race, appearance and gender preference of others. Why can't we simply appreciate and celebrate God-given talents of some chosen people. EJ is still a minor. He is just a boy waiting to be discovered. Now, has the opportunity to hone his talent and share ith with the world, let's encourage and support him so he will eventually reach his full potential. Let's give everyone a chance to be the best that they can be. We have no right to label, compare, dismiss and judge people. I hope people will throw away their superiority complex as we we are all equal in the eyes of God. And please, before commenting, check the background or context first so it will be an informed or constructive opinion. Stop ridiculing people you call "minorities". Btw, we are all minorities if you know what I mean.

  67. 67

    we filipinos are not IMPERSONATORS,. we all have our TALENTS,. dnt be too rude with us. Are you God to judge us? God Bless you

  68. 68

    no, he is a boy, he is featured in a show here in the philippines and he is gay.

  69. 69

    nice ej…..magaling ka tlga!mahirap kayang kumanta ng nakahiga…