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Heidi's Mom Served Summons! Needs 100K!

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heidis mom needs 100k to pay debt

Recently, Heidi's mom Darlene Egelhoff said on her blog that she was going to leave her daughter alone…but that may no longer be in the cards now.

According to her blog, Heidi's mom has been issued a summons because she owes $100,000 in unpaid bills for her restaurant, which recently went under.

Here's what she had to say about it in her blog:

“We are served papers by the county deputy sheriff, a very tall, overly happy gentleman, given his present task at hand. “That’s all I do anymore” he says “Serve papers, you’re not alone, it’s a sign of the times” he was trying to be nice and help us to feel comfortable."

“It is a notice of court summons to pay an excess of one hundred thousand dollars for a breech (sic) of contract from the restaurant we were evicted from and forced to close by the landlords themselves because we were delinquent with rent."

“We were forced to surrender eighty thousand dollars of equipment and fixtures to them already, of which the value far surpassed the debt."

“A new tenant is already in the space so they are not out any future earnings either, unless they have significantly reduced the rent for the new tenants. If that’s the case, that’s all the help we would have needed, and had been refused, to hang tough and ride out the economic storm as we were on a good upward trend and would liked to have stayed for twenty more years. Where’s Robin Hood when you need him?”

Guess we'll see if Heidi rises to the occasion to help her mom out, although we know Spencer Pratt will NOT want to get involved.

Do U think Heidi should pay off her mom's debt? Or do U think it's not her problem?

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25 comments to “Heidi's Mom Served Summons! Needs 100K!”

  1. 1

    Isn't Heidi Broke?

  2. 2

    It would be nice of her but she only cares about herself so she won't! YOU CAN BET ON THAT!

  3. 3

    This exact situation happened to my mom who owned a restaurant. She fell behind in rent, landlord wouldn't negotiate, had to forfeit all the equipment inside that was valued at thousands, and then had to walk away and declare bankruptcy. It would be nice for Heidi to help, but it probably won't happen. Bankruptcy is the way to go if it hasn't already happened.

  4. 4

    Why is this supposed to be news? And who cares about this woman or Heidi for that matter?

  5. 5

    this has to be the worst post of the day. no one cares. i can't believe this is "news"

  6. 6

    Isn't Heidi Broke. How would you waste so much money on all kinds of stupid shit when your parents barely making it. Oh, forgot, she doesnt even speak to them, selfish cow

  7. 7

    One Heidi is an egomaniac who only helps herself now and two pretty sure she is broke and what the hell is Holly doing these days? Probably broke as well? IDK it's a sad sad thing, but to be honest she is not the only one in economic hardship. They wont put her in jail they will most likely garnish wages until the debt is paid unless they claim bankruptcy, but maybe they did that already in that case I'm also not sure if they would be protected if they did claim bankruptcy. Sad day.

  8. 8

    i don't feel bad for famewhores - you reap what you sow…………

  9. 9

    She should help. At the end of the day, that's still her mom.

  10. 10

    why would anyone care?

  11. 11

    She should help her mom. Afterall, how much her mom spent on Heidi since she was born?. People forget about that, parents raise us, with their money.

  12. 12

    well, children shouldn't have to take care of their parents until they are old and cant take care of themselves….her mother shouldn't rely on Heidi to bail her out…its her debt, no one elses.

  13. 13

    I think the lady needs to just declare bankruptcy and move on already.

  14. 14

    Of course Heidi should help. That's what children do. Help their parents any way they can, unless said parents were bad parents. On the other hand, that is a lot of money, and bankruptcy sounds like the way to go at this point.

  15. 15

    It is not my childrens responsibility to get us out of debt. I love my kids and would never take money from them. If we get into a mess we must get ourselves out.

  16. 16

    Many would love to just start a business but you shouldn't gamble what you can't afford to lose.

  17. 17

    How can she pay her mom's debt if SHE'S broke herself??? Anyway, if she has the money, she should do it. And parents should do the same if they can.

  18. ~Eve~ says – reply to this


    Hey…umm heidi is living in her in-laws basement…how could she possibly pay her mother's debt???

  19. 19

    That is so sad!! I really hope Heidi helps her mother out. Her mother raised and fed her now its time for Heidi to do something for her mom too.

  20. 20

    Re: Cheryl Lynn Angevine – Wow! I would hate to be your mother!! I can't believe you wouldnt help your mother out if you had the money and your own mom needed it … Sad!

  21. 21

    I love when people comment "why is this news"? because it's a gossip site that you have come to, not a news website. If you don't like what Perez posts, hit up CNN or somewhere else.

  22. 22

    I feel bad for her mother it wasn't bad business just the sign of the times. Heidi hasn't spoken to her mother in almost a year so I don't see her helping her out. Since Spencer is still in the picture it will defiantly not happen. They are both very very selfish people. So sad Heidi turned out that way.

  23. 23

    I really doubt Heidi has that much money.

  24. 24

    why would you pay off your mom's business debt? it's her business that she took a risk on with her money, and because it didn't work your supposed to pay off her debt when your still trying to figure out how to pay yourself?

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Those two airheads pissed away a fortune when they could have been there for her family in a time of real need. Wastes of flesh in a basement suite, so far.