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We Love Them!

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Love, love, love, love, LOVE THEM!

We dare you to show us a cuter mother-daughter trio than Jennifer Garner and her daughter's, Seraphina and Violet Affleck.

Actually, don't bother, because we can't be swayed! These three are just the cutest lil' family we've ever seen!

Jen took her girls out for a play day in Brentwood this weekend and by the looks of their happy faces, these kiddies just had the best time ever!

Heck, by the look of Jen's face they had the best time ever!

We just can't stress it enough: WE LOVE THEM!

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “We Love Them!”

  1. 1

    People can say what they about Jennifer Garner and compare her looks to JLO, but at the end of the day looks can only take you so far.

    Jen and Ben make a great family. Jen is really down to earth and hands on with her girls. Love her! :-)

  2. 2

    what they want about***

  3. 3

    Anyways, Jennifer Garner is pretty too, she just doesn't want tons of tranny make up like JLo.

  4. 4

    I swear this woman will be carrying these girls around when they are 20……….and still not brushing their hair.

  5. Fabu says – reply to this


    I always get a smile on my face when I see pics of Jennifer and the girls, they are so adorable, and you can just tell that Jennifer is a wonderful mom… the looks on a child's face don't lie, and they are always happy! It's wonderful to see a celebrity that cares so much for her children.

  6. 6

    Where are her millions … She looks like K-mart mother !

  7. 7

    Yes they are cute BUT why do celebrities get extra points for doing what most mothers do every day!! Geez they should have even more time to spend having fun with their children since they have people to do home chores and plenty of $$ to blow on having fun outings

  8. 8

    Why is she always in front of the camera with her girls to make sure we see What A Good Mother she is. How convenient and self serving. It's like she is making a home movie
    filmed by paparazzis. Good mothers keep their kids away from the press. Jennifer Garner
    makes sure they are photographed daily. Don't Jennifer and Ben have a backyard the kids can play in? Why always at a public park? Who does that unless you want to be seen.

  9. 9

    She needs to eat! Her bones are protruding from her chest i the first pic!

  10. 10

    Ok that's all sweet and dandy!!! and true she does appear in pics anyway to be a very loving and caring mommy but come on jenny…you keep looking busted(ugly, unkept) like that and the way you've been looking in recent pics with the kids…and in no time we'll be reading how Ben got caught screwing some young starlet…just saying bb.
    always keep yourself looking sexy and hot even at the playground cause we all know how those hollywood type boys have the wandering eye and the itchy stick!!!

  11. 11

    They are definitely cute, but I don't understand why the paps and public have zeroed in on them, always following and photographing. I really don't think Jen is the one calling, like so many other Hollywood losers. But, I don't understand why some get privacy, and she gets stalked.

  12. 12

    Re: bellabambina – Do you think it's easy for her to escape that? She probably wants her kids to grow up as natural as possible, which is not hidden in some fancy playden and at a park instead!

  13. 13

    Re: bellabambina

    You are way off track. Who wants to stay in the back yard? Everyone wants to be out and about at different places. I don't recall the kids ever going to ride these cars before. She's not making sure they are photographed - she is making sure they learn by taking them on various outings, often to the library. She can't help if the paprats think she is fair game.

  14. 14

    well done. mother does a good job at mothering. thing is, my mother raised me practically on her own, with barely any money and she still managed to dress nicely, do her hair and wear a bit of makeup. having kids is no excuse to stop taking pride in your appearance.

  15. 15

    I love Jenn and the girls but those hideous glasses make her look horrible!!! I think they're a great family and looks aren't everything.

  16. 16

    why is Ben never in the pics?

  17. 17

    Her girls always look so happy when ever I see pictures of them. She appears to really enjoy spending time with them. Those kids are always smiling or laughing. I don't think I have ever seen Old Plastic face Nicole Kidman's kid ever crack a smile or even have an expression on her face. Poor kid must take after Mommy dearest Nic.

  18. 18

    Ben and Jen seem like great parents. The girls always look so happy. Kudos to them, raising kids isn't easy!

  19. 19

    Re: Annie Gee – Who said Playden…Don't tell me she can't slip by the paparazzi. It is all for show…but it is ok if you buy into it. What do I care.

  20. 20

    Re: marlow – How would you know if the kids have ridden those cars before?
    Are you stalking her? And if you are she is posing in every picture for you. All I am saying is there are many many rich and famous people who manage to secure the children from the lense and voyeur like yourself. Goodness do you have every pic of them on your basement wall?

  21. olgis says – reply to this


    A real mom!! love her!!

  22. 22

    Re: bellabambina – yeah slipping by the paps is so easy.. you would know all about it huh? and she doesn't have to stay in her fucking backyard.. she is as free as any other american to go where she wants.. bunch of internet trolls..