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Sen. Lieberman Doesn't Want Senate To Adjourn Until They Repeal DADT

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Here's a man of action! Make it happen, Joe!

Sen. Joe Lieberman has demanded that the senate refuse to adjourn from session until Don't Ask, Don't Tell has been done away with.

Aware that if it is held off until next year he might lose the necessary support the appeal needs, Sen. Lieberman is urging his fellow politicians to do away with the policy and insist that the senate not break for the holiday until it's addressed. His spokewoman released a statement, saying:

“Sen. Lieberman believes that there are at least 60 votes to repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ this year, provided that leadership allows time for sufficient debate and amendments. Wanting to go home is not an acceptable excuse for failing to pass a bill that provides essential support for our troops and veterans and failing to take action that the president, the secretary of Defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff have called for.”

Well said! What a wonderful holiday gift to bestow on so many deserving Americans - equality and respect.

We're rooting for you, Senator! Here's hoping you can make it happen!

[Image via WENN.]

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8 comments to “Sen. Lieberman Doesn't Want Senate To Adjourn Until They Repeal DADT”

  1. 1

    Finally some proactive news that makes me feel a bit better about society. I will feel even better if the rest of the senate agrees and they actually get it done. They need to get something done during this lame duck period because we've already been told by the GOP that they are not willing to compromise and will become the party of "no".

  2. 2

    This man is an opportunist. He'll do anything to salvage his battered reputation.
    He's looking for a cash infusion. Don't believe for a minute that he is sincere.

  3. 3

    Actually Senator Liebermann is a douchebag. But, I'm happy he's making a stand for something right. Way to go….asshole.

  4. 4

    I think we should try having more Independents in congress! God bless Lieberman by the way

  5. 5

    Right now it feels like the GOP are always the party of "NO" the only time they want to say "YES" is when the discussion is about giving tax cuts to the wealthy and big bussinesses.

  6. 6

    please… do a little research, because joe lieberman is an ASSHOLE who is constantly doing whatever he can do get his name in the news. this is not a platform of his or anything that he actually cares about in particular; it's just relevant at the moment and he knows that it will get people talking. it's pathetic. i live in connecticut and he's an effing embarrassment.

  7. 7

    my favorite martian has spoken

  8. 8

    bullshit. You should spend more time thinking about important issues than sucking the dick of every and any person that supports gay marriage. Sure we should all have equal rights but there are a lot more important things going on in the world. Lieberman along with McCain are supporting a bill to allow U.S. citizens to be detained indefinitely on charges of 'terrorism', which has now such a wide-ranging and no doubt unconstitutional definition as to be meaningless. Lieberman is also the one who called Amazon to get them to drop WikiLeaks hosting, which is to condemn them for doing what journalists are suppose to do: reveal the fucking truth about government corruption. Lieberman is an asshole that is doing nothing but hurting this country and serving his own selfish agenda. DO some fucking research before you cherry pick the issues and praise people who half-assedly support your pet cause in the hope idiots like you will ignore all the other douchebag things they are doing.