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We THOUGHT you had proved to us that you weren't pregnant when you did shots of tequila last week, Jessica, but we still think we COULD be seeing a baby bum… Read more…

43 comments to “We're Still Not Convinced, Jessica!”

  1. 1

    The speculation keeps her in the media. She will keep you guessing as long as possible. That way she over shadows Nick. It doesn't matter if she is pregnant or not. Getting more press than Nick is the most important thing!

  2. 2

    Does the public really care if this dolt is knocked up?

  3. 3

    Not only is she NOT pregnant, she won't get married either. This fiance of hers is a 3rd rate football player and I don't even think he is playing for a team anymore, because he's too busy escorting her all over the place.
    She only did this because Nick got engaged, for reasons I will never understand.
    Jessica is truly a mess.

  4. 4

    Hmmmmm…..she's press hungry either way. This is the most press she's had in years. She could just be playing it up, but she looks kind of wrecked, and speaking from experience, that's how you look in the first few months of pregnancy. Hmm…

  5. 5

    I would say it's just tequila, flatulence and copious amounts of fried food.

  6. 6

    mario's not convinced and the rest don't care…………….

  7. 7

    Please stop saying she's pregnant. If she's not pregnant and you keep speculating that she is, think of how that feels. If someone kept going on and on about how they thought I was pregnant in such a public way, I'd probably be crying every day. Women have enough self-esteem issues without you going on about someone being pregnant who isn't. She's gained some weight. So shut it.

  8. 8

    yeah I am not convinced either. Quickie engagement, quickie wedding…

    Her face does look slightly fuller

  9. 9

    What ever happened to you not being a bully? Now your speculating that she's pregnant and drinking. You are a bully Perez. And just an all around creep. Grow up.

  10. 10

    Give it a rest! This speculation does nothing for her self-esteem. Basically you're saying she's gained weight. Thought you were going to change your ways.

  11. 11

    It totally looks like a baby bump. Why go to such an extent to hide it or make it a secret.

  12. 12

    Hey, that's the way I hold my bag!…

  13. 13


  14. 14

    She's happy and eating. Leave her alone!

  15. 15

    Why would she drink tequila if she was pregnant?? God Perez you are an idiot

  16. 16

    NO Perez, she is just fat.

  17. 17

    Why does it even matter to you (yall?) if she is pregnant? If she isn't - then you're a jerk for insinuating. If she is, and she's wanting to keep it private for WHATEVER reason…they you're a douche. Just let it go….find something else to amuse yourself.

  18. 18

    I bet she did shots of apple juice. Good for her! If she is pregnant, I'm sure she wants to be able to enjoy it privately as long as they can.

  19. 19

    she's fat. get over it.

  20. 20

    She's not pregnant and if she is how in the hell does that affect any of us? By the way Perez Lisa Lampanelli said some hilarious comments about you at her show on Saturday night! 25% of the people laughed their asses off, the other 75% had no idea who you are!

  21. 21

    I think you are obsessed with pregnant women! Interesting fetish for a gay man….

  22. 22

    Looks Preggers to Me

  23. 23

    Who cares?!? Just be happy for her

  24. 24

    Jessica "OMG! I ate all of my edible make-up collection; there's nothing left to sell, Honey, does my butt look FAT & HUGE?"

  25. 25

    Maybeeee I am!

  26. 26

    Hopefully she isn't pregnant because this guy is really homely.

  27. 27

    Who Cares, she is on the D list!!!!

  28. 28

    There's nothing worse than being told you look pregnant when you're not! Lay off already - if she is pregnant we will know soon enough.

  29. 29


  30. 30

    You haven't learnt a thing have you Perez!
    It's really bad of you to keep doing this to women! If they want to announce their pregnancy to the world, then they will.
    The first 12 weeks are a private matter and you should respect that!
    Stop keep doing this to Jessica and other stars! It's dreadful behaviour and you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!

  31. 31

    She's not preggerz she's just fat…

  32. 32

    I think you need to get the fuck over this.
    She looks amazing. she ALWAYS walks with her bag in front of her. go google prevous pcs of her from years ago.

    leave her alone already my god,

  33. 33

    She would be THAT desperate..but she can also be THAT fat

  34. 34

    Re: momofan – yeah but when i gain weight the first place its noticable is my belly and face so she probably is getting chunkier :(

  35. 35

    She is just livin her life. Not the first celeb to ever get pregnant & won't be the last. Good for her if she is. She will ba a fantastic mother.
    Why Perez has this need to bully but say he is all for ewanting to help people contradicts what his motives really are.
    When a woman feels the time is right to tell of a preganancy that is when others have the right to know. Too many things can go wrong before that.

    Hey Perez Im sure you saw all the news on Jess today in her fashion empire. Interesting your not saying anything on that. Of course you wouldn't that woudl be positive for Jessica right?

  36. 36

    How the fuck does she look pregnant?! Sorry she doesn't look like the Olsen twins or someone from 90210.

  37. 37

    Who really cares????

  38. 38

    jessica is one desperate bitch. i know she will read this. HI DESPERATE!

  39. 39

    Who gives a shit.. shes not even a good person and she's desperate.. hope she is and she comes out looking worse afterward.. and he's fucking ugly by the way.. probably just wants money.. it's all happening so fast…

  40. 40

    Nick must have an ear to ear smile on his face 24/7. First for getting rid of her long ago and now for seeing her looking like trash. She is a mess. She looks like she doesn't give a crap about herself. Her hair always looks like crap, her clothes are awful, and she just looks dirty. This guy is nothing but a money grubbing con man and she fell for it. She must be stupid along with being fugly. I just saw her the other day in "Dukes of Hazzard" and she was tiny and cute and now she is just huge and ugly. Like I said, Nick is laughing and thanking his stars for getting rid of her.

  41. 41

    I'm thinkin' HE looks more pregnant than she does!!

  42. 42

    did you ever think she was not really drinking tequilla shots, but apple juice? she is definitely pregnant

  43. 43

    Jessica is not pregnant, she is just a fat drunk. She is going to keep everybody speculating because its the only way famewhores like Jessica and Eric can get any publicity, since neither one have any talent. Jessica's copycat engagement, and her baby issues is her pathetic attempt for attention. Will this fat cow ever go away?