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Russell Brand Gives Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Two Thumbs Up!

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Well, this is a good sign!

Despite the many reports about Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark and its production-related problems and injuries, Russell Brand recently revealed that he's seen the musical, and he couldn't be more impressed!

He explained:

"I went to see it and it looked fucking amazing. It's mental. It's like a new experience of theater — it's going to change theater. Phenomenal. And they were just practicing when I was there."

Julie Taymor, who is directing the musical - as well as Brand in the upcoming film adaptation of The Tempest - also spoke out about the piece's preliminary technical snags and complications, but asserted that they'll soon be worked out!

She elaborated:

"It's in previews. We're doing our job. It's working well, the third preview ran smoothly. We've got another four weeks and I'm very excited about it. The story of Peter Parker is Shakespearean in the sense of his conflict. A conflict between being told to be the superhero and rising to that place. These are mythic pieces, and 'Spider-Man' is a contemporary myth. If you get into the story and the drama of what we're doing, it's based on Greek mythology. Both Shakespeare and the 'Spider-Man' comic book writers, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, they were all inspired by Greek mythology and by ancient stories – all of them. And they are the pop artists of their times. They're all pop icons. This is kind of like Prospero's dilemma. Do you rise above yourself and go to your better nature with the power you've been given, or do you stay with your earthly loves and desires? How do you balance those two things out? … There's a certain type of story that attracts me and I think it's really wonderful to be able to do Shakespeare in a movie and 'Spider-Man' on a stage. I love that, what people think of as an irony. It's just what I like to do. If they fit those mediums and you can do with those mediums what those stories need, why not?"

Wow! You can really feel how passionate she is about the project!

Let's hope that they can sort all of the technical issues out! If they can, we think that Brand will be very much right about the show changing theater forever!


[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Russell Brand Gives Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Two Thumbs Up!”

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