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8 comments to “Ashton Reveals Why He Tweets Lovey Dovey About Demi”

  1. 1

    Pretty obvious, he has fucked around and are kissing her ass!!
    You are doomed!!

  2. 2

    Any TWEETS from your WHORE, not Demi, Your other WHORE?

  3. 3

    I don't know, Demi is trying so hard lately! This is the price of getting involved with a younger man! In no time, you look like his mother! If she was married to a man ten years older than she is, she'd be the hot sexy wife. Big mistake here, IMO! Oh, and Ashton is stupid, young and really stupid!

  4. 4

    Im actually annoyed by people who constantly post how much they love so and so ya i love my boyfriend but if he needs a post tosay hes a moron

  5. 5

    Demi Whore is a pathetic, washed up, low-hanging twat, who smells OLD. Ashton is so upset, I am sure, that he hooked up with this HAG. Really - how much more plastic surgury can this C$%T do ? ! She is ugly, and can't deal with being OLD, which she is. Al the Kabballah crap in the world will not cure her fears. If it was such a perfect religion, it would advise her to suck it up, and accept the wrinkles. Old Old Old, hag !

  6. 6

    H e 'tweets' 'cos he can't stand to F^&K her !

  7. 7

    I used to think ashton kutcher was so hot and cool. now he's just a pathetic manwhore.

  8. 8