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A Glee Spoiler You May Or May Not Like

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Personally, we're not cool with it, but perhaps there are some of you who want to see things shaken up a bit at McKinley High.

WARNING- SPOILER AHEAD! Though you have no GLEE coming your way for almost 8 weeks. If you don't want to know what happens then don't read any further.

For the rest of you, here we go…

On Tuesday, when Glee wrapped up the first half of the season with their amazing Christmas episode, they ended things off with Finn Hudson giving Rachel Berry the lovin' eye, even though he had just broken up with her like 20 minutes earlier. There was a glimmer in his eye and hope in his crooked smile - hope that when we travel back to Lima in February, Finchel would be on the mend and loving music would ensue.

But we've been decieved Gleeks! The eyes, the smile - all lies! According to a source close to the show, the pair is over… for now and not without a big fight from one Miz Lea Michele. The source explains:

“Rachel will [be] spending much of her time trying to get him back…just like in The Way We Were. The big question is: Now that he’s free, will Quinn dump Sam for Finn?”

What?! No! NO!

First of all, if Sam is not with Quinn, he has no purpose on the show and he needs purpose because we love to look at him for long stretches of time, so he needs to be on the show.

Second, The Way We Were DID NOT end with Barbra and Rob getting back together! That can't happen to Finchel too! We just couldn't stand not having anymore of their duets! We live for them!

You better fix this Ryan Murphy! As we recall, you promised these two would stay together all season! You've reneged on said promise so you better be giving us something REALLY good to compensate.

But that's just how we feel…

What about U, Gleeks? Should Rachel and Finn be over or are you holding out that they'll get back together?

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66 comments to “A Glee Spoiler You May Or May Not Like”

  1. 1

    Frankly, don't care. Glee has become boring.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    I will buy the music but def not watch the show. That sucks.

  4. 4

    No, Finn and Rachel need to end. She said it herself; she's a loser, he's not.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    i dont know why…but i want rachel with puck.

  7. 7

    I'm kinda over their duets… They both have good voices, I just wanna hear the other kids have their share

  8. 8

    they don't sing live on the show. sorry did that spoil it for you?
    sexy knees

  9. 9

    Who cares if the smooshed-turtle-faced guidette continues to hen peck at the hot jock? Like this arrangement would happen anywhere but on television. Kind of like on 90210 when Tori Spelling had a revolving cast of hot guys wanting to be with her fugliness. If anything, it should be disheartening to ugly people who think that they can land the hottie based on their "great personality." Just not gonna happen. I know, cuz my personality sparkles and, alas, no hottie for me.

  10. 10

    For once, I agree with you. They have to stay together! They are amazing!

  11. 11

    I love Finchel! I hope they get back together!

  12. 12

    Rachel is such a huge bitch, she should stay away from Finn, he deserves better!

  13. 13

    Re: xoxo_anonymous – I feel the same way! I wanna see Puck have a lil bit of influence on Rachael, and make her bad!

  14. 14

    Rachel needs to stop being pathetic, realize Finn was a horrid boyfriend, and move on.

  15. 15

    Rachel is kind of a nag so I really don't see her and Finn being the "it" couple. I'd like to see more of Tina and Mike or Artie and Brittney though.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    lol i love glee

  18. 18

    Finn/Rachel are going to get back together, everyone knows it. But, I would like to see more Puck/Quinn and Brittany/Santana.

  19. 19

    Finn and Rachel are destined to be together! Cory and Lea are the heart of the show! Mr Murphy! You'd better put them back together or you'll have a lot of angry fans out here!

  20. 20

    Re: Sand Pocket – excatly! i would love to see her get her hands a little dirty. and i dont think they would let puck put up with her bitchness…so it would be good for rachels character.

  21. 21

    finn broke up with rachel because she cheated on him, and quinn did the same thing. finn and quinn won't get back together, but I guess she might still try to?

  22. 22

    I really hope they don't get back together. Rachel is just so annoying and such a bitch. Theres also the fact that she cheated on Finn for no reason at all. Finn can do so much better. I know I sound like a fan girl, but I honestly don't like Finn that much either.

  23. 23

    Okay so i don't know if we're watching the same show because sam and quinn are together, do you not remember the scene where she shows up at his locker waering his ring? and i agree with the others that rachel and puck need to heat things up

  24. 24

    Isn't that how things are supposed to be in High Scool? Unpredictable, full of emotion, and betrayal, and things not being as they looked like they were going to be? People hurt and upset because of that? Yes. The show is just doing high school right.

  25. 25

    rachel should just go get finn jealous again.. with puck…
    and slap his bitchface
    then he'll come to his friggin senses and get bak together w/ her

  26. 26

    Re: Musicisfun – totally agree

  27. 27

    I want more Puck!

  28. 28

    I don't really care for Rachel but what I REALLY want to hear spoilers about is BRITTANA!!!! what is going on with Santana, damn it?!!!

  29. 29

    HATE THIS!!!! Why does Rachel always have to be crying after him? She is such a strong character… I dont want to watch her moping around and singing depressing songs for 10 episodes!!

  30. 30

    Re: gemmarae – i agree!

  31. 31

    Re: xcalibur

    LOL! What the heck are you talking about?

  32. 32

    Rachel dear you can do better in fact you did with Jesse. And people how can you even pretend Rachel is a bitch when Quinn and Santana are on this show. Rachel did something stupid but she is nowhere near the as those tow are. Even Finn is a bigger bitch than Rachel, gives her back handed complements, is unsupportive, manipuatives, is a liar and he cheated on Quinn.

  33. 33

    Re: lanhub – so less of a nag thant Quinn was that is for sure. I didn't see any nagging and she is more supportive of him then he ever was of her.

  34. 34

    I totally agree! I want Finn and Rachel back together!! please, RM make it happen! and more epic duets between the two of them too!

  35. 35

    re=5486273]Re: Frank McBee[/re] Really? Jesse? You mean the Guy that egged her. Their whole relationship was a facade and a tionship was a facade and a ploy to get Rachel closer to Shelby. BLAH.

  36. 36

    UGH. Puck and Rachel are like oil and water. THEY DO NOT MIX. He doesn't really like her, constantly degrades her and is a completely horrible person. I cant base his likeability on one episode compared to a whole season. Hes still in love with Quinn anyway. Rachel and Finn bring out the best in eachother and they love each other unconditionally. I am anxiously awaiting their reunion and it will certainly be nothing short of amazing! REUNITE FINCHEL IN 2011!

  37. 37

    Since it will season 2 fin should hook up with sunshine and forget rachel

  38. 38

    First I dont get the Finn thing and how everyone thinks hes so hot…he just comes off as a Joe Schmoe to me, kinda a loser, and he cant sing. I want them to bring Jessie St. James back! He was hot, had a great voice and the chemistry with him and Leah was awesome! Not to mention that story line was never really wrapped up. Bring back Jessie!!!!!!

  39. 39

    I say kick Rachel off the show. I am getting sick of her!

  40. 40

    over finchel. boring chemistry. i'd love me some puckleberry!

  41. 41

    I am holding out on them getting back together and they will! I have hope that they will. This will only make it more interesting because now Rachel will be doing everything she can to try and get Finn back. I hope that it is a happier ending than The Way We Were of course! I'm looking forward to it. The writers know how people feel about it, so I think that we will have our Finchel reunion in the back episodes. :)

  42. Bree says – reply to this


    I like the show but for fucks sake Perez youre going absolutely crazy about it. Stop jizzing yourself over it and get a life.

  43. 43

    Read my lips: It's ovah! What Rachel needs to do is find another guy who is just as nice as or better than Finn who is not a badass like Puckerman, or older than her like Will, or a jackass like Jesse.

  44. 44

    UGHHHHH! NOOOO! I don't want Rachel pining over Finn again that got boring very, very fast I was ready to check out of Glee after just the 6th episode of the 1st season I stayed cause frankly I really love all the music they do but then I saw the Puck and Rachel episode and…addicted to those two! Give them a chance! They would be great together. And I happen to like Sam and Quinn together I'd be down for some Finn and Santana

  45. 45

    I would love for Finn & Quinn to get back together :)

  46. 46

    I'm equally offended by this potential storyline, but I'm sure that Finchel will pull through! After all, they're the show's metaphor and as we know, metaphors are important in the Glee world!

  47. 47

    The Finn hate is getting really out of hand. The boy has issues with women cheating on him, so duh. Of course he's not going to forgive Rachel at the drop of a hat. I'm shocked that people don't realize that while he's wrong, Rachel wasn't a saint, either. She meant to hurt him. Poor girl has the lowest self-esteem, so of course she would jeopardize her happiness by being with Puck. Hers is a classic case of self-sabotage. As for this spoiler, I'm not worried. Quinn doesn't love Finn, she never did. What I do want to know is when will we see Puck/Quinn interaction…? Anytime now, writers.

  48. 48

    Finn and Rachel are adorable. I am not watching the show until the world is right again, with them together and united. I can't believe the broke up the best part of the show…what are the writers thinking!? I agree Perez, bring finchel back! People are outraged!

  49. 49

    I hope this spoiler isn't true, the idea of Finn and Rachel apart for half season, again, is not interesting drama, it's a declaration of writing failure after all the talk about exploring their dynamics as a couple. Finn with Quinn (again)? Why on heart he wold be this stupid to be with a bitchy girlfriend that betrayed and used him in the worst way.
    If this is the route they're going to, I'll stop watching and probably came again for the final episode of a show that began as a new refreshing offspring and will end as an old and repetitive bad soap. The "Finchel" are the only worthy couple of Glee, the main metaphor! Stop thinking the audience is brainless!

  50. 50

    I have no doubt Finn and Rachel are in for the Long run, this break up came just to bring an epic reunion and become a stronger couple, or it better be!
    Finchel must reunite 2011

  51. 51

    I agree with you Perez! I think Finn and Rachel need to get back together soon! They are just so adorable together!

  52. 52

    I'm Team Finchel!! I really hope they get back together cause they make the show for me!!

  53. 53


  54. 54

    I really want to see them back together soon. Finn and Rachel are obviously meant to be together… besides, Lea and Cory have such a great chemistry, their duets are always my favorites.

  55. 55

    Re: mrsfitzpatrick – You misread i did the same at first he said IF Sam is not with Quinn he has no purpose. and i have to admit i curious about puck and rachel even tho i like rachel and finn

  56. 56

    I'm on Team Rachel. If she wants to be with Finn, I want her to be with Finn. I love Ian Brennan's Finn and Rachel, as they were in the episode Duets. Brad Falchuk's angsty Finn and Rachel are less interesting to me. But on the whole, I'm a Finchel supporter. (And by the way, people who say Rachel is an annoying bitch don't "get" the character… or the show, really. Go watch One Tree Hill instead.)

  57. 57

    i dont really care if finn and rachel get back together. but if quinn actually dumped sam for finn that would be ridiculous. especially since he gave her a promise ring. glee sucks so bad this season that this would make it worse.

  58. 58

    I really am just sick, in general, of shows not letting just ONE couple. . .main couple, be HAPPY!!!

    PISSES ME OFF! And I won't watch anymore.

  59. 59

    For gods sakes no. After the way Rachel behaved, and how she's treating him now, Finn deserves so much better. Honestly, if he gets back with Rachel I'll be so disappointed in the show. Rachel's character never learns her lessons and gets rewarded for bad behavior, this has to stop.

  60. 60

    I hate Rachel. I'm glad Finn broke up with her. Haha

  61. 61

    I CRYD IN THE LAST 2 EPS .well i honestly am petrofied that they broke them up ( strong finnchel fan) and now i dno how the shows going to be like with a power couple that that was. why did ryan murphy have to do that? they were doing so good. ok rachel is a bitch but poor finn had to suffer hardbreak , whhyyy Hopefully they will end up back together in a couple of episodes

  62. 62

    Finn is too nice for Rachel, who is a self center spoiled brat that needs to grow up and lose the sense of entitlement. I agree with other posters - bring back Jessie! The chemistry between the two of them on screen was great. Finn is a cutie, but he's just sorta an all around good guy, and I'm surprised they put him the foreground so much. Agree with others - time to showcase the other Glee cast talents! ooohhh…and more Criss!!!! :)

  63. 63

    Puckleberry, bitches. Finn treats her like shit. As for missing their duets, he can't fucking sing. Autotune is singing for him. She sounds better alone or with all of the kids together.

  64. 64

    They are annoying….I'm glad they will be splilt up…the whole freaking show (and all the songs) won't be revolved around them! I'm sure they will draw out the break up though….blech

  65. 65

    Silly Perez…… As a gay icon, I would have thought that you would remember that Sam was originally cast as Kurt's Boyfriend! So you would think that the second half of the season would be the break up of Quam and the slow build up to a bisexual Sam!

  66. 66

    ReuniteFinchel: Let's review how Puck treats Rachel and how Finn treats Rachel.

    Finn: kiss her twice while with Quinn and then throw his relationship with the cheerleader in her face, participated in the jock bullying, broke up with her to date Brittany and Santana, lied for a year (6 months of those WHILE WITH Rachel) about sleeping with Santana even after her joy in the two of them being able to be each other first, got bent out of shape over Run Joey Run, talked about her being annoying to Sam, flirting with Brittany/Santana in BB, not until Furt ever saying anything to make Rachel think that he finds her pretty, allows Santana to rag on her about the sex, checking Santana out in front of her. Sure he's done some good things, but not even while WITH her.

    Now onto showing how Puck actually has treated her well.

    Gave up football for glee and her, went through with the RJR even though she wasn't gonna give him kisses, was the first to stand up to fight Jesse after the egging, was the only person to notice she was having a hard time after the Finn/Santana secret came out, was the ONLY person to mention liking her in reaction to Santana's comments. Has he fucked up? Sure, but he's actually been there for the girl unlike Finn.