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Ke$ha Does The Stones!

| Filed under: Music MinuteKesha

This is actually pretty nice!

She doesn't sound half bad, either!

Check out this lovely little acoustic cover of The Rolling Stones' Dead Flowers (above) by Ke$ha and a few friends during a recent jam session!

We hope that gurlfriend will do more stuff like this in the future! It suits her nicely!

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37 comments to “Ke$ha Does The Stones!”

  1. 1

    Totally agree. I didn't thought she could even sing like that…is 100% better that what she actually does…but maybe not as commercial

  2. 2

    I liked it and I'm not really into her music! I bet she doesn't do this acoustic thing because those artists don't get paid as much as the dance pop stars, but they do receive higher regard for longer. I'm glad to see someone loving the Stones no matter who it is.

  3. 3

    fuck who hasn't done dead flowers by the stones ,check out Steve earle`s version much better!!!

  4. 4

    Love Ke$ha, she sounds great here!

  5. 5

    She sounds great!!! WAY better! She has a FOLKY type voice…didnt know.

  6. 6

    First time I hear her sing. Most of her songs are talked through or auto-tuned

  7. 7

    I like when she sings music like this, like her songs Goodbye and While You Were Sleeping.

  8. 8

    I'm surprised and impressed.. go Ke$ha

  9. 9

    She sounds a lot better…but that guitar really needs to be tuned.

  10. 10


  11. 11

    I actually didn't know she could legitimately sing. I like her voice. It's too bad the public likes crap pop music instead of music that takes a little more effort. So she kinda sold out before she got started…


  12. 12

    ohh yhelll yehhh kesha . keep it up


  13. 13

    I think Ke$ha is cool…it was nice to hear her actual voice….sounded really good!

  14. 14

    of course she can sing and dont be surprised if you find out many other pop singers can actually sing. one thing that happens to some artist is that they are made to sing in a way that dumbs their true singing voices down. many times the producer of the song wants the song sung a certain way. in pop music this is pretty big right now. the half sing/talk. if you ever get a chance to listen to some of the artist sing something outside of their normal music for radio you may find that a lot of them arent half bad

  15. 15

    I like this AND I like her pop songs. She gotten a lot of criticism (most of it shallowm about her looks) but all the while her songs sell and sell and play and play on the radio!

  16. 16

    I had NO idea she actually had a pretty voice. It's such a shame that she's forced to sing in that talky, scratchy way on her pop songs.

  17. 17

    I've liked Ke$ha all the while…her pop stuff is very light but you can tell she has talent.

  18. 18

    Half bad Mario? Lawl you just can't give the ppl you hate credit

  19. 19

    OMG! She can actually sing?? You'd never know from her records. She should do music like this instead of that electronic crap.

  20. 20

    Wow!! Great voice. Kesha must make more music like this.

  21. 21

    OMG the girl playing guitar bobbs her head like an IDIOT she looks fucking RETARTED. almost as retarted as kesha. but she should fucking stop auto tuning her shit

  22. 22


  23. 23

    I'm floored. I didn't think she could sing at all. There is a market for this type of singing, you just have to make a choice on which route to go.

  24. 24

    this is a big "in your face" for those who thought that most of her songs are auto-tuned because she can't sing. that's just her style of music and she shouldn't have to prove she has a great voice to people that aren't keen to her style

  25. 25

    Wow!!!!!! I CANT STAND Kesha! But this is AMAZING, this is something I would put on my ipod! This is an artist that could be nominated for a grammy! She needs to change her image ASAP, there are no female artists like this out there but her image right now is so repetitive.

  26. 26

    Re: pshannahsayshi – I know, we need a mainstream folky girl but with like a 70's feel. It would be amazing

  27. 27

    Sounds amazing! Go ke$ha!

  28. 28

    WHOA! I didn't know she could sing?! Why would somebody so talented try so hard to be a hot mess???

  29. 29

    better. still seems "produced" , not really organic. but better.

  30. 30

    I can't believe this is what the industry has come to, why should someone with talent have to present themselves in such a fake way to the point where we assume they are not talented but yet it sells

  31. 31

    She is 200% better than Katy Perry live.

  32. 32

    I knew she could sing!!! ^^ love this bitch!

  33. 33

    she should sing more! this is amazing! and i can't fucking STAND her annoying squeaky talk/"rap" style in all her other songs - SING MORE, KESHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you'll be amazing!!!

  34. 34

    Re: eskimo kisses – um, you know it's "reTARDed", right?

  35. 35

    When did Ke$ha join a cult?

  36. 36

    Re: Talandria – you should check out this band: myspace.com/stonedarling i found them in nylon. all girls and they totally have a 70s sound.

  37. 37

    Love her voice!