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New IPads To Include Cameras!!!

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new ipads to include cameras

Looks like there's yet ANOTHER reason why iPad deserves to be Oprah's favorite thing!

Earlier this week, we learned that new iPads were on their way for 2011, and now reports have come out about an AWESOME new feature…CAMERAS!

According to component suppliers for Apple, the new iPad models will feature front AND rear cameras!

SO COOL! The iPad becomes cooler by the second. We're pumped to see what features they add to it next!

Are U excited for iPads with cameras?

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26 comments to “New IPads To Include Cameras!!!”

  1. 1

    umm.. no.

  2. 2

    next they will have a phone feature where you hold your ipad to your ear and talk

  3. bkroz says – reply to this


    So, the iPad is going to be getting dual cameras about eight months after the iPod Touch and iPhone got them, and the media is trying to spin it like it's some incredible new technological advance?!

    zOMG SOoOoOoOo kool!!

  4. jjohn says – reply to this


    I am rather irritated that the model I just purchased does not have a camera. Clearly they have the technology, but are choosing to force their consumers to 'upgrade'. I knew when I purchased my Ipad, that it was limited, and they had intentionally left much room for improvement…it so frustrating that it is so soon. I feel like I am being held captive.

  5. 5

    They soooo do this on purpose. It should have been on the 1st gen, but that's why apple is smart in terms of business.

  6. 6

    i saw an interesting journalism report on the barbie doll with a camera that's especially for trapping pedophiles. i would be kidding but there is no more law enforecement on earth so yes it is on the market for recruiters in pedophilia. i have a samsung with no camera and when you store a number you never see it again plus conditional call forwarding is activated for all calls

  7. 7

    @jjohn, Never ever be a first addition Apple Product buyer. Someone should have told you that or you should have learned from the first IPHONE. I won't buy anymore Apple products for this very reason. Not only is your IPOD, PHONE, PAD improved with just a years time, it is practically obsolete. Unless you are rich enough to purchase a new Apple product yearly, why bother? This doesn't go for the computers though. You are safe there.

  8. 8

    keep in mind that "conditional call forwarding is activated" is without my consent

  9. 9

    or my ability to turn off

  10. 10

    jjohn - You aren't being held captive. You just said yourself that you knew Apple had intentionally left room for improvement when you purchased your iPad. It's well known that Apple isn't forcing their consumers to upgrade, you could have easily just skipped the first model and waited for the second model to be released. It's your own fault.

  11. 11

    so this internet is all for me uh, like my old sega games, lets see how it degrades. i buy games used on ebay and if they are sticky or not i will throw it in because i want to see the graphics. then i will tire or give up, say it's too hard and swap it for sonic the hedgehog. i can clean it if i want to play again, one game F1 i bought new for fifty nine dollars and it was stick shift i'm used to automatic. can't pop the clutch and sold it

  12. 12

    on topic the myth of myopia in russian woodwork, wetwork for a reference table in another book he he. a girl with no front teeth, ovum removed and one eye dead center four years tops

  13. 13

    I agree this is a ploy to keep the suckers buying apples products , that's why im going to an other company . other tabs are announced to be coming soon with more features and cameras soon ,plus Flash .

    No need to slam apple , there a huge company in it for the $ , just dont support them if u dont agree with there ways .

  14. 14

    they should have had them from the start. stupid people will race out to replace their outdated model which is barely a year old. microsoft knows exactly what they are doing.

  15. 15

    Anyone stupid enough to dump down $800 every time apple adds a new feature deserves a camera. i hope it's the best camera ever! maybe it will even zoom! flash??? i'm quickly getting to excited with all this camera talk.

  16. 16

    Everyone is jumping on Apple for making upgrades that if you want it your just gonna have to bite the bullet and buy it. But honestly, how is this any different then a PC or laptop? By the time you get home with your new computer, it has become obsolete because a new processor has been introduced to the public. This is how businesses run and make money. Is it ethical? Not in my opinion. But if we want it bad enough we will get it now matter how much bitching and moaning we do. I for one have owned every iphone since they came out. When it was time for me to upgrade to the "new" phone i simply put it on ebay. Each time i sold it , it paid almost 100% for the next one. In fact my last iphone sold in 37 seconds on ebay. I dont think i would have the same luck with my ipad as they are available worldwide as an iphone is not. If the camera is the only hardware feature on the ipad then i have no desire to buy it. Yes it would be great for face time, but who the hell needs to carry a camera the size of a book around? Ill use my iphone for that.

  17. 17

    I am not carrying a 10 inch camera around. I knew when I got mine they would do this so it's not a big deal. A gigantic camera does not sound appealing to me.

  18. 18

    HAHAHAHAHA! reading this post is just proof that the only people who hate apple products are poor, whiney complainers. I love my iPad and plan on getting a new one.

  19. 19

    There's nothing sinister about Apple releasing new models so quickly. The computer world is dog-eat-dog and unless you're ever evolving you'll be left behind. Technology changes daily so it's only reasonable that so would the products. Apple is known for their innovation and for coming up with new generations of their products. Everyone knows that. If it's a problem for you then don't jump on the first generation. Simple really.

  20. 20

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  21. 21

    Thank God…this update saved me from having to buy one for my husband this year…he now plans to *wait* for the new one! and then the new one…and then new one…

  22. 22

    An AWESOME NEW FEATURE?!?! Really Perez?……….. Since when a camera on a phone is an ”AWESOME NEW FEATURE” ?

  23. pollo says – reply to this


    it was pretty obvious that they would include cameras in there new ipads

  24. 24

    Galaxy Tab by Samsung already has 2 cameras…. and runs the better OS, Android by Google…. iPad is far behind, Again.

  25. 25

    Re: That Cat – We are glad you like getting ripped off by OLD TECHNOLOGY…. Android is far superior, btw!

  26. 26

    nah… already got one on the phone. I'd be more excited by a better email application that lets you filter out the junk and delete multiple messages at once. The email application on iPhone & iPad is pathetic.