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Oprah Talks Politics, Stays Mum On Sarah Palin!

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Watch the video (above) for another segment of Barbara Walters' interview with Oprah Winfrey as she discusses Barack Obama and the possibility of Sarah Palin as president.

Babs is a tricky one!

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27 comments to “Oprah Talks Politics, Stays Mum On Sarah Palin!”

  1. 1

    Orca has gotten way too self-serving to be of any use to anyone anymore. All the billions she's made (and deservedly so, no argument here), just bought another home ($60mil for this one), given away millions of $'s of sponsor-donated prizes on her show… that makes her look good. Yet has set up only ONE school in Africa (staffed with child molesters), yet what has she done to the Katrina victims? Brad Pitt (along with the million and millions of $'s he and Angie have donated) set up a foundation down there starting out with $5mil of his own money. Oprah… retire and go lick Gail some more. You're useless now.

  2. 2

    BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! I wish this fat cow and the wrinkled up has-been interviewing her would just go away. I cannot wait for both of them to officially go away. Oprah is so cocky and self-righteous, she no longer has any appeal. What she says is RUBBISH. I will be laughing my ass off when her beloved Barack is not re-elected. He is officially the worst president we have ever had. Go AWAY Oprah, nobody cares anymore. try living a life out of the spotlight for once you medis whore.The world will finally be whole again when you retire.

  3. 3

    Does she discuss eating our Gayle's Smelly, Stinky TWAT???

  4. 4

    Oprah is free to endorse and defend whomever she chooses. I don't think there is anything revolutionary here. Also, Oprah is fair game for any criticism as well. Obama deserves more respect and support? That is debatable. Maybe if she could view things from a different perspective, she'd have a different point of view. But, that is impossible. She's rich and successful and really doesn't have to worry about making next month's mortgage payment or if she's unemployeed tomorrow. Why does her opinion matter to so many? Oh well…..

  5. 5

    Not a big Oprah fan, but she is right about how close we can to a real depression, and what a shame it is that people don't support the president. We were in a very deep hole and people blame Obama for not being able to change that overnight - especially considering how many politicians will do anything to sabotage his efforts.

  6. 6

    What would Oprah know about the state of the economy? The woman admitted herself she hasn't driven a car since the 80's and she hasn't a clue how much gas costs. She needs to quit acting like she knows what's really going on in "the real world." She is very, very far removed from reality. That said, Sarah Palin is a fucking idiot.

  7. 7

    Re: PaulNewmanFan
    You sound absolutely ridiculous. "worst president we have ever had?" I can guarantee that you can't even name 15 of our nation's past presidents, let alone the foul, fucked up, shady shit most of them did, in office, to get to office, etc.
    This is a country full of uneducated sheep..walking around with a self serving attitude, still holding onto the attitudes of over 200 years ago. Racism and elitism.
    I personally believe that all politicians lie, and are cut from the same cloth, but where PRESIDENT Barack differs, is that throughout all of that, he maintains a level of compassion and GENUINE care for the "people."
    And by "people" I mean u, me, and the rest of the 99% POOR that make up this wonderful country. I suggest you RUN to the nearest bookstore and begin your lifelong journey into HISTORY, REAL HISTORY before you speak on any political front whatsoever.

  8. 8

    Re: nakkers
    So what do YOU have to say about all those REPUBLICANS who are fighting tooth and nail to END YOUR UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION and force you into a bread line??? Politicians are not poor or underprivledged, the deficit is something they only care about when it effects their BOTTOM LINE which is GREED MONEY AND POWER.
    No one is talking about a damn near 11 YEAR WAR in the Middle East, the BILLIONS we've wasted, the THOUSANDS we've lost all for what????
    To NOT catch "osama bin laden"?
    Your comment is laughable. Your logic illogical, and your intelligence questionable. It's no wonder the WORLD views this country as one big fat JOKE.

  9. 9

    Did you think the same thing when George W. Bush was president, Oprah….did we need to show respect??? I thought so.

  10. 10

    Re: BIG TRUTH – If the Dems are in power they are just doing their best to shift who the rich and powerful are….. Don't think Dem's aren't about the rich…It all the same on both sides. The Dems just talk about the poor more…and that's all.

  11. 11

    Re: pipetoe1 – Bush got us into the worst recession since the Great Depression. He also started two wars which have led to about 250,000 innocent civilian murders. Oops!

  12. 12

    I wish Babs would ask my opinion of Sarah Palin. Unfortunately the network censors would never let it on tv.

  13. 13

    Based on the interview, I believe Orca would support Sarah Palin over BO. Okra now relaizes how stupid she was to support BO and MO.

  14. 14

    Re: BIG TRUTH – Amen!

  15. 15

    Watch her "eye movement" when she was questioned about the hillbilly from the great white North….it's PRICELESS! lol

  16. 16


  17. 17

    " I dont think we realize how close we came… to depression" Oprah, try being a middle classer right now. You make me laugh , I am very happy that you are successful and you have worked hard for what you have… but come on, how have you changed your lifestyle for the economic downfall we have all been witnessing? .. oh what was that?? you haven't??? thats what I thought.

  18. 18

    Re: Big Truth - Part 1 - If Obama is so great, how come in a new poll out yesterday 52% of Americans say they are worse off now then when Bush left office. Obama has no compassion. He sat back and did nothing when the oil spill happened which is still effecting people's way of life, Did nothing when the story broke about our country and serious secrets being exposed. He has been pushing his own agenda since entering office, without have regard for others. Nobody wants government run healthcare, and the mosque thing. Him siding with Muslim extremists who were responsible for 9/11 and who are still threatening our country today shows no compassion towards the millions of Americans who lost love ones in that tragedy.

  19. 19

    RE: Big Truth Part 2
    Lets not even discuss his failed stimulus plan, unemployment, and his need to make repeated personal apperances on talk or tv shows. He is a president, not a celebrity.
    His wife and daughter travel to Spain on our dollar when the economy suffers. He has not created any jobs. He bailed out many big companies, which did nothing. He also continues to to blame the prior administratin for the current problems. He has spent well over a trillion dollars trying to fix this economy. Stop blaming others and take responsibility for the mess you created. Why do you think the recent election went to the Republicans, it is because nobody wants Obama as our president anymore.I am by no means saying Bush was a good president because he wasn't. I am simply saying that Obama has broke most of his campaign promises. So before you spew your garbage about how great our current president is, watch the news or read a current book or two about where you stand in the age of Obama.

  20. 20

    I thought Oprah made some insightful comments. Who would want to be President? Seriously - what are you but a scapegoat? Truth is that we are all responsible for the various political situations we are in. We all want what we want, we never want anything taken away from us - yet we are raving hypocrits - ranting and railing about how wrong this or that is but when push comes to shove and we have to put up or shut up we just scream blue murder and blame the figurehead - the pharamkoi - the scapegoat. Humans have always done this. Obama will leave office much wiser to the ways of human nature and I would say stronger for that wisdom.

  21. 21

    Re: PaulNewmanFan
    Again, I cannot take you seriously. "He bails out big companies." Are you kidding me? You do understand that any of the "plans" President Obama has tried to initiate have been met with nothing but opposition? You do understand that our GOVERNMENT is run by THE SENATE and THE HOUSE.
    The fact that you even take what the "media" says and spit out "numbers" you convienently forget to mention that those "numbers' are based off of a SMALL GROUP of PARTICIPANTS who tend to always be comprised of OLD, WHITE males and not to mention the NUMBER of ppl POLLED are usually under 5000 IF THAT.
    So please again, step your game up when you want to talk politics. You probably still watch FAUX NEWS and believe that SARAH PALIN actually knows her ass from a hole in the ground.

  22. 22

    Re: PaulNewmanFan
    Secondly dumb ass I didnt say how "great" any president is or was b/c unlike you I understand what POLITICS really is. A distraction from THE TRUTH, which is KEEP EVERYONE POOR AND/OR DEAD while a mighty FEW have POWER and MONEY. But again, you are a SHEEP and still believe that "your vote matters."
    As far as Republicans getting "voted in" it's actually part of POLITICS, and the nature of our INSTANT GRATIFICATION SOCIETY. we want what we want when we want it without the understanding that EVERY ACTION HAS A CONSEQUENCE and anything worth doing TAKES TIME, DEDICATION. At the end of the day BARACK OBAMA being in office is a reflection of a COUNTRY that is TIRED of the same b.s decade after decade.
    Pres. Obama traveled in his first 6 months, met with more world leaders, addressed our nation publically, and attempted to tackle more issues than any president in the last 25 years.

  23. 23

    Re: PaulNewmanFan
    DRUG CAMPAIGN (which filled our prisons with FIRST TIME offenders who 9 out of 10 were carrying MARIJUANA and just so happened to TARGET MINORITIES)
    the list goes on……
    It wont be for years and years maybe even when you die, that this country realize the times we were in and ARE in right now and who/what caused it.
    Who are you going to blame then? Barack? lol. Instead of worrying about the LIES worry about what's happening around you. Sheep

  24. 24

    Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden warned Americans during the primary that voting for Obama for the presidency would be an "on the job training" for him simply b/c he has had no executive experience but people didn't listen. They believed in his promise of "hope and change"… now your children and their children will have to pay the trillions of dollars the country has incurred during his presidency.

    Am I the only one who thinks that the only reason Oprah endorsed Obama so vigorously is because he was black and not because he was the best candidate. Although Oprah has helped a lot of people, majority of her charity work is to help. promote and advance the black community. There's nothing wrong with that but I believe that that is her main goal in life.

  25. 25

    She's clever, very very VERY clever :D

  26. 26

    Re: PaulNewmanFan – there are so many holes and falsehoods in your arguments with Big Truth that you should really be embarrassed. you are exactly whats wrong with Americans now. a lot of uninformed big mouths (tea partiers for example) shouting about things they've heard somewhere in the conservative propaganda machine (that passes as news) that are actually not fact.
    and as for calling yourself a Paul Newman fan, i'm sure he must be rolling over in his grave. Paul Newman was a liberal, who was concerned about Global Warming, supported the Democratic party, and contributed to Obamas presidential campaign. if he had a chance to read any of your ignorant comments I'm sure he would be laughing and horrified at the same time.

  27. 27