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Bon Jovi Is Highest Grossing Tour Of 2010

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We didn't see that coming.

It seems that going on tour is the way for musical acts to really make $$$$$$ - and these people sure did!

Below are the top grossing tours of 2010:

1. Bon Jovi
Total Gross: $146,507,388 Number of Shows: 69
Total Attendance: 1,591,154 Number of Sell-Outs: 69

2. U2
Total Gross: $131,502,369 Number of Shows: 22
Total Attendance: 1,312,784 Number of Sell-Outs: 22

3. AC/DC
Total Gross: $122,633,027 Number of Shows: 28
Total Attendance: 1,155,998 Number of Sell-Outs: 19

4. Lady Gaga
Total Gross: $116,227,987 Number of Shows: 122
Total Attendance: 1,362,993 Number of Sell-Outs: 101

5. Black Eyed Peas
Total Gross: $81,579,114 Number of Shows: 82
Total Attendance: 1,263,625 Number of Sell-Outs: 82

6. James Tayler & Carole King
Total Gross: $62,326,410 Number of Shows: 54
Total Attendance: 693,271 Number of Sell-Outs: 23

7. Eagles
Total Gross: $62,166,344 Number of Shows: 40
Total Attendance: 587,165 Number of Sell-Outs: 12

8. Metallica
Total Gross: $61,947,556 Number of Shows: 33
Total Attendance: 700,219 Number of Sell-Outs: 13

9. Dave Matthews Band
Total Gross: $61,247,906 Number of Shows: 57
Total Attendance: 1,052,312 Number of Sell-Outs: 25

10. Paul McCartney
Total Gross: $55,760,403 Number of Shows: 21
Total Attendance: 394,186 Number of Sell-Outs: 20

Wowsa! And that isn't the end of it!

A few of our favorites that did not make the top 10 are Michael Buble at No. 11 ($52.9 million), Taylor Swift at No. 15 (40.3 million), Justin Bieber at No. 19 ($35.6 million), Miley Cyrus at No. 22 ($33.1 million) and Carrie Underwood at No. 24 ($29.7 million).

Pretty impressive. Go get 'em!

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57 comments to “Bon Jovi Is Highest Grossing Tour Of 2010”

  1. 1

    U2 would have kicked their ass if Bono hadn't of gotten hurt!!!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Good to see some real rock n roll pulling in the crowds instead of auto-tuned lip synchers.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    James Taylor and Carole King proportionally kicked the Gaga's ass!!! Way to go, old timers….

  6. 6

    Hey, didn't that talentless ghetto trash 'Riri' do like a thousand 'shows' this year? Guess all those unsold tickets and empty seats don't count.

  7. 7

    kinda surprising, but they have a huge catalogue of hits are an actual band and not just a pop act with hired guns, and people in their 40's still like to rock out and have fun and they have the money to do so.

  8. 8

    well, if we exclusively read your site, we'd think only gaga and swift went on tour this year and so that list would be surprising. skewed reporting much?

  9. 9

    Good to see most people pay to see REAL music instead of the shit you listen to, perez. Hey Perez, FUCK YOU!

  10. 10

    You mean Lady CaCa only averaged 11,000 per show? Looks like she's just hype.

  11. 11

    I'm not great with math but it looks like Paul made the most per show?

  12. 12

    Not surprised, at all.

  13. 13

    they were also the highest grossing tour in 2008. i don't get why people hate on them they can still sell out shows within minutes just like lady gaga & taylor swift. bon jovi deserves a little more respect

  14. 14

    Haha lady gaga isn't doing so well it looks like, she's obviously playing smaller venues, is she afraid that the concerts wont sell out?

  15. 15

    Re: Sheriff Rusty – How did you figure that?
    55 mil in 21 shows
    u2 made 131 mill in 22 shows

    But paul made most per person that attended i think.

  16. 16

    It's good to see the old timers are still doing great. Gives me hope for music.

  17. esj says – reply to this


    Bon Jovi maybe tops on the Gross but if you consider the fact that U2 only had 22 shows versus the 69 of Bon Jovi, U2 is undeniably the biggest draw.

  18. esj says – reply to this


    Lady Gaga should not even on the top concert artists. She did almost twice the shows of Bon Jovi and 100 performances above U2. If you divide the gross by her total shows she only raked a measly 953k per show. Bon Jovi made 2.12M per concert while U2 amassed a mind boggling 5.98M.
    Lady Gaga sucks!

  19. 19

    Hahaha man caca 122 shows only 116 mill Britney made 89 shows 138.000.000 xtina 79shows back to basics tour 100.000.000 man cacas needs to performance five times to made the money xtina & Britney making for a show they got pay 600.000. To 850.000 for night no mention xtinas movie burlesque will be grossing over200.000.000 world wide and she got pay 1.000.000 for 45 minutes of singing at the Halloween party hahaha Madonna still the queen of pop !! XTINA & BRITNEY her prodigycal dougthers:)

  20. 20

    Where did you copy and paste this info from? I'd love to see the entire list.

    Most other blogs link to their sources. Since we already know that you pretty much just take your news from other sources, could you please let us know where…so we can get all the details.

  21. 21

    XTINA is going to another world tour next year , with the susscess of burlesque The movie & soundtrack she is going to kick cacas ass and dick to the garbage can cuzz man caca sucks and her/his 15 minutes are over 2011 is Britney & XTINAS year!! Fuck all the gay littlemonsters:(

  22. 22

    Bon Jovi, U2, The Eagles, DMB…they could give the younger generation a lesson in how to actually put on an incredible show! I am sure AC/DC, Sir Paul, and Metallica are equally awesome, I just haven' t yet seen them live…

  23. 23

    Re: esj – yes man caca suc

  24. 24

    Re: StupidBitchesNeedsToLearn – oops! like I said not good with the counting.

  25. 25

    Re: StupidBitchesNeedsToLearn – Paul probably made the most personally as his band wouldn't get the same as say the Edge

  26. 26

    Re: esj – Yes man caca sucks;(

  27. 27

    besides u2 metallica is awesome with only 33 shows made the top 10 and all dates where outside of the us

  28. 28

    We shouldn't be praising artists who gouge their fans for ticket prices during the midst of a near-depression. At least gaga is working her butt off and playing all those shows so that her fans can see her without breaking the bank. Just sayin.

  29. 29

    Re: jeanmarie

    I love James Taylor and Carole King. My parents are big fans and I grew up listening to them.

  30. 30

    Everyone knows the Bon Douchey charge 300 plus bucks for most of their lower level seats, while real artists are trying to keep their greed down in this bad economy by being under at least under 100 bucks per. Way to exploit the fans.

  31. 31

    Re: sonicdahedgehog

    LOL! Agreed No. 9!

  32. 32

    Lol@ Lady FlopGa, 122 shows. Girl needs to go somewhere.

  33. 33

    Re: Mad Dog – Looks like Gaga has around 80% of her concerts completely sold out? Look's like she's not just hype.

  34. 34

    What people fail to see is that Gaga's tickets can go for as cheap as $50, unlike other concerts where you get charged $200 and you're probably gonna get stuck so far away from the main stage that you might as well just watch it on youtube. Gaga had around 80% of her concerts sold out, which proves people all around the world WANT to see her and that she isn't all hype. Learn math you noobs, she had the most sold out concerts in 2010. Only reason her tour wasn't the highest grossing tour is because she sells her tickets a lot cheaper than other artists.

    If you're going to hate on her, at least be smart about it.

  35. 35

    Bon Jovi did NOT sell out every show like you say. I was at one of them, and it was at a football stadium and people that worked there came over and told us to move closer because there were so many empty seats. They had the tickets in their hands and handed us our new seat tickets. Therefore those tickets weren't sold.

  36. 36

    To ESJ : (I'm french, so… excuse my grammar, please.) U2 was just playing in the stadium for the 360° Tour while Bon Jovi play in the arena. But the european stadium tour of Bon Jovi begin the next summer. ;)

  37. 37

    HAHA Perez!
    I usually don't like to say anything bad about you on your own website but it's about time you sucked it up in regards to Bon Jovi and gave them the respect they deserve!
    Look at U2, they didn't come close and they are in second spot. Where is your precious GAGA… 4th!!!!
    Bon Jovi are not doing a "re-union tour", they have been together as a band for over 25 years and to still be number 1 is impressive!
    I can't wait till they arrive in Sydney next week!

  38. @v@ says – reply to this


    AC/DC = Best concert bang for your buck

  39. 39

    aww lady gaga had the most shows and yet she's not no1?

  40. 40

    Re: Abdiel Sanchez Gaud – mmm, actually they had to lower the price of her tics because she wasnt selling.

  41. 41

    Re: Abdiel Sanchez Gaud – It's pretty sad that you get all offended on this site and defend FlopGa. Lolz

  42. 42

    Re: antistar – I've never responded on your site before Perez but I had to respond to ANTISTAR…I have been to 21 Bon Jovi concerts since I was 12 yrs old! My first concert cost my dad like $12.00 in 1987! I have sat in many places in arenas all around the midwest…I have never paid more that $150.00 and that includes service fees! I have been main floor 5th row and paid $125.00 for that ticket. Yes Bon Jovi has VIP packages that can be purchased but those come with other priviliges hence the term VIP PACKAGE! When will people give them the credit they are due? They have sold over 120,000,000 albums! They have played in 50 different countries around the globe! They stay true to the values and beliefs and are still selling out stadiums and arenas! They sold out the new O2 arena in London…every night. They are playing places that hold 70,000 people and selling out…check out the DVD's…you will see it for your own eyes. Not to mention everything the band and Jon himself do to pay it forward and give back! One year after Katrina hit they built 26 homes in Louisanna and the families were moved it! Give them the respect they have earned in the last 27 years!

  43. 43

    Re: Buffy79 – Jon popped a hamstring performing in NY and kept playing…and didn't miss the 14 shows after that either….just sayin

  44. 44

    Re: Jamaica06 – Bono had emergency back surgery. I would say a pulling your hamstring would be a lot different, wouldn't you? :)

  45. 45

    Re: Abdiel Sanchez Gaud – said it! absolutely right.

    Clearly all the buffoons attacking Gaga aren't paying attention. She's essentially a new artist (makes sense to do a lot of shows) and one who respects her fans enough not to charge exorbitant amounts of money (here was about $90-$110, in Australia, that's cheap, Britney was $200) She played here in Sydney 3 times at the largest venue in the state (not including the olympic stadium) and as far as I know, all the shows sold out. I'm quite certain she played most of the massive arenas around the World. Although these stats may also be including the smaller Fame Ball shows which lead into the Monster Ball. Quit hating, She is massively popular, and she's affordable, which is amazing, considering the knock-out (rave reviewed) show she puts on.

    You may not like Perez licking her arse, but give credit where credit is due. She played that many shows and sold out the vast majority because people want to see her, she just did us a favour and didn't charge through the roof, she made this point in the press that she wanted to make the show affordable for her fans. Read and analyse stats better before spewing hate all you fools.

  46. 46

    If the ppl are in such a bad way financially and the country is in crisis and no one is working then I would like to know where all this money is coming from. It's all a joke. This country is a joke. The ppl are a joke. It's all very sad.

  47. 47

    Re: LizardKinG – youre hell right but also have in mind that every artist on that list has been famous for around a decade, she only has been famous for 2 years… the fact that her record label lets her have a tour of 200 shows proves that she has a wide fan base, also a ticket for Gaga costs around 70euros, and a U2 ticket is about 200 euros (the cheap ones!)

  48. ka.06 says – reply to this


    Way to go Bon Jovi, whether it's their old songs like "Living on a Prayer" or some of their new songs, they sound awesome. Not too mention Jon Bon Jovi looks amazing for his age.

  49. 49

    I like Bon Jovi too but I think that Justin Bieber should be in the top ten cause he has been on a 6 month tour and has sold out every show, and he's only been around for a year.

  50. 50

    U2 did kick Bon Jovi's ass. U2 only played 22 shows and they averaged nearly 6 million per show. Bon Jovi only made 2 million per show.

  51. 51

    its unbelievable how they made so good off of a handful of mediocre songs

  52. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: MNchuck – Yup. AC/DC also made the next biggest bundle out of only 28 shows.

  53. 53

    Whoah! The Monster Ball Tour did so great this year and there are so many shows because it is her first massive tour and she has to perform many times in arenas. Maybe for the tour of Born this way she will perform less shows in bigger venues.

  54. 54

    you know its no surprise Bon Jovi is Beating Gaga they have been around longer and have more records and hits.. so dont try to make this about her. Its just the way it works

  55. 55


  56. 56

    Gaga has 122 shows and doesn't even have the highest grossing tour! HAHAHAHAHAH

  57. 57

    Perez, I don't know about the others, but Miley Cyrus was not on tour in 2010. She did a few one-off concerts in the United States and a mini-tour (less than half a dozen concerts) in Europe. Her last real tour was in the Fall of 2009.