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Miley Cyrus Videotaped Smoking A Bong!

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If you have small kiddies who idolize Hannah Montana, you might want to ask them to leave the room!

This morning, a cell phone video leaked of Miley Cyrus celebrating just five days after her 18th birthday - with a bong!

Yes, there's actual evidence of Disney's most profitable princess taking a nice, good hit from a bong and getting high as a mother effing kite!

Aw, she's just being Miley! Nice friends you have, by the way! (We're told it was one of them who leaked this video!)

Also, the smoke billowing from the cylinder isn't coming from marijuana, but salvia - a legal "herb" in California with psychoactive properties, hence the gigglefest coming out of Miles!

Check out the video above to see a brand new side to Miz Miley!

And in case you're offended by this, let us remind you of one key point — SHE CAN'T BE TAMED!!!! Hah!

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145 comments to “Miley Cyrus Videotaped Smoking A Bong!”

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  1. 101

    FUCKING TRASHY, i knew she was going to turn to trash…after the whole slutty video she came out with so sad. I wonder what her family thinks?

  2. 102

    miley is a disgrace. millions of dollars to be on disney, who made her a star, and she acts so irresponsibly. her fans think it's cool that she does whatever she wants but it's not cool. she has obviously never been disciplined in her life. girls who follow her will end up pregnant or in rehab or jail. look how fast demi lovato ended up in rehab after switching bff from selena to miley. she truly is the "WORST ROLE MODEL EVER"

  3. 103

    Re: rambo1 – she's no newbie. she was obviously high or drunk in that video she and mandy made making fun of selena and demi. she was drunk in that video grinding on a 44-year old mans crotch. she sounds drunk in every interview. this slut is a complete party animal

  4. 104

    Re: jess1021 – haha beautiful?!? she's the ugliest teen celebrity out there. look at her without makeup

  5. 105

    Re: GossipGirl100 – How is calling a young girl a crack whore constructive criticism? Learn what constructive criticism is before you use it in a sentence. And I completely agree with April 20th. If you were a real psychiatrist you wouldn't be calling this girl a crack whore. You're clearly lying about yourself on PerezHilton.com. Now THAT"S sad.

  6. 106

    OMG so everyone who is giving her shit about this means that when they were 18 they didn't go out and do crazy shit?!?! the poor girl lives under a microscope.. and sometimes they just need to be a regular teenager and screw around a bit… now this person who leaked the video is OBVIOUSLY NOT her friend..just a complete ass… now if she starts using needles, THEN ok give her crap, other wise.. LIVE ON MILEY LIVE ON!!!

  7. 107

    wow big shocker…LOL

  8. 108

    Re: J_Baby – LOLZZZZZZ So true. No one (or at least anyone competent) in the psycology field would ever call someone a crack whore.

  9. 109

    Re: helloyaya
    ppl give her shit for dressing and acting like a whore in front of 8-year old girls. not to mention all the other stuff: underage drinking, lap dances on grown men, pole dancing, vowing to ruin Radiohead when they wouldn't meet her backstage, making fun of asians, cyberbullying. it's just one disgrace after another with this slut

  10. 110

    Get over it! She is just doing what every other 18 year old out there is doing, and it's legal. Just because she's famous, doesn't mean she has to be an angel.

  11. 111

    haha stupid bitch! now im sure all the MILEY LOVERS will find ways to say that this is okay. yes this would be okay for a normal non-role-model-for-8-year-olds teenager expirementing but unfortuantely this pole riding slut is a role model for small children everywhere and its a shame. next im sure it will be a sex tape!

  12. 112

    You snif cocaine (and you still fat) and no one say anything about it ! BITCH!
    Just live the girl alone.

  13. 113

    Re: BeNiceYall – THANK YOU!! She's a dumbass for thinking that any of us believe her lol

  14. 114

    poor girl! what shitty friends she must have to leak this video when she's just experimenting like what some normal teens do! i think its frackin hilarious by the way

  15. 115

    everyone who talks about miley cyrus is a fucking hater and is jealous as helllll… get off her dick and let her live her life the way she wants to. LOVE YOU MILEY

  16. 116

    Clearly Miley is a bit stupid for allowing this to be videotaped. It's almost as if she wanted this to be leaked so people would stop seeing her as this cutesy Disney chick. By the comments here it sounds like she succeeded

  17. 117

    Re: J_Baby – Evidently, you are an uneducated poor low-life that cannot comprehend too well. I have a day off, so I can say whatever the fuck I want. You can keep licking the interior of my asshole you crack addicted bitch.

  18. 118

    Re: J_Baby – Young girl? The bitch is now considered as a legal adult get your shit right!

  19. 119

    I'm kind of mystified by parents' encouraging their children (especially girls) to idolize these kid actors/singers. When doesn't it lead to a mess? The actor gets legal and starts acting a fool — if they weren't already before it was legal. I realize that she's of legal age and (supposedly) doing a legal thing, but I sure wouldn't want my kid to be a fan of hers right now. I may be wrong, but I think she's on the fast track to obscurity. She can't act for crap, and she's only a passable singer. Without Disney behind her, she'll be a memory before too long.

  20. 120

    It is very sad… But not unexpected. As a parent of an 18 yr old and 22 yr old, you have to expect that they are going to go out there and experiment with life. I did it when I was that age and she is no different than the average teenager. I just hope it isn't a cry for help. And to know that her "friend" taped this and then it ended up on the internet…doesn't sound like much of a friend to me.

  21. 121

    Guys Listen…. I Guarantee Half Of You Guys Have Tryed It……. Shes Just Trying It… Doesnt Mean NOTHING.! If She Wasnt Famous Than You Wouldnt Give A Care, Why Now? She Just Wants To Run Her Life Her Way… Not Disney Channels Way…. Okay? So CHILL….. You Can Tell This Was Her First Because She Stopped Half Way….. Anyways Just Calm Down.. Let MILEY Run Her Life… I DONT CARE If Its Bad Or Good… Just Let Her Figure It Out On Her Own.

  22. 122

    Re: GossipGirl100 – Drugs are being used now, more than ever? Honey, have you heard of the 60s??? Just because more famous people have died of an overdose doesn't mean increased rates of drug abuse. It has been considered a serious issue since Nixon declared the war on drugs.

    As for Salvia, it's not a cute trip.
    I wonder how much they got paid for selling this video. I'm assuming a lot.

  23. 123

    It's not really a shock and people shouldn't come down on her, it's her life after all. Like no one here has done something they regret.

  24. 124

    She's a slut.

  25. 125

    hahaha oh she's being so rebellious. compared to most people our age she's pretty tame haha

  26. 126

    it doesn't matter wether she's legal or not & wether whatever she's smoking is legal or not the point is that she is still very prevalent on disney channel you idiots. she needs to take being a rold model more seriously. if she weren't still on disney i honestly would not care because as its already been pointed out, she is a) legal & b) growing up also, yeah it does suck that one of her friends would sell her out, but hopefully she knows now that that "friend" really isn't one at all & learns her lesson.

  27. 127

    well shes legal , its legal, and shes technically out of Disney. She has already changed record labels.

  28. 128

    Wow. But its legal, its not weed, so whats the big deal I guess?

  29. 129

    People keep asking why Disney doesn't fire her or saying she's a role model. NO. One-she is no longer on the Disney dole. Two-If pop stars are your kid's role models, then you're the shitty parent. She's a teenager being a teenager. BFD.

  30. 130

    Re: BeNiceYall
    Yep, it is legal in NC, but not all states. A friend of mine orders it off the internet and has it shipped to his mom's address in NC. He has offered it to me several times, but I refuse to try it.

  31. 131

    Re: GossipGirl100 – Hahaha I love that some wannabe psychiatrist on Perez Hilton thinks she knows my life.

  32. 132

    I hate to have to break the bad news to GossipGirl300, but Disney Channel can't fire Miley Cyrus because Miley Cyrus has already FIRED DISNEY CHANNEL! In fact, it happened in negotiations more than a year ago. That's why the forth season of Hannah Montana that is going on right now is the last season for that show even though Disney wanted Cyrus to say on for a fifth season. Cyrus was losing millions of dollars every month she stayed on with Disney. Disney Channel was paying her $15,000 an episode when she could have been out making a $1.5 million a night doing concerts or $10 million per movie, which is what she's making now for the movies she's made since leaving Disney Channel. Hannah Montana wrapped in May 2010 and as of then she doesn't work for them any more. BTW, Microsoft paid Cyrus $1.2 million to do a 30 min. concert in Seattle last month. That's a little bit more than Disney was paying her, don't you agree?

  33. 133

    This is a kid who's been working nonstop 14-hour days since she was 12 with hardly a break. In fact, she took a few weeks off work after finishing her last movie in mid-Sept. before starting a few weeks ago to train for her next movie, which started shooting in New Orleans yesterday. That's the first significant time off she's had in the last 6 years! If she took a little time to have some fun with friends and try a legal drug, more power to her. Linsay Lohan was a coke addict when she was 18 and it takes a pretty ignorant person to compare that with taking a few tokes of a legal drug. Cyrus was obviously not experienced with it or she would not have needed people coaching her on how to use a bong. I actually feel sorry for her. She's just now doing the normal teen things that I was doing when I was 14, and that was 40 years ago!

  34. 134

    K well a few things.
    1. This Anna Oliver chick…she sounds terrible. She's totally egging her on in the video and I bet she's the one that leaked it. She hangs out with Demi, and Demi ends up in rehab. She hangs out with Miley and video tapes her getting high….it just sounds like sabotage to me. However, Miley still made the decision to get high and she's responsible for her own dumb fucking choices.

    2. Everyone that likes this vid…you realize because of this the public is now more aware of Salvia's existence…therefore it will probably be banned soon. So thank Miley for that!!!

    3. Yeah she's 18…but if you ask me her parents are just so clueless/ careless. Just look at her slutty baby sister. Like wtf is going on with this family?

  35. 135

    Re: laythisdown – The media implied that her career may now be in shambles. Her father is saddened by her drug addicted behavior. How much she makes is irrelevant - as it is not in anyone else's bank account; however, anyone that chooses to work with her may be making a bad business move. Also, it helps to assist her drug habit. Her career has already started crumbling. She is no diva or Madonna…. she will never be. She's just not that powerful. She's a here today, gone tomorrow kind celebrity. It's fascinating that people become "upset" when others give their constructive analysis about "drug abuse." It takes a professional that works with these people to give their diagnosis as to why she resulted to drugs and if she's using other drugs. She could be using other harder drugs. No one knows as of yet.

  36. 136

    Re: laythisdown – The MAIN ISSUE here: Miley Cyrus is on drugs and could she be using any other drugs (i.e, cocaine, heroin, acid, shrooms, etc)? Statistics proved that drugs are more prevalent now than the sixties, there have been more deaths in recent time. Doesn't matter if she was caught using "salvia," what else is she using? She needs to seek help if she's abusing other drugs. Why defend her if she's using other drugs? People to need to HELP her if she's going through rough times. She is now an adult and behaving carelessly. Miley could wind up like Anna Nicole Smith if she doesn't get help. We don't know what drugs she's doing b/c we aren't in her personal life, so she should get the help she needs so she can continue on w/ her life. Anytime someone results to substance abuse of any form, they are unhappy within. They are looking for a substance to fix their state-of-mind, so it makes them feel better. Now is the time, she can begin to change the reckless behavior that she engages into a positive.

  37. 137

    who cares…i still like miley

  38. 138

    Re: BELLA blue – You're the dumbass because you don't even know the right verbage of "there". It's "their" in regards to your post.

  39. 139

    Re: A Voice of Sanity – My thoughts exactly.

  40. 140

    people have no integrity these days.
    she has no morals. even if IT IS legal, look how its fucking her head up. she is so stupid. why would she ever try something like that. because its cool??? fuck that. she's just like those bitchy popular high school girls. she probably wouldn't recommend it for a fan, so why do it herself?? what a scum bag whore.

  41. 141

    Oh please, Like many people have stated: It's legal, she's legal. WHATS THAA BIG DEAL?
    If anything she needed to loose some steam after recent events. How dogging of the person who leaked it.. i feel a mega law suit coming along. HAPPY 18th MILEZZ!

  42. 142

    At least it wasn't a cigarette and to all the kids to look to Miley go smoke some bud too when y'all get old enough

  43. 143

    Those here who are condoning drug use and praising Miley for self-destructing are nothing more than ignorant trash, filthy low lifes!

    MILEY, if you're reading this, STOP and get help now. Drugs and sex don't equal happiness. It's only a very temporary bandaid.

  44. 144

    she is such a fuckin dumbass. oh and a major whore!

  45. 145

    lol it's just pot

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