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X Factor: The Worst Performance Of The Weekend Was…

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Once again…. One Direction!

This was PAINFUL to watch!

And why the hell must they start all of their songs with the same kid singing always???? Can the rest not sing? WTF???

Each one of their performances have been sooooo boring!

Cute will only take them so far!

Check out One Direction's collaboration on She's The One with Robbie Williams (above)!

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65 comments to “X Factor: The Worst Performance Of The Weekend Was…”

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  2. 2

    they were brilliant! you need your ears checked, and oh how'd Cher do?

  3. 3

    I loved them. They were way better than Cher could ever be . What are you on ?? , im team One Direction all the way . Liam,Harry,Zayn

  4. 4

    Oh and im starting to think you only hate them because they are a threat to your future boy band .Oh yeah , how is that going again Floprez???

  5. 5

    OK, so today i decided to for the first time actually read the posts and watch the videos about xfactor. i strongly believe that if i really cared about the show, i would watch it.
    but this performance was actually really good. The singing was pretty good, spotty in some places but generally good. I do see how some people could call it boring, but they would have to have adhd because this was not boring.
    This really makes me question your judgement, because cher's performances were terrible, horribly boring and some of the worst singing i have ever hear…

  6. 6

    Im sorry love but if i wanted to watch glee rejects sing then i would put a justin bieber CD in and listen to it. I love bieber. These kids are okay. I dont feel like they should of made it to the end. Its like a puppy they are cute and cuddly until they shit on your floor and then u fuckin hate the thing and send it to your mothers. There balls are going to drop and its a wrap on this little puppies..Poor Cher =(

  7. 7

    what fucking crudentials do you have to say that theyre horrible? ive been singing for 7 years and they sounded fantastic

  8. 8

    Perez…you may not like them but I bet they will win it tomorrow….so much for you being a judge on anything….you suck on picking talents.

  9. 9

    What are you saying? they're amazing and its not just because they're fit - no matter what happens tomoro there gonna be huge - you'll be eating yours words in a few years time when they've become hugee

  10. 10

    Really, Perez? If anything, Robbie Williams and his crazy eyes fucked this performance up, which really wasn't bad. And why wouldn't you show their first song, which was a stunning performace of "Your Song"? And if you paid attention instead of slobbering over the waste that is Cher, you might notice that they do all sing, but sometimes in bands they have to take turns depending on the song.
    I really can't wait till they do start having success and everybody clammors for them, because you're going to eat your words.

  11. 11

    They were SOOOO much better than your darling Cher. You know why they moved on and she didn't? Because they're likable and real. She just seems fake and contrived and doing anything she can to be "different" but not in a good way. I'm SO happy for them, and they sounded fantastic with Robbie by their side.

  12. 12

    I see a HUGE career for One Direction in funerals & Grocery Store Grand Openings.

  13. 13

    Who the Hell was the Crack-Head that appeared on stage halfway through the song and grunted & moaned like a dying road-kill animal?

  14. 14

    well i can't wait till i go to see them perform and to be honest they don't need people like you to support them, they have enough support already, thats why they are in the final in case you haven't noticed. This is because they are good SINGERS. unlike Cher, who thinks she can rap.. i think you need your ears checking out. just saying.

  15. 15

    i think robbie was fantasic as always, such a nice guy and the boys duet with him was amazin, go 1 direction x

  16. 16

    im sorry but did anyone else see Nialls face when Robbie lifted him … too adorable. What do you have against them, their spot on and for their ages absolutely brilliant. you gatta bear in mind Harry (the curly haired one) is only 16 Louis (red suit) is 18 and the rest are 17. i mean for that theyre brill, i think youre just trying to get Cheryl Coles attention by bigging up her acts

  17. jjg says – reply to this


    they are awful

  18. 18

    Does Perez ever listen to the public? cause I'm struggling to see so. At their homecoming gig they had over 5000 people turn out to see them whereas Rebecca had 2000 and Matt 3000. I thought his was a very touching and stunning performance, poor Liam made a little mistake but he should never have been given that line Louis should have. Tomorrow, though, when they sing Torn there will be no dry eyes in the house. I have wanted them to sing this again since forever! And if you are wondering what their names are for future reference (ie when you're apologising for the hate when they get their 10th no.1) Harry Edward Styles is the curly one, Liam Payne the tanned swooshy hair, Louis William Tomlinson the other swooshy hair, Niall Timothy Horan the blonde one and Zayn Malik the black haired one. I will have One Direction infection forever! p.s. please don't let Perez sway your opinion on them because they are lovely, genuine and down to earth boys :D xx

  19. 19

    I love you Perez and I often agree with you on most things but on this one there is no way! how can you dislike these people and then love cher! Cher was fake and cocky to the point that the public began to dislike her, One Direction have been real all the way through without throwing tantrums and waving spoons in people's (who are trying to help them) faces. Seriously Perez, open your ears and eyes!

  20. 20

    hm.. they were so horrible and cher was SOO fanstastic that she went home… (sarcasm) Perez, fuck off.

  21. 21

    You know what was painful to watch? Cher and Will.i.am! DAMIT

  22. 22

    Stop judging people who actually have talent. -_-

  23. 23

    WILL YOU PLEASE POST MATT'S VIDEOS??????? it's so unfair how much attention you've been giving everyone else from the start- of all the 16 finalists he's the one with the purest voice. he's a sweetheart, and a REAL musician! if you don't like him then fine, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give everyone a chance to hear his voice and decide for themselves. :(

  24. 24

    They were really good :) Hope they win it tomorrow night!! Even if they don't they will defo go far in their music career i'd say!!

  25. 25

    You're not a fan of boybands are you? :S Please don't demean them so much. They're actually pretty good.

  26. 26

    At least they're fun, youthful, and talented performers unlike cher. That robbie performance brought me to tears i thought it was so fantastic. I dont see how you think they have no appeal, the public love them!

  27. 27

    Are you retarded, Perezzle? Those guys did really well and sounded excellent. Sorry about your tone-deaf little Romanian Gypsy trash tone deaf Cher. Ha Ha!!
    And you want to be a judge on a music show. GET REAL, FATSO!! You have no sense of musicality whatsoever. You pick the worst ones and promote the hell out of them everytime…and they always FAIL!! Listen to the people, dumb ass!!

  28. 28

    Re: LuvDougiePoynter – Couldn't agree with you more! Will.I.Am is always awful live and Cher was doing nothing for the performance either.

  29. 29

    Once again, it seems you're somewhat biased.
    I thought they did pretty well actually.
    I did, however, notice that Liam is always the first singer, and it then generally goes onto Harry without the others really being given solo chances, but isn't there always a couple of main singers in every band like One Direction? JT and N*Sync?

    I seriously think you dislike them because they've been a threat to Cher the entire time.

    Let's not forget- they've done exceptionally well for a band that was put together at Boot Camp. They made it work, you've got to give them that.

  30. 30

    They aren't the best singers, but they were tons better than Cher.

  31. 31

    I havent listened to them yet, but if most people say they are good then they cannot be that bad… oh well, many people think Gaga is good and she is Poopoo. Anyway, Im tired of that stupid hairdo all boys got. Wtf with wearing the cat on the head. Seriously, need a cut!.

  32. 32

    I'm seriously fed up of the hype around them, they are soo bad, there is a reason they couldn't make it as solo singers, so by putting them in a band i dnt get how it makes them amazing. Also if they were overweight, spotty and full on ugly no one would even bother giving them the time of day, and all the weirdo obsessed girls would be saying they were crap singers

  33. 33

    people. he said htey were boring. he never said they cant sing. he said it was boring, and only one dude sings all the time. its like a solo artist with fuckin backround singers. and it si boring. he never said they cant sing… he said - painful to WATCH. not to listen to…

  34. 34

    ha… speaks the truth! Why DO they start with the same dude all the time! And then that Zane kid just kind of stands there doing nothing… it's like move! Then they all start looking at each other and smile when they are ment to be singing… like wtf do that in your own time! Your ment to be looking at the camara! :@

  35. 35

    Re: JennUxx

    Go you :) , I'm kinda hoping they win and when they have a 10th number one we'll make sure perez eats his words, he really pisses me off , especially his comments about Mary last week >:(

  36. 36

    Go to hell Perez

  37. 37


  38. esj says – reply to this


    Perez you are a stupid p!g.

  39. 39

    Perez, you know nothing about the British music scene. One Direction will be the biggest group of the last few years. I know JLS aren't popular in the U.S. but they are absolutely huge in the U.K. and the hysteria that follows them where they go is ridiculous. I can only predict the same will happen for One Direction. I agree that Cher was the most original but her standard wasn't good enough week-by-week to win, whereas One Direction have been consistently good. Rebecca has an amazing voice, Matt has a nice voice but bores me, but One Direction have the biggest career ahead of them, they are only 16-18 years old so they have plenty of time to improve, and in my opinion, they definitely deserve to win!

  40. 40

    It didn't sound horrible to me — infact I thought they sounded just fine. If anything, Robbie Williams was a bit meh but other then that it was alright.

  41. 41

    CRAP á la justin bieber. they suck big time. c'mon boy bands are so 90's. yeah, of course, they're cute, they sing, but nothing special about them…only 13 Y.O girls like them, im gay and i like boys…but c'mon i hear good pop music and good pop artists and theyre lame. girls who vote them are dumb biatches who can't appreciate good music..just care about the package..cause they have their pu$$y warm….lame.

  42. 42

    You're right. Why does Liam always sing first? And why Harry second? Are the others just background singers? They should shake it up a bit to keep it fresh!

  43. 43

    You know what I'm glad noone chose perez as the host of american idol. Clearly you do not recognize talent when its right infront of your eyes. One Direction have been AMAZING throughout this season and they DESERVE to be in the finals! Cher was the worst performer ever with her high pitched annoying voice! Her duet with Will.I. Am was just plain Awful! So next ti,e you decide to take a jab at One Direction, listen to their performance of 'You are so beautiful.' Why do you always have to be so negative towards them?!

  44. 44

    They were awful indeed. They still need to grow, but this is part of growing. Poor them, they must be ashamed. And what was wrong with Robbie? He didn't shoul dhimself at all! Too much drugs? Drank? Flu? Who knows

  45. 45

    It's true that a lot of people only support them because of how they look. Most people I know only vote for them because one of them comes from the same town as us.

  46. 46

    Re: One_Direction_Infection – because they suck. :)

  47. tub says – reply to this


    prayfordemi - because they are rotten and talentless. And I guess the only reason they are still in is beacuse of people like you! and all their screaming groupies. Its just an opinion that they are total crap, and even the one that does all the singing is crap. They are just sooooo boring.

  48. 48

    Amazing??? What's wrong with all you people?! They're a boy band of 5 and they always sing the same harmonie/melody whatever you call it. The've got nothing on JLS. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Perez. That same kid always starts and he's not even that good! As a matter of fact, none of them realy are. Yes they all have voices but none of them are exceedingly good singers. All of you saying they were breath taking, did you listen to them or were you looking at their cute blue-eyed faces.

    Another thing. They came out week after week after week and just did the same thing. Either standing in a row or just standing somewhere random on the stage.

  49. 49

    i'm sorry but this week they didn't have the worst performance (Matt did) .
    Yes last week it was the worse but i think yesterday they did great i they should at least be 2 .

  50. 50

    im sorry if that is painful then whats good in your eyes ? they were amazing you have a serious grudge against them im voting for them and im sure alot of other people are so stop with the one direction hate ONE DIRECTION TO WIN :D

  51. 51

    Omg hahahaha you say one direction are 'boring' but you love Rebecca??? Do your eyes/ears work???? If these were older you'd be all over them like a rash. Okay, their performances wasn't as fun as other weeks but they are usually SO fun to watch, they're real performers as was Cher so it was rubbish to see her go. Rebecca just stands there, I'm from Liverpool aswell but unlike everyone else from here who's backing her just because of that I've gotta be honest she is talented… but she makes me want to hang myself cause she just stands there. Imagine watching her live… I'd go asleep. I want 1D to win, if not then Matt Cardle!! At least some weeks he is fun.

  52. 52


  53. 53

    Re: hitgirl The fact that you hate the one person who can actually sing is HILARIOUS. So sad.

  54. 54

    how is this painful to watch? I thought they did a great job.

  55. 55

    I think they were very good.
    They are a cute,young band.
    They aren't breathtaking all the time,but i think they are very nice.

    They should win ! !
    Go One Direction !

  56. 56

    Re: flubbzi – He gig with RiRi is on YouTube.

  57. 57

    that was FANTASTIC! I still want Rebecca to win, but I love these guys!

  58. 58

    why are they still in?

  59. 59

    if chers so fucking amazing why she get booted off. i bet if one direction was all for gays you would hope on their dick in a heartbeat. just do me a favor when these guys get popular and everyone starts to love them don't be all"I KNEW THEY WOULD MAKE IT BIG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH etc etc etc" keep the same dumass opinon u got mkay?

  60. 60

    They're going to win! What are you talking about?!

  61. 61

    I think they were amazing, they are awesome when it comes to singing and they are HOT especially Harry! I

  62. 62

    your such a retard

  63. 63

    Come on people, we like them beacuse they are really handsome but that's all. i mean they sing good, but i think they're better single. One direction sucks

  64. 64

    i really dont understand why you dont like them they are going to be huge and you will be eatnig your words normally i share your opinion on alot but cher is awful and cant rap. but she is a very good singer she think shes it and is not where theese boys werre thrown together less than 6 months ago they will be massive them and matt . rebecca is beautiful but needs more confidence in her performances as shes so stiff.

  65. 65

    Once again…. One Direction!….Hmm…kind of like your blog, ey?