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Xtina Parties Hard In Londontown With Boy Toy!

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She really likes keeping this boy toy with her all times!

Christina Aguilera brought new beau Matt Rutler along with her to the UK for her X Factor performance, but according to sources, the party really kicked up after the show wrapped!

Sources spotted the singer and her crew at the London nightclub Mahiki, knocking back a variety of cocktails and openly getting her freak on with Rutler!

Hmmm - we're still glad to see that she's letting off steam and not focusing on her divorce, but a part of us thinks she should probably cool it down soon and focus on her kid!

We don't want this to turn into Brit Brit post-divorce meltdown 2.0!


[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Xtina Parties Hard In Londontown With Boy Toy!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Why is floptina's boyfriends always so fucking ugly? Holy crap..

  3. 3

    wow, imagine how much better her son would look if had these paternal looks…!

  4. 4

    I thought Christina was ABSOLUTELY TOO BUSY to attend What's Her Name's wedding….

  5. 5

    Britney never had a melt down. She was enjoying the free life. She never had the time to party and have fun. Sure shes been trough some emotional roller coasters as well. But she should have never been put under a conservatorship. Men never get the shit women get. You hate women Perez. I fucking hate you. You dont deserve the life ur living. You got rich from backstabbing people. You took advantage of Britney. If anyone is crazy its YOU. I can not wait til you are over with. When celebrities are no longer afraid to be cyberbullied by you and pretend to be your friend. I will NEVER forget when you claimed Janet jackson had BACKFAT and called Katherine jackson a BITCH. I will continue to create awareness of Perez Hitler. Why hitler??? Everyone knows you are wrong, yet everyone follows you and stays nice.

  6. 6

    It is almost like the husband and kid disappeared at the same time - like they never were even - maybe she got diva bored with it all? Somehow I think that kid will be getting therapy about mummy dearest when it grows up.

  7. 7

    How sad for him that his first beard is this disgusting pig. Honey, you could get such cute and disease free guys. Drop the whore and do your thing!

  8. 8

    She should be with her child. Shame on you Christina, what are you doing in nightclubs, GO HOME TO YOUR CHILD !!!!!!!!!!

  9. 9

    Might of been a bit too harsh before. Just getting the vibe from some of the stories read lately that she seems to have a lot of rage inside - pushing people away but hating herself for doing it. Strong on the surface, lots of inner turmoil.

  10. 10

    people, she is working!! she is promoting her movie! she has been all over europe for burlesque. if you were to see pics of her in LA, shes almost always with her kid.

  11. 11

    She can't concentrate on her child because her child isn't allowed to leave the states during a divorce settlement.

  12. 12

    @ Pam's leaking Silicone Breasts

    She is too busy. The past week she was flying to different parts of the world doing Burlesque premieres and promo and this week is no different.

  13. 13

    um shes promoting her movie. Perez you have to learn you can't hurt Christina she has real talent and fans are always going to stick by her an fight bullies like you. Whats the matter Gaga not returnig your calls?

  14. 14

    We might not know how unbearably boring her marriage was and she is just so grateful to be free with someone that wants to go out and enjoy life. I doubt that she is neglecting her son, if I may just take a guess, she is trying to recover. I know what it's like although I don't have kids. Lucky for her she can afford not to be held down. She works hard.

  15. 15

    Someone should remind Xtina that you divorce your HUSBAND… not your CHILD. She reminds me so much of Kate Hudson. You always see pictures of her galavanting all over the world with some new guy every other week and it's like, um, don't you have a kid?

  16. 16

    I love Christina, but she really should be w/ Max. It must be tough his parents going through a divorce, a new guy in the picture, and she's not even there.

  17. 17

    I think that Christina has an undying love for her child. You can just tell she wants to give him everything she never had. She deserves some time to her self

  18. 18

    I like how people assume they know her parenting skills simply by a few pictures with a new man. That is just insane to think she's a "bad mom" because she is going out. Give me a break.. what new mommy stays home EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT with their kid.. just doesn't happen. Live and let live… if Xtina is happy, then who cares…And she IS out in Europe promoting Burlesque.. it isn't like she left her kid in LA w/ a nanny. I'm glad to have the old Xtina back.. bring back the "Dirrrty" days.. I miss those…not the "miss married to the jew" Xtina lol

  19. 19

    God, all that talk about how strong and confident she feels, jada, jada ,jada…and look at her now! She is such a weak woman who needs to have a man in her life at all times. I feel so sorry for such women who can't stand being single for two minutes. What a wuss!

  20. 20

    Brit and Christina's lives have mirrored each other since The Mickey Mouse Club. I think they must have been twins in a past life.

  21. 21

    I think its funny how she was always to quick to judge on Britney's antics, looks like little miss Christina may have some stuff in her closet she is hiding too!

    I felt bad for her husband, :( coming out in public so soon is not a very nice thing for him to have to deal with, is he still her manager?

    Luv her regardless but she is a mum and unfortuently they get judged a bit more heavily than non mums, hope she doesnt take it too far for the press to rip apart :(

  22. 22

    w/e no one really knows what goes on behind closed doors. and as far as im concerned xtina is and will always be the Best!!!

  23. 23

    Christina can do all that she want, she the young woman and she is not obliged to be at home for days near the child, her son is not alone, he have a good time with father, and mum can have fun too

  24. 24

    Yeah she's really the best that's why she has time to party and be with this skanky guy around the clock she's trash.

  25. 25

    Max is spending time with his dad since Christina is traveling around the world promoting Burlesque (she's been to Japan, Spain, the UK, and some other places). All that traveling isn't good for a kid, especially if there is the option of normalcy with his father. And we've known Christina likes to pop bottles and get slizzard for years now. I'm sure the entire family is fine.

  26. 26

    Leave me alone. I'm very pissed at her for acting this way, i understand she is trying to promote a movie but she needs to act like an adult. I'm still trying to seperate the entertainer from the person, i like her music, but not her at the moment. If you had any love or respect for your husband and your son, you wouldn't have gone into dating a week after divorce and continue to shack up all over the world with this fame whore. He's only using you Chrissy, but you'll see that later on. You'll be begging Jordan to take you back when you realize that nobody will love you like he did. I may not have respect for you anymore girl, but please do not do what Britney did.