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Heidi's Mother Says Enough Is Enough!

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It's such a shame that these two are unable to resolve their issues.

It's been over a year since Heidi Montag and her mother, Darlene Egelhoff, became estranged from each other, and despite the latter's many public pleas to reconcile, the reality star has held her ground and refused to communicate - apparently because she thinks that her family is using her for publicity!

However, Egelhoff seems to be losing her patience, because she's written a pretty scathing note to her child, which essentially says that enough is enough!

It reads:

"Heidi was so unbelievably cute and such an equal part of our family, all but the last year, that without her our history is incomplete. She is a part of our family whether she acts like it at this time or not. If you don't like it Heids, call me, lets work it out, otherwise too bad. I'm the mother; it’s time you showed a little respect. I have made mistakes but none that warrant completely shunning your entire family as a result. If you want to receive grace you must give grace."

It definitely sounds as though that there's a whole lot of issues that that have been building between these two for quite some time, and we sincerely hope that they can put down their weapons and just communicate with each other!

The holidays are a time for forgiveness and family! What's done is done, we hope they can start moving forward and let whatever issues they may have just stay in the past!


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20 comments to “Heidi's Mother Says Enough Is Enough!”

  1. 1

    Didn't they become estranged due to the mom not liking all of Heidi's surgeries? Heidi cut her out after that, I believe. And now, the plastic blow-up doll is saying she regrets all of the surgeries ([robably just for more publicity). Hmm, I guess mommy was right, and Heidi proves how heartless and cold she really is by still not talking to her family. I know that blood is blood, but if Heidi were one of my family members and pulled this stunt, I'd be saying adios a long time ago. She's officially mentally handicapped and brainwashed by her "fame".

  2. 2

    Don't post shit about this silyl cow. She's mentally sick. she needs help, medical help not gissip help. Hope when she has children they will all stop talking to her and dissapear that's when bitch will understand.

  3. @v@ says – reply to this


    Where'd you get the contents of the note, from the mom herself, or Heidi?
    Mom needs patience, and Heidi needs to be a funtional human being for this to ever end.

  4. 4

    heidi, call your mom, please. think of the publicity you could get!!!

  5. 5

    It's not going to work. Heidi is likely done with her mother. A friend of mine tried the same thing with her daughter and it flopped. The daughter three years later is still not talking to her.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    She should have stayed quite .. she's ruining it.. she should shun her because she deserves it and caving like this will make her wait longer cause she knows you still care.. i know it must be hard cause it's your kid.. but Heidi is a bitch and a dumbass to be with that idiot and talk shit about her dead surgeon.. and then treat her mom like crap because of her idiot husband and because her mom wasn't really liking the surgery and p.s. who the fuck would? and then now she regrets it anyway now that the guy is dead???? and she still doesn't talk to her mom ??? this bitch doesn't have a soul.. let her be..

  8. 8

    Re: @v@ – He got the contents of the note from Heidi's publicist, which can in turn be sold as an "exclusive" to US Weekly or one of the other toilet rags. Normal people resolve their differences by picking up a phone or knocking on their door.

    Abnormal people (people who have found a way to receive income without actually working) write a "letter" to their daughter and then send it off to their publicist. In turn it is sent over to Perez and his ilk.

    Follow the money, baby.

  9. 9

    People still talk about this broad?

  10. 10

    Who gives a shit. Neither deserve press or fame.

  11. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: pyiddy – Wow. Heidi allegedly wrote it herself and then sold her mom out with the fake note for cash? Lowest of the low, ka-ching. Lol. Thks.

  12. 12

    heidi needs to face he desolation of her life now just with her and spencer all family cut off who never did anything but try and tell her the reality but thats life

    the mother is doing the right things to ask her back but also to understand that heidi has to hit rock bottom when she sees her and spencers ideas dont come to fruition and they end up living in mess of their own stench again then crawl home to mama

  13. 13

    A mother doesn't stay quiet for long….she reaches out to her child just as this woman is doing but her daughter Heidi is not the person she raised. Heidi is duplicitous and greedy for the taste of fame. Sadly, she will never again relive her 15 minutes, nor the magazine covers with the false stories. Her face is ruined and ill-shaped and her nose has dents on the sides…its horribly sad…. and I feel for her mother….just as I feel for Jennifer Aniston's mother living in a dumpy apartment alone in her old age with a famous, wealthy daughter that could have given her an easy retirement.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    Why do these two no-nothing twats insist on airing their private family matters in public?

  16. 16

    Mom's trying to get Heidi some publicity. "Heids" should say thank you.

  17. 17

    Heidi is a bitch. A spoiled little brat. Whether or not she has money is not the point. Whatever she does with her money isn't the point. Whether she gave it away or blew it off on crystals, who the eff cares. She will get what is coming to her when she decides to spawn her own child. She doesn't have a clue what a mothers love is. How to stick together as a family. That lady raised you. Become aware of your own weaknesses Heidi! Damn you mother has!

  18. 18

    Heidi at best is going to continue to remain a selfish little bitch and think her mother is only after publicity. Heidi, your mother uses the media to talk because its the only way that seems to be effective to get in touch with you!! She is right, she is your mother Heidi, she deserves some respect, some things are more important than your pride, just because your feelings got hurt, you asked a question, you wanted her honest opinion and she gave it to you, just because it wasn't what you wanted to hear isn't a good enough reason to cut your mother out of your life! You only get one mother in life Heidi, what is gonna happen when she's gone? You'll have lost all that time with her. ITS CHRISTMAS! GO HOME AND SEE YOUR MOM AND THE REST OF YOUR FAMILY!!!SUCK IT UP BIMBO AND GET OVER IT!!!

  19. 19

    why the hell did she do this to herself.. she looks like fricking frankenstein…. she need to understand the saying "puss and dog dont have the same luck"… minaj was plastic surgery gne good(great even) but she jus added to the frankenstein makeover.. no joke.. i liked Heidi, pity her bcz of how she and spencer were… and abandoning her family… family is important.. and despite anything you should respect them and remember where u are coming from(trust me, people come from worst situation and have risen from it.) bitch plz.. get over yourself..

  20. 20

    Such a shame about this situation- I am over the fact that Heidi has has surgery and looks awful- she is the one that has to live with it- but she shouldnt shut out the honest true part of her life- her family. Being a Mum myself I would be devistated if my child didnt speak to me- I really can not see what Heidis Mum has done wrong.