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Jessica Alba Retracts, Now Says Screenplays Aren't Worthless

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Despite what Elle magazine printed not too long ago!

You'll recall that Jessica Alba was quoted saying that "good actors" never use the scripts they are given on films, unless there is "amazing writing." The article insinuated that screenplays were useless, there was backlash from Hollywood's finest in the field of writing, inclyuding John August.

Now that some time has past, Jessica has her story together decided to respond to the article and she insists that she was "paraphrased." She explains to sources:

“Just so it’s clear, films don’t even get made and nothing ever gets a green light unless there’s great material…that’s always a #1 thing before you can get a director, actors or a studio even interested in anything…There was an article written recently where I was completely and totally paraphrased and things were taken out of context and mushed together. It was a four-hour interview that got condensed into a page and a half for a fashion magazine.”

Ah! So you're saying that because of a WRITER, you came off looking bad. That is to say, that the WRITER had all the control of your portrayal in the article. Interesting…

We think that is something worth remembering in the future when you deal with other writers. You know, ones you have the power to make your character in a movie sound sweet or stupid.

Just saying.

[Image via WENN.]

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4 comments to “Jessica Alba Retracts, Now Says Screenplays Aren't Worthless”

  1. 1

    Her little one is just adorable.

  2. 2

    Wow, Mario, are you ever a hypocrite. You talk shite about everyone and say the rudest, meanest, vilest things and you hammer on her for this. The bully in you just can't stay buried, eh?

    I hope Jessica Alba knows and owns that you just spew rancid gas and are an asshole. NO ONE should ever take anything you say to heart — it time to remove the power to hurt people from someone as shallow and self-serving as you. You are the true embodiment of a socio-psychopath

  3. 3

    Fuck off perez with ur dumb sarcasm

  4. 4

    "Great material" Like Good Luck Chuck, Fantastic Four 1&2, The Love Guru and pretty much every other piece of shit she's been in. I guess her crap acting skills are the directors fault too.