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Carrot Top celebrates Criss Angel's birthday and the 1000th Criss Angel BeLieve Show at LAX Nightclub at The Luxor Resort and Casino Las Vegas, Nevada. [… Read more…

34 comments to “Who Would You Rather….”

  1. 1

    cris angel can be considered hot/sexy/attractive/etc by some - don't know anyone who considers carrot top hot/sex/attractive/etc……….

  2. raels says – reply to this


    Why isn't broken glass an option?

  3. CzR O says – reply to this


    Chriss Angel for sure. The lesser of 2 uglies really lol

  4. 4

    They're both repulsive, I'd rather be celibate.

  5. 5

    why can't "NEITHER" be an option??

  6. 6

    hahaha first thing i said was oh my god.. D:

  7. 7

    Chris Angel is a douchemaster and has terrible fashion sense, but he's not unatractive. Carrot Top is hard to look at without losing your lunch though.

  8. 8

    Perez, what happened to your giving up bullying? Poor Carrot Top!

  9. 9

    have to be Angel, Carrot top's dick has been in too many dudes asses for my taste.

  10. 10

    Mairo, CT might give it to YOU in the ass, since you lost like 400 lbs. Bring the grape jelly for your ass.

  11. 11

    Mario, CT already has his 'fist' out. You bring lube.

  12. 12

    omg that is super sad for carrot top! 0% would sleep with him!! too funny

  13. 13

    They are both so disgusting I can't choose

  14. 14

    criss is a douche but still hot(sometimes) on the other hand carrot top is so fucking ugly who would vote for him?

  15. 15

    criss angel.. maybe he'd disappear

  16. 16

    They are both NASTY

  17. 17

    You need a choice "None of the above."

  18. 18

    You didn't give a selection for a barn animal so I can't choose.

  19. 19

    Is Carrot-Top Kathy Griffin, without her make-up and a few lines of COKE, on her day off?

  20. 20

    ICK! Neither!

  21. 21

    carrot top used to give me nightmares

  22. 22

    Mario: total votes 4

    ha ha haha fucking ha h aha where did everybody GOOOOOOOOOOO ha haha

  23. 23

    HAHAHAHA i don't think I've ever seen 0% on a poll for a person…

  24. 24

    If I had to choose if my life depended on it then Criss Angel.

  25. 25

    Eww are you serious? Criss Angel may be a douchebag but he's not Carrot Top level in the looks department!

  26. 26

    Well, if I have to choose a douche, I choose Summer's Eve. It's much cleaner and less likely to be smelly, sticky, greasy, desperate for attention, and egotistical. Perez, why wasn't 'Summers Eve' a choice when we have to select a douche? I'm offended! LOLZ

  27. 27

    i voted carrot top! ild bag him and shag him

  28. 28

    This isn't even fair lol.

  29. 29

    STealing tee em zee's "who'd you rather" schtick now eh fatboy? Might as well change the name of this site to perezhilton's version of tee em zee

  30. 30

    Eeny meeny miny NO!

  31. 31

    even if you gave me a billion dollars i would NOT do carrot top.

  32. 32

    HAHAHA it's currently 100% to Criss. Darn it, should have voted for Carrot Top. ;)

  33. 33

    Way to copy from another website.

  34. 34

    I have met them both. CRIS ANGEL is a self-centered, cocky low-life. Scott- aka CARROT TOP - is a down-to-earth, sweet, caring guy. I went to a party at Luxor where they both have shows. I would choose Scott every single time!!!!!