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Willow Smith Isn't Given ANY Rules From Her Parents

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willow smith doesnt have rules

If Willow Smith wants to whip her hair wildly back and forth during family dinner, she technically can, because she has NO RULES!

Her mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, has admitted that her and Will try not to give their daughter rules, and instead have other methods of parenting.

Here's what Jada had to say about it:

“We don’t have rules. We come up with agreements. Kids are little people, and we’re in life to guide them. Trying to rule someone is always an illusion, and it’s no different with children.”

Here's Jada on an example of how she's dealt with an "altercation" with Willow, when the 10-year-old set up a page on a social networking site against her mother's advice:

“I told her not to, so I was so mad. I said, ‘What do you think I should do now?’ So Willow said, ‘Mom, take my computer away’. And I said, ‘How long for?’. She said a month."

And more from Jada:

“So it’s negotiations. I’m not saying it’s always perfect. I have my bloops and my blunders. But I’m doing my best.”

And more:

“Being part of the family she’s from, and working in the industry she’s chosen, she needs some guidance. So I’m here to teach her how to look after her later. Willow isn’t the breadwinner. Most times in this situation, a kid is supporting herself and an entire family. She’s not doing it to support a family, so she can do as much or as little as she wants to.”

Negotiations or agreements instead of rules, eh? We're thinking that might work out SOME of the time…but there may be some circumstances where rules can do a child good!

Do U agree with the Smiths' parenting method? Or do U think it could use some work?

[Image via WENN.]

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109 comments to “Willow Smith Isn't Given ANY Rules From Her Parents”

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  1. 1

    This little girl is ugly .

  2. 2

    To say this kid "Chose" her profession…what a joke! Maybe if her parents worked for the MTA…but not even close.

    Talk about self denial of ones obvious influence…parents could just say no..but if it weren't for that ego of theirs!

  3. 3

    i think it has potential
    i did something wrong as a teen and got grounded all the time i started to rebel but if the kid makes her own punishment then she has to stick to it and happy to do so other than the no rules well society has rules so as long as she is learning those i dont have a issue with it

  4. 4

    Of course it works. I raised two amazing children that way. When children are treated with respect, they easily give it. We just have a society that doesn't place much value on giving respect to young people and we expect them to mess up and not listen.

  5. 5

    *ahem* She can sugar coat it all she likes, but there are ALWAYS rules in life. When rules are broken, there are consequences. In the story above, it sure sounds like "no social networking" is a rule.

    That being said, I wholeheartedly agree with her parenting principles. It is vitally important that you give kids a voice (and allow them to screw it up sometimes). Still, at the end of the day, the parent has the final say. It's up to us to help them learn from the minor screw-ups so they can avoid the big ones. Sounds like she's on the right track with her methods.

  6. 6

    Parenting is not easy so if it work for her more power to her!!!

  7. 7

    Jada contradicts herself. She told Willow not to sign up for MySpace - that makes it a rule. Then she got the child to decide the punishment - probably another rule in that house. So if there is no rules, why was there punishment?

  8. 8

    Its a very interesting way of parenting. I think it could work, but I also think it takes a special kind of parent to make it work and Will and Jada ain't your average parents. Their kids, so far, seem to have turned out ok and are well behaved and disciplined, so they must be doing something right.

  9. 9

    how very $cientology of them

  10. 10

    this girl is going to grow up to be a brat

  11. 11

    something besides her hair need whippin

  12. 12

    I love how most of these people have some sort of negative comment to make about other people. Shouldn't most of you be focusing on your own life? and perhaps raising your children? It may not be your parenting choice but if it works for Jada then why do you care?

  13. 13

    Jada and Will took parenting classes from the same place that Michael and Dina Lohan took along with Billy Rae Cyrus…waiting for the train wreck to happen.

  14. 14

    Their ego is sickening.

  15. dtm83 says – reply to this


    and thats whats wrong with society. when did children behave the best, when they had strict parents, strict teachers and strict rules.

    now girls dress like sluts everyonn does drugs and drinks underage, people are having sex at a much younger age, more young people are getting pregnant. i was on the bus and i was the only person who got up and gave my seat to an elderly man. nobody hold doors, gives up their seats there is no respect for they neighbour, considering the republicans want their neighbours to pay for their taxes. RULES RULES RULES. SOCIETY, CHILDREN, EMPLOYESS WORK BETTER WITH RULES.

  16. 16

    Sounds like Scientology - Children being ancient "thetans" and all that.
    Want to see how well it works? Go look up the "Ex-Scientology kids" forums.

  17. 17

    They're right that Willow isn't the breadwinner, but allowing her to work as much as she likes instead of school? What child would choose sitting in a class room over being the center of attention on stage? A child will usually choose self-indulgent behaviour if given the chance. She is in real danger of developing a narcissistic personality disorder.

  18. 18

    thats actually a good strategy.

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    If parents are good models, bright kids absorb the 'rules' intrinsically, give or take a thing or two here and there. If the parents are morons, the kid's going to need major rules.

  20. 20

    Sounds an awful lot like Scientology to me.

  21. 21

    i think saying no to the social networking site sounds like a rule…

  22. 22

    Being a parent is hard. I am a single mom. Parents always think their way is the best. What works for me might not work for the Smith Family and what they do might not work for me. What I do like is that they are involved parents like myself. She also admits sometimes she's wrong. I believe in a little of my way (rules) and a little in their ways (discovery). I do think we as parents love our kids, respect our kids and will be there for our kids and that is what a child wants. I wish their kids and parents the best.

  23. 23

    its an interesting way of parenting…it could work…but i think for only certian types of parents. its not something that could work with everyone.

  24. 24

    Rule #1: No social networking sites allowed

    Sounds like a rule.

  25. 25

    This kid and her brother need to be in school and live normal lives. I saw a recording of Willow receiving an award for her song and she could hardly read. The whole thing is disturbing to me

  26. 26

    Scientologists raise there children this way, they treat them as "little adults"

  27. 27

    Hey TheBMan…lol!!

  28. 28

    Willow's going to be gorgeous, she's got a lovely face already.

    It sounds to me like Jada is nurturing a learning relationship which will allow her children to become contemplative adults. There will be nothing to rebel against and they will have gained a solid stability combined with a sense of place in the world. Awesome parents! I wish more people thought like that.

  29. 29

    That is one of the silliest things I have ever heard. Children are NOT little adults, they are CHILDREN. If Willow was a teenager, negotiating might make a little sense, but negotiating with a 10-year-old is ridiculous. All they are teaching their kids is that they are on equal footing with the adults in the world and that ain't how things work!

  30. 30

    Re: trader2025 – hahahaha awesome.

  31. 31

    Lazy parenting at it's best!

  32. 32

    Everyone has their own parenting methods. Some parenting, or lack thereof; result in narcissistic little assholes. She is only setting her own child up for failure because later in life Willow will be a self entitled bitch and everyone will hate her. She'll have her 'mother' to thank for that!

  33. 33

    Re: dtm83 – That is a little too strict. No one wants to live in a police state. People have every right to experiment and LIVE life. No one should be scared to live. Where a parent shouldn't let their child roam free with no parental guidance and a child should respect their parents they shouldn't not want to talk to them that just pushes them away and makes them do the things u are so against.

  34. 34

    I can't believe the disparaging and racist remarks on this thread. Why are so many comments filled with such hatred?? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Anyway, little Willow is adorable; she actually looks exactly like Jada. And both Willow and Jaden seem to be pretty well rounded kids, smart, and articulate. I don't see any problems here.

  35. 35

    Re: crazylee069 – we can say what we want.. this is what the site is here for.. to give our opinion kind of how you just did..

  36. 36

    She'll be a cokehead by 15. Kids are supoosed to have rules. Theyre not little people, theyre children who have to be taught the way the world works. You dont ask kids how to discipline them, u just do it.

  37. 37

    best piece of parenting advice I ever received…you are raising adults who happen to be children for the first part of their lives…respect their youth for its creativity and discovery, while helping guide towards independent adulthood. I think the Smiths have it right, though I am not sure I would choose to let my children opt out of traditional school…but I am not in their type of profession/lifestyle. Their kids have always seemed respectful and hardworking…something more than I have seen of a lot of children or adults.

  38. 38

    What the fuck is wrong with you people?!! Who talks about a little girl like that?! Leave your racist comments the fuck off here, ignorant fucking morons. And to say that she's ugly……she's a gorgeous little girl and just because you were probably told you were ugly and were probably abused when you were a kid doesn't give you the right to spew your hatred wherever you want…..GO TO THERAPY. Fix your hatred filled life and get something better to do. Fucking idiots.

  39. 39

    Re: tiffanydaahling – agreed. I'm disgusted.

  40. 40

    Re: Be-Atch – and I bet you are a real beauty queen. dumb-ass.

  41. 41

    I personally believe that this is a croc of shit because children need rules not negotiations…with fame and no rules u become a miley or a lindsay a whore or drug addict no bueno!!!!

  42. 42

    People are so susceptible it's pathetic.
    Newsflash: This kid didn't write or mix this song, it's clearly not her vision and someone else's. She has charisma but talent remains to be seen and it doesn't help that they're spoiling her right off the bat.
    ALSO can you remember anyone giving a shit about what Will & Jada did before their kids came into the picture? I've never seen them get so much press for their children's hard work. When Jaden was in Karate Kid they had a whole Oprah special about how fucking great they think they are at parenting.

    This is such a damn fucking fiasco in the making. All to do with narcissism of two idiotic, faux artistic parents.

  43. 43

    oh gawd……please make this stop ……..please……..no more…wahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  44. 44

    I think the interesting part of the whole thing is the "kids are little adults". That is what they say about Suri Cruise right? Tom and Katie. I'm wondering if they really are scientologists now. I think that I read someone in Jada's family is one. If Will Smith is a Scientologist I will be totally put off by it, just like I am with Tom Cruise. It's a bunch of wacked out people that believe that crock of crap.

  45. 45

    Jada better her damn head out of the sand and become a mother before it's too late. Little Miss Willow needs to have that ass cracked when she gets out of bound like the any other kid whose parent is in charge. Talking about whipping some hair, she better start whipping that lil ass.

  46. 46

    Scientologists also don't believe in disciplining or even saying "no" to their children. They are defo scienos!

  47. 47

    They really are Scientologist, aren't they? You racist fools need to f off.

  48. 48

    I think with parenting, u have 2 have a line drawn b/t the parents & the children. Sure, ur not firm on every issue. But they should know that the final say is with the parent & not always a negotiation. These days, people like 2 break rules or make exceptions 2 the rules. That may not always be a good thing when someone thinks that rules are the basis of a negotiation b/c sometimes they r not. Especially when someone like Will & Jada's children, who r privileged & exposed 2 opportunities that other children would never c. But it's her child. She'll have 2 deal with the consequences & Willow will go thru the transition that every child does which is 2 reconcile their upbringing with the person they have b/come.

  49. 49

    This is the kind of parenting that creates empowered, mature young people. Bravo.

  50. 50

    VERY stupid parenting choice! So basically, the kid has the power. The KID chose their own puninshment, therefore, taking the authority away from the parent. How do you expect her to RESPECT and OBEY you when she's a teenager. Such that works now, but wait until she wants to date and/or have sex at 14 years old. Are you going to "negotiate" then? GTFO

  51. 51

    This sound like Scientology. A LOT but it' widely known those parents are in that crap. When will people wake up and see cults are freakin dumb.

  52. 52

    Re: jennycakes – right but most of you have no room to talk, reading half of the racist remarks makes me wonder how MOST people on here were rasied and therefore should NOT be talking down on ones parenting choices.

  53. 53

    Well, I think this is a reasonably good parenting technique. It requires smart parents with good intentions. I feel like given this situation with the whole family in the spotlight, this could be great for her learning how to make decisions in a reasonable manner.

    btw, people here are nuts. another black delinquent? this girl is ugly?? she is a young girl. sigh… people these days…

  54. 54

    She IS a small adult and the world is not a fairytale. I think this type of parenting is probably much healthier in the long run. We shall see. Kids are very smart. I'm pretty certain she respects her mom more than most kids her age. She has a wonderful colorful personality and is VERY lucky to have parents to support an encourage her doing whatever she wants to do. Lifes too short for anything else.

  55. 55

    that's why you get an education people, so you know how to raise your child….the Smith's are the perfect example o what happens if you stay dumb AND oin Shitology.

  56. 56

    That is lazy parenting, period.

  57. 57

    Parenting by hogwash…

  58. 58

    I went to high school with Will Smith and it's so sad to see how egotistical and arrogant and completely wacky he turned out to be. Nutjob, him and the wife.

  59. 59

    Sounds like some Scientology shiz to me…I bet if she came home with a pound of blow and a Latino boy toy, it would be a little different on the whole no rules thing.

  60. 60

    Scientology is the reason

  61. 61

    Yes they all have such a huge ego… I feel bad for her in a way. Shes just a kid

  62. 62

    Holy shit she looks like a freak

  63. 63

    Re: soangryicouldspit – Glad I'm not the only one that picked up on that.

    Their parenting method is Scientology 101.

  64. 64


  65. 65

    That is coming from a scientologist household so it doesn't surprise me in any way. I really think Willow has a lot of talent and is going to be a great artist someday.

  66. 66

    Smells on Scientology bringing up to me……

  67. 67

    Fuckin Scientologists!

  68. 68

    Well I'm more and more turned off the Smith family the more I hear about their Scientology philosophy

  69. 69

    Hmm. I don't think that even with all of Xenu's help a 10 year old is going to be able to negotiate every situation. There's a reason rules are made, sometimes they're stupid, but sometimes they actually do serve a purpose!

  70. 70

    Re: Be-Atch – I hope you are not able to have children, ever!

  71. 71

    sounds A Lot like scientology to me

  72. 72

    She seems to be a well adjusted young lady. I think Will and Jada SEEMED to have done a good job raising their children, so perhaps this works for them.

    I know, everything doesn't work for everyone, so people have to be flexible, if they want to try to attempt these methods of parenting.

    Jada said it doesn't always work. Nothing works every time with parenting. Anyone who says otherwise is telling a lie. Parenting is trial and error for everyone. More power to them.

  73. deni says – reply to this


    I don't agree with that. You have to prepare your child for when they grow up and make it on their own. The world outside Jada's house is made up of rules and the Smith children can't or shouldn't go on thinking that they can negotiate themselves out of messes when there are RULES. Rules are non-negotiable, you break a rule in the real world, you can't decide your own punishment. If you want to give your child respect, you sit and talk with them as to why they did wrong and let them have their chance to explain themselves and then punish them accordingly.

  74. 74

    To each his own, but I entirely disagree with this style of parenting. Society is full of rules - not "negotiations". I set rules for my two young children to prepare them to be decent, law-abiding people.

  75. 75

    This little jungle-monkey must have escaped from the zoo; and it appears to be RABID!

  76. 76

    i just had to login to comment…. You guys dont know what will happen to Willow, she MAY or MAY NOT turn bad… but just like old people- assume if their isnt a belt on a behind or their grounded for 2 years they are out breaking the law

  77. 77

    When you break a law, you generally don't get to "negotiate." Children have to learn that life is full of rules that must be followed. That's really the problem today, no one wants to discipline their children. That's one reason that the bullying thing is out of control. The Smiths are raising their children to be privileged. I think everyone knows that privileged people don't have nearly as many rules as the rest of us. Good luck to them if they ever fall on hard times and have to live like the rest of us.

  78. 78

    Re: dtm83 – WELL SAID i mean i am 17 and i always open doors for other people well i mean keep them open if someone is behind me walking in the same direction or coming the other way i even hold open elevator doors and i HARDLY ever get a thank you but to be honest that does not stop me i mean it annoys me cause it is not hard to say 'thank you' and most younger people these days have NO RESPECT for anyone or anything its disgusting

  79. Les says – reply to this


    Re: crazylee069Re: jenrobann – First of all, foul language is the last resort of the illiterate. Surely you can get your point across without sounding like a moron. This is a public forum. You have to know that there will be negative comments and/or comments in which you do not agree.

  80. Les says – reply to this


    Re: catsmeow – A ten year old is NOT a young adult. A ten year old is a CHILD. At what point do you believe that she is a young adult?

  81. Les says – reply to this


    Re: jenrobann – Grow up. Why don't you try to get your point across without sounding like an idiot. Throwing foul language around doesn't make you sound smarter or tougher. You sound like a petulant teen-ager.

  82. 82

    I'm sure Will & Jada have each "DONATED" $10 Million to the $cientology Thingy; and they were both bestowed honorary Grand Poobah & Grand Poobee which gave them immediate lifelong friendship with the two gayest guys in Hollywood: Tom "Tipee-Toes Bareback Poker" Cruise & John "Bathhouse Bottom" Travolta.

  83. 83

    this lil trick needs to be put on lockdown, she's not cute, not funny and can't sing for shyt! the only reason she got signed was because of her hoe parents

  84. 84

    Should be interesting to watch this unfold. They are not 'mini' or 'little' adults, they are children, we TEACH them as their parents. We teach them what is acceptable behavior, we teach them what society expects, we teach them to be responsible mature people. Adults don't play with dolls or play house. Adults have rules, they are called laws, what happens when little Willow breaks a law? She doesn't get to punish herself, we have judges who do that.
    Perhaps Willow chose to not go to school because there were rules, heaven forbid she should be subject to the same things as mere mortal children!
    These kids will grow up to become self indulgent narcissistic boils on the ass of society.
    Why do they never talk about Wills oldest son Trey? Because his mother didn't by into this garbage and has rules for him?

  85. 85

    Jada Pinket is beautiful- but that's the only thing she has going for her. Its quite apparent their kids have no rules, look at the way they act already. Its disgusting. Will and Jada live a completely fake life, so I'm sure they're afraid to discipline their children. The lives all the scientology children live are so sad. John Travolta and his "wife" never even admitted their child was autistic until after he'd passed away. Its so sad.

  86. 86

    Re: Chrissy1988 – Too late … she already IS a BRAT.
    Re: boogiewoogie – Agreed.
    To all the namby-pamby adults out there who don't have the spine to raise your kids right, here's a newsflash: Life has rules, and there are consequences to breaking those rules that you can't choose. This "empowerment" shit is just that: It's SHIT. The kid is an annoying, cloying brat with an ego she hasn't earned. Perez, stop covering this dreadful, talentless kid.

  87. 87

    Her parenting days are going to get even tougher. A 10yr old daughter will act completely different when she turns 12 or 13. Her daughter will get to be more defiant and unwilling to accept any negotiating on punishment. Jada at this point has raised 2 boys. Girls can be different to raise. Good luck

  88. 88

    that's scientology bullshit. funny, they don't actually make their children attend school, but the smiths were opening a school out in calabasas, ca.

  89. 89

    She has no rules? Well then, I'm sure in 10-13 years (idk or care how old she is) she will pull a Lohan. Thanks to the Smiths for providing future drama.

  90. 90

    Asshole parents = asshole kids.

  91. 91

    Re: TheBMan – Ha ha ha! Good one.

  92. 92

    Re: Turned40 – Agreed.

  93. 93

    Gee, I wonder how this little girl got all the breaks?? What about the millions of other talented little girls out there? This is an absolute disgrace. Our country has become very sick and unfair.

  94. barb says – reply to this


    You don't have kids so you don't know shit. It seems to work for them, every kid and every family works different. They seem to have great kids, so leave it alone.

  95. 95

    some people are so ignorant, some things work for some families and other things dont for other families there arent universal rules for raising kids so get off your high horses

  96. 96


  97. 97

    you can't tell anybody how to raise their child.

    just because something works in your house doesn't mean it works in thier ummm….mansion?

    i'm not saying I'D raise a child like that but hey it might work out for them.

  98. 98

    idiots like most of the parents

  99. 99

    Amazing lol

  100. 100

    They are completely out of their minds… How is this little lady supposed to be able to deal with real world, laws and other things you can't negociate when she gets older? The day somebody will tell her she has no choice, she's going to get nuts!

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