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Harvard Gay Hate Crime Now Ruled An Accident!

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What the hell?! This is absolutely awful!

About 40 books about gay and lesbian issues were recently reportedly thought to be vandalized in Harvard University's Lamont Library, after security staff discovered them covered in what appeared to be URINE on November 24th!

However, although it was originally being investigated as a hate crime, the university has released a statement claiming that the entire incident was merely an unfortunate accident!

According to an official statement:

The Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) and the College were notified this past Friday by Harvard College Library personnel that 36 books related to gay and lesbian studies were damaged in Lamont Library on November 24, 2010. This incident was initially reported as vandalism and characterized as a hate-crime because of the focused nature and related topics of the damaged books. HUPD has continued to investigate this incident since the initial report and we have learned this morning that the books, while indeed damaged, were damaged by our own library personnel spilling a bottle of what was reported to be urine that had been left on the shelf. I believe this is an important new fact in the investigation and warrants my sharing it with you immediately. While we should not minimize the seriousness of this incident, HUPD is no longer classifying this incident as a hate crime. This nuance in the facts in the case also explains why library personnel did not immediately report the incident and treated it instead as a prank. I am also pleased to report that the Harvard College Library intends to replace all 36 books as soon as possible.

Huh? We're still a little confused on a few issues.


Not to mention the fact that this accident managed to destroy only LGBT-themed texts, etc.

Something about all of this seems a little shady to us!

We deserve a better explanation, please!


[Image via AP Images.]

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35 comments to “Harvard Gay Hate Crime Now Ruled An Accident!”

  1. 1

    you've gotta be kidding - you want a better explanation as to why some books were destroyed?????? that's the most retarded thing I've heard this year I believe…………..

  2. 2

    Perez, learn to read. It looks like someone, possibly disgusted by a bottle of urine being on the shelf (yes, even Harvard has pranksters), spilled said bottle on the books. It was only LGBT books because that was the section of the library they were in. Would you be as upset if you found out it was only John Adams's Revolutionary War notes that the urine was spilled on? Visit a library-they're set up in sections, moron. You should be pleased there is actually an LGBT section at all. You can't say that for every library, that's for sure.

  3. 3

    Some dude was probably studying late, peed in a bottle, and stuck it on a shelf in the library to hide it. The reason it would only get on those books is that they are grouped together because of the library's coding system. So if they bottle was spilled, no matter where it was in the library, it would spill on a specific topic of books. This appears to just be a coincidence, which is a GOOD thing, rather than a hate crime.

  4. 4

    Ya know what happens when ya cry wolf one too many times? After awhile, no one cares. Its sad but true. People are tiring of all this LGBT whining. The more you whine the less people listen and the more they act out against you. Someone pisses on some gay books and that's a hate crime. Someone spray paints over a beautiful mural and that's petty vandalism. See it there? Don't cry wolf.

  5. 5

    I've completely had it with you. YOu would have loved it, if it had been what you originally reported. Because your all about stirring up trouble and causing mayhem. So what if the story doesn't click. Maybe. Just maybe it was concocted to keep nosers like you away from it. After all, what business is it of yours, for one. But also. Such incidents don't need world wide attention, it is only a matter for that school to deal with or resolve or whatever. This is why the world hates each other, and gets wound up, and creates mayhem on top of mayhem. People like Perez, aren't happy until they create monster situations. If Perez truely loved his fans, because lets face it, he thinks he is Royalty and a God, he would leave all matters private and his stoopid site wouldn't even exist.

  6. 6

    I've actually worked for Harvard Libraries for a long time. It's not at all unusual to have many books on a single topic together in one place. It can be that someone studying a particular issue returned a bunch of books all at one, or they are working on re-organizing or fixing call number tags in an a specified area of the stacks. I wouldn't read too much into that end of it.

    The urine thing…I have no idea. From the statement is almost sounds as though the liquid wasn't verified as being urine…only that someone reported it to be such. It could very well have been something else.

    I don't side with Harvard very often, but my guess is they're on the up and up on this one.

  7. 7

    I work for a library for eight year and I have seen some very strange things left on shelves. Also the reason why it may have been LGBT book would be because books on the same subject have a tendancy to be grouped together.

  8. 8

    Yup. Because there just happened to be a bottle of urine (?) on a library book shelf that just happened to be next to gay and lesbian books and that bottle of urine just happened to get knocked over and miraculously spilled over all 40 books. They know it was no accident. They just can't prove who did it and they want the sordid incident to just "go away".

  9. 9

    You need to get a grip. The books will get replaced. Though, I bet the story behind why the urine was there is hilarious. I'm guessing some student was too lazy to find a bathroom…it's college Hello. One time I was on my way to a football game on a school bus in college and these two chicks decided to go to the bathroom in a trash bag at the back of the bus…yes they were drunk. It's college man chill a little. It probably wasn't just LGBT books, but it probably hit most of them.

  10. iped says – reply to this


    here's what i mean by endemic: these men are sick to the bone
    harvard crimson skip gates false arrest maverick purple lampoon

  11. iped says – reply to this


    all they do is rape children here, agree with me on everything and ugly hack my computer - you're not a girl and under five, you're not even under ten

  12. CzR O says – reply to this


    Bullshit LOL … Hows that for a cover-up !

  13. iped says – reply to this


    9've used the stacks at schlessinger and card carrying library adams house you bad sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  14. 14

    Yea right, they just want to cover that shit up. Why would a great Ivy League School want that kind of scandal? Oh, and how the hell do you spill that on 36 books, were it is very noticeable and to the point were you would initially think it was hate crime.

  15. 15

    I know people that have studied for finals in the library and peed in bottles so they didn't have to get up and stop. They arrange books into sections; it's not that unbelievable.

  16. 16

    a bottle of urine??? how random. at least they didn't pour the pee on people instead. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  17. 17

    People don't care about gays. Deal with it.

  18. SF90 says – reply to this


    Perez have you never been to a library? Books are sorted in categories, that's why it was only LGBT books.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    Well since this is finals week around here, I don't know about Harvard, some man I am guessing was probably peeing in a bottle. With women it is a bit harder to be discreet, and the bottle just tipped over. I know it might sound like a big conspiracy, but I think you need to calm down Perez. It a cat had gone in there and just chose to pee on those particular books we wouldn't be thinking he had it in for the gays now would we, but cats usually like to pee where they peed before too. Sometimes things happen.

  21. 21

    Why should you be so upset? Your ignorant spic-ass can barely read and write (as evident of this blog), much less go to an ivy league university. So don't be concerned with their library collection. I bet you haven't even read a (picture) book in years.

  22. 22

    "We" do not "DESERVE" shit from Harvard. If Harvard owns some books no matter what the subject matter is and their employee urinates on them and they want to call it an accident, that is their right and it is a private personnel issue. You do not deserve anything from Harvard. You are not an alum, benefactor, and bet that you have never given Harvard a single cent. If a student or an alum wants to press the issue, then thaty have that right. You my homosexual friend, deserve shit from Harvard.

  23. 23

    Re: iped – You my friend are incoherent.

  24. 24

    I just urinated in a bottle for kicks. Man! Who knew that it would be so satisfying? I guess the answer to that is…. a harvard student.

  25. 25

    Re: Pinhead867 – OK. Now you are taking this too far. There is no need for bigotry.

  26. 26

    Perez…please don't be so DUMB - all those books on the same subject would have been kept in the same place/shelf and don't tell me you have never heard of people pissing into bottles because they are too busy/lazy to go to the bathroom - and why would the police try and cover up a hate crime? You are so full of conspiracy theories it's leaking out where your brain used to be. Get off your soap box and spend some of that vitriol defending non lesbien/gay/transgender people and open your eyes - you could make such a huge difference to the world but you live in your own head

  27. 27

    LOL, you're a fucking idiot.

  28. 28

    Hey Perez- So I actually go to Harvard and apparently the place where the bottle was is far from the guys bathroom. I don't know If I buy it or not, but living here for two years now, I can say I have never experienced such outright acts of homophobia. The people here are really open. In fact, there have been many rallies for acceptance. This is sad and I was really ashamed when I heard about this. I really hope and honestly believe it had to be an accident.

  29. 29

    Wait, this is considered a hate crime? Can't they just buy new books? I thought hate crimes involved people, not books.

  30. 30

    Wow that was the stupidest statement ever! I mean really? Is that how dumb those idiots think the rest country is?? You don't need to go to Harvard to see that that was the dumbest P.O.S. lie ever.. Morons were probably payed off.. but wow couldn't come up with something better.. i think i wouldn't have respected them more if they just told the truth and said they just hate gays.. and that's what it was.. They are stupid as fuck WOW!..

  31. 31

    Re: BonerMcBone – If YOUR rights were at stake, I bet you would "whine" until you got what you wanted. Sorry, but you can't just sit there when there is an injustice. Speaking out is the first step to solving these issues. During the Civil Rights movement, did black people do nothing, or did they "whine" for their right to vote? Their "whining" got MORE people to listen. Calling out violations of human rights isn't crying wolf, stupid, especially with all the gay suicides this year.

  32. 32

    That is actually a picture of the law school library Langdell Library not Lamont.

  33. 33

    Another fine example of college's sweeping things under the rug

  34. Jai says – reply to this


    As others have said, although it may seem unplausable to someone unfamilliar to libraries and the bizarre things the general public get up to in them, this rings pretty true to me. Patron's often leave coffee cups/soda cans/beer bottles etc.. in the stacks on a very regular basis. If someone is working on a paper or studying and they are unwilling/too lazy to leave thier belongings to get up and go to the bathroom they will urinate in trash cans/bottles etc.. I have witnessed the aftermath of this behaviour, it does happen. It's not a big jump to assume that this urine bottle would be hidden away on the shelves along with all the other trash people stash there. The reason that the books were all on LGBT subject matter is that libraries organize materials so that items of like subject matter are grouped together. This does not sound like a hate crime really it's just another day at a university library.

  35. 35

    Even the geniuses at Harvard know you queers don't count!!!…LMAO