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32 comments to “This Looks Like A Date To Us!!”

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    oooooooooohhhh, IHOP, big spender. If he was trying to blend into the wall, etc. IHOP is not the place to do it. He is 16, 17, blend in by taking her to a really expensive place, his little bieberette fans cant afford THAT. Or is he just REALLY CHEAP? SELENA, YOU CAN PICK WHATEVER SYRUP YOU WAN"T, Breakfast is on ME!!!! Next week, you can pick up the tab when we go to the four seasons, OKAY? ANYHOOOOO, his wicked lil' fans, they are not gonna be happy about this, right now, gomez pics are having ”taches drawn on them, AND WORSE…

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    That looks like a 'morning after' date. How old are these kids again .. crazy!!!

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    keeping up appearances, eh Bieb?

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    Awww, I hope it's true! They would be so adorbs!

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    Ooooh, you should nickname them "Justena"!

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    Re: MarioMonjack – Cause they're beautiful, and he knows whats up. Wtf is wrong with being Mexican?

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    It looks like a couple of friends at IHop. It could be anything.

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    Ha ha! She's just another girl on his list and she's just having fun. No big freaking deal! They're kids not adults.

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    Selena "Thank GAWD Justin puts out; unlike three other prudes…."

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    IHOP? What do you expect on an allowance of $50 bucks a week; thank GAWD for the Sunday Paper's IHOP pancake special "Buy One get One Free" coupons…

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    the kid is gay. deal with it.

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    Why was Wendy Williams there….? Creeper

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    WTF? Why would Selena be interested in this little f-a-g-g-o-t? I thought she was better than this. Gross…

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    wtf is wrong w ihop? just because he's famous doesn't mean he always has to eat at the ivy. fuck.

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    Re: justtfax – Aww a delusional jealous fan girl how cute. You're an idiot and delusional. You'll eventually grow out of the idiocy stage around 30. Look at the time thats probably more than likely afternoon. It's also more than likely some shit town? "Fancy" restaurants mainly only serve dinner which means they are closed until night.

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    They are together they even spent Thanksgiving in Dallas together, Justin and his mom with Selenas familia!!

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    I hope not! I like Selena, she seems sweet and smart, but if she is going out with Justin I think I would lose respect for her. Really Selena?? A 16 year old? Justin Bieber??? Its pretty gross.

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    Can't you see his slimy dick in her hand?!

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    People the message is even older than the brown coal … from 08/12/2010 … but everything is already declared

  23. jj_pg says – reply to this


    PR stunts to sell his Latina girl song? Selena and Jasmine are good latina BEARD

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    Re: josiecat – Are you dumb? Theres a 2 year age gap between them..TWO. They have the same mindset. Actually pretty soon it'll be close to 1. Jesus get off of perezhilton and go to school. You're obviously a very naive child.

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    Awww, cute. A date is a date, and that's better than no date.

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    awwww they're so cute together, but my question is what does this have to do with Wendy Williams? How and why is she involved??? If they are together then Im happy for them, but I don't think they are cause Selena always says that she sees Justin as her little brother.

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    That looks like a date :o omg!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: MarioMonjack – hey, easy with the "mexicans"

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    She's 18…he's like 16? Kind of pathetic. She's 18 which is kind of considered an adult…she has a whole range of older boys to go after and yet she choses him.

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    haha, Selena says its an innocent IHOP date…. she is almost sitting in his lap. Looks like a date to me.

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    I doubt it. I mean, he's kinda young for her? They look like brothers and sisters. And Selena also said she sees him as a brother. Why can't a girl and guy go out as friends without people getting the wrong idea?