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Liz Hurley Likely To Walk Away Clean From Divorce

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Phew! Close one!

Upon the news that Elizabeth Hurley maybe be losing her fortune to her soon-to-be ex-husband comes the report that the actress' funds may stay intact through her amicable divorce proceedings.

According to members of Arun Nayar's family,the textile heir is determined to be a bigger man and refused to accept or ask for money from Liz. In fact, we're told that the pair are opting for a "quickie" divorce, just so they can get all this messiness behind them. The family source reveals:

"It will be an amicable settlement with no party giving out large portions of money to anybody. Liz doesn’t want Arun’s money and neither is Arun interested in her wealth."

That's very good news, for Liz! She really can't afford to lose her fortune!

Let's just hope as they continue forward things stay this civil!

[Image via WENN.]

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15 comments to “Liz Hurley Likely To Walk Away Clean From Divorce”

  1. 1

    There was never any danger… This seems so absurd. She is poor in comparison to him.

  2. 2

    Like he needs her money.

  3. 3

    SHE can't afford to lose her fortune??? Who the hell can, what makes her so special. Besides, she's the whore who got caught suckin another dudes dick, why haven't you slammed her like you do Jesse James and Tiger Woods. O'yeah, your a chick in a man's body, so man hating(unless they are fucking you) is par for the course.

  4. 4

    What fortune? What real movie has she ever done? The only thing she is famous for is dating Hugh Grant!!

  5. 5

    This Hurley chick makes me want to 'Hurle'…Total Whore….only goes after guys with money, even ugly ones like this Nayar guy…Kid of hers was conceived in a sex orgy with that Bing guy…that is why he demanded a paternity test…coulda been one of a number of guy's cum that created her little…'special ed.' child….What a Whore !

  6. 6

    …And, Isn't she *just* a little old for that hair-style … ?

  7. 7

    How good can she be … ? Hugh allowed himself to be sucked off by some common HollyWood street walker….probably had more sass in her pinky finger than this Fugly broad has in both of her fake tits !

  8. luis1 says – reply to this


    puhleez!! He is loaded himself, he does not need her money! And even by her own account he is a great dad to her son! She looks like the douchebag here sucking face with a married man in public! Of all the people, Shane Warne!!! an over the hill, out of shape cricketer who is notorious for partying with cheap whores whose seedy sex tapes are so unwatchable, it would put Paris Hilton to shame! This lady really knows how to pick her men!

  9. 9

    He's a LOT richer than she is!

  10. 10

    He's so rich,she's probably some sort of panhandler compared to him .. 'can't afford to lose her fortune'? Seriously, do you even BOTHER to research any of the rubbish you write? :|

  11. 11

    Hugh Grant: erm Liz, not to put too fine a point on this, bu-bu-bu but don't you think perhaps the author of this story has totally arsed up his facts somewhat?
    Elizabeth: mm-hmm my darling….but come to think about it, i actually brought more to this marriage than his billions and billions ever could. i mean, nobody would even know his PLASTIC MUG if it weren't for beautiful ol' ME!!!
    Hugh Grant: well, you're one to talk, what with your done lips and botox and all that lipo.. you should've just aged gracefully, LIKE ME!
    Elizabeth: Oh Hughie, where did I go wrong?
    Hugh Grant: Well, you could've shaved off that Adam's apple while you were at it..

  12. 12

    "the textile heir is determined to be a bigger man" and not except her money???? WTF, what is the case in 99.999% of the time when it is the woman bleeding the man dry? That statement was wrong on a few levels.

  13. 13

    Poor reporting, he is worth approximately 400 times more than she!

  14. 14

    Good job they had 3 ceremonies…

  15. 15

    ridiculous people! only been married, what, two years?