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Did Miley Want To Get Caught?

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That's the theory of former child star Melissa Gilbert, who is telling sources she believes Miley Cyrus allowed herself to be videotaped smoking salvia because she knew it would some day be leaked.

The former Little House on the Praire star told sources that she isn't convinced that Miley unknowingly let this happen to her. She insists that in this day and age "everyone with a cellphone is a paparazzo," and that Miley knows that. She adds that she's sure Miley's reckless behavior wasn't the result of salvia at all:

"That's bull—-!" Gilbert said. "I think it was marijuana."

Think what you will, but we'll never know for sure. Regardless, Melissa hopes that this incident serves as a warning to teens rather than an invitation to follow Miley's example.

We hope so too!

[Image via WENN.]

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72 comments to “Did Miley Want To Get Caught?”

  1. 1

    I think Miley was just trying to be a normal teenager and got caught up. Most teens video tape or take pics of themselves getting fucked up - she's just naive enough to believe that she can do the same and not have consequences………
    One cannot reap the hollywood benefits and expect to live as "normal" person.

  2. 2

    That's true! Salvia doesn't do much at all. Miley was obviously on something else, because there is NO WAY it was salvia.

  3. 3

    obviously she has never smoked marijuana. Miley was not high on mary jane. it does not make you act like that. That is the problem with people and their misconception on smoking pot. It does not make you do crazy things or act like miley did. People are stupid and need to get the facts strait before they start making assumptions!

  4. 4

    I agree 100%…Miley was NOT on Salvia…anyone who has seen what this does to people will agree…just search for videos on people who are doing salvia…it's actually disturbing…unfortunately the majority of the ones doing it are young teenagers…after seeing what this does to them, I still cannot understand how this salvia is legal.

  5. 5

    I agree 100%…Miley was NOT on Salvia…anyone who has seen what this does to people will agree…just search for videos on people who are doing salvia…it's actually disturbing…unfortunately the majority of the ones doing it are young teenagers…after seeing what this does to them, I still cannot understand how this salvia is legal.

  6. 6

    This lady has NO idea what she's talking about. Salvia makes you uncontrollably laugh and hallucinate things (i.e., when Miley thought someone morphed into Liam). People are so naive.

  7. 7

    Old people are so ignorant!!

  8. 8

    =[ She trusted the wrong people…

  9. mac14 says – reply to this


    They were videotaping because it was her first time!!! What is wrong with you people.. jesus it was a bit of weed or salvia either way there is NOTHING wrong with smoking either of them.

  10. 10

    Melissa Gilbert isn't stupid - she knows what's up. Miley's reaction wasn't consistent with smoking salvia. You don't giggle and stay mild like that with salvia. I've spoken to many and have done my own research on the plant, and the generalized reactions I've read from those who have experimented with it is that they had horrible visions and it was a terrifying experience. It's not something you smoke and giggle about - that would be marijuana. I'm begging all you easily influenced people to read about salvia and check out some of the you tube clips of people after they've had some. It's not something to take lightly (like marijuana). If you want to giggle, smoke some pot. If you want to trip out and have nasty visions of terrifying things, smoke some salvia - but you've been warned.

  11. 11

    Def. marijuana.

  12. 12

    agreed! i personally would never do salvia because of how intense it is. she was smoking weed.

  13. 13

    Re: Manda756 – tardo YOU are the ignorant one.

  14. 14

    She is probably right, considering she went through the SAME CRAP WITH YOU GUYS. She went around getting filmed with her bf, Rob Lowe. So, Miley might have thought, with that small pea brain of hers, 'okay, y'all, I'll give them a shot of me bein' bad, real bad and then they will leave me alone.' But SHE DID NOT COUNT ON HER FATHER BEING REALLY HURT AND BLAMING HIMSELF, and probably her mother, nah, her mother is trashy…. So, one of her sleasy… uhm one of her parasite frien……ONE OF HER FRIENDS WHO USES SALVIA…. NO, knows a friend of a friend whose cousin's bf used salvia, ONLY ONCE, told her about it and after they figured out how to spell it (took 4 hours), read up on it (another 5 hours to get someone to EXPLAIN IT TO THEM) and then GOOGLED WHERE IT COULD BE BOUGHT AROUND THEM AND FOR HOW MUCH and see it could be somewhat believable(this, after saying it was uhm that EYETALIAN HERB, UHM OHREGANO, but even they gagged on it, and basil, bay leaves, majoram, etc. etc. etc. etc. Miley also order plants and is having them planted all around her yard and her friends yards. 'salvia just has such pretty blue flowers, y'all' and, they really do.

  15. 15

    Well …while i don't think it ever crossed her mind that it would get leaked, i do think that she doesn't really care it got out because she is desperatley trying to shed her Disney image,she wants a new "rebel/badass/grown image, and i think its working.

  16. 16

    But anyhoo….. Miley has got to learn, don't try her 'plots to keep the paps away' on her equally STUPID FRIENDS. If she does not want to be filmed, or she does what to be filmed, ASK SOME OF THE EXPERTS OUT THERE. You don't see crap on gaga unless she wants it, same with Jolie, cruise, and the rest. SHE ALSO HAS TO LEARN TO PICK FRIENDS BETTER AND HAVE SOMEONE HOLD THEIR PHONES OR SOMETHING WHEN PARTYING. (blockers?)

  17. mac14 says – reply to this


    I love how people on here watched a couple youtube videos on smoking salvia and have instantly become experts on it, salvia could have quite easily done that to her considering she didn't clear it, didn't hold it in for long, and barely smoked any… I've never seen weed do that to anyone

  18. 18

    it was ABSOLUTELY salvia. marijuana does not have those effects. i've witnessed many, many salvia trips, all of which have included uncontrollable laughter and rambling on and on about ridiculous things that make absolutely no sense (except to the hallucinating user). this is exactly what miley is seen doing in the video. people should really do their research before making these ignorant accusations.

  19. 19

    What the heck happened to half pint's face. She looks like a Picasso painting.

  20. 20

    honestly.. smoking weed isnt that big of a deal.. and they hope its not an invitiation to follow mileys example? Shoot if worrying if my child smokes weed is all I have to worry about.. ill take that over worrying about alcohol, herione, coke, pcp, oxycotin, meth .. etc… at least its herbal and not concocting in some lab somewhere.

  21. 21

    Aww, someones house is n fire. What bad timing. Anyway back to Miley, I was thinking the same thing, she wanted to get caught, but I don't think its weed she's smoking.

  22. 22

    Yeah i dont think it was salvia the videos i've seen of people doing it are waaay worse than hers. They like cant even stand or move their arms right.
    I think it was marijuana. From the way shes acting it seems like it would be marijuana. And this is coming from a former pothead lol Im not just making assumptions.

  23. 23

    I think it was Salvia. The way Miley was acting she was not on pot. I agree I think in this day in age everyone is a pap and Miley knew that it would bite her. As for her "friend/fame whore" hope the money was worth it cause you just lost your integrity

  24. 24

    Salvia does different things to different people.. I really believe she was on Salvia, its legal in the state she lives in and even GROWS along roadways. I don't blame her for trying things out (since it is legal) but she should be aware since shes in the spotlight constantly. Its DEF not Pot.. trust me look at my user name people… JENNGRAM is correct with misconceptions, pot never makes you do crazy things like miley was doing such as laughing and thinking her boyfriend was there.

  25. 25

    ive been saying forever she wants to be caught naked and being rebellious she thinks its hot but its sleazy

  26. 7tizz says – reply to this


    It was a fucking publicity stunt people. My god - it's only the most obvious thing in the world.

  27. 27

    CALLED IT. Miley obviously leaked it herself or wanted it to be leaked. Remember guys, Miley's a badass now! And she wants to make sure the whole world knows she's not one to be fucked with! CAN'T BE TAMED, Y'ALL!!

  28. 28

    unfortuntalely ive smoked both marijuana and salvia and miley is without a doubt in my mind smoking salvia in that video. it effects everyone different but i have never ever seen marijuana have that effect on anyone, but have definately seen it with salvia. hey shes 18 she can do what she wants let her be normal and learn the hard way just like the rest of us.

  29. 29

    That's weed, everybody knows it. That was a total weed reaction. She exaggerated it though, because she barely inhaled anything and what… she was already tripping? Come on. It takes a while and a few more puffs than that to get THAT screwed up.

  30. 30

    IT WAS SALVIA. If you have experience with both substances, then you know the difference. That lady doesnt even know what salvia is……

  31. 31

    If it was weed, the amount she took was not enough to get high if it was the first time she hit it. if it was salvia, the little amount of smoke she did inhale would make her act a little strange, but she would not get the full effects… sooo I guess she's either faking or it was salvia?

  32. 32

    as a former pothead i can say that i have seen pot affect people in many different ways, and have definitely seen it affect people like it did her. but i don't know anything about salvia so i can't really say anything about that.

  33. 33

    Miley is a dirt bad slut and i lost all respect 4 her now :D

  34. 34

    who cares which it was? What was in the bong makes no difference. What, just because one is legal and one's illegal? who cares?
    Of course she wanted ppl to see it! No brainer for sure! Ppl are talking about her.

  35. 35

    why would she say "i think i'm having a little bit of a bad trip" in the video if she was smoking weed? you don't trip on weed.

  36. 36

    I have no idea what salvia is, but she was clearly smoking pot, and she wasn't smoking like an expert, so she's likely not a regular pot smoker - at least she hadn't smoked from a bong before.
    Get over it. She wasn't snorting cocaine.

  37. 37

    She wanted to have "fun" and try stuff?! UM you got paid millions,MILLIONS of dollars to be a good role model for kids, so do your fucking job and stfu. Or give up your money that you earned being a good girl. These people exploit everyone and put up an act until they are successful then they do what they want.Are they running low on counsellors in Hollywood these days? Why don't these people go talk to a professional instead of divorcing each other, doing drugs and having sex with hookers? They have enough money. What egotistical morons.

  38. 38

    It was totally salvia……

  39. $onia says – reply to this


    Does it really even matter one way or another what was inhaled at a party? Geezuz, let it go already. If someone had filmed me doing all the wreckless and wild things I did back in my younger days, no one would ever forgive me for the kind of person I was back then. My parents also divorced around the same age as Miley is now, so I get why she needs to let loose and go nuts for a while. Thankfully, I eventually calmed down and stopped trashing my brains out once I hit my mid-twenties and started growing up. It's the same phase that probably at least eighty-percent of everyone else here on this board has gone through. Salvia or not, I'm sure Miley will be just fine.

    On another note: Someone should be more concerned about their own abuse of lip injections.

  40. 40

    The Girl talking to Miley is a f**kin douchebag! Bulls**t the video was stolen. the girl videotaping manipulated Miley all night with those instigating questions egging on asking Miley to say stupid stuff. The girl on the video tape should be sued and called out on what she did. It didn't even looked rigged or a scandal until the girl videotaping kept saying crap at Miley like " You're going to sh*t brick when you end up seeing this" Hollywood skeevy thieves faking it up to be desperate to get money from Miley's staff so they can pay off their crappy studio apartment rent. I live in LA, these people are predictably pathetic. Same Script different cast.

  41. 41

    you cant get that kind of reaction with that little puff on weed. she didnt even clear the bong. she was just all hipped up by where and who she was with. and the drug just made it even more exciting. this has blown wayyyy out of proportion. oh damn an 18 year old did a hit of a legal drug. and even if its not legal, who gives a fuck? they should make all drugs legal. let the stupid ppl kill themselves and it would get us out of terrible economy.

  42. 42

    it was salvia! marijuana doesnt do that to you. they were even telling her how to take the hit. adn remember perez, u did a "sighting" a long time ago about a disney concert and her brother was spotted smoking weed and she was there too and it looked like she tried it also?

    anyway, it was salvia. not weed.

    but of miley knowing it was going to released sooner or later, that could be true.

  43. 43

    I have smoked marijuana and salvia. Salvia makes you trip out and act stupid. Marijuana makes you mello out and hungry as hell. People, please get your facts straight before you try to belittle marijuana. You don't see people who smoke out go crazy and say dumb shit. Salvia was terrible and made me sweat balls.

  44. 44

    Hell, she makes very good points. I can't say I totally disagree. And I know other people have already said the same thing she did.

  45. 45

    Look…IF I looked like Miley, and had that voice, and those chunky legs, I'd being doing MAJOR DOPE too ! ANYTHING to escape this harsh reality !

  46. 46

    I will not buy another Hannah Montanna product, or go see a Miley Cyrus movie EVER AGAIN, for as long as I live!. Oh, wait, I would have done this anyways …….the dope controversey just makes me think even LESS of this little Skank !

  47. 47

    Just so people dont say oh salvia doesnt make you do that it was weed. it was more then likely salvia or she was just faking it. if it was weed im sure that was her first hit dont see why they would video tape her second or third hit. And she would not think someone is liam on weed girl isnt that stupid. Ive done salvia multiple times and had good and bad experiences. you can uncontrollably laugh just like she did while on slavia maybe even think someone is her ex. What im wondering is whats to worry about? i mean aslong as you dont drive and smoke salvia at the same time its pretty harmless.

  48. maxim says – reply to this


    ok, in my opinion she soooo overplays here, she acts like they show stoners after smoking the weed in bad films.i think she is imitating them as she wants to be respected by the group but she seems too scared to take a bigger hit, so she barely inhales the shit which would be needed to feel a proper salvia rush.trust me.fact is that you have to be a somehow experienced bonger, and in the best case use a special lighter to get as much salvia smoke into your lungs as possible at once.and she isnt even inhaling.she is a poser.not that thats a bad thing…she is a teenager.who didnt overplay their first rushes back then?i did.so dont get too worried she has to be sober here, just a really bad actor…

  49. maxim says – reply to this


    ok, in my opinion she is soooo faking it here, she acts like they show stoners after smoking the weed in bad films.i think she is imitating them as she wants to be respected by the group but she seems too scared to take a bigger hit, so she barely inhales the shit which would be needed to feel a proper salvia rush.trust me.fact is that you have to be a somehow experienced bonger, and in the best case use a special lighter to get as much salvia smoke into your lungs as possible at once.and she isnt even inhaling.she is faking it….not that thats a bad thing…she is a fucking teenager!who didnt overplay their first rushes back then?i did.
    so dont get too worried she stayed sober after that hit…..still a good girl

  50. 50

    exactly what i was thinking - she knew it would come out and it was definitely pot.

  51. 51

    Re: maxim – i faked my first high with the first hit! i agree with you.. i'm pretty sure every one over plays their first time. i believe she did too!

  52. 52

    Hey here's a thought.. Who cares what she smoked?? She still smoked yeesh…doesn't matter legal or not…

  53. 53

    This lady is a sham. She parades around claiming to be a former drug addict when she never was, all to get attention in hopes of landing just one more gig so that she can retire in Florida. Ms. Gilbert is an actor. Nothing more, nothing less. (Also, she was wrong in her suggestion that is was Pot, but we can't fault her because she has never actually done drugs the first place).

  54. 54

    Anyone who thinks that it wasn't Salvia has probably never seen people smoke Salvia in real life. I have seen quite a few people (in my college years) smoke Salvia 30X extract and behave this exact same way. This isn't how people react when they smoke pot or do any other drug. This is a CLASSIC salvia reaction. It's sad that she's messing with such a lame substance when she's in Cali and could be puffing purple buds, instead she chooses a nasty tasting herb that makes you trip balls. Kids these days…

  55. 55

    I heard Miley Cyrus is opening a New hookah bar, "The Miley High Club!"

  56. 56

    Laura Ingalls Wilder, kill yourself. No one cares what you have to say, PRARIE TRASH.
    Youre just jealous no ones ever asked you to burn one with them.
    Besides that, your theory is wrong.
    People like you take advantage of every situation possible to slander weed.
    I am a constant everyday marijuana smoker and occasional salvia smoker, so heres verification from an expert… Its salvia. Smoking salvia is not fun, its for experimental recreation, so stick to the mid kids.
    But thank you Miley for showing everyone that smoking is okay.
    HMU and we'll make a dope dope video.
    Id do it by myself, but im not famous. Maybe then gov't can stop being a selfish dick and realize everyone needs to get high sometimes, even disney stars.
    In conclusion, everyone relax. If this video influences your child to smoke, count yourself lucky. Potheads dont commit violent crimes, only uptight assholes who are always angry and you cant be angry if you wake up with a blunt.

  57. 57

    marijuana does not cause people like miley to make barking/growling type of weird noises.

  58. @v@ says – reply to this


    Like Melissa, I thought it was probably pot too, except I didn't care. Happy 18th, Miley. Be smart about what you do and how you go about it.

  59. 59

    I'm sure it takes Miley Cyrus to take teens to want to smoke weed.

  60. 60

    Re: Melley – I think Miley was born making those growling, weird noises.. difference being, the bazillion crazy tweenyboppers obsessed with her call it 'singing'.

  61. 61

    shes addicted to controversey
    dont read what they write about you, measure it in inches, right miles?

  62. 62

    Wouldn't be surprised…

  63. 63

    It's funny how everyone is so focused on the marijuana vs. salvia comment, when it was the least of what Gilbert said. You're a celebrity doing whatever drug it is, and you're not worried that cameras may be taking your picture? Tell it like it is, or don't tell it at all!

  64. 64

    Miley need new trustworthy friends.

  65. 65

    Miley is a retart…domeass bitch

  66. 66

    everyone who thinks she was smoking weed just sound plain dumb. and people who are like "omgZs it OBV wasn't salvia, that shytt effs you uppP!" umm, did you see how she hit the bong? terribly…barely got any smoke. therefore it wasn't that intense of a trip. PLUS weed takes longer to kick in. salvias almost instant…like within 60 seconds..with that SMALL of a hit of weed i doubt she wouldve felt ANYTHING, let alone enough to think someone else was her bf. and idk who said it but someone was like "Nahh salvia doesnt mess you up like that! shes dumb! it was weed!" no YOURE dumb, go take a hit of salvia and then tell me it doesnt mess you up. fyi YOU DON'T HAULLUCINATE ON WEED. unless you do a SHIIIIIIIITT load of it. like 5 bowls all by yourself…thats if its good stuff.

  67. 67

    Re: Connor – people are focusing on it because 1. it made her sound like a dumbass like "OH YEAH I KNOW WHATS UP WITH MARYJANEE" okay lady your like 70 and you only said this shit to get attention because no one even remembers you and 2. it was COMPLETELY legal what she did…so like wtf why are people acting like prissy bitches about it? i.e. Melissa Gilbert

  68. 68

    she did it on purpose..she knew they would upload this.. she just wanted to show people that she s not a kid anymore and she can t get punished because she s an adult.. she didn t find a good way to show that :P

  69. 69

    miley doesn't f@ckin care…..everyone else does. and it wasn't weed…it was salvia, hence why she freaked out as soon as she smoked it. can we stop talking about this..it's not a big deal. she's a teenager.

  70. 70

    i'm pretty sure miley wanted this to come out, granted she probably did not think of the consequences it would have on her family realtionships (i.e. her father).

    like countless other people have said, i believe she was over exaggerating whatever it was she was smoking. i've smoked both weed and salvia more times than i can count, and her actions are like that of someone who is on salvia. there is no way to be absolutely sure though, because she barely took one hit and was acting like she had taken six. i'm sure this girl has smoked weed at the least, unless she really is just taking on this "bad ass" persona without actually living up to it. regardless, the whole situation is just sad. nothing good can come of this behavior, even if she's faking it.

  71. 71

    I hope she starts smoking weed more so that the world will see that weed is awesome and that there is nothing wrong with it. Hopefully she gets a nicer bong soon because that bong she uses in the video is really cheap and not a classy bong at all. Miley is a classy girl so she should be smoking from a classier bong!!

  72. 72

    Oh whatever!!!!!! I think Gilbert should shut her face!!! what should she care what miley does its none of her business. whats done is done and she has no business in it so she should just drop it.