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Diddy May Be In Trouble Over UStream Fire!

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This seems like a little much!

The London Hotel in NYC, where Diddy hosted the party for his new album, Last Train to Paris - and inadvertantly videotaped a model accidentally lighting her hair on fire live on UStream - is reportedly none too pleased about the incident, because they think it makes the hotel look unsafe!

Sources close to management claim that they "are not happy with Diddy" because the fire violates hotel regulations, and the rapper may be BANNED permanently!

Seriously? It was clearly an ACCIDENT!

It's not like people were running around trying to set one another on fire! And yes, it shouldn't have happened, but no one was hurt and it didn't look as though there was any damage!

Seems a little harsh, if you ask us!

Check out the video (above) and see for yourself!

Do U think Diddy should be banned because of it??

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21 comments to “Diddy May Be In Trouble Over UStream Fire!”

  1. 1

    It has nothing to do with it being an accident you dumbass, it has to do with the fact that you are not allowed to burn candles in a hotel because it is a fire hazard.

  2. 2

    They'll use any pretext to ban Black people from ritzy establishments.
    It's 2010 and co-op boards in NYC still impose racial segregation.
    I'm not surprised. But Diddy is a fighter, and he won't accept a ban without fighting back.

  3. 3

    the bigger hazard would be the std's those whores would leave behind……….

  4. 4

    Hope so, maybe this will take the "COCKY" out of him….

  5. 5

    Would YOu like it if Diddy's crew accidentally set YOUR house on fire? I didn't think so.

  6. 6

    Did anyone else notice the fact that NO ONE tried to help her?

  7. 7

    This moron with the mic should be banned from ever opening his idiotic mouth again.

  8. 8

    Re: Happytimes – Did anyone else notice the fact that NO ONE tried to help her? You are right, happy times. It's sad that no one tried to help her. They were more concerned about the camera. Thankfully she was near water. I hope she is OK.

  9. 9

    Re: caroaber – oh please!
    i'm so tired of everyone thinking the blacks are the poor little things in the world. if a white person is banned for burning candles in a hotel, the hotel is just following the rules. if a black man is banned, it's racism. please, just shut the fuck up and go die.
    i'm not a racist by any means, but it sicks me to my stomach blacks making themselves look like everyone in the world is a racist.

  10. 10

    and mario, you're a dumb ass idiot. i hope you read the first comment.
    how can you think it was because of the woman got her hair on fire? it was because of the FIRE, not because of the accident. how can you be so stupid? you can't burn candles in a hotel.
    god, i pray to god for the day i'll finally meet you and fucking punch you on the face

  11. Laury says – reply to this


    If anyone should be mad, it's not the hotel administration but the model whose hair caught fire. The poor girl's scalp could've been burned Michael Jackson style and no one helped her.

  12. 12

    Um…I completely agree with them. These sluts are liabilities, hotels are for sleeping not having parties.

  13. 13

    regulations are regulations, the hotel has every right of regulating whatever they think is appropriate or not! if you're told not to set a fire, and you set a damn fire then you are banned, simple~

  14. 14

    lol everyone runs away. Nice friends.

  15. 15

    smh at the hotel

  16. 16

    Just like Michael Jacksons pepsi commercial.

  17. 17

    I think he's an egotistical dick , but it does seem racist.

  18. 18


  19. 19

    They are using this for press. They aren't going to be banning someone that famous/rich/powerful.

  20. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why aren't the guys running around in their skivvies? Are these girls paid eye candy who rent out with instructions to come bikini'd? The men stay dressed and looking. Meat market.

  21. 21

    The incident with the women is unfortunate, I hope she wasn't burned. It looks as though her hand may have gotten burned. But this video is detestable. All those men and nearly naked women… like a full on orgy.

    P-Diddy is a skank. Will he let his female children be objectified in such a distasteful when they are grown? Would he be happy to have his very own precious baby girl referred to as a "butt-ball" by some #$@! with a mic and recording device? WTF??? Banned for being black? Hell he should be banned for allowing the depiction of African Americans as oversexed urban trash. UNCLASSY P-DIDDY!!! Gangster, ghetto, urban… he promotes all this crap to the masses while living one uppity lifestyle. African Americans wake up!! you are better then that!!!!!