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DJ On Canadian Radio Station Smokes Salvia Live On Air

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Whoa! This is cray cray.

Ever since Miley's bongtroversial video was released - which showed her smoking the legal drug, salvia - a Canadian radio station decided to test the herb and see how dangerous the drug really is.

Ryder of Ryder and Brandy's "The Big Show" on Wired 96.3 took a hit of the legal drug live on air and had a pretty intense trip, lasting about 10 minutes. The DJ said he wanted to show how potent the drug really is and wants parents to sign a petition to make the drug illegal.

We have to admit, it was a little scary at how fast and how easy it was for Ryder to start hallucinating. Scary stuff.

What do U think? Should salvia be made illegal?

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140 comments to “DJ On Canadian Radio Station Smokes Salvia Live On Air”

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  1. 1

    Oh god shut up

    Who cares if she smoked salvia

    who hasn't smoked a bong?

    I know you have :)

  2. 2

    That was totally fake, IF he had smoked something. It wouldn't work as fast as that.. what a dramaqueen.

    I call fake

  3. 3

    Salvia was a pretty popular way to get high in my Canadian high school because you could just walk into a health food store and get it. It probably should be illegal, it effs you up WAY more than pot does, even if it doesn't last as long.

  4. 4

    This is a joke? I mean seriously. This is so fake.

  5. 5

    MikkiIkkie, salvia takes a minute if not less from the point of inhalation to kick in. While I do believe he smoked the salvia, correct me if i'm wrong but the video mentioned him to have done salvia before and while on said trip did he not imply that he was just going to act up the hallucination and just have fun with it? Ratings/attention-whore. That being said, screw this guy 30x is a joke, I did 80x and now i have a greater appreciation for the world.

  6. 6

    Is this a joke? I mean seriously. It's so fake.

  7. 7

    Well, it is said that salvia is actually more dangerous than pot and can do real damages to one's health.

  8. 8

    Re: woofenstein – You mis-spelled Dong.

  9. 9

    Re: Mikkie Ikkie

    Have you ever smoked anything? Nicotine, Pot, etc kicks into you within 7 seconds after inhaling… Hell yeah it was real! Shit gets into your system rather fast. Go try for yourself… and show everyone how cool you are.

  10. ONIT says – reply to this


    Who ever had the idea of smoking salvia? I didn't even know it's hallucinogenic.

    In Europe every supermarket has salvia tea. Salvia is anti-inflammatory. Good thing to fight tonsillitis.

  11. 11

    Wake-up Canada!
    Salvia should be illegal!

  12. 12

    Please don't turn Perez Hilton's blog into YouTube. It is not fake!

  13. 13

    The initial affects of Salvia (the hallucination) last about 20-30 seconds, it feels like it lasts 5 minutes… but the after affects last about 10 minutes and you just feel a little dazed but clear headed if that makes sense. It's not like smoking pot where you're stoned for an hour or longer. It probably depends on the potency as well.

  14. 14

    This shouldn't be sold legally. seriously. It shouldn't. whatever, stoned hippies have their fun, but it's not fun when a 14 year old gets ahold of it, thinking it's like pot and totally loses it on a hallucinogenic drug. Not cool.

  15. 15

    i'm a pothead who has done salvia & i can tell you it hits you twice as fast as weed. unfortunately for their cause i don't see anything in the video that is going to influence people in general not to do it. if anything they are going to want to try it that much more.

  16. 16

    For those saying its fake - as someone that has smoked it a couple times - I can tell you that you are wrong.
    Salvia kicks in nearly instantly after you smoke it, and his reaction is exactly what is typical of a salvia high/trip.
    I can tell you that I wouldn't consider salvia "fun", it most definitely is a hell of an experience. Its something most who enjoy drugs would do a couple times and then never do it again. Its an extremely intense trip for those few minutes.

  17. 17

    seriously? People think this is a joke? I live in Saskatoon, where this happened, and it's been a HUGE deal on this radio station, they're trying to make a difference. Someone from our city went into a coma from taking salvia. You obviously all know nothing about salvia. Get your facts straight before you criticize someone because 'it wouldn't work as fast as that'… that's what it does.

  18. adt says – reply to this


    People are fucking stupid. This shit should stay legal. It's only dangerous if you're a dumbass while using it. They need to make pot legal and keep this shit legal. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's worth the tax money paying cops to keep people from smoking it. It's fucking stupid. If you choose to do it and you hurt yourself it's your own damn fault. Don't blame the drug, blame yourself for being stupid. Also, like people said, salvia only lasts around ten minutes. People need to stop bitching about it.

  19. 19

    Gahhh I can't believe i missed this live on the radio. I'm from saskatoon. home of wired 96.3 and gotta say ryder and brandy would definitely not pretend to do something like this on the radio. It's totally for real.

  20. 20

    i don't think is fake, i mean did u see miley's? she started hallucinating way sooner than this guy, and he hold it she didn't

  21. 21

    oh cry me a river!! i tried that strong of salvia, if not stronger, yesterday and it was no where as bad. this guy is fake!!! they shouldnt make this illegal its our choice to take it or not. stop trying to suck the fun out of everything…or just make illegal in canada, i dont live there so im good :o )

  22. 22

    I've witnessed this in person and as well after watching this clip, it's not fake. Miley was smoking weed not Salvia….that's why she was all giggly. This is not fake, Salvia hits you pretty much after u inhale the shit. And it debilitates your motor and speaking/writing functions. If someone did not know how this affected you and was driving..hitting a bowl, they would be in a serious accident.

  23. 23

    American are born suckers and assholes. They will want to legalize this shit and weed just to make a buck off it. Grow up, nation of infants. Playtimes over. Be serious about life, no wonder your economy's in the crapper.

  24. chlyn says – reply to this


    Hallucinogens aren't physically addictive and don't cause health problems, unlike pot and alcohol. They do not need to be illegal.

    Pot should either be illegal or legal with health warnings. Regular use of pot causes irreversible damage. :(

    /end of public service announcement/

  25. 25

    It does work that fast believe me, I have had stupid friends who have smoked that shit in a bong and it hits them instantly. It should be banned you can buy it in the small corner stores here very easily.

  26. 26

    this is REAL in 2006 i watched my neighbor get high off it after school one day. it was scary, he died 2 years later due to blood clots in his brain. RIP Evan

  27. 27

    FAKE! Really? You think we are ALL that naive?

  28. chlyn says – reply to this


    Re: Marysol_ – You have it backwards - hallucinogens have a short life in the body and do not do physical damage or cause addiction. Pot does have irreversible effects on the body.

    No, I don't do drugs - this information comes from a college course for addiction counselors.

  29. 29

    i do like to see how many ppl agree it should be illegal but i seriously disagree with having a radio personality do it on air regardless of what awareness they were promoting with it. i actually live in Saskatoon, where this was taken from and its completely upsetting that they'd want to put themselves in that light on air. i think the second you show some one doing it and receiving an instant reaction to it, its going to make people want to try it. at some points i wanted to agree that this was being shown for negative awareness but i really feel all they did was promote a reaction.

  30. 30

    Jesus. If he is worried aboot "the kids" then there should be an age limit. Why is it that there is always one or two people that have such an issue with something, and it gets banned for everyone.

    What's worse, and answer fucking truthfully you ass clowns: Getting stoned off of hitting a bong, or getting really drunk of a bottle of Jack?

  31. 31

    this is so stupid…. he went in with a negative mindset.

  32. 32

    This is not fake, I've seen this for my own eyes and it happens JUST like that.
    Miley's video was the fake. She was not smoking salvia, she was smoking weed.

  33. 33

    okay I have seen a lot of people smoke salvia, and have done it myself a couple times. Personally I don't like it, it gives you a verryyyyy scary high when you smoke 60 or 80x. However, the different levels of it cause very different effects. The first I tried was low, like a 20x and it just made us laugh for a few minutes and get very hot…VERY similar to what Miley was doing. We had no sort of hallucinations at all. She laughed for like 2 minutes, then towards the end of the video she was acting more normal. A high from weed lasts a lot longer than a couple minutes. So yeah, I don't like salvia, it's very scary when you smoke the 60 or 80x, but just because this guy is freaking out about how horrible it is when he is high, doesn't mean miley was smoking weed and not salvia, we all have different experiences with it..leave the poor girl alone.

  34. 34

    What a little bitch this guy is. He just got owned by an 18 year old girl. At least she didn't act like this freak.

  35. 35

    salvia does work that fast, ive done, ive seen people do it, i dont believe miley was on it, she sounded to me like a first time pot smoker getting all giddy. yes this shit fucks you up, but your kids are going to get it no matter what. if your children aren't responsible enough to make an informed and safe decision then keep them locked up in the house cause your fucked, legal or not. this guy had a point to sell, he admitted he has done it before and his co hosts were laughing at him, does sound like they think it is too dangerous either

  36. 36

    Such propaganda bullshit! SO FAKE……these nerds really need to relax…..why don't they work on making alcohol illegal…..considering people die in drunk driving accidents every day.

  37. 37

    I've done it and seen many of my friends do it. My trip was strange. I feel like half of my body was asleep and half was normal. I was laughing the whole time. It was not the best trip ever but this guy totally went in with the wrong mindset and with the intention of having a bad trip. If you do almost any drug with the intention of showing people how bad it is you will have a bad trip! Salvia is a drug you do once and once you do it once you never need to experience it again. Whipits are far worse.

  38. 38


  39. 39

    I've done salvia a bunch of times and have smoked weed for years. This guy and Miley are both smoking salvia in the videos, but not both of their reactions are "real". Miley instantly starts laughing which is what I've experienced and all the people I've done it with have experienced. This guy is totally being overdramatic and making it seem like it's a terrifying experience and saying in a weird baby voice "talk to me talk to me" I actually couldn't even watch the last 2 or 3 minutes because I was so embarassed for him and his co-workers. They are all terrible actors and even worse djs. Totally staged reaction, so pathetic.

  40. 40

    why should this be made illegal? if you don't want to smoke it then don't thats all, let people have fun with it. why are cigarettes legal, they're a drug too. except they don't have any fun effects that go with them, and you get addicted to them, and they slowly kill you. oh thats right, the government gets to tax the shit out of you to smoke something that does nothing except kill you earlier than you're supposed to die, so they don't have to keep paying your social security. but by all means, please ban every other drug that actually has fun effects and is not addictive and doesn't kill you. it makes a ton of sense

  41. 41

    This guy is an effing douchebag! Are you kidding me? What an embarassment to himself and the radio station that concocted this ridiculous idea. I would love nothing more than to slap this loser across the face with a big, shitty diaper!

  42. 42

    It sucks that he had to do the this to try to prove a point, but it should be made illegal.
    This video was actually kinda scary.

  43. 43

    Listen ignorant people, this is EXACTLY what salvia does. It is not fake. Go to Youtube and watch all the videos for yourselves! Educate yourself before you speak. Salvia is way worse than pot. Pot does not make you incapacitated like salvia does. Salvia should 100% be ILLEGAL. NOT pot! Also, I commend the people at the radio station for showing what this shit ,salvia, does.

  44. 44

    Hopefully this proves to the public that what Miley was smoking was pot, not salvia. And while I agree that salvia needs to be better monitored now that EVERYONE knows about it, it should be a controlled substance with an age restraint, like cigarettes or alcohol. I'm sick of the government making my choices for me. If I want to do something, I'm going to do it no matter what they say. Making things illegal just makes them more interesting.

  45. 45

    Re: Mikkie Ikkie – actually salvia hits instantly. I know that seems crazy but it hits the moment you exhalea and usually lasts anywhere from 2 -10 minutes. It is very intense. The high leaves as quickly as it hits and after you feel completely fine. I've only done it once and will never do it again.

  46. 46

    cigarettes arent a drug you DUMB ASS. and it would be a canadian doing this wouldnt it. patethic

  47. 47

    If you make it illegal than everyone will want to do it. There's a million ways to get high and you can't just make them all illegal or we'll need a licence just to buy whipped cream cans and paint thinner. Think of all the ways you can get high and you're going to try to make one of them illegal. Stick to making dangerous drugs illegal so you can at least pretend you're helping society by "keeping it off the streets".

  48. 48

    Also, fucking Miley Cyrus should be ashamed of herself. She should be a fucking role model, for God's sake! Fuck the " she's only 18 and just having fun" shit. Little girls and boys look up to her! When your in the public eye ie…celebrity, there should be a higher standard at which you carry yourself. I can't stand that girl anymore. Shame or her and shame on her STUPID parents!!!

  49. 49

    OK.. I think that this was a bit dramatized! They obviously were trying to make a point. Also they were trying to attract attention to there radio show in a really dumb ass way! Plus maybe if people stop making such a big deal and stop drawing attention to this bullshit people wont want to try it for them selves.

  50. 50

    Lol, dude. This shit isn't fake. Well, at least not in the beginning. It doesn't take salvia but a few seconds after it reaches your lungs to kick in. One way you can tell whether or not this is fake is listen to the way his voice sounds. I've noticed from every single person I've seen smoke salvia, including myself, your voice gets deep & odd. It's almost as though it completely alters your coherency & you, well, sound like a retard. When Miley did it she did not smoke NEARRRLY enough. I think the Miley video sends out a verrry wrong message about salvia because if used in large amounts you WILL lose your stability temporarily & most people tend to freak the fuck out when that happens. In lower doses, though, salvia is fine. It's definitely not something I would do on the daily, though, or even often at all. We have lovely maryjane for that.

  51. 51

    Re: chlyn – you need to do more reading, or go back to school for about 10 more years..
    pot has been around FOREVER well over 1000 years, there is no documentation ANYWHERE of negative effects mentally or physically on the body, im a regular smoker of pot and i use it to treat my colitis, i know many people that have smoked it all their life.. and there is NOTHING WRONG with them, i hate people like you spreading misinformation. if you are not a drug user and have no personal experience then you should not talk about it. and as for salvia.. you have to be 18 to buy it, that means you need an idea, that also means you are of LEGAL age to make you own choice on what you put in your body.. give me a break, coffee has killed people, there isnt a single case of a death caused by marijuana…
    and unlike you… ive done years of research on both drugs and numerous others. tabacco should be illegal, not pot and salvia… jeez its like "reefer madness" all over again

  52. 52

    RE_DIC! I've smoked salvia before and this guy is just plain stupid. It can be intense for like a couple of minutes then your fine. Bunch of hooey….these people just have an agenda!

  53. 53

    NO. Logically, no drug should be made illegal because I don't think the government should be allowed to make ADULT DECISIONS for us. I am a goddamn adult and should be allowed to put whatever the hell I want into my body. I am sick of drugs being made illegal. Let me do what I want.
    If so many drugs weren't illegal, it would solve so many of the world's problems. That sounds dramatic, but it is so freaking true.
    In Amsterdam, NOTHING is illegal. There is no problem with addiction and instead of spending all of the money on prisons and rehab, they instead invest their money in EDUCATING the public on the effects of drugs. No one is addicted to the hard stuff and the only time hard drugs are really sold is to Americans on vacation! Come on now.

  54. 54

    Okay, I'm going to say this again.


    It was her PR people who came up with the salvia thing because they knew they couldn't deny it was her in the video or what she was doing. So the only way to get her out of hot water was to say what she was smoking was 'legal'.

    C'mon people, this is Hollywood.

  55. 55

    Re: Ari Basu – First of all we are not a nation of infants!! I DO NOT want POT legalized or this Shit!! Our economy is in the crapper because all the effin politians are corrupt! So put that in ur bong and smoke it!!

  56. 56

    The DJ can go fuck himself. Too many people trying to stick their unwanted noses into other people's business. Simply make it so you have to be 21 to purchase.

  57. 57

    Re: Kodes100

    Wake up. You are an idiot.

  58. 58

    This isn't fake….it's the real deal kids! Stay away from drugs.

  59. 59

    idk whether he was really messed up or kind of acting, but someone said stuff doesnt work that fast, um almost every drug kicks in pretty quick

  60. 60

    i dont think it should be legal, pretty much for the fact that a kid can buy it, and sorry but kids couldnt handle it, they might think theyre cool and can, but kids just cannot handle it

  61. 61

    Re: adt – So you say anyone who tries it and has a BAD trip is dumb for trying it? Apparently you're brain has been too affected by the drugs you've obviously done to comprehend anything.

    For everyone saying it's fake, it's really not. My fiance and I heard it was like weed, and so bought some on sale when it was about to go illegal in our state. And so we had a friend come over, and he ended up trying it, and he had the worst trip. Don't know why he did, can't really control the trip you have, but he did. He thought everything was laughing at him, and ended up picking up a big knife while he was still tripping. He saw my hair which was purple and blue at the time, and saw snakes laughing at him instead..I was sitting right next to him as he leaned toward me with the knife, because he just wanted everything to stop laughing at him. If it weren't for my fiance taking the knife, it could've gone really bad. They really should make it illegal. Yeah, some people have good trips, but it's still a very dangerous substance, for the fact of safety. A lot of people that usually do salvia have the people in a room with nothing that could somehow cause harm. How should something where people take such precaution be legal?

  62. 62

    Re: adt – ok ya if people wanna use it its there dumb fault, but kids who can buy it have a different mind set, theyll buy it thinking theyre cool or be peer pressured into doing it, kids mostly wanna be cool and dont use their brain, it shouldnt be legal to kids

  63. 63

    Re: PinkyGirl

    Pot doesn't make you trip like she did.

  64. 64

    Re: Ari Basu – you dont need to stereotype all americans

  65. 65

    IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO KIDS people, if you wanna do it as an adult go ahead but dont do anything stupid, i feel so sorry for the people who have to do drugs to enjoy life, i have an amazing life without them, occasional drink here and there but thats for the taste

  66. 66

    OMG, I can't believe all the ignorance on this thread. Should all drugs be legal ie..cocaine, heroin, meth. lsd, etc… Not on your life! There are restrictions to everything in life. Do we really have freedom of speech! Fuck no. Hypocritical yes, I know. That's the way it is and the way it always will be for reasons. Drugs should be regulated,t like prescription medication. Pot helps a lot of patients. What does fucking salvia do, but make you into a stupid fucked up moron. I doubt that it has any medical benefits. Having no control over your senses doesn't sound fun to me, even if it is for only 10 minutes. Thank God marijuana is now legal in California!

  67. 67

    Re: ONIT – haha salvia's fun to smoke, but i've also used it as a tea and in both cases i love it

  68. 68

    Re: woofenstein – Nope, never smoked a bong and I'm 47 now and lived through the heyday of drugs being a-okay. Never understood why anyone would want to feel like that. I want to be in CONTROL like Janet Jackson!! LOL!!

  69. 69

    urgghh drives me nuts. If people don't like salvia and don't like smoking it then DON'T FUCKING SMOKE IT. I'm a adult and if i want to smoke a legal substance or an illegal one for that matter that is my business. I think this was done for attention. So sick of people trying to push their opinion on other people. Once again, if you do not like smoking salvia, then don't smoke it. Fuckin morons.

  70. 70

    This is because salvia is intended for spiritual quests, not recreational drug use. You don't smoke it just to "do drugs". You go somewhere private and quiet, SIT DOWN, and clear your mind first. Then you smoke it. The hallucination comes very quickly and intense. For instance, I saw myself clawing my way out of a stomach… (Hello, rebirth). It's not for getting high at all. Leave it alone you white wankers. Mucking it up for everyone.

  71. 71

    If you're a parent and getting all up in arms about this whole Miley situation you shouldn't even be a parent to begin with. Please either stab yourself in the ovaries or get your balls clipped because you should not be allowed to breed anymore.

    Salvia users: Looks like you guys can thank 1 single person for basically getting salvia banned in all 50 states now with a brick to the face. Its inevitable now.

    More media lies lying to naive parents. A kid cannot walk into a store and buy this. They have to be 18.

    Free country? LOL..Aren't you guys constantly bitching about that TSA stuff? Yeah, How on earth can you make a NATURAL plant thats been here for centuries illegal? It's funny politcians exploit religion to gain trust. Sorry Dem's and Rep's..You can't claim you are a christian man with wholesome family values then turn right around and make something illegal your so called god put here. Sit the fuck down and shut up all of you.

  72. 72

    this pisses me off so bad they are losers

  73. 73

    Re: Mikkie Ikkie – if you actually knew what you were talking about you would know that the effects of salvia are immediate following exhaling… and there is no way miley was smoking salvia. She was smoking weed. If she was actually smoking salvia she would be wayyy more out of it. Salvia is an extremely powerful hallucinogen that makes you trip the fuck out. Trust me youtube salvia trips and you'll see how people who are on it actually act. Miley was just baked but said she was high on salvia because its legal and weed isnt. And now salvia is getting a bad rap because some teenage disney star is claiming she smoked a bong load of it.

  74. 74

    Does anybody else wanna try Salvia after watching this video?? Cause I sure as hell do.

  75. 75

    I guess if it is not bad for body like other drugs then it shouldn't be illegal but probably it is bad for your body anyway I don't care

  76. 76

    ok ok.. lets get off the whole salvia thing.. who gives a shit really? the dude probably saw miley getting attention and wanted some too..

  77. 77

    I've done salvia around 4 times and I DO NOT think it should be ILLEGAL. The first 2 times I smoked it (from a bong…40x) I DID NOT feel anything. The 3rd time I was really giggly and felt super heavy, almost like I was underwater. I thought it was fun. HOWEVER the 4th time I finally broke through. Long story short it was a terrifying experience. More intense than any mushroom or LSD trip I've had (I am into experimentation).

    Anyway my point is, the stuff is available legally at smoke shops. Thus, kids still aren't able to access it. You have to be 18+ to enter smoke shops legally. Also, I'm CONVINCED that if kids or anyone else IS able to break through and has a salvia trip…unless that person is sadistic or a masochist…they WILL NEVER touch the stuff again.

    This drug is not a fun drug. The only redeeming quality about it was that it only lasted around 5 minutes.

    And to the comments calling this video fake…why would they fake it? When I broke through, I was full on tripping before I could entirely exhale (so within 10-15 seconds).

    But yeah Miley was having "fun"…let your kids have "fun." They'll regret they ever touched it. Why make it completely illegal for the people that may enjoy it? Calm the eff down and mind your own business.

  78. 78

    Yeah you do feel it right away but i smoked 30x and even higher grade salvia, as i managed a head shop for 4 years and this was never sold to a single "child." Plus it is not nearly as intense as he acted like it was. Total publicity whore. What a joke.

  79. wigzz says – reply to this


    seriously who gives a fuck if she smoked salvia! its apart of being a teenager, im sure she drinks and its very possible shes tried other shit too…being young we are able to try shit, its what we are supposed to do…so everyone needs to shut the fuck up

  80. 80

    I have smoked salvia 3 times before and not once did i have a trip like that, I hardly felt any different. they are making seem worse than it is.

  81. wigzz says – reply to this


    seriously who gives a fuck if she smoked salvia! its apart of being a teenager, im sure she drinks and its very possible shes tried other shit too…being young we are able to try shit, its what we are supposed to do…so everyone needs to shut the fuck up

  82. 82

    Re: chlyn – the 'not dangerous' part depends on the hallucinations there are actually cases where people have had heart attacks out of shock/fear

  83. 83

    bid deel, people should droped this already. She's 18 n can do wetever she wants. He was behaving like that becuase he took a higher dosege of it, like he said there's different kind.

  84. 84

    Salvia is ROUGH! I'm not sure what the physical properties of it are as far as affecting one's health, but man, the trip is NOT pleasant. I'm a grown woman and tried it about 6 years ago (at age 36) thinking I'd get a similar relaxation effect like pot. NO SIR!!!

    This shit makes you trip, and trip hard. It DOES work "that fast," it IS intense, and is NOT fun or relaxing in any way. I was physically incapacitated and had to just wait through the weird jumble of crap it caused in my head.

    As far as legality, I think the government has no business controlling what I choose to put in my own body. I think all drugs should be legal but with additional penalties if caught committing crime with, for, or under the influence of drugs.

  85. 85

    That makes me want to try it :P

  86. 86

    I can't believe dumbass people think Miley was smoking salvia. Wake the fuck up! She was just smoking weed, but they just had to say salvia, so no one can say she was doing something illegal. I cannot believe people think she was smoking salvia. DUH!!!! WTF????

  87. 87

    Do what you want on your own time. As long as it doesn't start affecting me. If you wanna get high, cool, but if you're at a point where you can't get your ass off the couch ’cause you burned through too many brain cells, don't think I'm going to support your ass with tax money. The issue is not personal rights to freedom, but who has to take care of your ass when you can't get a job and you're an addict. Not all of Canada has the patience to deal with junkies who feed off the system because they believe it's their "right" to bleed Canadians pockets dry. I think people have an itch to throw their money away on stupid shit…save your money and get a therapist ’cause clearly you're running away from reality or perhaps give it to people who are actually in need. Instead of wasting it on your 10min. high. Fuck I have a car muffler you can wrap your mouth around if your really hard-up, or maybe some hand sanitizer you can drink straight. What a waste of an exsitence.

  88. 88

    Reagrdles if he's acting or not, this shit shouldn't be legal. Face the facts you fools.

  89. 89

    Yeah, totally agree that Salvia being legal is fucked up..but that was SOOOO fake. Happened too fast and he only took one hit..lets be real!

  90. 90

    Re: chlyn – Salvia would be considered an inhalant. It and damage your lungs and esophagus, just as all smoke inhalation can. Hallucinogens are just as dangerous as other drugs because your out of touch with reality and you can go into shock because of what you 'think' your seeing. You could harm yourself or others when your high off of anything. Also, hallucinogens often become unhealthy coping devices for people with emotional, mental, etc. issues. And, fyi, addictive substances like weed and sometimes alcohol that are deemed harmless become gateway drugs to something considered 'hardcore'. You jus't don't wake up one day and say 'hey, i think i want to try some 'crack/heroin/cocaine/etc'… You get to that point because what your on is starting to lose its potency in your body.

    Nothing about this is safe and just because you took a crash course in an addiction class doesn't mean that you can deem this okay for anyone.

  91. 91

    This guy should have just hung out with people who weren't such downers and he would have had a good trip. this guy is such a douchebag… yes salvia fucks you up… how is it being made available to kids?
    I've been in a few headshops and I have never seen kids just buying salvia like it was candy. You think the head shop owner wants that kind of heat in their shop?
    I have not done it (just not my thing), but it is legal in Canada and I've seen seen a few adults do it and it's really not that bad, and they are all fine years today they did not become addicted or go on to other drugs. It lasts for maybe 10 minutes and it's not like they can move around so they definitely arn't violent or stumbling around.
    I think some people should just mind their own business, if you don't like it fine, but don't make up a lie and say it's super available to kids just because Miley Cyrus did it (who by the way is of age now right so wtf).

  92. 92

    this seems waaay exaggerated. it does not last 5 minutes. more like 1. it does hit fast but you just laugh really. you dont hallucinate like you would with harder, illegal drugs. this is by no means an actual interpretation

  93. 93

    Re: LisaRose – High-Five!

  94. 94

    I don't understand why something like this is legal while weed isn't. Weed doesn't seem nearly as dangerous as this shit is.

  95. 95

    This is so fake, he should try his hand at acting, it'll probably be a better career choice.

  96. 96

    If you decide to do a hallucinogenic drug, you need to be aware that going into it with a negative mind set can cause a horrible trip. I've never experienced salvia, but have done acid and I believe both produce different experiences for each person, and most people should not venture into them unless they are open,and not trying to prove a point.

  97. 97

    Re: eleven792

    "this shit"

    seriously…can i hear your argument defending why alcohol and cigarettes are legal then?

    look at how many people die from cigarettes and alcohol each year…how many people die from salvia? how many from weed? how many from lsd or mushrooms?

    i guarantee that you need to worry more about your kids/peers drinking or smoking cigarettes than you need to worry about salvia.

    ignorant, uninformed people shouldn't be allowed to tell me what i can or cannot consume, OR that salvia should be illegal.

    you suck.

  98. 98

    Ive never seen anyone trip from Salvia for 10 min. it normally lasts like 30 seconds. As someone who has done Salvia its not like Pot, when you trip its very intense and when you get out of it the last thing you really think of is that its fun. its def an experience. But i dont see this drug getting to Pot status seeing as its intense and somewhat uncomfortable.

  99. 99

    of COURSE you call fake!! all you geniuses out there just want to get high and not get i trouble for smoking shit that has NO BUSINESS in your body in the first place! i understand all the smoking you guys do stretches what little brain cells you have left to their limit, but if we were meant to be high all the damn time we would've been born with that shit as saliva or something. and all of you whoa re so proud about how much first-hand experience you have that allows you to be such an expert on the harmless fun of this drug, i feel sorry for you and won't drop a penny when i pass your ass begging on the streets. seriously, grow up people. and if you fuckers make it legal and start driving around thinking you're a pink elephant on skates, i'm fucking shooting all of you for the sake of humanity and so we don't end up in the Dark Ages Part Deux.

  100. 100

    Re: futuremrslabeouf

    can you explain to me how smoking a legal herb in a controlled setting is any different than having a drink or a cigarette or a cup of coffee? there are responsible users out there and i don't think it's fair for you to generalize. i mean, i can just as easily argue that alcohol or nicotine is a gateway drug and could lead to a person living on the streets and begging your ass for change.

    let's not forget that salvia is legal (in my state anyway). if you don't like it, don't smoke it. like i said before, mind your business.

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